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Chevy Uplander/Pontiac Montana SV6/Saturn Relay/Buick Terraza



  • Dave there was similar problem with fuel pumps caused by a faulty PCM (Power Control Module). Did you get your work done under warranty?

    Electrical problem: The PCM was being replaced for a defective chip under a voluntary emissions recall because it affected the fuel pump and EGR system. (2005)
  • The work was done under warranty - so far, it seems like it was only the fuel PCM problems. Everything else works fine, though they also found a bad cell on the battery so they replaced that under warranty as well. A bad cell (causing battery drain) on a battery that is less than 16 months old.....great GM quality once again but at least it was all under warranty. Dave
  • edmcedmc Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on a 2001 Bonneville. Can you give any more details of how the solution was diagnosed?
  • alastanalastan Posts: 11
    Has anyone recorded DVDs for use in their van? If so, what recording format works for you? I want to purchase a DVD recorder to record TV shows for the kids to watch, but my Buick owner's manual says that DVD+R and DVD+RW "may or may not be supported by the DVD player" and that other DVD formats do not work. I don't want to waste money on a recorder if recordings won't work in the van.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    I've been copying our VHS tape collection over to DVD+R discs. The brand and lot of discs themselves can make as much difference as the type (+R vs. -R). The brand I've been using so far is Verbatim, and have a purplish tint to the recording surface.

    And these also seem to play fine in the van, though the green label Verbatim +RW discs worked pretty well too.

    The first bunch of recordings I made was using an MPEG2 converter connected to my PC (input video / audio to the MPEG2 box connections, connected it to the PC using USB2 port), along with some editing software and the DVD burner in my PC. But by far the most of my copies have been made since I purchased a Philips standalone DVD recorder and hooked it up in my entertainment system.

    The Philips works pretty much like a VCR, if a bit slow to initialize when you first turn it on and slow to load disc information when you insert one (recorded or blank). The reason I bought it was that it's much quicker and easier to use than the PC route, which usually involved tons of software and settings. With the standalone I just select the input I want to record, insert a blank disc, and set the recording quality mode (HQ, SP, SPP, LP, etc.) like you'd do for a VCR tape. It shows me the image from the source along with a brief display of the recording time based on the blank I have inserted and the recording mode I've selected. Then it's basically just hitting the record button to start and the stop button to end (or using the quick setting that lets you set it to record 30, 60, etc. minutes). It can also be programmed to record a certain channel at a certain time, and appears to have VCR+ built in, but I only use mine for dubbing old VHS tape to DVD, so I can't vouch for how well it works using those features.
  • rlmiller9rlmiller9 Posts: 48
    We have a 2005 relasy that has the same problem, normally not till 80mph, but depending on the wind speed and direction it can be deafning at 60 !!!
  • skunk1skunk1 Posts: 1
    I got a letter from my dealer. It says that they have been looking for 2005 Terraza to re-purchase. Is this a come-on or for real. Anyone else have this lettter? :)
  • rlmiller9rlmiller9 Posts: 48
    Giant come on, you have the car (like me) it is decent, but people are looking for this ?
    I am sure you already knew the answer to this, but hey :)
  • tayerstayers Posts: 1
    I have ANOTHER issue with my '06 Terraza. I noticed yesterday while my headlights were on. The switch was on "auto" and it was a sunny 95° day outside. I flipped the switch off and received the warning message "Headlights Suggested". It seems as thought the daylight sensor had stopped working and my car now thinks I need to run my headlights all the time. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • morewasabimorewasabi Posts: 58
    How many times has this happened? Have 22,000 miles on our 05 Terraza and its been pretty much trouble free. Only exception was a bad heater hose connection that had to be replaced when we first got it. Its been a very fun and useful minivan with most people complimenting the ride and look.

    Just took it on a long trip up and down mountain roads and got 21plus MPG round trip. On the highway getting over 24 as high as 27 with the 3.5 ltr engine.
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,653
    For the most part I have liked our Uplander. I think it's probably the best-looking minivan out there, except for maybe looking straight-on from the back (too much like Venture there!)

    Things that have driven me a little nuts include the rotors (cut twice now in 32K miles; I anticipate getting new ones for free at or near 36K); a slight but persistent rattle near the front of the overhead console that the dealer's shop tech couldn't hear; my wife and kids are claiming the DVD eject button doesn't work every time; and perhaps the most bothersome--the road noise from those Goodyear Integritys! They're the second set, too--I got them at 20K for almost nothing since I complained how noisy the original ones were...almost like a 'monster truck'. These ones are getting there. I do think some of it might be that my Chevy dealer admits to not rotating tires the way the owner's manual says to...they only go front-to-back unless you tell them otherwise (even though their invoices say "Rotate tires per specs"). I don't believe I ever got a correct rotation there until this last time, at 29K. I marked the tires and they did get it right, but I had to tell them to do it this way!

    Bill P.
  • morewasabimorewasabi Posts: 58
    I like the way the Uplander looks. I saw one with tricked out rims and tires. It was looking real cool! These GM Vans actually standout in a crowd. I have to think that there are better tires out there then the GoodYear Integrity's. They are GoodYear's low end tires. The Buick's Integrity's seem to be quiet, but that may be from the Buick's quiet tunning where they put additional foam between the wheel wells.
    Regarding your rotors, can you request heavier duty rotors? Maybe pay the difference? I not looking forward to rotor problems. My wife drives the Van mostly and she's a heck of lot easier on brakes than I am. So, maybe we won't face this problem for a while.
    We have a little rattle but learned to live with it. It's from the passenger side sun visor, where the visor arm goes into the ceiling. If I put my hand on it while driving the rattle stops. Doesn't bother me since I usually play the radio and the rattle is not loud at all.

    We're still pleased with the Van and the price we paid that included all of the extras. We really would have had to pay Toyota or Honda about $10K more for the same features. I have 3 kids and that extra $10K goes a long way. :shades:
  • Our Montana has under 20,000 miles, I took it in for vibration when braking. They told me this problem was not covered due to regular routine maintenance! Any Help?
  • uplanderguyuplanderguy Kent, OHPosts: 9,653
    Not true!! Ask them to show you where in your warranty booklet it says that rotors are not covered. It mentions pads and linings, but rotors are neither. I had mine resurfaced on my Uplander free by my dealer, at 22K miles.

    Also, you may ask them to look at the multi-page GM Service Bulletin about checking rotors, put out in summer '06, that mentions that dealers should also even "consider" replacing brake pads for free--which are clearly listed in the warranty booklet as owner responsibility--for up to 24K miles. If they should "consider" doing this, why wouldn't they resurface rotors under warranty? This is clearly a case of the Service Dept. not fully understanding the GM New Car Warranty.

    Bill P.
  • tjhsmithtjhsmith Posts: 25
    Call GM customer service and appeal -- it can't hurt and you might not have to pay the full cost of the repairs. I had this exact same situation happen to me. My Uplander's rotors were warped at mileage in the low 20,000-mile range. The pads were also worn and had to be replaced. The dealer told me that the work wasn't covered by the warranty, since the brake problems were the result of "normal wear." No way is it normal to need this work done at such low mileage. I appealed to GM customer service and they reimbursed me for the cost of the rotor work and some related repairs, but I had to pay for new brake pads. So although they wouldn't come through for the full cost of repairs (like I think they should have) at least I saved a couple of hundred bucks.
  • GM really is falling behind the other minivan makers. The minivans need to add features that are normally standard liking power roll down second row windows and power rear vents STANDARD on ALL models. The safety ratings are unnaceptable and side curtain airbags MUST be added. Even if it costs more, its for the safety of our kids. Without these safety features, we are putting our childrens lives in jeapordy everyday, when were just going out for a simple drive. The only feature I really like is the standard dvd player in the car
  • writerwriter Posts: 121
    "GM really is falling behind the other minivan makers. The minivans need to add features that are normally standard liking power roll down second row windows and power rear vents STANDARD on ALL models."

    No. You are assuming that everyone is "just like [you]" and I am not. I will comment on the power stuff later.

    "The safety ratings are unacceptable and side curtain airbags MUST be added. Even if it costs more, its for the safety of our kids. . . ."

    What kids? I have no kids. I bought a minivan mainly to carry cargo. If you are just carrying kids, why not just buy a passenger car? Now back to your desire for "power roll down second windows."

    I thought you wanted your vehicle to be "safe for kids"? If you want to put kids in the second row seats, then do you want them falling out of open windows?

    I buy vehicles with air conditioning and rarely open windows at all. My car (yes I have both a car and a minivan) does not have power windows. You might not know this, but just about every testing group as confirmed that there is no significant energy saving if you turn off your AC and open your windows. In fact, depending on the vehicle, at higher speeds, you are probably getting worse mileage with the windows open.

    Also, they are a waste of money simply buying the vehicle in the first place -- yes, you do pay for "standard" stuff like power windows if they are included.

    Lastly, they just add more bits and pieces to go wrong. In our family we have had some cars with power windows and just about every car with power windows (even Japanese cars) has eventually had problems with them. Usually it is the little switches in the doors to control the windows that go bad. True, not all the switches go bad. Usually it is just one. But that one is enough of an annoyance.

    The same applies for "power rear vents". I have 1 power rear vent in my minivan. I have opened it exactly once, to see if it works. It does. So now what? Am I supposed to turn on my air conditioner and then open the vent to let the cool air out? Is that what it is for? Or maybe I am supposed to play with it until the motor breaks so I can pay to get it repaired. Is that the point? Or is the point to add unnecessary weight which wastes fuel to show off that I have money to burn? (No, I do not.)

    So you want all GM vehicles to be the same? Good. Get rid of all that nonsense. Put the money into better construction, better built motors and transmissions, longer warranty coverage. If all GM minivans should be the same, then *that* is what they should be like.
  • Does anyone else out there know about the Sit and Lift option for the Uplander/Montana/Terraza?
    I saw it on a GM parts website. It's about $4k. Just wonder if it's easy to install and worth the price.
  • I'm thinking of purchasing a 2006 Uplander/Terrazo/Montana and wonder if anyone out there views the AWD model as worth the loss of power from a smaller engine vs. the increased power of the engine that comes with the FWD model.

    Also, does the AWD perform well in the snow and wet weather as far as traction around curvy roads and on hills?
  • I am assuming this is in US $$. In Canada it is $7550

    Don't know about installation but it should be simple enogh to figure out. The only part would be getting the electricity to the chair for operation.
  • I have only owned FWD vehicles and never had a problem in the snow. AWD just means more money when it comes time to repair etc....

    As for the traction control in the rain it might be a worth while investment depending where you lived. If you live in a constant rainy city live Vancouver,BC it would pay for its self .... lol :)
  • We own a 06 Montana AWD. We previously owned a 99 Olds Silhouette FWD. The difference in the ride and handling alone is worth the AWD model. Although the Buick Terraza has the independant rear suspension on AWD/FWD except on 07 models.
    As far as performance goes, there is not a lot of difference because the AWD has an axle ratio of 3.69 versus 3.29 on FWD. We tow a boat that weighs 3,000 pounds, and I feel the higher number axle ratio does a better job. The 3.9 V6 with AWD would have been the ultimate, but GM did not offer that.
    We had a mild winter in St. Louis last year, but just playing around the AWD was certainly reassuring!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    AWD is a waste of money for most winter driving conditions. Also, there are additional maintenance costs (e.g. service to rear drive train) that can get very expensive when the vehicle is out of warranty. Invest in 4 Blizzak snow tires and 4 steel rims and you'll be fine in the winter with FWD. Just my opinion.
  • I have a 2005 Saturn Relay FWD. It is a piece of junk!!!! I've tried to work with Saturn to get me out of the luck, all they do is offer an extended warranty. The van has been in the shop at least 10 times since we purchased it. Nothing major, just a bunch of annoying problems including: brake issues, sliding door problems and other numerous problems. They never have the parts in stock so it requires a return visit to the dealership. It has been one hassle after another! Do yourself a favor and AVOID the Saturn Relay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I feel the same. I owned a Saturn SL2 and was so excited when I heard they were coming out with a minivan/crossover. I have a 2005 Relay 3 AWD that has been nothing but problems. It has been in the shop for the past 6 weeks for transmission/transfer case/transaxle fixes, 3 times I've gotten it back and brought it back the same day- 1 time it was towed, this last time it had to be put on a flatbed. Most recently, the car completely seized up going 35mph with both kids in the car- 3yrs and 1yrs old. spun around and came to a stop facing the wrong way in the opposite lane. GM must be INSANE if they think I'm putting my family back in this car! I can't understand why GM would risk a multimillion dollar lawsuit to buy me out of a $35,000 car. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I CAN IMAGINE! STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR!
  • Our 05 Uplander consistently pulls to the right and has done since day one. Has anyone else had this problem? Our dealer has done numerous wheel alignments but it hasn't worked.
  • 2005 uplander problems- front and rear rotors replaced ,front and rear brake pads replaced,no warranty.Wheel bearings front both sides,stabilizer bar,left tierod end repalced,rear wiper motor,van has 94000 kms on it just wondering what is going to fail next.
  • Can you listen to a CD or the radio while a DVD is playing in an Uplander? (Assuming, of course, that headphones are being used for the DVD player.)
  • Yes you can, it is easy and I believe the default behavior. My wife and I did that many time. There is a selection on the radio to make it push out the dvd sound if you want, but it is not the default.
  • Thanks. Our decision is down to a 2007 Uplander w/ 23,000 miles for $16,500 or a 2007 Town and Country (base model, no frills) w/ 2600 miles for $18,000. Both have DVD (a must!) But I don't think that you can listen to the radio in the Chrysler while a DVD is playing--I can't find headphone jacks on the DVD.

    The Uplander's got a lot more frills and gets about the same milage, so we're leaning that way.
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