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Chevy Uplander/Pontiac Montana SV6/Saturn Relay/Buick Terraza



  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222

    Sorry you've had so many problems. You might want to visit the NHTSA to see if others have had similar problems and, if you wish, file a complaint:

    NHTSA: Office of Defects Investigation


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  • I guess i'm one of the lucky ones.
    I got my Uplander in March '05 and have had little trouble.

    The worst problem has been the bodyside moulding that has started loosening. I took it to the dealer, he ordered the part and it came in next day. I called him to find out what method he was using to reinstal the moulding after reading here that several have had it installed over 5 times.
    The dealer said he was sent a redesigned moulding that has a screw/stud that locks down the moulding at both ends.

    I also complained about vibration during moderate braking.
    The dealer recut the rotors.

    I have noticed a slight dimming while driving.
    The dealer replaced the alternator.

    When I got the Uplander, I noticed that the Chevy Bowtie Logo at the rear was installed crooked.
    The dealer reordered and remounted a new one.

    And, My horn was always very dificult to use.
    The dealer said that be found a service bulletin and repaired the horn so that it operates easier.

    The best part of all was that the Dealer got me a rental
    ('06 Tahoe) and I absolutely loved it.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how professional my dealer was. I would gladly buy there again.

  • Hi, I am new to and would like to know how to find other complaints about the uplander, sv6, relay and terezza. How do I do that?
  • I am in the middle of arbitration with GM over my 05 Pontiac SV6. My van has been in the shop more than 15 times since I bought it just over 4 months ago. I cannot discourage anyone enough from buying one of GM's 4 new minivans(saturn relay, pontiac sv6, buick terezza and chevy uplander). I have done my research since I have had so many problems and was TOTALLY amazed at how many of these vans are on the road and 90% of them all have the same problems. I dont understand how GM can justify selling these faulty and unsafe vehicles. GM is buying my van back from me but only after months and months of my constant complaints and threats. They just dont understand why I am not happy with the way they have handled it when they keep telling me, "sorry, that is just how the van doors work". As far as I know, the van door should NOT open while I am driving down the road, with my 3 year old in the back seat. :mad: :mad: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Believe me, you are NOT the only experiencing the flickering light problem. I own an 05 pontiac SV6 which is the same as the uplander and relay and I have had my van in the shop over 15 times since I bought it just over 4 months ago.
    These are just a few of my problems...
    1. Flickering lights(headlights and inside lights)
    2. Whistling noise when accelerating
    3. Doors open on their own(power sliding doors)
    4. Doors open when in drive (major safety hazard)
    5. Side moulding popping off
    6. Faulty fuel gage (says low fuel even though there is a half a tank in it)
    7. Radio only works part of the time
    AND ON AND ON AND ON......
    GM is currently in the process of buying my van back from me but only after my constant complaining and threats. The lemon law/buy back process is almost as frustrating as taking ur van into the shop every other day. Do NOT let GM or your dealership push you around, put your foot down and tell them that you do NOT feel safe with your children in the car anymore and do NOT want to drive it again. That is what I had to do. If your dealer does not do anything for you, then call GM direct. Just be firm.
    GOOD LUCK...
  • I don't blame you for being upset, especially about the door opening while the van is in motion. I am also glad you've finally convinced them to buy back the van. From reading these forums it appears that there are a small number of these vans that have numerous electrical problems that sometimes cannot be resolved. My Uplander, with 12,000 miles, has been great so far. I did take it in for the recalls on the alternator and the harmonic balancer. I also hear the whistling noise for a few seconds when accelerating under cold conditions. While these problems are annoying they aren't a big deal to me. If you read the Oddessy site you may be quite surprised to read the minor issues that those owners are dealing with too. The headlight fluctuation, side moulding issues, and whistling noise are, unfortunately, fairly common problems repaired under warranty. Thankfully, the door opening situation is not.

    I recently read on a Saturn forum that the Saturn Relay came in second place in a Strategic Vision intial quality survey for 2005. None of the other GM models were tested, but I'd assume quality would be pretty consistent. My conclusion on these vans is that there were a few vans built with an electrical ghost that is haunting mechanics. The remaining 99% are good with the exception of a few minor issues. For the money, I'm still very satisfied. If I had your issues, I'm sure it would be a different story.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, haditwithmymom,

    This is the place. There are more than 2000 posts in this discussion and a number of them concern problems and issues with these vehicles. The hope is that the discussion doesn't become a soapbox filled with one-way rants, because they don't really help anyone. Ideally, it's about members who've had similar experiences helping other members to solve their problems.


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  • Anybody had problems with and/or found a solution to the erratic fuel gauge problem? This issue was discussed in several posts on this board back in March 05, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside. I notice my fuel gauge fluctuating when it gets below 1/4 of a tank. I also "ran out of gas" when parked slightly down hill last month, but once I rolled the van level, it started and registered 1/4 of a tank! Any one else having these issues? I checked with GM and there is not yet a TSB on this issue.
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    My '05 Terraza was doing the same thing...I brought it into the dealer and had him replace the alternator. Everything is fine now. The service manager said that not to replace it with an "on-hand" alternator, but to order a new one. Apparantly there is a problem with the older ones.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Oops... I can't believe I referred to you as "haditwithmymom". Must've been a Freudian slip of the fingers. :sick:


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  • I haven't seen a solution, but our Terraza fluctuates quite a bit too. It also doesn't just occur at 1/4 tank for us- anywhere from just over 1/2 tank or lower and changing incline will cause it to read differently. I didn't realize that it could actually cause the van to not start though (I think that's what you meant by "ran out of gas"?). I'd just started to accept it as one of the quirks of this vehicle (all vehicles have their own, and most have this one, just to a lesser degree).
  • Yes, I think it is just a quirk, and I am otherwise pleased with my vehicle (I've not had the oft-mentioned alternator problem, nor any other problems, and I'm over 15,000 miles so far :) ). As for "running out of gas," not starting is exactly what I mean. Post #2274 seems to cite the same exact problem. If this is true, then it may be more than just a gauge problem - like a design flaw in the fuel tank itself. In any event, I just fill up my tank anytime I hit what I believe to be an accurate 1/4 reading on the guage (somewhere around 400 miles since the last fill-up, for me). That should prevent any other problems. Let me know if anyone else is having the same problems, or if anyone has come up with a solution.
  • Great to hear about the dealership taking such good care of you.

    But did they tell you that the rotor problem can happen again...especially when the vehicle sits for a long period of time or is subjected to high humidity areas (like the beach). My dealership was nice enough to offer to replace my rotors right before my warranty runs out....hope to not still have the van at that point.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    Looks like a few people are having troubles here. Thats too bad.

    Our 2005 Uplander LT van is almost a year old and we have had almost no issues. We have 22,000 kms on her now, it's been one of the best vehicles we have ever had. We are mostly retired now but the van is great for carrying large items and going on long trips.

    Question : Anyone have a 3.9L version of the van? Just wondering how the extra power feels.
  • I've been waiting to hear feedback from owners of these vans with the 3.9L also. Any takers?
  • Hello my dealer is trying to tell me its user error that my starter stays engaged after you let the key go till it stalls the engine out it does this intermently
    i'm takeing it back for the 4th time its really getting old at this point anybody with a similar problem??? :mad:
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I was at my dealer last weekend for an oil change. They had about 8 or 10 Uplanders, not one 3.9L. Are they even available yet??
  • Just found my way back to these forums after a while... I now have over 55,000 and have had the Uplander for just over a year. All the same problems as most, lights still "pulsate" after the alternator change, still hear the engine whine during acceleration. Moldings are coming off, again (4th time). Major problem now with the front end "vibration", rotors have been machined 4 times. Last week I pulled into a Wendy's and parked with a slight incline down, after about 10 minutes, the car died... I figured it was the fuel problem. I believe these vans have 26 gallon fuel tanks. I walked across the street borrowed a 2 gallon gas can, put it into the tank, and the car started. Went back across the street "filled" the tank and the pump stopped at 18 gallons... so there was almost 6 gallons of gas in the tank when it wouldn't start? What's up with that! :confuse:
  • The same thing with the fuel gauge happened to me as well. I was stranded 50 miles away from home with two kids in the car and I wasnt sure what was wrong and I had to call a tow truck. I have had all the same problems as you and GM is currently buying my van back from me. After the 15th or 16th time of taking it in for service I said okay, this is enough. If your dealer does not want to listen, then contact GM direct.
    Good Luck!!
  • I think it would be good to hear from people who have had their issues resolved. There are TSB's out for the headlight problem and the whistling noise problem. Can anyone document that their vehicle was correctly repaired by the dealer?

    I had my alternator replaced when I bought it, just for precaution against flickering lights, but I still notice an occasional slight flicker of the interior lights. This is not a safety issue and it is usually unnoticed, but it is there. I'd like to hear from someone who says that their vehicle was completely repaired after following the TSB for flickering lights.

    I'd also like to hear from 2006 owners. Are you having any issues such as the whistling noise, flickering lights, or body side mouldings coming loose?

    These are all annoying, first year issues, but I am encouraged that I've read very few issues regarding the reliabilily of the engine or transmission.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    Hello all,
    Well I'm headed to the Philly Auto Show on Sat Feb 4th. Hoping to get a good look at alot of vehicles. I asked about the availability of the 3.9ltr. Most of the vans on the lots are AWD and the 3.9ltr is only avail with the FWD model's sport package. I also noticed that mostly all the issues everyone is talking about are on the '05MY, has anyone had any issues on the '06MY since that is what I would end up ordering and GM more than likely got most of the bugs out. I say ordering because I want the convenience package, sport package, and trailering package, but do NOT want the preferred, premium or security packages. Almost every SV6 in the area has the preferred or security packages.

    My wife and I are still looking at the '06 SV6 (3.9ltr), '06 Quest SL special edition, '06 Freestyle SEL, and the '06 Pilot EX (W/O Leather). The SV6 won out over the other GM model because the front end looks alot better IMHO.

  • My Uplander is a company vehicle, and I will be purchasing it to sell in about 3 months. So, if anyone is interested, it'll have approx 70,000 miles and about a year and a half old... we'll see how many takers :) I can choose between the Freestar, Grand Caravan, Uplander, and the Sienna LE. It'll be the Sienna all the way for me this time. There are 3 other co workers of mine with Uplanders and every single person is switching to the Toyota, nice ride, QUIET, and flawless interior. The DVD is nice, but not nice enough to keep this customer. I wish GM were reading these forums, because if they want a valid opinion and lots of driving experience, they can contact me anyday!!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    From what I've read, the SV6 and clones are just the same old GM minivans under a new outside skin.
  • Not true. I had the Venture and now have an Uplander. While it is definitely not new from the ground up, the interior is completely redesigned (very nice), major exterior overhaul, new engine (2 new choices), 17" wheels, and new standard and optional features (DVD, Remote Start, etc.) The handling characteristics are totally different as well, perhaps due to the bigger wheels. Much fewer rattles from hardware. Also, the crash test results are much better which indicate a significant re-design.
  • I am driving an 06 uplander right now as my loaner while we go through arbitration. The 06 is having just an many problems as my 05 SV6 did. The lights flicker, the fuel gauge is erratic and there is a loud clunking noise from the front end. I do not think that GM fixed the problems from the 05, why should they, people keep buying them anyway....
  • I have an 05 Uplander and we have filed with the BBB Auto Line. Mine has been the shop 7 times, 3 of which were for the transmisson. We are awaiting our day for arbitration. It has been such a horrible experience that we will never purchase another GM product. The problems I have experienced is transmisson failure ( 3x) next time LEMON, horn not working properly, sliding door nearly caught my son's arm in it when it did not engage properly and slid back open. The tint came off and the dealership backed it into a pole.
  • And here I thought/felt I was overeacting.....back when i first started posting about all the problems I had with my 05 Relay (both of them)just before Xmas Gm bought mine back, it took alot of pressure and phone calls and threats to call my lawyer, and notify Dept of Transportation, but in the end I beat the "Corporation" I come back here once and awhile to this forum to see how things are going, it makes me mad to see that these issues are still occuring it`s also nice to see that a few of us went through the process and managed to get buy backs. I posted and vented on a few sites, one actually banning me for venting , anyways I think GM should finally come clean on this they should step up to the plate and admit these "Vans" are lemons before somebody gets killed, I recieved and read messages and emails of brake failure, sliding doors opening by themselves air bags deploying, how long before one of them catches fire. I received an annonomous letter form a ex-van owner who was told that Gm said the wiring in the vans weren`t heavy know what happens to wires that get overloaded? I`m a Fire fighter go ahead ask me? Some of you may say what do I care, you got your buyback. I just want to see the right and proper things occur. :lemon: :lemon:
  • Don't want to ignore warning signs here, but if these vans were prone to ignite, I'm sure some would have done so by now and they'd all be recalled. However, your theory on the electronic bugs makes sense. If it were something as simple as an alternator replacement the problems would be solved by the TSB on the issue. It likely is something more substantial.

    The only brake issue I've heard of relates to a Stabilitrac malfuntion, not the normal operation of the braking system. For the majority that don't have stabilitrac, this shouldn't be a concern. I did read one instance on this site regarding the doors opening by themselves, but I hadn't heard about the airbag deployment before. Wiring...that could be causing all of it. But, why do most vans not seem to have the really bad stuff, just the slight pulsation in the headlights like I experience?
  • Wow it is hard to believe the complaints going on here. I have had zero problems with my 05'Relay. It has a gorgeous interior, is quiet, comfortable and and has amazing standard features. I have been averaging 22 mpg and yes - the kids love the DVD - should be standard on every minivan. I know there have been some common issues, but that happens with all companies for goodness sakes! It almost sounds like a lot of sour grapes out there - I have concern about anyone saying that the vans are going to kill people or burst into flames. That borders on slander... :surprise: .....If you have issues, get them fixed or taken care of and move on. Tell your story to inform others and be done with it - to continually bash a product over and over again gets tiring :confuse: .
  • If it was YOUR van that had the door open while you were driving with your kids in the back seat, you would have a bit to complain about as well. Can you imagine going 65-70mph down the interstate with your three year old next to a door that opens on its own? THINK ABOUT IT!! Your one of the lucky ones that has a decent vehicle, most of us werent that lucky.
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