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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Ajwestport, I looked at the pricing for the base and options for the 2005 RX330. THe AWD RX330 is approx. $38,000 and the Nav system option package is $2350. This brings the MSRP to $40,350. The Levinson package would be $4000 more. I do not think you got the Levinson package since I doubt they would give you that much of a break, exp. in the northeast. This is also based on the info provided by the Greenwich salesman to me (worse shopping experience of all the places I communicated with). However, your lease terms appear to be good for the car and option you got.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Aj, Yo got it right. I had my original rate quoted to me by FLEETRATES.COM (By the way, their leasing terms should be more competitive also). They arranged for me to get the Thundercloud Special Ed. (see my post #1899 in this forum). The price of $41,800 I was given included the Nav, Lev packages, heated front seats, automatic rain wiper, headlamp washer, also transmission cooler, heavy duty alternator and radiator (but no towing package, my misunderstanding, just towing capability). The price also included shipping to NY, right to my door. I had checked with the Ann Arbor, Michigan dealership to try to get the same deal as one of the members here. The Ann Arbor salesperson told me the person who cited the lower price for the Thundercloud package in an earlier post (MIRX?) could not have been right since the price of $40,942? would be below invoice for the package. Who knows? Sometimes there is a discrepanacy in info received from different sources.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Aj, By the way, the simplest thing would be to call the agent who sold you the lease and ask if the Lev package is included. I would be interested to know if it is.
  • jeff5144jeff5144 Posts: 3
    I am about to sign and pick up my leased 2005 Lexus RX330 without NAV. Everyone please let me know your thoughts. FYI, I live in Minnesota

    Cap Cost: 39,131
    36 month/15K per year
    Total down payment is 4500.00 (including all costs)
    Payments are 466.54 per month. I am not sure what the "Money Factor" is, I will for sure ask this before signing. I felt that I could have gotten this lower but it seemed like I was scratching for pennies at the end. I have not signed anything so it's still neg I assume.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Jeff5144, Your deal sounds similar to the deal I was offered (maybe a little better, if your package is Premium Plus vs. Premium; also, you were offered 15K miles a year). I was told that I could get a 36 month/ 12K miles a year lease for $499 with $4,000 down for a RX330 with the Premium Plus package (no Nav/ no Lev audio system, no DVD ent system, no performance package). I guess it was discounted from the "normal" leasing price by around $50 (told that by my Long Island dealer that the lease rate cd go up by $50 after the "special" rate expires). You should look at the website for their quotes on leases, with the options you want, if you are interested in more competitive pricing on your lease. Good luck! Your deal is probably good for your local area. I think Southern California may indeed have the better deals, as mentioned in a previous post.
  • autodaxautodax Posts: 1
    I am in process of negotiating with a couple of dealers for 2005 RX300 AWD Thundercloud Special Edition in Flint Mica with Nav, premium plus options except Rear Entertainment DVD.

    It seems the car is pretty rare and no one seems to have it. However every sales guy I spoke to said they have the car but later retracted it and tried to sell me something else. Most of the Lexus sales people seems to be like used car salesman - sell you anything they have. I am not at all impressed by Lexus dealers.

    I think I finally have a deal with one - the car will be here on 2 weeks. I've negotiated it to $1000 over invoice. Is that good? Do you think they can go lower?

    Pls advise. Thanks.
  • varis1varis1 Posts: 2
    There is a sales event going on in one of the south florida dealerships: premium package with 17" wheels, no money down, 12k miles/year, 36 month lease @389/month! Is there a catch or just a good deal? Thanks for the feedback
  • johnsonljohnsonl Posts: 1
    Hi! wtchwmn.
    I will be shopping for a loaded AWD 05 - Nav, Perf Pkg, Rear Ent system, preferably the Thoundercloud edition in Twin Cities in a few months. Please let me know your experience and recommendation for a dealership.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Hi, Autodax, Can you tell meif your Thundercloud will include the Levinson audio system? What is the invoice you are talking about for your package (with Lev audio system or without?).

    On another issue, do others out there believe the 2005 RX330 will go down in price later this year with the new 2006 coming out and the RX400H (Hybrid) factor? Thanks for your views on this.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Hi,Maybe this was addressed in an earlier post, but does someone out there know if out of state buyers have to pay the CA smog impact test (we have our own emissions test fee) and the CA tire fee. I thought I read somewhere in these forums that out of state people would not have to pay these fees. Thanks for your response.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A magazine reporter is hoping to speak with a recent Lexus buyer who traded out of a Cadillac, or at least test drove a Cadillac as part of their shopping experience. Please respond to with your daytime phone number and a few words about your choice no later than Tuesday, April 12, 2005.


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  • I'm searching for AWD RX 330 with all the options available ( premium+, nav+rse) in atlanta area. After my one month research the last deal that's in my hand is invoice + 200 in atlanta area, but this is FWD. Any suggestions on getting below invoice. I asked for 38 and noone seems to be giving for that price.What about out of state dealers ? How can i get the Dyncamic cruise control ?. Can i wait for some more time to see if the prices comes down after 400H introduction ?
    Please suggest.
  • Hello - Just an update to my previous posting.
    I got a deal - 200 above invoice price + 450 dmv price, 62 title/tags + tax.
    it's a AWD with Nav + RSE + towing option, preferred accesary, 18'' wheels, and all other regular stuff like heated seats, rain sensing wipers.......Silver with light gray :)
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    Where and name of the dealer?
  • mcm4mcm4 Posts: 3
    My better 1/2 wants a new RX330.
    With no dealer incentives / factory cash back or dealers willing to
    deal, I am thinking about buying online. looks good, but have never bought a car this way.
    Also found used 2004's are about the same price as new 2005's?
    Anyone else run into this?
    Do not have a trade in, or need dealer financing but still not much
    negotiating room with the dealers I have talked to here in So Cal.
    Any info is appreciated.
  • mcm4mcm4 Posts: 3
    Forgot to add, looking for 2wd, no Nav system, Am sure the loaded models have more room to negotiate.We are looking the basic model with the "almost standard" Premium Plus Package.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    mcm4, Try They may have the basic model as one of the 5 featured models. Otherwise, they probably can locate one for you at a competitive price since they have contacts with high volume dealerships in So Cal.
  • mcm4mcm4 Posts: 3
    Thanks, will check it out!
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    mcm4, You may also want to try Riverside Lexus. I read in this forum they may have good prices also, with good service. It has been recommended to go thru the internet sales managers, because for some reason, they may offer better prices than the floor salespeople.
  • jayc4620jayc4620 Posts: 1
    I was quoted at $4391 total due at signing plus $459 a month for 2005 RX330 with premium package ( no nav, lev etc.). Does this sound like a good deal, I really would like to be at about $425 a month.
  • These postings here helped me so much that I thought I would share my buying experience.

    I used edmunds and got responses immediately. Talked to a dealer and he quoted me $600 off of invoice (invoice was $37,900) for taking one off of his lot. 2 other dealers quoted me $500 bucks off of invoice. I ultimately went for the $500 dollars off cuz it was on my way home and they had the color that i wanted (which was sold that day so I had to settle for another color).

    Ultimately, I bought a 2005 RX330 w/ Premium Plus and Navigation, with tax (8.25%), title, license, for just under $41,000. It really helped using edmunds and waiting till the last week of March to buy it, they all were giving me this deal because it was end of the month and as one dealer put it "anything goes".

    Hope this helps...
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    This is incredible!!!! I've been recently and reluctantly cross shopping an SUV. Murano, X3, Toureg, etc. I contacted Lexus of Westport. They did not email, simply called and called and (you get the point). Finally I emailed back and stated provide the details!. After more calls, and messages on the answering machine I told the salesmen to go away. He finally provided the numbers, just the monthly payment and lease term nothing else. I got the same exact price quote as you did. I've purchased/leased from both McDermott and Lexus of Westport several times. Either a change in management, ownership or overall philosophy has recently occurred. They used to actually beat other local dealerships prices hands down.

    The only reason I came across this post was due to me accidentally deleting a detailed quote for another dealership. I figured I'd grab a similar one from here. Didn't take long to reach this post and I Couldn't resist the reply.
  • Can you put some details (AWD or FWD) and complete package details..also the dealer name, city...that info please
  • Johnson lexus in Raleigh, NC
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    I am looking for a hard to find color, with a fully loaded option package in the 2005 RX 330. I live in Southern California. I will buy FWD or AWD. Any suggestions as to how best to (1) find the car; and (2) get a below invoice deal ... all without having to wait 4-8 weeks? I am willing to travel a little in order to get the car sooner rather than later.

  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    What are the general impressions of how the 2005 RX 330 drives? I have driven a 1999 RX and 2003 RX 300 by way of comparison. The 2005 RX seems a little "looser" up front; not as taut and connected as the older models.

    Will an AWD give better cornering on dry pavement or will it only "shine" during inclement weather? Also, should one believe Lexus' claims of only one (1) mile per gallon difference penalty when comparing AWD fuel economy to FWD?

    Do tires makes much difference in handling characteristics? My folks have Michelin Cross Terrains on their 1999 RX and they made a huge improvement over the former Goodyear Integrity rubber.

    Any thoughts from current owners or recent test drivers would be appreciated.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    Hi legendman,
    We try to keep this topic reserved for talking about pricing and stories about shopping experiences. If you could post your question in our regular Lexus RX 330 discussion, you'll get feedback from those who currently own the vehicle, and it will help us keep this topic clutter-free for shoppers. Thanks!

    Roving Host
    Host, Future Vehicles & Smart Shopper discussions


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  • swiftmswiftm Posts: 68
    I recently purchased RX 330, thundercloud, AWD with premium package, nav, 18" wheel and lock, trunk mat, all options except DVD and air suspension(under sport package).
    Invoice $40868
    cost $400
    total $41268 plus TTL
    Lexus of Cerritos in So.Cal.
    Hints: Base on 7 Lexus in 14 years, speaks or email to fleet or internet manager only, do your home work and asked for invoice printout and compare your prices, agreed pricing before enter the dealership, have them fax or email the detail sticker listing with the choosing car number, be firm and prepare to walk out if anyone use "bate & switch" tactic, dealers like you to finance the car and no need to mention until you lock in the deal, sell your own car and no trade in. For a celebration, have the new car deliver to your home. I know I can't mention my email address, my handle here is swiftm001 and I am on Hope this help and good luck. swiftm001
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Excellent Advice, Swifty. Thanks.

    Yes, I am shopping on line only now and it makes a huge difference. The Internet/Fleet managers seem to just cut to the chase and give you a bottom line number. When pressed for a little more off they often will do it. Several will sell well below invoice ($200-$500) while others will add ($200-400) over invoice. MSRP is a joke unless you buy the first few weeks a car is out.
  • Hi rxbuyersc - Can you please put some details here.Like AWD/FWD, DVD,NAV/RSE.....also the invoice price, dealer name, city...that kind of details. The deal that i got was 200 over the invoice and i have to wait 3 weeks for the AWD+DVD+NAV ( plus all the other stuff like pr.+package, heated seats, leather...silver color). It will definitly help us
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