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Chrysler Pacifica Accessories & Modifications



  • I need to locate the relay that controls the fog lights for a 2005 pacifica AWD. I purchased a fog light kit that refers to the 26-way C5 connector in the control unit under the hood on the driver side. Thanks.

    LP :confuse:
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    If you disclose your email address on the CarSpace page, I'll send you the diagram.
  • jft26jft26 Posts: 35
    I recently purchased (from the dealer) a MOPAR Chrome Exhaust Tip for my 2006 Pacifica. It is a very heavy gauge steel and well made. It looks great except for the heavy duty, extremely noticeable nut and bolt on the clamp assembly. If you look at the rear of the vehicle you just can't miss it! Has anyone else purchased one and noticed it and have this issue? Thanks.
  • i have tried to find the power harness to no avail.I recently bought the dvd changer new off of ebay with no plug. Then went and bought the rear dvd kit. Missing the power harness that comes from the radio to dvd player, i believe its a 10 pin to 16 pin harness? Anybody know where i can find it??? I have tried to hard wire it but all it does is start to flash and make noise. I have the schematics but i would rather have the plug!
  • spmedispmedi Posts: 11
    Unforunately they don't sell it separate it is in a kit.
    I endedup taking the 2006 cd/dvd changer out and ebaying it for $200 and bought and installed the mopar #82207511 kit which was $525. Included the cd/dvd changer (2004 model) and screen, remote, headphones, etc.

    Your either going to have to create a harness or call some salvage yards.
  • actually its all been taken care of. Mopar does sell this harness. its part # 4685999ac, 10 way to 16 way harness, retails for about 72 dollars, took some searching but finally did it . Thanks for all the input!!
  • i have installed an oem rear dvd screen in my 06 pacifica and everything works like a charm. Only thing is that the headphones dont work. I get the little headphone icon on my radio but no signal to the headphones. Can anyone help??
  • phil27phil27 Posts: 8
    What year is your Pacifica? I have an '06 & wonder if the cable (part # 4685999ac) will work on the back of my stock DVD player.

    In my case, I want to use portable monitors that came with a portable DVD/VCR unit(I use the monitors in my other vehicles & camper). I am hoping that I can simply use the left/right audio & video outputs from the DVD and solder RCA jacks. Then I could run cables between the jacks & the monitor.

    Is this possible with the wireless headphone design in the Chrysler setup? I realize that I could probably use the wirelss headphones and just run video out, but I'm curious if this configuration (audio + video out to RCA jacks) will work.
  • I also have an o6, and yes the cable does work, the only thing is you need a jumper that gives power and ground from the cig lighter.
  • ed24ed24 Posts: 3
    I have a Palm Treo 680 cellphone. If I use the cellphone as a MP3 player, can I send the music to the Pacificas' stereo using Uconnect and Bluetooth? Same question for TeleNav.

  • phil27phil27 Posts: 8
    Fantastic! I've followed your blogs and see that you've done your homework. Thanks.

    Just out of curiosity, do you need the factory monitor to use the headphones? I tried running a CD in the DVD changer to see if my daughter could listen to her music with the wireless headphone while I listen to the radio on the car's speakers. I used the remote to tell the radio control to send the DVD player audio output to the headphones, but the sound never switched from the car speakers to the headphones (the headphone symbol was on, new batteries in headphone, new headphone).

    I bought the headphones last week from a local Chrysler dealersip's parts department (part number was 5064037AA). I understand from reading various forums that there may be 2 different headphone types for this year. Do you know if this is true? If only one type of headphone, is this part number the correct headphone or how can I find out?
  • myf16myf16 Posts: 5
    For 2007 the optional backup camera displays on the navigation screen. What parts are different for this configuration than for the 2004 with navigation only? Are any of these parts the same as in the add-on kit (part number 82209796) that uses an extra LCD screen?
  • If you are planning on installing an after market monitor in your pacifica, you should check out ebay for the template.

    I know many of us have been scared to cut into the headliner. This template should help.

    Good luck...
    search for pacifica monitor template on ebay.
  • phil27phil27 Posts: 8
    Go to the parts dept at the dealership. Get them to pull up the part number for the rear overhead monitor kit. It will be listed as an accessory item for the year of your car. Once you have that number, get them to open the exploded parts diagram for the kit (on their computer). From there, they can get you each and every part number in the kit including the monitor, headphones, remote control, and every single cable including DVD to radio & DVD to monitor (YOU CAN BUY THEM SEPARATELY!). However, the cables are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. For instance, the cable run that goes from the rear of the DVD player to the monitor is actually 2 separate cables. Just the lower DVD player to monitor cable is $250!!!!!!!!!!! The upper one connects the lower cable to the monitor.
  • I have the factory template... send me an email at [email protected] and I'll send it to you.
  • i have an 04 pacifica with the rah radio package.
    the car also has the nav, bluetooth & 6 cd/dvd changer.
    the radio custs out when either the nav or bluetooth cust in, which is normal operation.


    Can someone tell me if the #82207511 kit will work with this radio. ie will the rear speakers turn off when the dvd is playing through the headphones.
  • hi,
    i recently purchased a 06 Pacifica and i want to install a screen. it came with the dvd player. what do you suggest for a screen?
    my e-mail address is [email protected]
  • Hello, Do you happen to have any wiring diagrams for the audio system? I'm looking to install a new head unit, Roof Mointor, amp and sub. Would like to try and minimze the need to run all new wires if there might be some existing that I could tap into. Any help would be great.

    [email protected]
  • I bought an aftermarket stainless steel tip(4" round)and i had it welded on.Try having yours welded by a muffler shop.It shouldn't cost more than 20 bucks.
  • I don't have anything at this time. I'm just trying to find out how to mount a aftermarket roof mounted screen with the Chrysler indash 6dish/DVD player that came with my car.
    after the NAV upgrade to 05064033AE FADE is now present

    i guess the update also plays with the radio functionality
  • Check out my post in the Chrysler Pacifica Audio & Entertainment Questions #101 for info on my new system. :shades:
  • I just finished Installing my aftermarket lcd but I also changed the head unit. I know there is a way to intergrate the Factory DVD to an aftermarket lcd but I think they had to have a stereo shop do it because they had to change a copule of the factory dvd leads to RCA plugs to connect to the monitor. I seem to recall that they also had some problems with that. I'll keep my eyes out to see if I come across the post.

    For mounting the lcd, Search for a template; also, Carp3095 has one (Chrysler Pacifica Audio & Entertainment Questions post#95), if you email him he can send you a link to buy it. Trust me, it's worth the $15-$20 for it. I did not have one and had to pull the headliner down to find the factory mount; took about 3 hours and it was not an easy task.

    Link to my aftermarket lcd. (cut and paste)
    " inch lcd open.JPG- /page/photo.html#pic"

    Hope this helps,
  • I purchased mine on EBay. Worth having and VERY EASY to install. Price was a 50%+ savings over what it would cost from a dealer, if you can get one. I was told by the desler where I bought the car that they were not available.
  • dan725dan725 Posts: 1
    I want to install the navigation system into my 05 Pacifica as it would have been had I ordered with it already installed when I bought it new. Does anyone know the best way to go about this? I saw a Pacifica speedometer navigation cluster as well as the actual gps system that the dvd program goes into on ebay. Only thing is since my car didn't come with the navigation factory installed it doesn't have all the buttons next to the analog clock in tne dashboard. It only has the buttons for the trip,gas milage,compass, etc. Not sure how to go about this. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated!
  • pfwiiipfwiii Posts: 1
    Seeking help – for the complete years 2004-2006 Chrysler advertised on their website that the Pacifica 3rd row driver’s side seat was LATCH equipped for the installation of a child seat. LATCH is an acronym, and was even defined on the Chrysler website as Lower Anchors and Tether for CHildren. The LATCH system is better than using the seatbelt to install a child seat since it is easier and can provide a very secure installation. The third row driver’s side LATCH was a factor when making our buying decision since with two children’s seats in the second row the second row seats cannot be folded to provide access to the third row. We purchased a 2004 Pacifica in May’04.

    Short story is that the lower anchors were never built into the third row, so the third row driver’s side seat was not LATCH equipped as advertised. I contacted Chrysler customer service in May’04 to inquire if they could be added but they only told me that I had misinterpreted their website and denied any problem or responsibility. After an odyssey that took over a year and involved the Better Business Bureau and NJ State Attorney General’s office, Chrysler finally admitted the error but still denied any responsibility. Even after admitting the error, Chrysler continued to publish the false information about this “standard” feature on their website for at least 15 months.

    I have been very surprised by how Chrysler has handled this situation, and their refusal to take responsibility for advertising a standard feature on their car and then not building it in to the car has led me to finally contact a lawyer after trying many other ways to achieve a resolution. The lawyer would like me to find some other 2004 – December ’06 (including ’07 model year purchased in ’06) Pacifica buyers who also feel that Chrysler should not be permitted to behave as they have and who would prefer that their car have all the advertised standard features including the 3rd row driver’s side seat LATCH system. Please let me know if you are in that category and I will be happy to provide you more information.

    I am not a lawyer, just a regular but persistent guy who bought a Pacifica and has been treated poorly by Chrysler.
  • dgatesdgates Posts: 2
    hey i would like to know do you have the wiring diagram for the chrysler pacifica 2005 for hooking up headrest monitors to the factory DVD unit. In other words do you know how and can you help me thanks. You can email me back at [email protected]
  • dgatesdgates Posts: 2
    Can anybdy help on how to installed additional headrest monitors to the factory DVD unit.I will also need to know the direction it can be briefed and the wiring schematic to the dvd/cd 6 disc changer (wire color code). Thanks it will be best if you email me at [email protected]
  • Do you by chance have wiring diagram for a 2005 chrysler pacifica AWD? If so can you email the diagram to me. Thanks!
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    The current edmunds system does not allow any email contact. If you release your email address in your profile, I'll send it to you as an attachment.
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