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Chevy Uplander/Pontiac Montana SV6/Saturn Relay/Buick Terraza



  • I have had problems with the rotors on my uplander too. The front rotors needed to be turned at only 12000 miles. Then just nine months later, the front and rear rotors needed to be turned at 21000 miles. The first time the repairs were covered under warranty. However, this time the dealer said it was due to "normal wear" and not covered. No way is this normal wear. I am currently dealing directly with Chevrolet customer service to try to get them to pay for the repairs. I don't have their final decision yet (they're still "investigating"), but the Chevrolet customer service rep has indicated they they will likely cover most of the costs. I'm not happy that my dealer wouldn't go to bat for me with Chevrolet and that I was forced to pursue this on my own.
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I've mentioned this before...the dealer can make you or break you. I bought my Terraza from a small dealer, but have always had my car serviced at a local dealer...a very large, Brooklyn, N.Y., truck dealer. While he sells GMC, Buick & Pontiac, his primary business is trucks; large trucks. Yet, when I bring my car in for service, there is no bull about service writers (who get 10% of what they write) or they can't do it or it's not under warrantee. My car runs great, they have found and corrected items I was not aware of, and have always been friendly and professional to deal with. You bet that I'll buy my next Buick from them. Remember, it's the DEALER who is servicing your car that is supposed to be helping you. If you still have a problem, switch dealers! :) :)
  • I have a 2005 Uplander and have had starter problems since day one. Engine will turn over then you hear a clicking noise. Does it randomly and of course the dealership cannot duplicate. Service Stability System light comes on at random. And most recently the Traction Control System engages..the brakes and steering lock up and you have no control over the vehicle. This has happened when backing out of my driveway, making a u-turn (slowly) and turning in a parking lot. Dealership gets "no codes" and cannot duplicate any of these. I bought the car new a year ago and it has been in the shop (where it is now) three times. Got Chevrolet involved this time, but at this time I still have no resolution. The service manager at the dealership was going to take it home over the weekend to see if the problems would present themselves. We'll see...Anyone have any of these problems?

  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    Well, it's good that I haven't had the opportunity to take my '05 Terraza (w/ the 3.5 engine) in for the Light Flickering and A/C problem, because in the last week, I started getting "Service Traction Control System" and "Service Stability System" messages. Has anyone had this problem with the '05 models, and is there a TSB on this as well? (kcorey & genmtrfan, thanks for your reply posts). I'm curious as to what's up with these message.
  • Yes, I had the Service Stability System message and the Traction Control began engaging without cause. After a week at the dealership and discussion with Chevrolet, they replaced a sensor in the steering wheel. I have had the car back for 6 days with no problem...maybe that did the trick. Hope this helps.
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I had this "problem" several months ago. When I brought the car in for routine service, the Service Manager checked, "did an adjustment", and it's never happened since. He said it was nothing to worry about, and I haven't since it hasn't happened again.
    I just had the front-end aligned, as I noticed some heavy wear starting on one side of the front tires after a recent tire rotation. (New York City potholes will do this). The mechanic informed me that there is only a "toe" adjustment on the Terraza's, no caster or camber. It really wasn't out by much, but the small adjustment really seemed to "tighten" up the front-end nicely.
    After 21,000 miles, everything else seems good. :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I dropped the van off at the shop today to get my issues fixed, but one thing I forgot to ask about, so I figured I would throw it out for a response is regarding the gas line? When you remove the gas cap, do you see a plate that keeps foreign objects from entering the gas tank or is there a hole, meaning you can see straight down through? This is one thing I have been wondering about for months. When I remove the gas cap to get gas, I'm used to seeing a silver plate that the gas pump pushes through when filling up, but what I have is a straight open hole with no plate there, meaning, I can see straight down through. It seems like the plate that moves aside is missing. Hopefully you can comprehend what I am saying. I remove the gas cap, and there is no plate to keep debris from falling through. I'm not sure if this is a discrepancy, or if the plate is stuck open? Hope you can assist. Thanks!
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,654
    I looked at mine last night, and there is no plate covering the hole, but there is a little metal tab at the top of the opening. I never noticed the lack of a plate before.

    Bill P.
    Kent, OH
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I brought this up to the dealership and they are going to look into it. While my Terraza is in the shop, they gave me an '05 Pontiac G6 to drive. I took off the gas cap and checked the car, and sure enough, there is a plate covering the hole. Same with the other two GM vehicles I own. Makes me wonder if they forgot about this when building them? I forgot to mention the Saturn Relay, but bet same holds true for all four models.
  • Our montana has a recent problem with the TCM/Check engine/Brake lights coming on and flickering when the key was inserted in the driverside door and ignition switch. Can anyone help with this problem?
  • I have a 2005 Uplander I bought new with a lot of the same issues listed. I went to the dealer where purchased right after I bought, but they were no use. Time has passed I have found this web sight. Thank God!!!

    One of the problems I have which I haven't been able to see on this sight, but found on another web sight is my van squawks intermittently like a harmonica when driving at interstate speeds, (e.g. 70ish m.p.h.). The noise seems to come from the drivers side windshield area, but not sure. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. When I took to the dealer last year they adjusted some cowling, but didn't help.
  • My wife and I are considering buying a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander LT 4D Pass Ext Van from a local carmax dealership here in Utah ,and would love some feedback (pro and con) on the reliability and safety of this vehicle. also what is "TSB" :blush:
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,654
    Here's what I like about our '05 Uplander (built late in the '05 run):

    1) Styling
    2) Good price/value
    3) Availability of parts and service (most every little 'burg has a Chevy dealer)
    4) Solid construction feel
    5) Good gas mileage

    What I, and others on this site, don't like too much:

    1) Body side moldings that curl away at the edges (check one you are looking at for this)--although I believe this was corrected sometime during the '06 model year run
    2) Brake rotors seem to be undersized as far as quickly needing "turned" due to pulsation...a pricey prospect once the dealer won't do this under the 3/36 factory warranty anymore (there has been some discussion on how long resurfacing or replacing brake rotors is covered for. My review of the warranty booklet and Brake Rotor TSB ["Technical Service Bulletin", which is what GM sends the dealer for tips to address customer complaints on an issue] seems to indicate they are covered for the full 3years/36K miles.)
    3) Some have complained that the A/C is not up to snuff as far as keeping the cabin cool. I have not experienced this as a problem.
    4) Many have complainted about headlights that dim/blink somewhat at night. I have not experienced this.
    5) One thing I REALLY wish I'd had thought about more, was that ours is the LS model and only has two smallish "jump"-type bucket seats in the second row. They have no armrests at all, on either side of each seat. Even kids complain about being in these seats on a trip. Look for the LT model with Captain's Chairs in the second row.
    6) Mine has had a couple minor annoyances that seem to happen fairly randomly: a) Two-second delay in going from R to D and b) Starter which continues to engage for a second or two after the engine has already started. These are somewhat embarrassing more than anything else.

    Good luck.

    Bill P.
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I own a 2005 Buick Terraza CXL. It now has 24,000 miles on it. I paid (actually leased it)for about $28,000. I think it's the best car I've ever owned...I'm 68, my 1st car was a '40 there's a lot of cars in between. Any "problems" that I've had have been taken care, cheerfully, by my dealer. If it wasn't a good car I wouldn't keep it...especially with my wife and 7 grandchildren in it. Good luck, I hope this helps. :)
  • We have the same problem on our 2006 Relay and I know I guy with an 05 that it happens to as well. I did an experiment and it seems to pause when the wipers are vertical so I'm considering a bug deflector to change the air flow.
  • On our 06 Relay 2 at highway speed we get the same sound described elsewhere in these posts as train whistle and harmonica like. Anyone successfully found a solution? We have the falling off weatherstripping as well but no electrical or start issues to date. Do they just make drawing s and build these without anyone ever testing them? :( :(

    Reading these posts I'm scared to buy GM after this one goes!
  • We have an '06 SV6 and have had a irritating issue with the DVD player since we purchased the van (new). It will skip and pause randomly on bought/prerecorded DVD's and will implode on itself if you try and play MOST burnt/backed up DVD's (in our old Caravan, we kept backup copies of our kids DVD collection in the van so the good ones would not get wrecked).

    Anyways, I can ~understand~ the copied ones having issues, tho I am not happy about it... but the continuing issue with the originals is frustrating. I've done my own trouble shooting and the problem does not involve: the vehicle moving (or not), excessive heat (or cold), particular movie houses (Disney, etc...), damage to the discs.

    We have had the van into 2 local dealers here in the city 2x for the problem, but have had no luck getting it resolved for 2 reasons (I think): 1. the problem is sporatic so they have a hard time pinpointing it and 2. the a/v functions repairs of the van are outsourced to a 3rd party shop in the city.

    IS there any outstanding DVD issues we should be aware of that I can discuss with the dealer to this end?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have a 2005 Uplander LT AWD and I recently had to have the transmission replaced at 11000 miles (under warranty). I wasn't very happy about this and when I called customer relations at Chevrolet, they were not very helpful. I do have other problems with the van: delay from R to D, starter keeps going after I let go of the key, and my passenger automatic door sometimes doesn't shut and latch. Good luck. :)
  • I just read that GM will not re-design the current vans in 2009 as planned. I'm really disappointed. Given the much-improved vehicles it has been turning out lately, I think it could have been a great vehicle. Perhaps market pressures are just too great with the tide turning toward SUV's.

    While the current generation has had its issues, I don't think they're bad vehicles. They are significantly improved over the last generation. Great new interior, good looks (subjective), new engine choices, nice electronics, and a comparatively low price.

    Despite having a few things repaired under warranty, I really like our Uplander LT after 1.5 years and 27,000 miles. It's perfect for our family of 6. On a recent trip across the state, we achieved 25 mpg. I'll never understand why these vans haven't sold better, especially now that the 3.9 is standard equipment. No, they aren't class leading in every category, but they're not far off and GM has adjusted the price accordingly. Besides that, the styling is unique and I like the looks of the models with the silver roof rails. Safety is the one black mark. while they get great front crash scores, I don't think that these vans offer full side curtain airbags in all rows. Perhaps this is a bigger selling point than I think.

    In several years we'll probably replace our Uplander with one of the new lambda vehicles (Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave). They're almost as spacious, although they don't have the sliding doors. Perhaps given GM's current financial situation, they made the right decision, but I just hate to see them admit defeat, which is essentially what they're doing.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    genmtrfan, I could not agree with you more. Although I've had a few bugs that have needed to be ironed out (which all have been taken care of), I have been very satisfied with my '05 Buick Terraza. Hard to believe that they would phase out a model after only 3 years. I believe there is still a need for minivans, and we decided on the Terraza after comparing gas mileage with many of the SUVs. This will only swing more minivan customers to Ford and Chrysler. We previously owned a '01 Olds Silhouette and once again, we will own a model that is being phased out. I intend on keeping the Terraza for a few years. Here's hoping the new CSV's will have the same capacity as the minivans.
  • Hi bought a 99 Transport 2yrs ago, this summer was out of town visiting friends and trany starting jerking and hard shifting. I checked fluid it was a bit low ( no signs of leaks at all?) has me wondering.Topped it up, has been fine with the exception of a little hard shifting a few times. Had trany fluid flushed a month ago now its got worse. Anyone pulled one apart before any tips, anyone had one replaced? how much? any help would be nice
  • After reading all of the recent posts I thought I would just check in and compare notes. I bought a Saturn Relay 3 (2006) model in October. After the purchace I drove it out to Vermont, from Washington State, and back, a round trip of 7,600 miles. I purchased the version with AWD, as I carry a 400lb powerchair in the back and needed the auto leveling system. I have only one power sliding door, (I wished I could have gotten two of them,) and both front seats are power.
    So far at 12,000 miles or so, I have had no problems. None. The only light flicker I notice is the dash lights will flicker when under hard acceration. I suspect the alternator/regulator cannot keep track of the load when all of the lights are on, radio, AC, etc. and then have a sudden RPM change...
    But so far no rattles, no whistles, no rotor problems, AC works good (note here: I talked with the service rep about low output and he stated that at some temps, i.e. below 40 or so, the AC just wont run) and have some problems with clearing fog from the windows (see previous note).
    All said and done I would buy it again.

    Mark Delagasse
    Yakima, WA
  • gmplusgmplus Posts: 1
    I totally agree! I'm currently driving a Pontiac Montana, and am very impressed. I may be a bit biased because I've been a minivan fan since the outset. In my opinion the Montana is an exceptionally responsive and well thought-out vehicle, and given the low price tag it's a tremendous value. Unfortunately, GM mangement has made the decision to abandon the CSV market. I don't know all the factors, but I do know it's typical for GM to kill a program just about the time they "get it right." What's even more ironic is that actually people see the Montana as a crossover. For GM's sake I hope there are lots of buyers looking to spend an additional $10,000 to replace their Uplanders and Montanas.
  • 2005-2006 Buick Terraza: Reliability
    Trouble Spots

    Here's a good link and list of know problems with the GM vans. In this case the Buick. I am sure it fits true for all of its sister models.

    Check-engine light: The check engine light may come on due to failure of the EGR valve. The Delphi valve is to be replaced with a Seimens valve kit and have the PCM flashed. (2005-06)
    Electrical problem: The PCM was being replaced for a defective chip under a voluntary emissions recall because it affected the fuel pump and EGR system. (2005)

    Electrical problem: If the OnStar system quits or won't come on (no power), but comes back to life if the fuse is removed for five minutes, the vehicle communications interface module must be replaced or else the problem will recur. (2005-06)

    Engine noise: A whistling noise from the 3.5L engine during acceleration is corrected by replacing the PCV tube. (2005)

    Engine stalling: The engine may not start, may start then quit, and/or assorted warning lights may glow because the wiring connector under the driver seat may get wet and the contacts corrode. (2005-06)

    Fuel gauge: The engine may not start or may stall because the tank is empty yet the gauge shows fuel remaining, or the fuel gauge will not show full after refilling due to sulfur corrosion of the fuel level sender and if after treating with Fuel System Cleaner PLUS the problem remains, the sender may need to be replaced. (2005-06)

    Headlights: The headlights and interior lights may flicker requiring replacement of the alternator. (2005)

    Horn: The horn may require extra pressure on some spots of the steering wheel pad. Softer springs are available to retrofit. (2005-06)

    Consumer Guide® Estimated Repair Costs

    This table lists costs of likely repairs for comparison with other vehicles. The dollar amount includes the cost of the part(s) and labor (based on $50 per hour) for the typical repair without extras or add-ons. Like the pricing information, replacement costs can vary widely depending on region. Expect charges at a new-car dealership to be slightly higher.

    Item Name Repair Cost

    A/C Compressor $855
    Alternator $610
    Automatic Transmission or Transaxle $3,240
    Brakes $540
    Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearing
    Constant Velocity Joints $1,520
    Exhaust System $540
    Radiator $650
    Shocks and/or Struts $930
    Timing Chain or Belt $760
    NHTSA Recall History

    2005 Terraza: The emergency brake may not fully disengage when released, causing unintended braking while accelerating, decelerating, or coasting. Dealer will inspect the parking brake lever and replace the rear brake calipers as necessary.

    2005 Terraza: When parking brake is released, driver may notice unintended braking while accelerating, decelerating or coasting, accompanied by noise from rear of car.

    2006 Terraza: Some vehicles may have a misprinted tire and loading label that lists inaccurate capacity weights. Dealer will replace the label.
  • Haven't been to the forum for quite a while but I too had the same experience with my brakes as I drove through the Allegheny Mountains in PA. However, when the downward incline is not so great, the brakes work fine--and they run normally on relatively level ground.
  • That vintage van, up to 2000, has problems with the EPC (electronic pressure control)solinoid. The part is around $100.00, but the labor is almost 7 hours. The transaxle side cover hase to be removed and that process is quite involved. The problem can be verified by checking for trouble codes first and following the flow chart for the circuit. The problem you describe I would give a 99% chance of it being the EPC solinoid. My service facility changed quite a few of these solinoids. For the most part though, that transaxle was dependable.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Since this is something other owners might be looking for, I've moved these posts to a new discussion:

    Uplander/Montana/Relay/Terraza TSBs and Problem Codes


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  • We have an 06 Terrazza and out of the blue, just had to have the fuel pump replaced. Vehicle would crank but not start, had to have it towed to the dealership for the repair, so a heads-up to all Terrazza owners....possibly others as well of course. Dave
  • Anyone know where the fuse is for the Rear Seat Entertainment System (DVD Player)? Everything else is working fine but that so it must be the fuse. I opened the interior fuse panel at the end of the dash (passenger side) and there is nothing marked for the DVD Player or RSE system, just a fuse for the radio and it works fine? Can anyone help - save me a trip back to the Dealer????
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