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Chevy Uplander/Pontiac Montana SV6/Saturn Relay/Buick Terraza



  • We all know you have had some serious issues with your van. GM did buy back the vehicle and it is no longer endangering your family. If that is true, then you really have no more reason to bash everyone and anyone who mentions anything positive with these vans. I am sorry you had issues with the van, but it is over for you now!
  • Thanks for your comments on your van. If it weren't for people like you, I and the rest of "problem" van owners would not know we weren't alone and we would continue to let the auto maker make us jump through hoops. I am also afraid to drive my van with my daughter in the car. I purchased my van in July '05, two weeks later the door would not open, took in for service, told it was a dirty connection. Two weeks later while leaving a sports event with my child, my car would not pull out, transmission light on. Turned off car, restarted, pulled out, no problem, no light. Took in for service, they found nothing in the computer that the light had been on! guess I'm crazy. Three weeks later the door locks intermittently locked, and kept locking, each time I changed from park to drive, each gear the locks locked. Two services later they found a bad BCM. Took in for horn not working. Now it's in again and they are pulling the transmission out to repair as I'm still having problems pulling out and the electronic start now isn't working. I'm scared to drive on the highway for fear the transmission light will again come on and the car immediately stop, and cause me to crash & roll at 70mph. I know there are vans not having a problem, a co-worker purchased one two weeks after I did. She's trouble free. I want to be trouble free. I bought and paid a new car price, not for this aggrevation. Those that aren't having problems, say a prayer that you didn't get the car made on Friday....... :sick: ...
  • You bet. They told me that's what they do. ha ha. Mine is in the shop for the electronic start not working and a problem with the transmission. Along with other problems I've had. I've been dealing with a customer service rep at Chevy and hope she will assist in having my car replaced. I realize that's probably a long shot.
  • Hammy 233....question

    How hard was it to get GM to buy back your car. I love the looks of this van, my daughter loves the interior, we bought the one with all options, but has the cloth insert, leather trim. She disliked the Chrysler Town & Country LXi I drove six years (yes, trouble free) because it had leather seats which are cold in the winter. I would be content if Chevy would give me another car and "pray" it had none of the previous problems. Did you hire an attorney or what?
  • at least someone else has my problem too
    it's amazing people wander why gm is going bankrupt. customer service is terrible.
    its either user error or it's supposed to do that its never their problem when will gm wake up
  • It took a lot of complaining, going back to dealer for 10 months, finally ended up going to Gm head offices looking for "District Service Consultant Guy" who basically said these were "Normal Operating Characteristics",I wanted him to put it in writing so I could show it to my Lawyer and Transport Canada, we`ll as it turns out he wasn`t there, and I got to talk with someone from the "Executive Review Dept"(no idea what it is)I gave them a copy of a letter I had drafted up and distributed to anybody who had been involved with my Relay`s, yah 2 Relays...(Salesman,Business manager, Sales team leader Service dept mechanic etc) The executive review people got back to me in 48 hours arranged for me to drop off my vehicle at the dealership for some further "testing" 100kms worth, and after all was said and done they contacted me and said While the vehicle was exhibiting "Normal operating characteristics" with all the other issues and our letters and phone calls of displeasure they would buyback the van at no cost to me and offer me anything from the GM umbrella at cost.
    5 Alternators, 2 DVD players 3 radios 4 sets of mouldings, Brakes warped at 3000kms, Ran out of fuel twice with 1/4 tank, seats cushions were deformed, Horn Button,engine whistle(never fixed)headlights spidered and cracked, fuel gauge that read whatever it wanted, 6 disc cd changer that shuffled discs without any reason....etc etc. No lawyers, got the Canadian Vehicle Abitration process rolling but wasn`t required......stick with, you`ll win....... :lemon: :lemon:
  • We have had all of these problems with our SV6, and had it in the dealer once for most of those. The problems started to return as well as new issues when one day...

    The ABS and TC lights came on when the TC kicked in. It would also display the service errors in the DIC. Turn the key off and then back on and the errors go away. According to the owners manual, this is not detrimental to the system operation and should be fixed at the owner's convenience.

    Well, not a week and a half later after the first time we saw this, I went to make a semi fast stop and quick turn. Enough for the ABS to kick in a bit. The ABS failed, the brakes locked up all 4 wheels at about 35 MPH, and all 4200 lbs + passengers and cargo slid up and over an 8" curb. It completely destroyed the whole front suspension and frame.

    All my kids and my wife were in the car. The cop put on the report that the ABS and TC errors were displayed.

    GM is claiming it's not their problem. My insurance company is fighting them and so are we. It's finally out of the body shop after $6500+ in repairs, and it's at a dealer while they figure out what's wrong with the ABS system. They took it out the other day, and they got it to start spitting out tons of ABS errors, so they're seeing the issue. Now they're arguing that it's because of the accident that this is happening.

    In the mean time, I still have to have them fix the flickering lights (again), 1/4 tank no gas issue, the surging idle problem, the radio that they never fixed (they ordered us a new one, we went to go in and they called us that day and said they couldn't do it), amongst other issues that I can't remember because we haven't had it for well over a month.

    Plus, I don't want to put my family back in this death trap. Who knows what kind of other funny stuff this thing will pull while driving.

    Hammy: myself, my wife, and you may need to talk some more. We don't want anything to do with this van any more. We don't even want another GM product. We have more than ample amounts of evidence that proves the ABS failure caused the accident and they're just blowing us off.
  • No, it is not over, I said that I am in arbitration now. I am still driving a crappy loaner van and am still making payments on my SV6 which has been parked at the dealer for over 50 days now, so I have reason to complain. I am glad that people are having good luck with their vans. I am on here to answer questions and get answers to questions, NOT TO BASH ANYONE.
  • I can give you a few tips on how to handle the arbitration(buyback) process if you would like to talk further about it...
  • I can tell you that I am happy for those of you out there that have had no problems with your van. My child was in the back seat when the door came open. His arm almost got caught, if my husband had not jerked him away he would have been hurt. The dealership has now told me after my 7th trip to the dealership, this time it has been there for the past two weeks, that they are trying to get GM to put a new transmisson in it. I have filed a BBB claim, and GM is bending over backwards trying to backswim. I truly feel that they do know that there is something severly wrong with this van. I can't see any reason why they wont recall these vans with as many issues I have seen arise. I pray that when I get it back that GM will replace with another vehicle. My childrens safety is on the line.
  • If they are truly having the # of problems that people say, wouldnt chevy be taken out of the loop and the NHTSA would order a recall? :confuse:
  • that strictly depends on if the complaints are being filtered to the NHTSA. I know that I spoke to then already and nothing has been reported to them, so I filed a claim with them as well to get the ball rolling. i just think that it is interesting that my dealership told me that I must have had one produced on a Friday or Monday. I like being able to see the different people around the country that are having as many problems as I am. I dont think bad of Chevy or GM just think they made a vehicle that has had a lot of problems. :shades: :sick: :P
  • What we could look at is the VIN# and when they were built....figure out which one had little "Gremlins" working on them? Mine were 5GZDV23L95D157742 & 5GZDV23L95D181831
  • This is a little odd too becuase I've filed at least 3 complaints with the NHTSA on this van. If I search for them I can't find my complaints.

    Luckily I haven't had the door open on it's own yet or I'd be driving this thing right through GM's front door.
  • Alright, that would be appreciated. How would you like to do this?

    For now the insurance company is still fighting with them about paying for the damages. However, that's all they're fighting for. They're fighting for themselves, not us.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter from a large daily newspaper seeks to interview owners of the Ford Taurus, Buick Terraza and Chevy Uplander. Please respond to before Wednesday, February 8, 2006 with your daytime contact info and city/state of residence.


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  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    Well, I got to see the diffenrence's in all 4 versions up close and personal and I still like the SV6 styling better. But after the show, I have to say the Mazda MPV got thrown into the mix.
    So, the current replacement list for the Escape stand as;
    1. Pontiac SV6 (3.9ltr)
    2. Ford Freestyle SEL (3.0ltr or 3.5ltr if avail.)
    3. Mazda MPV LX (3.0ltr)
    4. Nissan Quest SL Special Edition (3.5ltr)

    The Honda Pilot got eliminated from consideration.

    Check out the News and Views section for the Auto Shows 2006 post, I will be posting a link in there for all the pictures I took at the show Philly Auto Show.

  • Just to help you with your decision...

    We traded in our 02 MPV for the SV6. The reason was it was small inside, the controls are rather hard to reach, and it's not comfortable at all on long trips.

    Oh yeah, and we were getting to the point of trans maintenance. I refuse to pay someone to work on my vehicles, and the MPV would have been a total nightmare to change the trans filter/flush the fluid.

    Based on quality at this point though, I wish we wouldn't have gotten rid of it.

    Stay away from the SV6 at all costs. It seems the problems are outnumbering the problemless at this point. I am absolutely flabbergasted at the number of people that are having problems with this van platform and the number who have had to go though the painful buy-back process. The 06 SV6 rental I had for a few days after my brake failure was just as problem ridden, so it went right back to Enterprise.
  • Wow, let me just say your comment kind of threw me. Do you think if we could just get our vehicles fixed we would be sitting here wasting our time talking about our PAST problems? The issue at hand is NOT is the negligence of GM. It will end up shooting them in the foot that they continue to sell these vehicles that they know are defective and that they cannot fix.
  • They should have sent you a form to fill out and to attach your repair orders and any other pertinant information to. If you never received the form in the mail after filing your complaint, call them and tell them.
  • No offense to any of you that are experiencing problems with your vans, but don't think for a minute that because you see six, eight, or even ten people posting in a forum somewhere that they have problems that this somehow makes it the "usual" case. The simple truth is that if you aren't having problems, you're probably not even visiting forums like this. While those with problems are almost guaranteed to post about them if they are visiting, if nothing else than to look for assistance or to "warn others."

    You'll rarely see people posting "My van's great! No problems at ALL."

    I can't say I've had no problems at all but so far my van hasn't had any serious issues. Even the fluctuating fuel guage hasn't left me sitting yet, despite letting it go until I had to put in 22+ gallons on the last fill and the fact that I live in western NC (the mountains, very few true level areas here).

    So while I wish you luck getting your issues resolved (or getting out of your vans, if that's what you want), it by no means indicates total negligence on GMs part for producing defective vehicles. It just shows that there are some out there that are having serious problems, and some who aren't. Really nothing new in the auto industry, and also nothing unique to GM. (Check out some Honda forums sometime to see the kinds of complaints, even for supposedly high quality vehicles like Accords..)
  • 535353535353 Posts: 10
    I've got three kids all under two years old, so I'll be putting one (or two) in the third row seat. It doesn't look like the third row has "latch" anchors at the base of the seats (for infant &/or child seats)?

    Can any one confirm this? Or am I not looking in the right place?

    If so, I guess the only option is to secure the child seats w/ the seat belts? It's a viable & safe option... just surprised there aren't any latch anchors in the third row (my second row captain seats have them).
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,172
    the 3rd row seat do not have LATCH because of the folding in floor feature. I was told this by a sales rep at the Philly Auto Show.

    Philly Show Pictures

  • It is not just forums at where you will find people reporting on their lemon vans. There are thousands of websites where you can post complaints. Believe me, I have done my homework, these "issues" are NOT few and far between. Like I said before, I am glad that there are people out there that are having good luck with their vans but I guarantee that they will eventually have problems because there are a lot of complaints that dont come until the van has hit 40-50 thousand miles. I'm not trying to slander GM but the experience that I am having with them is showing that they dont think that there is a problem at all, I think they are buying my van back just to "SHUT ME UP". It that is what it takes that is fine, but what about the next mom that puts her child in the backseat of my old van? I am sure my van will be sold at auction and i highly doubt that the buyer will be informed that the door opens on its own while doing 65 miles an hour down the highway....THAT IS NEGLIGANCE!!!!
  • I also agree its not true. I drove a Venture for 8 years and wish I had it back! I now drive an 05 Relay that has been in the shop more times in the 6 months I've owned it then my Venture was in 8 years!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks for that, but it's obvious that nothing is ever "trouble free." If you look though here there's more than a couple of people having problems. These vans have some major safety issues. Power sliding doors opening while driving (and the door is supposedly locked), ABS and general brake failures, electrical systems shorting out, etc.

    This is more than just a few annoying problems. And the problems just keep coming back. That or GM claims it's "normal behavior."

    Come on, what's the chance that my brakes fail, I smash up my 2005 SV6, Enterprise gives me an 06 SV6, and it has most of the same problems as my 05?

    I've looked through the Dodge, Subaru, etc. forums and I don't see this many people with this many problems trying to get their vans bought back by the manufacturer.
  • I was given an 06 Uplander while my 05 SV6 was in the shop and it has just as many problems if not more as my van. This is really quite ridiculous, I think. I asked the GM representative at my dealership to put his kids in the back seat of my van and take it down the interstate and his response to me was "I wouldnt take it to the grocery store" WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU???? :confuse: :confuse: image :cry: :cry:
  • 535353535353 Posts: 10
    That sounds like a typical sales rep response... given that the 3rd row seats don't even fold into the floor... they do fold over, but that shouldn't preclude them from having the latch.

    Thx for the confirmation though... I'll just go with the old fashioned way & secure the child seats w/ with seat belts.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Mazda MPV? Is there a new model out there, or is this still based on the current model? I heard at some point there will be a bigger MPV.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Latch on 3rd row of Freestyle, and zero problems after 1 year and 22000miles of ownership.
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