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Acura TSX Owners: Meet the Members



  • rko2rko2 Posts: 40
    While there is another discussion on just his topic, I'll respond with the chance it will get moved to the TSX vs. Legacy GT discussion.

    The Legacy GT manual and the TSX manual were the final two contenders for me. While the speed of the GT was awesome and the awd would come in handy sometimes, those were the only 2 things that mattered to me over the TSX offerings. In fact I was having a hard time justifying AWD when I would really only need it a few days a year in really bad weather. The TSX stability control works very well anyway.

    I prefered the TSX 6 sp manual feel, interior layout, leather interior, sunroof, exterior styling, trunk volume, and fold down rear seats (which the legacy surprisingly doesn't offer). Plus, the gas mileage is much better and the Acura reliability and value retention is fantastic.

    After driving my TSX for a while and then getting behind the wheel of the Legacy again, I am really happy with deciding on the TSX. I think the only way I would have chosen the Legacy is if I lived in a mountainous region where I would encounter snowy slopes frequently. But either way they are both great cars. However, I would have to recommend the TSX. :shades:
  • zeke6zeke6 Posts: 1
    Just read your note: Laughing about your comment on pricing paid. I think you did darn well; at least a lot better than I did. What I did was find the car, decide that was the car for me, and then bought it, bought it from a very reputable dealer locally.
    Here's the laugh. Trusting in "mankind", and not shopping the dealer charged me an out the door price of over $32,000. That did of course include the maintenance plan, and the extended warranty. Even on the warranty they put a $100 deductible on it instead of the "zero", which I now know is available.
    Go you one better. Never questioned the financing, and found when I went home that they financed it with "xyz" bank, and at 6%...way above generally available, even directly thru is a compound note, which can bury you alive with interest.
    Horrible shopping experience...
    Great car...
    Morale...ala, watch who you buy from, and "read" the contract...before you sign it. Oh, ps: For a better laugh the dealer had given me 2 baseball caps/acura, and a keychain; and then...they billed me $120 over everything for that. Plus, forgot...had fog lights installed before I picked it up and they charged me another $500 over and above for that.
    Just one more...Had to call Honda. The dealership; yes, the same was not putting an approved oil in the vehicle, and it took a letter directly from Honda to get that taken care of.
    Count your blessings; and yes...No I don't have navi in the car either...
    I tried to cancel the contract but they refused. They offered me $23,000 back for the car if I didn't want it. That was with 100 miles on it.
    Grin and bear it.
  • storymanstoryman Posts: 17

    Have you considered a SCAM category?

    Recently we purchased a new TSX and although we paid cash were briefly ensnared by an attempted scam. As we started asking around we discovered that a fair percentage of people have been victimized by scams (mostly when they finance a car).

    The attempted scam was familiar to my attorney, but not one that I've seen posted anywhere. Of course it would be a good idea to avoid any reference to a specific dealership or person. Just the scam, mam.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    This type of topic might be more appropriate in Smart Shopper. That way it could benefit all who are seeking to purchase and not just one specific make/model. The fourth discussion from the top is for topic suggestions.

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  • fred25fred25 Posts: 92

    Perhaps, you can develop a live weekly chat such as the one Subaru has in which we can discuss such timely topics as dishonest dealer as the concern of storyman, and other topics quickly. The Subaru chat has been very successful.
    Let us know your ideas

    Fred :)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I'll forward your request to the Community Manager. :)

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  • im getting a tsx...

    my friends are suggesting i put cold air intake in it yet i dunno exactly what it dos outside of a slight increase in hp... any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • Well after some extensive reading and research the TSX is the winner for in a few months I'll be purchasing a 2006 TSX, my wife and I are very excited. I have seen very few people driving a TSX in my city and especially found no one around my neighborhood to have own one yet. It came down to a very few select cars Acura TSX, M-Benz C class, Lexus IS and the BMW 3 series to choose from. The Acura TSX won me over and presented the best balance price wise, driving dynamics, quality (fit and finish), economy of a 4 banger (gas wise) and styling. The M-Benz is a very nice vehicle but it was out of my price range although it was one of dream cars to have. I may have swing my choice on the LEXUS IS but upon seeing the rear of the 2006 Lexus IS it just didn't jive with the overall style of the car. The new BMW 3 series front and rear styling was :sick: ugly they ruined it, I liked the previous years style. Well I'm off to the dealership in a few months to get the TSX.
  • Congrats! Enjoy your car when you get it. Be sure to post your impressions of it. :D
  • Thanks dude!...just have to wait for few months to get the TSX since a lot of people are snapping them up of the stealership :D . Additionally I checked the stealership in my area (there are only two) and currently they don't have any 06 yet in their inventory....I'll just wait a few months to get mine.
  • I used to really enjoy my 95 Saab 900S. When It came time to replace it I still wanted a sporty 4 door every day driver. Manual transmission - definitely! Second stop after the Saab dealer was the Acura dealer. One test drive and I was sold. Signed up for the lease that day. I've driven it for three weeks now and I'm very - very happy. The VTEC winding over 5K more than beets the Saab turbo. Reliability and value were big factors in the decision as well. One last thought. Very Cool blue lights in the interior - nice touch!
  • nave13nave13 Posts: 6
    while in grad school i started researching autos to buy after i graduated. i was looking at the Infiniti G35, Merc C230, Lincoln LS, and Acura TL. i really wanted MT, which eliminated LS. I drove the rest and felt the other three were basically the same car. what got me was the body style of the TL. when I drove the TL, I also drove the TSX. granted the power of the TL was impressive. Yet when i drove the TSX the size, style, gas MPG, ammenities for the price. I was sold. so I bought an '04 TSX carbon graphite pearl. :shades:
    I love it. it handles wonderfully and has plenty of get up and go.

    what i am looking for is after market extras for increased horse power. i was told that there are computer chips to add 20-30 additional horse power. does anyone have any helop for me. i dont want to spend the national debt but will spend some coin. :confuse:
    thanks ben from albuquerque.
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    No chips. There is an ECU reflash available from Hondata. Do a search for their web page. This upgrade is well worth the money, especially for the 6 MT TSX.

    Additional available mods include cold air intakes, headers, rear sway bars, suspension and cat back exhausts. There is also an available supercharger from Comptech, but that runs in the $3K range.

    Good luck and congrats on the TSX. It's a great car.
  • delekodeleko Posts: 20
    curious as to what the financing scam was when you purchased? please share.
  • eljefe68eljefe68 Posts: 1
    Giving this a bump, I am a bit late to this. My TSX is a 2005 6MT with Nav, SSM with Ebony interior. I got it in May 2006 as a CPO car with 9,300 miles on it. As I write, the car has 39,400 miles. I have enhanced this sweet ride with tinted windows, Yokohama S-Drive tires, and the all wonderful, best bang for your buck Hondata Reflash.

    My TSX has been the best car I have had yet. It has proved to be fun to drive yet comfortable in whatever I have throw at it: city traffic, 1800 mile road trip, twisties, etc. The reflash has given me 210 HP and the potential for 30 mpg on the highway. In my mixed driving, I typically get 22-24 mpg. The 6 speed shifts with smoothness and precision. On top of this all, I have not had a single problem.

    On the inside, the seats are very comfortable, and the controls are ergonomic perfection. The touch screen nav works great, although I do need to get a newer data DVD for it.

    My few niggles for the car include the seat heaters could be better and their is a bit of road noise on the highway, even when I had the stock tires.

    If you are in the market for a TSX, I have no reservations saying get one. If you want to enjoy Hondata, be sure you get 2004-2006, and for God sakes get the manual. :)
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    Glad to read you love your tsx as much as I do mine-a 2006 6MT with nav, MR with ebony interior. I bought mine new on 11/17/06. It now has 42,560 miles. It is stock and still has the original tires. Last May we took it on a 6,177 mile road trip covering 20 states. We are doing another road trip starting May 7th. NC to CA via the southern states. The last time I took my car to the dealer for service they informed me that my heated seats would probably stop working. They are replacing the wiring when I bring it in next week. Living in NC I never used that feature. I agree GET MANUAL TRANSMISSION!!!!!!!!
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