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Purchase a 2013 Range Rover HSE LUX

roovercustomerroovercustomer Member Posts: 2
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Can anyone recommend where I can purchase this car in NJ, where the sales team is credible and trustworthy? I had a problem with the folks at Paul Miller Land Roover in NJ.

As I would never buy a car from Paul Miller Land Roover again, as they never keep their word. They give you one price and when you come back to pick up the car it is another. Not very trustworthy at all. Especially, Wayne Fanciullo and John Vitro. No credibility at all. I would not trust these individuals at all. They even told me the car had a clean Car Fax, when I looked into it and questioned it, it had documented damage.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited May 2015
    Lots of dealer review sites out there, like ours.

    We have several NJ posters over in the Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous discussion who know all the dealers in your area, so feel free to copy/paste your question over there too.
  • roovercustomerroovercustomer Member Posts: 2
    Update: After a great conversation with the GeneraI Manager John Vitro, I was welcomed back into the dealership to purchase the car. John made everything workout, and I picked up the car a week later. Looking forward to having my third Land Roover Sport HSE LUX serviced by Paul Miller. In the end, they were very responsive and made it happen.
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