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Chrysler Pacifica Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Good Afternoon,

    My "05" Pacifica is due to come off lease in November of next year. I've recently changed jobs and would like to get out early of my lease. Do you have any info on the Chrysler pull ahead program? My local dealership wasn't the most helpful in obtaining the necessary info. Any info that you have will be appreciated.
  • Hi all,

    What are the current money factor and residual values for an 07 Pacifica Touring FWD?

  • Hi all. I am looking at at 2004 AWD loaded with leather seats, moonroof, dvd, heated seats, etc. The mileage is 78,000 with one owner that bought at this same dealership. I got the price to 11,995. I bought an extended "added care plus" warranty (2years or 30k miles) for $1600.00 on top. Did I do alright? :surprise:
  • I am planning to buy a 2007 Pacifica Touring AWD MSRP $32Kish. I have a PIN for the Employee Choice program. I have never used one of these before--any tips I was told to negotiate a price then tell that I have a PIN, also that I MUST see the invoice, look for an "EC" or "EP" number which gives me the price so I know exactly where I am. ANY advice would be very much appreciated. Looking to make this deal next Tuesday 10/30 or Wed. Thanks!
  • I bought my 07 Pac and Wrangler under this.

    Don't negotiate a price first. Go in there say, I have an EC or EP code. They will, if your dealer does it the same way mine does, show you the invoice and say this is the price you get take it or leave it. About it being take it or leave it, it honestly isnt. I was able to get my wrangler for $500 under EP. So just do the same with your Pac purchase and you will be good.

    Also, check on eBay for prices on Pac's. The prices on there are unbelieveable. Make sure your price is better than those. I know mine lower than those, but just so you get an idea.

    Good Luck.
  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    Forget should be able to do a quite a bit less under invoice, plus the $4k rebate. I'm being quoted around $25-$26 for Pacificas with MSRP's of $33.
  • Thanks for the advice--much appreciated. Am I correct in saying that anything under the EP is coming out of Dealer Holdback or something similar?
  • yes, you go right into their profit on the vehcile. Which is pretty slim under these programs to start with.
  • Hi Prorj316. I am sorry to say that Chrysler's pull ahead program only waives up to three lease payments for current Chrysler Financial lessees who get a new Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep vehicle. As a result, it will likely be fairly expensive for you to get out of your current Pacifica lease a year before its scheduled end.

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  • I recently received a letter from Chrysler Financial outlining the procedures to return my 2005 Pacifica. My 39-month lease ends in February. Among other topics, the letter says something like, "To avoid a 'Turn-In Fee', you may lease another Chrysler vehicle ... ". What the hell is a "Turn-In Fee"?! Never heard of it before. My previous two leases were with Ford and Honda and there was no Turn-In Fee. Problem for me is there is nothing in the Chrysler line-up that interests me. I'm looking for either a crossover or Japanese sedan.

    Anybody have any idea how much this is (I can't find my copy of the lease!)?
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    turn in fee is usually the disposition fee, which is $425 for Chrysler. It is just the cost of returning the car without buying it. Many leases have this charge...whether it is called turn in or disposition. For Mercedes, the charge is $595
  • Thanks for the reply rmbalisa .. appreciate that. As I said, there was no Turn-in Fee on my first two leases (1 Ford and 1 Honda), so this news surprised me. I'm not happy and have instructed my dealer - who I have already purchased or leased 5 vehicles from in the past - that if they attempt to charge me this fee I will never buy from them (or Chrysler) again. My dealer informed me this fee is normally waived if you buy your next vehicle from them. Not likely since there's nothing in their line-up I like at this time with the possible exception of the 2009 Dodge Journey.
  • sandylsandyl Posts: 42
    toyota has one as well. honda and Nissan does not.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Traded my upside down, 05 touring loaded with leather, 89500 miles on it, no problem witht e car, just a bit slow for a 07 AWD with the 4.0, 5 seats, and Sirius, dealer wanted to move the car so I got it for $19k (as equipped - $6k off). I think i did alright. The new car is a lot quicker than the 05 was - way, way more nimble feeling. And i can actually see behind me now as the blindspiots are not as bad as they were with the 05. The Dealer offered me a wraparound Chrysler warranty for the life of the car for $1895, but i decied against that - I don't know what I was thinking, I probably should have taken it. :cry: Maybe I can still get it - anyone think it is worth it?
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    That is an incredibly cheap price even for a base AWD....holy cow. I wonder if the deal looks as good as it does because of your trade, though. You mentioned you were upside down on your trade. Dealer could have given you more on the trade, but less off on the car if you follow me. Always hard to "read" or compare a deal whenever a trade is involved.

    I paid around $28k for my Limited AWD...have a sticker of $36k just as a comparison.

    BTW, $1800 for a bumper to bumper lifetime is insanely cheap! I paid a bit more then that to get a 7 year, 100k warranty, but it also included all my oil changes. They wanted $4300 for the lifetime but I know the prices are somewhat based on MSRP.

    The warranty issue is a bit tough to compare too as Chrysler has many different packages. Some with no deductable and some with large deductables.

    If you keep your cars, that warranty may be worth a look. Ask youself this question:

    "If your '05 had that warranty would have traded it anyway?" If the answer is yes, then pass.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Yep they were really trying to get me to take the car. We just bought a 2008 Town and Country from them a few days ago so they were being quite generous I thought for an 07 on the last day of 07, so I kept indicating i was gonna leave and the deal kep gettng sweeter and sweeter. When I saw the final paperwok, the dealer had dropped the price of the car and upped the trade. They even agreed to put in Satellite in the T&C LX for free if I bit on the deal. If my 05 had that warranty, I probably would still have trade it in for the newer car as I think I bought the 05 a bit high. It had 22k on it and it was a rental car. but it was perfect and I added satellite and the DVD system myself with factory parts. I also was in the process of adding Navigation until I for to replacing the body harneess and just stopped cold. I still got all the parts except the body hardness (and now the NAV DVD player as I forgot to pull it from the 05) and dunno what I will do with them. I also have 5 19" wheels and just did not put them on. i might sell them on eBay - dunno yet.

    So I think I recovered, and I hope the 07 is as dependable as the 05 was. But I keep thinking about that warrranty and may reconsider today!. If I do, I hope they let me do it still. A discontinued car with a full wrap around warranty might be the ticket - too bad it does not transfer. Then again, I kept the 05 for almost 3 years and then suddenly traded it in? So unless I kept this car for 5 - 7 years, I don't know if it worth it - or maybe I am being a bit too cheap? i got the tire warranty though but it is only 5 years. The one on the 05 was half as much as was lifetine on the vehicle's tires. :D
  • How does this sound for a new 2007 Touring model with T package - (leather, 6 cd, power liftgate, etc)
    msrp - 30,300
    invoice - 27,118 (+730 dest)
    $21,000 +tax and tags otd

    It looks good to me, but I can no longer find a source of info for incentives on 07 models. certainly quite a bit cheaper than a similarly equipped 08, less than Edmunds TMV for a retail used 07 model, and then there's the powertrain warranty.....
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Sounds very good, I wish i had been more patient. :cry:
  • Hi all,

    I had leased a 2007 Pacifica back in Dec 06, I'm 15 months into the lease and was able to come up with the $$$ to pay off my lease and buy the vehicle. I contacted Chrysler Financial and they stated that I had to contact the dealer where I got the car from. I did and they sayd that I had to go to Chrysler Financial to do this. After the run around and spending 3 hors on the phone between talking to India and US reps. I got a word that Chrysler Financial can't do it since they are an indirect lender, and based on Florida law they can't sell me the vehicle (but if I'm about 3 months from maturity they can, I'm confused). So they referred me back to the dealer. They (the dealer) wanted to charge me a bunch of fees, since they said ".. we do not own the car, Chrysler does, therefore we will have to buy it from Chrysler in order to sell it to you ..." and here comes the fees, inspection fees (when I already have the veichle), tags fees (when I'm already using my own tag) and taxes (when the taxes are already in the payoff quote), when it is clearly in the contract that these fees will be waived if I purchase the vehicle.. I need help on getting this resolved. Has anyone out there had the same situation in the past?, and if so how you resolved it?.

  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Just traded my 2007 base awd in for 2007 touring with 10k on it. I got a cheaper monthly payment and only owe 1k more than my original loan. So I got all my desired upgrades without the hassle and expenditure. :)
  • Hi, I just turned in my 39 month leased Chrysler Pacifica, 2005, AWD, Touring, with all the extras. I really wanted to purchase this car, but was STRONGLY discouraged from doing so by the dealership. From what I understand about Chrsyler FInancial and Chrysler Corp., there is absolutely no negotiations on end of lease purchase price. It is was it is as was outlined in the lease. Anyway, the buyout was $21 K, which when I researched the value of the car here on Edmonds, that's exactly what came up for this car in excellent shape with only 28,000 miles. But the dealer said they were re-selling these cars for around $16 K and anyone would be a "fool" to pay 21K. So, not wanting to roll over into a Chrysler lease or buy there, I just ended up reluctantly turning the car in. Now I really wonder, Did I do the right thing? I hate the thought of pouring the money into the car and letting it go, and actually I always planned on keeping it. Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome. When does it make sense to purchase your lease?
  • joe29001joe29001 Posts: 48
    2007 AWD Pacifica
    Inferno Red Crystal Pearl with entertainment group, CD changer

    MSRP: $29,585
    Price: $19,981
    Discount: $9,604

    It's a leftover, but only had 6 miles.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    HI pacifica07. Why are you in such a hurry to purchase your vehicle well before the scheduled end date of your lease? You probably would be better off waiting to the very end to decide whether to purchase your Pacifica. By waiting, you have a get out of jail free card that will enable you to just walk away from your truck if it ends up having mechanical problems or being in an accident over the next year or so.

    If your Pacifica doesn't have any problems and you still like it at the scheduled end of your lease, then place a call directly to Chrysler Financial to find out its exact price. Once you know exactly how much money it is going to cost you to buy your leased vehicle you need to compare it to its current value on the open market. You can find out approximately what your vehicle is worth by looking up its True Market Value in the Used Vehicle Pricing section of this site. You also may want to stop by the following discussion: "Real-World Trade-In Values". If your Pacifica's purchase option price is less than it would cost you to purchase a similar used vehicle, then you should consider buying it.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi tellmethetruth. Some banks will occasionally negotiate the lease-end purchase prices of vehicles, while others will not. I am not familiar with Chrysler Financial's specific policy on this matter, but it would not surprise me at all if they refused to reduce your Pacifica's end-of-term purchase price. You definitely did the right thing by walking away from your Pacifica rather than purchasing it if you could purchase a similar used vehicle in the real world for significantly less than your leased Pacifica's purchase option price.

    More often than not, vehicles' end-of-term purchase prices are too high and consumers are better off walking away from their car or truck at lease-end. By not overpaying for what essentially is a used vehicle, you weren't wasting money. You were actually saving yourself money.

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  • The Pacifica leased for $459.00 a month for 39 months, without tax and license, with $500.00 down, 12,000 miles a year.

    The KE5969 has a CD DVD/MP3 format Radio it is not Video ready.

    This is for a mediumly outfitted 2008 model

    I priced a Honda Pilot VP 4wd for $335 including all fees - 500 down
  • mtjc521mtjc521 Posts: 26
    For just the aftermarket installed moonroof, what was the total cost to you, parts and labor? Thanks for info cuz I have my eye on a couple but neither have the moonroof that my wife wants. thanks
  • snoopy71snoopy71 Posts: 32
    Just passing through here... I posted this inquiry in some of the other Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep forums, so I thought I'd try here too.

    Wife & I have twins on the way (in addition to our 3-yr old) so we need to bite the bullet and get a minivan. We're going to get a Dodge GC or a Chrysler T&C sometime in June. Money will be real tight since wife will be quitting work to stay home, hence us going down to one income, so if anyone has a friends code for 2008, then I would reeeeeeally appreciate it. .... I'll even put you on my Christmas card list!!

    e-mail me here at carspace and let me know....
  • I am scheduled to turn in my 2005 Pacifica in September. Unfortunately, in the past week I had a flat in my driver side rear tire. According to Chrysler's turn-in brochure under chargeable events, it states, in parenthesis, all the tires must be the same size, brand, speed rating and meet the manufacturers' specifications. Am I correct that this statement means I cannot get a good used tire to replace the flat? (The dealer told me the tire couldn't be repaired).

    Also, in the same week, my check engine light came on. After running the diagnostics the dealer told me that an animal chewed through the wire harnassing and as such, the downstream O2 sensor needs to be replaced. The service department also said that with a mechanical problem such as this, I would more than likely be charged to fix the problems anyway and at an increased cost. Was the service department correct in this statement?

    Finally, I have 2 small burn holes on the interior, both of which can be covered by a credit card. Is this something I really need to be concerned about?

    Any help and guidance would be tremendously appreciated!

  • pete6pete6 Posts: 12
    I have leased for at least 25 years and this is the first lease I have ever had with a turn-in fee and mine is $450. Something else that I encountered on my last two leases is that the dealership would not negotiate with me on purchasing the vehicle I was leasing (Mitsubishi and Chrysler). Well, Chrysler would be at almost $5K over blue book value!
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi michigangrad. I personally think that you'd be fine with a used tire. As long as it is the same type of tire that is on the rest of the wheels and it has enough tread life left, how are Chrysler Financial or the inspector going to know that it was used?

    An animal chewed through a wire, hmmmmm. It's possible but I'm always skeptical about diagnoses like that. If this is the case, you might be charged by Chrysler Financial...or whichever bank you are leasing through...if you return your car with the sensor on, or you might now. One never knows what the inspectors will catch or care about for certain. You certainly would technically be liable for this sort of damage. You can always roll the dice and return your Pacifica with it and see what happens. If you fix the problem on your own, you definitely will have to pay for it. If you take your chances and return the vehicle you might not. Of course, I don't know what the difference in cost between the excess wear and tear penalty and the actual cost to repair this problem would be.

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