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Chrysler Pacifica Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi pete6. I;m surprised that you've never had to pay a termination aka disposition fee on a lease before. Most banks charge fees like this to consumers who don't lease their next new vehicle through them.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • mtjc521mtjc521 Posts: 26
    Will 07 & 08 Pacifica Touring FWD keep depreciating so badly? Seems like it is headed to $10k - $13k soon than it should. thanks
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Especially if the gas prices hold or get higher.
  • I'm looking at an '08 Touring w/AWD and all the bells and whistles. What should I pay? It has 19,150 miles but looks like new. :confuse:
  • You should be able to buy one brand new for $8,000+ off MSRP, with the lifetime powertrain warranty and better financing terms (new vs. used), so considerably less than that.
  • ZYBZYB Posts: 1
    I have always liked the Pacifica AWD- it seems like a sturdy car with a lot of features for the money. Now that Chrysler has discontinued it, I am tempted to purchase a loaded AWD Touring version with all the bells and whistles (essentially a loaded Limited without the nameplate). The MSRP is about $39,000, and my local dealer came down to $29,000.
    Can someone help me with the following questions:
    1. Is it reasonable to try to get the price lower? The car has been sitting on the lot forever, and will probably continue doing so - is this enough of an incentive to the dealer to go any lower?
    2. The Pacifica has not gotten the best of reviews from U.S. News and others - "below average" value, etc. I plan on keeping the car for at least 7 years. Should I be concerned with the initial steep depreciation that it will suffer?
    3. What is the reliablity of car? Again, reviews are all over the page.
    4. My personal feeling is that, all in all, it is a great value for the money. However, what is the feeling out there about the warranty and Chrysler's future?

    Sorry for the long winded question. I have bought many Chryslers of the years, incuding a recent PT Convertible (always new cars), and have enjoyed them. I have very mixed feelings in this case - I like the car but afraid that it might not be wise choice.

    Thanks to anyone taking the time to comment. :)
  • Since you got no replies here, did you find answers to your questions elsewhere? I cannot help you much other than what you probably already know -- Consumer Reports, JD Powers, Edmunds (of course). With the discontinuation of Pacifica, and with Chrysler's major financial deficits (?bankruptcy and parts availability down the road), with Pacifica inability to hold resale value, I say hold out for a "steal" of, say, 30-40 percent off of MRSP on 08, or find a BIG discount off dealer retail for a used 07 or 08. I am in no rush so holding for used 30K Pac at $10,000. Craigslist had a Portland Oregon 07 AWD at 60K for $10 recently, and a 07 FWD at $12. Hope I helped ya. Luck on the hunt.
    Hey, >>> ?Can you give me any dealer sources for new Pacificas in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or No. Calif??
  • $29,000 sounds close for a $39,000 MSRP. You could probably do better, but it sounds like a good place to begin haggling. If the car sits on the lot much longer (and it may), then the price should drop accordingly. It seems like a buyer's market these days, and could be for some time.

    If you keep the car 7 years, then the steep depreciation shouldn't matter. The steep part of the curve would be at the beginning. When the car is 7 years old with 150,000 miles, then it will be worth about the same as similar 7 year old cars.

    Our Pacifica seems OK so far (it's pretty new though), but folks I know have had good luck with theirs (older models with the 3.5L/4 Speed Automatic).

    You can't beat the lifetime powertrain warranty. Of course, if Chrysler folds, then the warranty doesn't matter, but that seems highly unlikely. Worst-case, someone will buy Chrysler (it's happened before). When Daimler merged with Chrysler and eventually took over, the Chrysler warranties didn't disappear. They were just passed along as liabilities and honored by Daimler.
  • hwr1hwr1 Posts: 1
    Pacifica 06 lease running outHi

    My Pacifica 06 lease is running out in January. Is Chrysler dealing on the residuals. They were not a month ago.

    My residual value $14,500 I would like to buy it cheaper

    Any suggestions

  • Hello. We have a 2006 Pacifica in which the lease will be up in November 2009. We have experienced the whole "oil consumption" issue with the wrong sized O rings. I realize Chrysler is not issuing a recall, and I am leary about putting my family of 4 in this thing after reading others' experiences(engine seizing up etc.) I was curious if anyone has used this problem as leverage to get out of their lease early? Thanks in advance!
  • I have got a verbal offer for 25125 on an MSRP of 33625 with 0% for 48 months. Is this as good as it gets? Do you think I could get more off?
  • I made the decision to purchase my Pacifica last December and we love it.

    My husband has a Smart and so does my Mother-in-Law. We needed a car that we could all use for longer trips. We find it very comfortable and don't mind the extra gas it takes. I have very long legs and my husband is tall from the waiste up so up, so it was very hard for us to find a car where both of us were comfortable. On the other hand my Mother-in-Law is only 5 feet so when we tried an SUV she had to have a step stool to get in. :surprise:

    I hope everyone end up as pleased with their choice as we have.

    We heard that Fiat has made an offer to take on part of Chrysler and they have until Feb 17 to accept. Who knows, maybe that would be a good thing. :shades:
  • mtjc521mtjc521 Posts: 26
    Without high demand for a new Pacifica or for most new makes, you should be able to get $10K or more off of MSRP so hold for $22-23K if you can. I've seen that price in the NW (31K msrp for 21). Slightly used ones can save SO much, but no lifetime warranty, right? I agree with comment above that if you keep vehicle for at least 7 years, then any poor depreciation rate of resale should not be a big cost factor after 7 years. Good idea is to drive a rental if you can still find one. I did from National Rental a year or so ago for a trip of 150 miles and was impressed with ride, comfort, and features. The news of FIAT possible involvement in owneership is encouraging, tho I heard FIAT has not, or will not, put up any money yet. Now spare parts in future concerns me, but I bet a new one would do well for 7 years and then the next owner may have fun easily finding parts. An unpopular make drove me crazy years ago to locate after market filters and wipers, even, but I did not try Internet.
    >>> ?What part of country are you shopping in?
    Luck on your hunt. Pls update us here as to all money details to final deal, including whether a trade-in was involved.
  • I shopped in West Tennessee. I traded in a Ford Ranger and got 5500 off the deal. I used the EMPLOYEE ++ pricing to get the price I spoke of earlier. I had seen a handful of better advertised prices in NC and GA, but noone could quote a better price for the signature series that I got. I plan on having this for quite a while, so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the lifetime powertrain is worth 2 cents.

    I held off on the Extended Service Contract. I may consider that down the road once, Chrysler-Fiat appears to be viable. Let's all hope that, they can sell enough cars to stay afloat.
  • Looking at a '07 PAC Touring. FWD, 4.0L with 15,000 miles. Dealer (not a Chrysler dealer) is asking $13,495

    On the test drive I thought I felt a shudder at low RPMs (this was before I knew of the TSB).

    My questions are:

    1-What's a good price for this being in good condition?

    2-With the factory warranty in place should I get it and plan on going to the dealer or should I pass?

    ALSO, We are looking at an '04 PAC (FWD) with 47,500 miles at $8995. This still has the Powertrain warranty right?

    So question 3: Which is the better deal/car?

    Going back to look tomorrow so PLEASE help soon!
  • I think the price is better on the first one. I prefer purchasing a vehicle with fewer miles. It has the advantage of still being under the 3yr/36k. I didn't test drive too many used ones while I shopped around, but I did visit for help as well.

    My understanding on the POWERTRAIN warranties is that it only applies to the first owner. There are some that might have a transfer of the warranty though. You can buy service contracts for them online through an online chrysler dealer or at a local dealer which would extend the warranty.

  • tlarstlars Posts: 11
    I have looked at Pacificas for the past week. Almost signed up for a 08' touring with leather, htd seats with 10k miles for 19987 but I noticed a police accident report hit on the Auto Check. No go for me. :sick:

    Then today - found the deal! Check this out :)

    2007 Limited 4.0L AWD with EVERYTHING! Rear camera, park assist, rear dvd, moonroof, etc etc...17,918 miles local trade in from new - purchased for $17,900!!!! We love it. After 138 mile drive back was worth the drive to the dealer out of town. :shades:
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    My dealer had 4 remaining new 08 Touring WP Chrysler Signature Series Pacifica's sitting on his lot. The Clearwater Blue Pearl was the one that caught my eye. It only had 43 miles on the odometer. MSRP $34,025. I made them an offer of $10k under MSRP. After much haggling, they let it go for $24,461. If anyone out there is thinking about picking up one of the remaining new 08's out there, they're going fast at great prices. Hopefully Chrysler will be around long enough to honor the Lifetime Powertrain warranty. They only offered me 0% @ 36 and 2.9% @ 48.
  • Tonight my wife and I are wanting to take an '07 Touring FWD for a weekend test drive. It has 20k miles and the dealer is asking $14,700. We've driven it for about 10 minutes, but I'd like to take it for the weekend. I offered to leave my trade-in and either a check for the amount of the car or a $2000 down payment (via personal check, cashier's check or cash).

    Here's the car:

    Pacifica at Landmark Ford

    The dealer is not wanting us to take it for Saturday and Sunday. The car is listed on the site with 18k miles, but now it has a little over 20k miles, so it obviously hasn't sat there every day - other people have driven it. Is it unreasonable to ask for a couple days with the car? I have a clean driving record and I'm very interested in the car.
  • Looking at an 06 Chrysler Pacifica with 45,000 miles on it - I believe it is the base model but it does have leather seats. It only has the 2 rows of seating too.

    Dealer was asking 12,900, but quickly came down to 10,000 plus tax and title. I would like 10,000 out the door.

    Do you all think I should be able to get the price down lower than 10 plus T&T?

  • alphamomalphamom Posts: 4
    Ok, I have been lurking for months and neg with Chrysler Dealerships all over New England. So I felt compelled to list my deal. Might I add, one dealer near Boston was so difficult to deal with in person and over the internet I finally said screw it and bought in NJ. My SS is a nice as their Limited and has exact features but they wouldnt budge past 31000 so I bought a loaded 08 Chrysler AWD Signature Series for 27999 with 64 miles. Lists price on the car was 38,930. This is with full 3 year 36000 miles and Lifetime Powertrain. I am not sure if this was the best deal out there but it was the best deal I could get near me with all the features I wanted. So far I love it. But I dread buying snow tires for those 19" rims. I also cant get my siruis to work. So did I get burnt?
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    The standard has been $10k under MSRP so you got a great deal. It's hard to find a brand new 08 with the features you found. The last one was built in Dec 07. The dealers know the few that are left are coveted. Consider yourself lucky. Congratulations!
  • We bought an 04 Pacifica FWD with 47,000 miles for $9000 out the door. I added a 3yr/33,000 warranty for $1400. I've been pretty happy. There are a couple od little things that will get fixed under warranty. The interior of this one was perfect and the exterior was above average. We looked at an 07 with 16,000 miles for $13,495 but the 04 seemed a better deal. Fingers crossed!
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    The 04 Pacifica was the first production year so it still had kinks to be worked out. The 3.5L engine doesn't have the greatest reputation. The 05 Pacifica had a year to work out the production kinks and it has a 7/70 powertrain warranty that is transferable from the original owner. Best to look for a used 05 over a used 04. What would have served you even better is the 07 with the new 4.0L engine mated to the 6-speed transmission. The Pacifica finally has the proper powertrain mounted to the vehicle and it gets better gas mileage. Sadly the lifetime powertrain warranty isn't transferable. So if you can still find a new 08 lying on a dealer's lot for a fire sale price, this is your best bet.
  • Hi, our 42 month lease (Pacifica Touring dark blue, leather, 3rd row, DVD, park sensor, Sirius and a few other nice features) is up soon. No problems at all and we are having a hard time finding anything that comes close to this car in terms of features, etc. Buyout is $13,900 which is under the value of the car by quite a bit. (thousands). I know buyouts are generally not the way to go but it may be here. We love the car and are way under miles (33K). The extended warranty for 3 years is approx 2 grand (negotiated from nearly 3K) - not sure if anyone has any advice on extended warranties and costs (5 year option exists). Please let me know your thoughts - we are in the northeast. Need to make a decision this weekend.

    Thank you!

    Best regards.
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    I hate to say this but I would give up the car. Unless you have an '07 or '08 Pacifica with the 4.0L and 6-speed with lifetime warranty, it is not worth keeping. You are about to have a lot of problem with this car. Hand it back and give the headaches to somebody else.
  • If you own a Pacifica (particularly the 3.5L 2005 or 2006 models) beware that you will very likely experience engine problems due to premature oil consumption. Check your oil ALL THE TIME. The Pacifica burns oil at an unacceptable rate and has been the focus of class action lawsuits (one being initiated currently). Or better yet, if you haven't signed on the dotted line, DON'T BUY A PACIFICA.

    Chrysler won't do anything to help you.

    If you own a Pacifica, buy engine oil by the case and get in good with your local mechanic.

    If you don't believe me, Google "Pacifica oil consumption issues"
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