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2001 Chevy Ttracker automatic keeps popping out of gear into neutral. What can cause this?

nickboothnickbooth Member Posts: 2
edited June 2015 in Chevrolet
My 2001 automatic Chevy tracker is popping out of gear into neutral what can be causing this ? & how can I fix it???


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    nickboothnickbooth Member Posts: 2
    Please someone help ? Any info will help a lot!
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    techmonkey1techmonkey1 Member Posts: 9
    Check shift cable to make sure it is correctly moving shift linkage. Other than that automatic transmissions do not "neutral out" unless there is some kind of internal problem. Check fluid level and smell. if it smells burnt or dark in color it may be burnt clutches. When it does this, does it make you stop driving,.. wait a bit then it will go again? If so it my be a plugged trans filter , or debris causing it to plug up. The trans. operates on hydrolic pressure. loose the pressure loose the drive. You may need to have it looked at by a qualified shop. Hope this helps you. good luck
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