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Acura MDX 2007

painfreedocpainfreedoc Posts: 6
edited August 2014 in Acura
Anyone know when they will be accepting orders for the 2004 Acura Mdx ???


  • bqmdbqmd Posts: 16
    The beginning of June you can order the 2004 MDX. Delivery will be September-October.
  • gcarongcaron Posts: 2
    Any idea of improvements and/or changes on the 2004???
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Posts: 330
    looking forward to owning one.
  • The dealer I am working with has told me that the 2004 MDX will have 5 more horsepower than the 2003. He also said that he is 95% sure that it will have side curtain airbags extending to the third row.

    Other than those two things I'm not aware of any other changes, although, I'm sure there will be some minor things like maybe new wheels, etc.

    I would like to buy a 2003 now, but my wife insists on waiting for the 2004 if they are going to have the side curtains.
  • ld133ld133 Posts: 4
    Looking for a the best possible price for Premium or Touring package models in Western PA, West Virginia, or Ohio. I have heard best deal can be $ 1500- 2000. Is it true? Pls help locating the dealer who will negotiate rather than tell you they sell at MSRP price or $ 500 below. Pls share your recent experience 08/10/2003. I can really use your help.

  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    Go to the mdx prices paid and buying experiences section and start with post #484. I live in washington, dc, and I am putting together a deal now with the same person who helped out the Graen family in post #484. If you send me an e-mail, I can tell you all about it.
  • ld133ld133 Posts: 4
    Many Western PA MDX dealers seems not to negotiate, I am hearing between 500 to 800 off from the MSRP price. I have heard as much as $1500- 2000 off from Ohio is it true? If so pls send me the name and dealership at I really can use your kind help.
  • billy82billy82 Posts: 1
    Trying to decide to purchase the 2003 MDX or wait for the 2004 MDX. Any information on the upgrades to 2004 MDX and any 2004 pricing information. Thanks in advance.
  • Can i get the same deal on the 2004 MDX as the 2003 MDX? When will the 2004 MDX be in the showroom? How much will it cost for a 2003 or 2004 MDX w/Touring and DVD packages? what's the RES stand for?
  • The 2004 MDX will probably come out in early Nov. News of the changes for the 04 will probably start to come out at around mid Sep. I am guessing Acura will announce the price for the 04 MDX before Oct 1. The 03 with some pretty substantial change had a price increase of 2.8%, less than a thousand dollars compare to the 02. Expect somewhere along those price increase with the 04 as well.
  • swsmsswsms Posts: 62
    Rear Entertainment System
  • Does it have more horsepower? i heard more likely it'll have a 3.8 and 280 hp, and a few cosmetic change. Anyone verify this info?
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    Its going to be the same engine with 5 hp more. (src: C&D)
  • Well it looks like the 2004 MDX will be getting new Side Curtain Airbag system in all three rows,
    new projection-type headlights and dual exhaust system, boy I am jealous. Check out the following link:
  • anyone know if they are going to change the body in 04, 05 or 06?
  • I know dealers are taking orders for 2004 MDX. Does any one of you know, how much below MSRP we can get 2004 MDX?
  • I just ordered one from Orland Park, IL dealer and got $600.00 off MSRP through the dealers internet site.

    I also was told that if I don't like the car when it comes in, I will get a full refund of my deposit.
  • bqmdbqmd Posts: 16
    I can't wait to see what the new Aspen Pearl White looks like. We're thinking about white this time. We've had black cars for's time for a change! Although, black is beautiful. Hard to keep clean. Did you check out the St. Louis dealers? Just curious....
  • We selected redrock pearl as the color with the gold emblem kit. We ordered the navigation and dvd package also.
    The dealer has also ordered an Aspen Pearl white with the same accessories as we did so if we like that better, we can change over to it.
    I did not find out about the St. Louis dealers until after I ordered the vehicle. I will look into it though.
  • If you are a executive Costco member or a AAA member, they have special car programs that can save you money on a new car purchase. I am getting $1150 off the 2004 MDX MSRP thru Costco. Not all dealers participate, but I was lucky to have 1 in my area that did. You will need to fill out a form thru the web site and the dealer will contact you. You must go down in person (they will not give discount over the phone) and show your card.
  • Hi Folks,
       I am planning to order a 2004 Acura MDX with Nav System. I want to know more about the color "Burnished Bronze" for the 2004 year. Does anybody know which other car is closest to it right now in the market?
    Is it something like the
    "Sunlit Copper" for the Nissan Murrano?

    -- Sri
  • Can you tell me which dealer gave you the deal - as well as the package - I have a dealer in the Midwest willing to match it but wants more specifics....its ok to post dealers in the message! Sounds like a good deal early in the car buying season - the dealer I spoke with through Costco was only going to start at 100 below MSRP

  • bqmdbqmd Posts: 16 & have pricing for the 2004 MDX's. You can also view the 2 new colors (Aspen Pearl White & Burnished Bronze Metallic) for 2004 on
  • Can you tell me what city you are in? I've not been able to get a dealer to offer anything lower than msrp.I'm in the SF bay area of Calif.
    Thanks mdxtl
  • I went thru the Costco program and they sent me to Oakland Acura. You have to be an Exe. member and go thru the web site. They will send you an autho number that you take to the dealer. The dealer will be contacted by Costco to call you and set up a time. They will not discuss pricing over the phone - you must go in person and show your card and number.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the dealer location - I was able to get a call from the Columbus OH Acura dealer with a regular membership as well - which model level did you buy with the 1100 discount from MSRP??
    When will it be delivered?
  • mdxtlmdxtl Posts: 2
    Many thanks Egriffit,since I live in the bay area also your info could prove very helpful. I'm probably going to buy a Tl for me and a MDX for my wife thought I'd shop for them at the same time to see if it would help with price negotiations. Again, thanks for sharing

  • I will be in the market for an small luxury SUV within the next few months and have been doing a lot of research on various models and their specs. I am particularly interested in two vehicles --- the MDX and the XC 90 (would like something with 3rd row option, so my choices are limit).

    From what I seen (and heard) the MDX appears to be the more practical buy (performance, style, reliability, etc.). However, one thing that does concern me is the brakes on the MDX. Both Car and Driver and Consumer Reports have given bad review on the issue of the MDX's braking. In CR the 60mph braking test the Lexus LX330 had a stopping distance of about 135 feet. By comparison the MDX had a stopping distance of 151 Feet! (XC 90 was about 145 Feet). Needless to say, (of those being tested) the MDX had the worst braking for SUVs in the small luxury class.

    I was hoping to get some feedback on this issue because the above numbers concern me (esp. from a safety aspect). Is this really a big deal?
  • beenjammin, clearly emergency stopping distance is important to you. In normal driving situations all of the vehicles you mentioned stop well. All have good safety ratings from a crash standpoint.

    If a third seating row is important to you the RX330 is not a consideration, nor are other better performing two seat SUVs. Between the XC90 and MDX the stopping difference you mentioned is probably insignificant.

    Keep in mind that it is very rare that a vehicle's tested stopping distance alone will make a difference between having an accident and avoiding one.
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