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Chevy Uplander/Pontiac Montana SV6/Saturn Relay/Buick Terraza



  • dannodanno Posts: 114
    If the rotors start vibrating again, I hope they will change them under warranty ( they hinted that would be the case ). The dealer is doing what GM tells them to do as rotor replacement is last ditch fix. Retail on the full set is $1,400 Cdn !!!! With labour and new pads and done at GM, easily over $2,000 . Wow!
  • gagregagre Posts: 3
    Ironically, I just returned from a trip to the Colorado mountains. When coming down into Denver on I-70 and coming down over some mountain passes, I noticed that the brakes made loud noises that only could be heard when the brakes got very hot. (I was also using the lower transmission gears to help.) Also, the steering wheel shook slightly when going down the passes at highway speeds and I tapped the brakes. It is going to the Chevrolet dealership to get the rotors and pads looked at! It is still under warranty. Anyone having similar difficulties in mountainous terrain? I did not have this type of difficulty on my 99 Montana.
  • 3weddings3weddings Posts: 1
    I picked up the car two weeks ago and even the salesperson commented on the contacts in the door (both the door jams and the door itself) I do not have power doors, but could it be that this could added on now?? I regret not ordering it with them...three kids in and out is cumbersome.

    TIA for any assistance. :P
  • genmtrfangenmtrfan Posts: 78
    We returned yesterday from a trip and had similar experiences coming off of a mountain in Tennessee. The van was heavily loaded on the trip. I noticed a roaring sound when I applied the brakes for long periods of time while coming down a mountain. I never felt the brakes were unsafe, but did back off for a while and tried to apply as needed instead of riding them constantly down the hill. Still, I had a Venture that didn't do that, no matter how heavy the load. Again, I never felt unsafe, but definitely noticed a roaring sound as I applied the brakes during certain circumstances. I believe it's probably the rotors and plan to get them checked.

    Otherwise the van was great! The 17" wheels really help keep the vehicle in check at all speeds. I felt very comfortable pushing 75-80. On the 550 mile trip to the beach we averaged 24 mpg with a heavy load and the air on constantly. I was very happy with that. Without luggage and air it probably would have done 26-27. My kids also commented on how cold the rear air is. I agree that the front air needs to be turned on maximum if the outside temp is above 80, then it does cool sufficiently. We have 21,000 on the van now and it's performance on the trip really reminded me of why we bought it. The kids used the wireless headphones with the DVD on the trip which really helped pass the time for them. Overall, for the money, I think it's the best van on the market. It has served our family of 6 very well since we bought it on 05/31/05. By the way, we got new tires before the trip (Yokahama Avid TRZ's). They really improved the ride/noise/handling/rain handling. The engine, while not break-neck, is plenty powerful. I think it's actually gotten a little faster with age.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,633
    I have posted earlier about the roaring noise our Goodyear Integritys make on our '05 Uplander (18K miles and rotated religiously at 6,000 miles). Today I took it to the Goodyear store to see if they could adjust these tires to new ones. They told me the rear alignment was out-of-spec and that to correct it would require the use of shims and total cost would be in the $150 or so range. With a solid rear axle, I thought rear-wheel alignment was a "never need to do" item, unlike front-end alignment. They claimed that's what was causing my LF tire to cup on the inside, making most of the noise (LF since I have been faithful about rotation, but alignment issue is in rear). They printed me out the specs from their machine. Bottom line: They would not adjust any of the tires since they think it's an alignment issue.

    I immediately contacted my local Chevrolet Service Manager (whom I like and respect). Of course, he immediately pooh-poohed Goodyear's analysis and said even if they are correct, alignment is not covered under GM's warranty after 12K miles. I said, "But the rears should never need alignment on this vehicle, right?" He said yes, then I said, "So it's not a maintenance issue, like a F/E alignment, but I think it's a defective installation/design issue." He said nothing, except let them look at it Monday.

    So, I've got a twelve-month old van whose tires are driving me nuts, and neither the tire manufacturer nor the automaker appears to want to do a thing about it...sticking me (the owner) in the process. Tires should not wear to the point of sounding like a Monster Truck in 18K miles. And it appears that unless this rear alignment is fixed,I could have this problem with any tires, evermore.

    Just venting, but I'm very disappointed.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • We had the same issue with the cupping tires. I recently purchased new ones in a different brand. When I had the vehicle alligned, they also said that the back tires were out of allignment, especially the right one. They were able to correct it without using anything special. At least I'm assuming they corrected it. I now think, as you, that the allignment issue cause my integrity's to wear. But, I was glad to get rid of those tires, they were bad in the rain anyway.

    Keep us posted on what happens.
  • Here’s a good tip. You don’t have to take your Goodyear tires back to Goodyear to have the tire warranty honored. You just need to go to a tire store that honors all tire warranties. A good example is American Tire Stores. They will prorate your Goodyear tires based on the warranty and apply the credit towards a new set of tires. I have done this in Oregon with Goodyear’s, Michelins, as well as Pirelli’s too.

    Go to this web site to find a store
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,633
    Thanks for the advice. However, there isn't one of those stores within one-hundred miles of our home.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I have the same 05' Terraza CXL, and have had the van in the dealer numerous times for the A/C. They replaced the compressor, assorted electrical parts, and checked for leaks in the system. Finally after a year and half and 3 different service depts., they found a small leak in one of the the pressure hoses. The air seems to work pretty good now, especially being in the florida heat. :surprise:
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,633
    Follow-up on my Goodyear vs. GM tire noise issue:

    After hearing that Goodyear wouldn't do anything about my cupping tire(s), I had my Chevy dealer rotate the tires and also they did an alignment...but said it had been within tolerance or specs. They also told me that the specs Goodyear printed out, that said "98-04 Chevrolet Venture" at the top, were not the same specs as for Uplander. (Goodyear told me they didn't have Uplander in their computer yet but it would be the same as Venture.) I told them I had two Ventures before, neither with Goodyear tires, and neither made the noise these ones did.

    Well, when I found out Goodyear was not using the right specs (at least according to my Chevy Service Manager), I called their 800 Customer Service line. The next day or so they told me they would replace from one to four tires, my discretion, at $39 and change, mounted and balanced...less than one-half normal retail. I told them I would. They had to order the tires from the York, PA Goodyear warehouse. I know I'll have the problem again, but I "bit" anyway.

    One interesting sideline: I had assumed my Chevy dealer was rotating as per the owner's manual, which includes side-to-side rotating. My Service Manager, when I asked, said they only rotate front-to-back. When I asked why when GM suggested otherwise, he basically said he didn't think it would make a difference. Tell you what, from now on, I am rotating religiously at 5K miles, and I'm specifically asking they rotate as per the owner's manual...I'll mark the tires to make sure!

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Lots of places are guilty of the rotation thing. We paid the local Wal-mart auto center $6 (cheap!) to rotate the tires on the Terraza last weekend. I specifically informed them that it needed the crossover pattern for two of the tires with the other two moving to the other end (I believe the manual says rear cross to the front, fronts go straight to the back, but I didn't memorize it). The mechanic I talked to said he was writing it down so that it was done right. Then I watched from the viewing area as *he* started the work and proceeded to begin installing the rear directly on the same side of the front. It took me about ten seconds to get his attention and correct him again (letting him know I was watching). After that all four were rotated properly.

    I have a feeling consistently using the same (and the right) rotation pattern in a timely manner will make these quick wearing tires last quite a bit longer.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,633
    Today when backing out of our driveway, I stopped, moved the selector from R to D, hit the gas and there was a good two-second lapse and racing engine before drive engaged. This is only the second time this ever happened to me in the Uplander, although my wife (principal driver) said, "Oh, that's happened to me before." (sigh)

    Geez, this is getting to be the most frustrating new Chevy I've had since my '85 Celebrity Eurosport (and I've had six since then not counting the '85 or the Uplander).

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • I have had the same problem with my Uplander. Unfortunately, it never seems to do it at the dealership. I've had it in twice and each time they tell me they cannot duplicate the problem and everything looks OK. My Uplander is a 2005.
  • My 2005 Uplander has 43,000 miles on it and thus out of warranty. When a TSB is issued, does the service dept fix it for free? My a/c is cool at best on Max.
  • There is a thing called a “hidden warranty.” If your vehicle is not that far over its warranty they will honor the warranty out of “good will”. Your vehicle is just over its mileage warranty and well under the 36 month time coverage period. Just because there is a TSB does not mean that it is covered under warranty. But it helps. Had a friend that was a manager at SITEL a call center firm that handled many of the GM’s complaint calls. They authorized “hidden warranties” all the time based on good will. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”
  • tkellertkeller Posts: 2
    I have an 05' Montana that has done this alot. My van is actually going into the shop tomorrow so they can look at this problem as well as a list of others.

    My lights flicker at night. If you are listening to the radio or especially the dvd player is on and you accelerate the front speakers become staticy. I am only guessing that these have to do with the alternator being too small.

    The door molding on one of the passenger doors is coming loose. A seat belt comfort strap is broken. The handle on the back hatch is loose (had this problem many times with the 97' Montana we had before this one).

    There is a train whistle noise that appears around 65-70 mph that will make you insane (heard it most of the way back from Florida - we live in Indiana!)

    They are suppose to check on the rotors/brakes as they are very choppy when breaking from 45-60 mph. And it sounds like I am driving a monster truck with big tires.

    All this and we have already had the steering shaft replaced and the steering gear box (rack) in front. We only have 23,000 miles on it. I don't have a really warm fuzzy feeling about this van. Am I getting close to the lemon law yet?

    TK in Indiana
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,633
    Let us know what the dealer tells you about these items. I'm especially interested in what they will suggest about the time-lag between R and D (intermittent anough that it probably won't happen at the dealership!), and what they'll do about your brake rotors.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • dannodanno Posts: 114
    Same here with the lag on engaging D. Very intermittent and happens only on a cold start where the van has been sitting overnight and R then D engaged.
  • :mad: My wife's '05 Montana SV6 has the overhead storage system with the dual rails running along the headliner. It squeaks almost constantly. The dealer has failed to remedy this problem. We're taking a 4 hour drive to upstate New York next weekend and I don't think we're going to have a chance to give the dealer another crack at it before then.

    You can quiet the squeak by putting the slightest bit of upward pressure on the storage bin, or one of the rails, but I don't see myself doing that for 4 hours straight.

    Originally, I thought the squeak was due to the storage bin that sits between the front map lights and the dvd player, but when I remove that bin, the squeak is louder. Turns out the bin was helping keep things quieter.

    Has anyone here had this problem and, if it's been corrected, what was the solution?

  • I just dropped our Uplander off to get the new voltage regulator put on it to remedy the light filcker. A TSB was issue on this in July. I'm not hopeful, but I am going to give it a try. Our van's problem is more annoying than anything else, it's not bad enough as of yet to call it a safety concern. Our radio has not been affected. However, we've already had a new alternator installed. The original TSB called for this remedy (February '05).

    We too had the side moldings replaced. So far the second set has stayed "stuck."

    We've had no issues with the seat belt straps or the rear latch handle, nor have I heard of anyone else having these issues.

    The train whistle is due to a faulty seal in the windshield. Our whistle was from the right side. Our dealer called GM support and they told them to re-seal the window using a different kind of sealant. That fixed the problem the first time and it has not returned.

    We replaced our Goodyear Integrity tires at 15K because of a roaring noise. I think that one or more tires wore unevenly, probably the result of poor allignment.

    We've had no steering issues. However, we have had a passenger airbag rattle (commonly discussed in this forum) and the acceleration whistle fixed (TSB on this). We also have had the horn springs replaced under a TSB. They were so stiff that it was difficult to blow the horn.

    We just dropped it off this evening for an a/c TSB(to correct poor performance when not on max), check the brake rotors, and to install the new voltage regulator. I'm hoping that this is the last trip for a while. I really feel like it's going to be a solid vehicle once the kinks are worked out. Functionally, we love it, but it does serve me right for buying a first year model.

    The only nagging concern I have is that the middle seats became dislodged during a test side impact crash. Does anyone know if GM is working on a fix?
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    This "problem" isn't limited to the GM vans. I've experienced this with almost every GM vehicle that's had either the 4T60E or the 4L60E transmission (so front drive cars and SUVs/trucks). I think it has something to do with the transmission itself being cold (the fluid). Since fluid pressure has a lot to do with the workings of an automatic transmission, cold, thick fluid could very well make it sluggish between forward and reverse, or even between forward gears as it warms up. I just know to be a bit more patient when switching between forward and reverse, especially when it's cold. You can easily feel the transmission as it actually engages in the other direction while your foot is on the brake.

    (Haven't had any other issues with my transmissions on the GM products though- so it doesn't appear to affect longevity and durability)
  • dannodanno Posts: 114
    I had a 1997 Venture LS with 320,000 kms before I traded it in on the Uplander. The tranny was perfect in every way during those kms.
  • I had a Venture too. The transmission failed at 70K miles due to a faulty valve.
  • I'm replying to my own post, so we must need more participation in this forum!

    I just picked up the Uplander from the dealer and I'm cautiously optimistic about the lights. I drove home (about 25 minutes) in the dark and did not see the slightest hint of a flicker. Could it be true, is the July '06 TSB really "the fix?" Time will tell, but it's the first time I've driven it with no flicker. The TSB called for replacing the voltage regulator inside the alternator.

    The dealership also turned the rotors which seemed to eliminate the vibration. Hopefully it will stay gone.

    Finally, the dealership updated the A/C software via June TSB. It seemed cold enough, but it was night so I'll have to wait for a hot day to know for sure.

    Let's here some other before and after stories. Far too often, people post issues on the site without following up when they get (or don't get) a resolution. :surprise: ;)
  • tmcgee06tmcgee06 Posts: 10

    I have the nightmare 06 Uplander, I have been playing phone tag with my dealer; and finally they are requesting my van in for more repairs on my Light flickering problem. I posted on this site that I have had the voltage regulator per the TSB replaced; but all that did was made the lights flicker faster. I can make this happen at 50/55 mph with my rpms at 3 without any hesitation. They are going to check all the grounds to make sure there is no voltage leaks. I have told them that I want this van replaced, due to the dealership hit the front of my van, then repainted the bumper only to not match the rest of the van, water leaks, radio problems, and ofcourse the lighting issue. I really wish I would have waiting on buying another GM until I totally checked out what kind of problems were with these vans. After all of this GM is doing away with all mini vans by 2009... So I doubt they even care about all of the problems they have created.

    Still an unhappy uplander owner. :mad:
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,633
    I've had two Ventures before this Uplander. First one turned in at end of lease with 33K miles; second one traded on the Uplander at 60K miles. Neither of these hesitated once between R and D, for either my wife or me, as this Uplander has, even though infrequently. It does make one wonder about the Uplander's trans durability after the warranty.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,633

    Did the dealer cut the rotors under warranty, and how many miles does the vehicle have? Had they been cut before?

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • They did cut the rotors under warranty, no questions asked. It has 22K.
  • tkellertkeller Posts: 2
    Good question, I was wondering the same thing. I have 23,500 miles on my SV6 and my dealer tells me they are not covered under warranty, something about this is from GM. I nor my salesman could find anything in the warranty that says it's not covered. I told my service guy that I was not paying to have the rotors turned because this should not be happening at 23K miles. My van goes back in on Tuesday and I am hoping for some progress this time!

  • My dealer has been great. I bought from a small-town dealer after getting the run-around from some dealers in the city. Their service department has never given me the usual "blow-off" responses such as "the problem is within tolerances" or "I didn't hear any vibration." They should have covered the rotors because it's actually not a new problem, just one that I haven't addressed until recently. I should have known the day I bought the van I'd have issues with them. They had a thin coating of rust on them at the time. The rust goes away with use, but comes back if it sits in the rain for long periods of time. I hate to think of what it will cost to replace all four when these are finally thinned-out. But, I can guarantee you I'll make sure I buy quality, pehaps some of those drilled ones. Wouldn't that look cool on an Uplander?
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