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Chevy Uplander/Pontiac Montana SV6/Saturn Relay/Buick Terraza



  • Thats a good set of vehicles to choose from. Does the quest have AWD? Not sure on that. I have a 05' Relay and have been very impressed with the solidity and build quality of it. Seats are very comfortable, handling is good, power is good (especially if you get the sport package with the 3.9!)Standard DVD player and lots of options included at what is usually a bargain price compared to others in it's class. Check out the 05' Relays - they are sister vans to the SV6 and they are giving great rebates on them right now!
  • You are so right. This vehicle may share some parts with the Venture, but it doesn't feel or look like one. I drove a Venture for 6 years and was generally happy with it. The improvements I see in the Uplander are the road feel and handling, the interior, and the solid, quiet feel. I really felt like I was driving a Lexus as I drove it off the lot. I don't have the squeeks and rattles that plagued some of the earlier Ventures. As I said in my previous post, I hope the long term reliability of the powertrain will be good. I was surprised to see the lower than average initial quality ratings on the Uplander by JD Powers. Perhaps the recalls had something to do with that (alternator and the tightening of the harmonic balancer). I'm betting that the '06 ratings will be better and the '05 long term ratings will improve as well.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    All three vehicles are AWD. I forgot to ask. What size trailer hitch ( 1 3/4" or 2") is on the pontiac. None of the dealers have had any information regarding the hitch mount. I have a hitch mount bike carrier for 4 bike. The Quest has a 1 3/4" mount. Some of the dealers have already tried to sell me on the roof rack system for the bikes, but why spend the extra money when I already have the carrier?

  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I'm so glad to see that someone else has had such a positive reaction to a GM dealer. I leased my '05 Terraza last February (2005). I now have 12,000 miles, and have enjoyed every one of them. I have 5 grandchildren, and they love riding in their grandparents car. Yes, we've brought their parents too, all 6 of them! We have the CXL (my wife HAD to have heated seats). You're right...the press is trying to be so hotsy-totsy pushing foreign cars. I'll take an American car (built in America by Americans) any day. I love my Buick...good luck with your Saturn! :)
  • Hello: New to this forum, I am always on Chev Tracker forum. Sister in law just bought a new Montana SV-6 and it came from the factory with a bad alignment problem. The rig pulled big time to the right, it also had a very bad vibration in the steering wheel at low speed and up. My brother in law took it in to the dealership who fixed the alignment but told him the vibration was found in alot of Montana SV-6's. Have any of you had this problem and what is the possible cause. Thanks.
  • We have a 2005 Terraza, but since all four of these vans are more or less mechanically identical I'm going to reply that your dealership is full of it. Our van has no unusual vibration in the steering wheel (at any speed). By unusual I don't mean compared to other GM vans either- I mean compared to any other vehicle I've ever driven. The only time we get vibration in the wheel is on certain rough roads or if we run over a rumble strip.
  • 05' Relay - Tracks straight as aa arrow and no vibes........ :)
  • Well, I eventually got the crossbars and have stored them until I need them. I agree that they are easy to install and look forward to the ease of installation before the next family road trip. The dealer got the wrong ones at first to fit triangular-shaped rails but got the ones that fit the round rails on the second try.
  • Recently took the 05 Terraza CXL on a 400 mile trip. The light flicker problems were there every once in a while. It also affected the DVD player--the kids were asking: "Dad, what happened?" The flicker affected lights, ventilation and the DVD player. Has anyone seen or heard of whether this problem has been fixed yet? I've already got the most powerful alternator that they offer...
  • I purchased my Uplander in March of '05. WHen there were less than three hundred miles on it the gas tank began leaking and had to be totally replaced. Since then the brakes started shuddering, the DVD player started humming the AC failed numerous times, the compass stopped calibrating and the weatherstripping on the door fell of twice. For the past few months my headlights started dimming intermittantly to the point where all I had left was the parking lights. When this happened, the interior lights also dimmed and the blower motor on the heater also shut down. The first few times I took it to the dealer service department they told me they could not duplicate my complaint and that it could be a normal operating condition. Then I realized after looking at the RO's they were not even driving it. So I continued to take it back and eventually after three months, a visit by a zone rep and a zone engineer, three alternators a pcm, a jumper wire, 5 terminals, an order by tech support to not replace any more parts because 5% of Suspect Trucks are not repairable, and a gentleman at GM repurchase who probably lacks the intellectual ability to operate a toliet, I am left with my vehicle that doesn't operate at an acceptable level of safety, a complaint to the NHTSA, a complaint to the FTC, and a lawyer who specailizes in Magnuson-Moss. Can anyone tell me why an all american company like GM doesn't have a desire or capacity to back it's products? Doesn't common sense tell you if you have someone that purchased a vehicle that cannot be repaired and she is willing to negotiate with you that you should replace the vehicle as opposed to facing legal proceedings, not to mention the multitude of other public venues she will explore to make sure no one else wastes three months being, for lack of a better term, screwed over by GM?
  • It sounds like your uplander was made on the same day mine was!!!! Contact a lawyer, GM will NOT take you seriously, no matter how far up the corporate ladder you climb. Take it from someone who spent four months waiting for my vehicle to be fixed or replaced, only to find they cannot fix it and wont replace it. Also contact the NHTSA at 1888327-4236 and file a complaint with them. Contact the FTC as well. The only way to make them back their vehicles is to get as many federal agencies involved as possible!!!
  • My advise is simple...don't wait for GM to come up with a solution. I had a field engineer look at mine and he still could not fix it. Go to the NHTSA web sight, copy this post onto their "file a complaint" form and file it. The FTC websight also takes complaints. The only way to get these unsafe vehicles off the road is to band together and let these agencies know how bad the problem really is!!!
  • I had the same problem with my 2005 uplander that was purchased in November. The dealer ended up replacing the right front tire. While it has improved, a service appointment has been scheduled to "tweak" again. Keep us up to date on your brother in laws issue.
  • Mine had a bad tire and it had to be replaced, once they fixed that and the alignment, it was much better. It had a shudder at low speed. Good luck to her!
  • My 2005 SV6 had the rattle in the front right side- after a couple attempts to fix it, it turned out to be the link from the sway bar. It 'ate' a bunch of my CD's- the design of the console at floor level allows the CD's to slide out the back- they were rattling around for a bit, but that's probably too low for your rattling problem. Good luck!
  • Sorry to hear about your experience. realIy is quite disturbing that your dealership is not standing behind you on this issue. May I ask the name, so they may be avoided in the future? Include a number so that posters can call and complain on your behalf.

    Why wouldnt this vehicle qualify for a lemon law?
  • Hello, i have a 2005 montana sv6 that has a high pitched whistling noise that seems to be coming from the front drivers side. I only seem to hear it when driving speeds over 60 and have a head wind or cross wind. My dealer has made 2 attempts to fix. One was by following service bulletin 02-08-58-005B. Has anyone been able to get this fixed???
  • I am looking at getting a 2006 3.9L SV6 in March.

    My question is this: If you have the DVD player playing a movie, can the front seats (Driver and Passanger) listen to the radio/CD player?

    How about if the back seats use headphones?

    Thing is if my kid is watching a movie I don't want to have to listen to it while I drive.

  • Sister in law is going through G.M's arbritration process as I write this. G.M technical advisor and dealership service advisor say the truck is fine. Independent garage inspected truck and found it running like a van with 500,000 km's. Independent garage suspects faulty frame alignment. Sister in law now under the arbritration process has to take the truck to another dealer for inspection???? What the H E double hockey sticks is this going to accomplish? I don't want to tell her that Consumers Reports has her 2005 Pontiac Montana SV-6 as one of it's worst cars for initial quality and reliability, even worst than the previous Montana years. I don't get it. How can you build a truck for years, change it slightly and end up building a lower quality product? It's not like G.M hasn't been building vehicles for a few years, God help them when the Chinese get here next year.
  • Yes, the sound systems in these vans has multiple zones. But if you mean can the kids listen to a DVD using the rear speakers while you listen to something else using the front speakers, the answer is no. They definitely have to use the headphones if you want to listen to something different up front.

    As a bonus, each headphone has two channels, and one person in back can listen to one source, while the other listens to something completely different from what's on the van's speakers. Ex.- driver / passenger listening to XM radio over speakers, one passenger watching DVD / listening to it with headphones (set to channel 1), and second passenger listening to FM station with headphones set to channel 2.
  • I'm really sorry to hear about your sister's problems. But you really have to take Consumer Reports ratings with a grain of salt, especially with new models (or 1 year old models). The reason I say that is that they have a strong tendency to bias against certain brands and vehicle types. Ex.- some new import vehicles get a pass on ratings altogether for the first 18 - 24 months as "too new to rate", while you get crap like you just mentioned for other vehicles right from the start as "expected reliability", etc., regardless of them having had no time to gather reports.

    Hope your sister gets a satisfactory resolution. No problems here with our 2005 Terraza yet (under 5000 miles so far though).
  • poz4poz4 Posts: 2
    Is this complant on the Uplander, sorry I'm new
  • poz4poz4 Posts: 2
    I'm so glad a found this forum. We purchased our Uplander in July of 05 and its been a nightmare ever since. Our biggest problem has been the alternator. Been in the shop for the better part of a month, however I have the dealership behind me and the say for certain that this is a safety issue. We called GM customer service. What a joke that was, they told us to be patient and give GM a chance to fix the problem, HELLO!! I've got two kids that I cart around constantly, headlights are rather important. Then they told us that the problem wouldn't get worse, well their high-priced engineers didn't foresee this minor oversight did they. I filled for arbitration on Friday. I think we are in for a hell of a fight. Do any of you have any advice that might make for a stronger case?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    A statement from the dealership stating that this is a safety issue might help.

    Since the dealership has acknowledged that this is a safety issue, did they provide you with a loaner car?
  • yes this is a complaint on the uplander
  • Did you see my previous post? Call the NHTSA and the FTC and file complaints right away. They will begin a federal investigation and get these jokes of a vehicle off the roads for good. Don't count on the engineers I was told the same thing in september and found a complaint on the NHTSA ODI website from november of 04 stating the caller had been told the same thing. Do not give GM a chance-Like I said I have been waiting since september. Also, insist you will not put your children in the unsafe vehicle they built and you unknowingly purchased. Explain to the dealership the extent of their liability and that if something happens to you and your children because of this widespread defect they have known about for ages and cannot fix your family will hold them accountable. Take your vehicle to the dealership and refuse to pick it up and request a GM provided rental on the grounds that you cannot safely drive your vehicle. Are you aware that GM tech support is fully aware of this problem and is admitting to the dealers that 5% of these "suspect" vehicles cannot be repaired? Yet, they refuse to take them back without a fight. This problem goes way beyond these cars simply being "lemons". This is purely an act of negligence on GM's part to continue to sell these vehicles they know they cannot fix. And one more thing-The dealership will ultimately side with gm if they have to choose. Loosing one customer is better then biting the hand that feeds them. And make sure you do not get back into another GM car again. You have seen the quality of their customer service and it is only going to get worse.
  • I have a 2005 Uplander and I have the noise. Does it sound like when you blow through two blades of grass (a childhood thing). The dealership has attempted fixing it with replacing the roof rack, resealing the windhshield, tightening the XM radio antenna and has supposedly done noise testing. Service department has had the van 5 times since we purchased the car in Feb 2005 for this problem.

    As a result of starting the arbitration process, a GM area manager came today to test drive the van. Without me or anyone in the car with him, he was unable to hear the noise in the windshield. He thinks the noise that I am hearing is from the nail in my rear right tire!!

    This along with many other problems with my van...I believe we are beginning an uphill battle with GM.

    Where do you get the service bulletins?
  • Have similiar problem. When my engine reaches normal operation temperature there is a rattle, ticking sound coming from the driver side. With the brake applied, I get a vibration in the steering wheel. The car sounds great and no steering wheel vibration when the car is cold. The dealer recognized the problem and replaced all the lifters. However, no solution. I called GM and escalated the issue. Their response was that it was a characteristic of the van. I thought characteristics were of a positive nature e.g. quietness. Characteristic is GM's euphenism for problem. The problem began day one (4 months now). GM/dealer advised me to wait for service bulletins. But how long can I wait? I do not feel comfortable with the vibration when driving in a stop and go traffic. I brought the van to the dealer 4 times with this problem. They first told me I was the only one to notice this and then told me they noticed these characteristics on other 2005 Montanas. I drove a 2005 Uplander rental without any problems. Perhaps my van is a lemon. I should at least get a replacmenent vehicle if they cannot solve the problems. Any suggestions?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    drakedarbymom, you can find service bulletins for any vehicle right here at Here's a link:

    Maintenance Schedules, Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • We have had our Pontiac SV6 for about 4 months now and the service department at the dealer where we bought it has had it more than I have. This van started out a NIGHTMARE and just got WORSE!!! It started with the dimming lights and the radio that wouldnt work, then there was noise from the engine that was coming through the dvd player and then the power doors were openin on their own...UGH BUT, the best of all was when I had my 3 year old in the rear passenger seat and I was driving down the road and the DOOR OPENED!!! Okay, that is a MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD!! After taking my van into the shop over 15 times and threatening them with a lawsuit, GM has finally agreed to do a vehicle buyback, but get this, I have made 2 payments in the last 2 months on a vehicle I have not even had possession of....UGGGHHHH For those of you who think that the lemon law is easily filed, let me tell you that it is about a 2month process and is VERY frustrating.... :sick: :cry: :mad:
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