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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    $500 over invoice is quite reasonable. What is the name and location of the dealer?
  • rjnrjn Posts: 8
    How much over invoice would be considered a good deal on an RX330 FWD with Premium Plus, 6 CD changer, heated seats, 18" wheels, and preferred accessory package?
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    How much over invoice would be considered a good deal on an RX330 FWD with Premium Plus, 6 CD changer, heated seats, 18" wheels, and preferred accessory package?

    Nothing over invoice is a good deal on this car. I paid nearly $6,000 below sticker and $560 below "invoice". I even cut in to their dealer hold-back, and that was in early April of this year. Admittedly, they were not happy about the deal I insisted on, were quite ornery, but in the end, the sales manager on duty took it ... once I said the magic words "I will buy the car today" -- but only at my price, of course.

    You should be able to do as well, if you are a tough negotiator, do your research, and put your poker face on. Heck, these days you can negotiate with the intermet/fleet manager over the phone.

    I checked, then paid the $12 for the Consumer Reports pricing service on this car. It paid off in spades!
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    I think you're 100% right in that you should drive for the lowest possible price - and walk if you're not happy with the deal... but once you go "below" our, or the buyers "known" invoice price there really aren't any guarantees... Unless you're purchasing a Kia, Hyundai, or the dealer is in bad shape. In the day of the internet with the potential for unlimited research on anything "walk-in's" are still paying MSRP plus for vehicles like Ford Explorers (Ford recalls (7)figures of them for faulty roof structure, it's posted on the six o'clock news, and they still sell like hotcakes :confuse: ),.... Other mitigating factors that you touched on such as season, region, weather, first model year, last model year, and the social / economic break down of the majority of a given dealers customers have to be Greenwich Connecticut they mark up milk 20% :)

    so IMHO, to purchase a premium vehicle (especially Lexus) with high reliability, top safety features, few recalls, and a high resale value within two to five hundred dollars over invoice one wouldn't be considered a fool.
  • mikenjmikenj Posts: 25
    Does anyone know or have an opinion on the avalabilty of Thundercloud edition in 2006?
  • aaatttaaattt Posts: 22
    Yes ! The final price need consider a lot of fact & condition!
    1-5 hundred over the best deal for hi-end car is OK. for low end-car may be not OK because the percentage.

    Because U don't need to spend more hours in dealer, or drive to another dealer to locate the best deal, or search the web,use the phone etc.... to negotia several hundred dollar.! for me I don't like that!

    If u can drive hi-end car. I think your income or hourly pay will higher than the time u spend. or IF you just I want "the best deal in town" . that is good too.

    Like some people talk about use premium or regular gasoline.
    No matter how the gasoline price is sky high.
    The premium is higher than regular around 20cent per gallon.
    If u use 1000 gallon per year. that is $200.
    In case u drive MB E320 would u mind spend $20 per month to use premium gasoline. (just follow the owner handbook by carmaker)

    Several months ago a class action lawsuit against the LosAngles local dealers.
    Because they lower monthly payment (looks like good deal) but use the very high interest rate,& did not explain to lots of car buyers. For some buyers they don't know the math & don't know how to calculate the good deal! Several hundreds dollar is a lot percentage in their income.

    So why is the good or best deal? all depend which side u are in & on a lot of conditions & TIMING !!! demand & supply!

    Like my deal. I'm still in waiting list to wait next shipment. All dealers is low on inventory for RX330 in SoCal during May & June. I think may be lexus do some adjustment for the quality control about the complain so lowing the supply (I hope so.)
    So the BEST deal is different from time to time !
    May be the June' best is 1K over invoice ! July's best deal is below invoice 1K.
  • jj2jj2 Posts: 11
    You sound like an angry person. Such an intelligent post. Thanks!
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    I actually enjoy the research process for anything I purchase, I've always been the type who will read Car & Driver and Consumer reports. To me finding the "best" product (for me) regardless of price and then getting the best deal on that product is fun... call me weird. I'll sit in my office and spend a few minutes poking around various sites, and on Sunday morning surfing the web (about the same amount of time someone would spend reading the Sunday Times). It's not a wholesale sell-out of my life to save $2, I make sure I get exactly what I want.

    Yesterday I purchased my RX330 Black Onyx, Gray Leather, Nav, Tow, 18s, HID AFS, etc... for $712 over Invoice. Maybe not the best deal as many members here are doing better, but I only wanted Gray interior, and everyone seemed to have Tan leather with Black Onyx. I know for a fact that if I took any color combination (same options) I would have saved substantially more. The upside to the deal is the dealer is only 25 minutes away with pick up from the home or office, valet service, Lexus loaners, and very nice people (McDermott in CT) I was really expecting to have to leave the state to get an invoice up deal. I only went to one dealer, gave him a check, and walked out 1 hour later... I take delivery at 3pm today.

    Ultimately my internet negotiations saved me $4,483.00... AND I got the exact model, color combination, and options I wanted.

    Now I have to slave away researching and negotiating the best price for the Family Disney Vacation at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.
  • crystal2crystal2 Posts: 52
    Rastafori, Congrats on getting the exact RX you wanted at a price you are happy with! Let us know how the driving goes! Also, it is good you are near the dealer (big plus it is someone you have had a good experience with)!

    I agree with you about internet research and comparison shopping. It is educational, informative and can save money! Case in point, I started with internet shopping 3-5 years ago for a beach house. My family bought a practically oceanfront house 2-3 years ago in a place along the eastern seaboard that has been undervalued (though the prices have escalated rapidly in the past 2-3 years). Now the latest is that even the average upper middle class person finds it hard to buy anything near water, esp. the ocean (CNNFN or MONEY magazine article).
    The internet research started this for us.

    Regarding shopping for the RX, I saved about $4500 under MSRP for my 2005 RX as a result of these forums and internet research (otherwise, there would have been too many walk-ins, telephone calls or faxes required to find the best price/ quality possible).
  • austiniteaustinite Posts: 1

    I am trying to find a dealer in the Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin area who will be willing to sell a RX 330 closer to Edmunds TMV. I am looking for an RX with premium plus and navigation.

    Does anyone have any recommendations ?

  • gregga1gregga1 Posts: 1
    The reason why it seems more is becuase the Invoice price you see on their site and edmunds does not include $400+ in LDA, Lexus Dealer Advertising which they pass on to you.
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    Hello austinite, When you send your "Request for Quotes" out via Edmunds website, all (If you select all) your local dealers will be notified that you would like a quote on a new RX330. They will also know that you're requesting through Edmunds and most of the internet sales managers will respond with invoice up pricing, some won't want to play our game, but for the most part you'll find a few local dealers willing to bargain.

    I thought I was going to have to drive an hour or two to a larger Lexus dealer to get my vehicle at TMV (or xxx above invoice), but I was able to purchase at a small margin above invoice (see my previous post) from my local dealer.

    Good luck (I'm very happy with the car... smooth, quite, and solid... The dealer gave my wife a dozen roses at delivery) :shades:
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    I am trying to find a dealer in the Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin area who will be willing to sell a RX 330 closer to Edmunds TMV. I am looking for an RX with premium plus and navigation.

    Does anyone have any recommendations ?

    In my recent buying experience, most any good size Lexus dealer will cut you a good deal, if you have done your homework and are willing to start bargaining well below invoice. A smaller dealership, with fewer cars to sell, and make a profit on, will be far less likely to deal because they need that profit to survive. A higher volume dealer can get by on a lower profit margin, and may have other incentives for selling you the car.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I paid $6,000 below MSRP and over $500 below invoice. I did not have to do extensive research ... just Edmunds. com and the $12 Consumer Reports Car Buying Kit which provided significant savings that other on-line services did not offer. I did have to bargain hard, and was willing to sit and confront a not-so-happy salesman, but I got my deal, and we shook hands and both went away happy.

    Having said all that, two months later I am not happy with the car and am looking to sell it! Transmission hesitation problems and excessive wind and road noise are ruining the ownership experience for me, and for thousands of other RX330 owners world wide. A word to the wise.
  • black2005black2005 Posts: 1
    I am in NJ and starting my buying process. Cud u help with the dealer name who is offering u this deal. Have u since found any better deal. Thks
  • I am shopping for RX330 w/ Premium Package, including heated seats, CD changer, towing, rain-sensing wipers, etc. MSRP $40,518. Was quoted $36,400 from Lexus in Austin and $36,500 from Lexus of Clear Lake. Is this a good deal? No one else in Houston can match this. Thanks for your input.
  • edie99edie99 Posts: 1

    I am ready to buy an RX330. Have not bought a new car for 7 years and am
    terrified that I will roll at the dealer's. I am in Boston and was already told by Lexus
    in Danvers(on the phone) that she perceives alot of value to this car and will not work up from the invoice - end of discussion. What is the best I can hope for from
    the remaining (2 dealers) in my area? I want blue/gray with premium package. gave me an invoice of $35,486...for once I don't want to get fleeced!
  • swaisteswaiste Posts: 1
    I am looking for an AWD+Premium+Nav in Silver/Gray at a Best price! Live in Seattle-WA area.
    Anyone who has suggestions or stories on great deals or who to work with? I've heard Bellevue won't negotiate, they also own
    Lexus of Fife. I have been to Lexus of Seattle, nice guy there, but I'm non-commital, until I know my bottom line on best pricing!
    Don't know if my best option is out of state... Feed back appreciated!

    SW :)
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    In December of last year I found the Internet Manager at Lexus of Seattle to be very straight-forward and Lexus of Bellevue unwilling to go lower than about $2000-$3000 over invoice... ended up getting the best price and buying from Lexus of Riverside (California) and having it shipped up here. The Internet Manager there was fantastic to work with! I have some previous posts with more detail if interested. Good luck!
  • paigoopaigoo Posts: 7

    I bought an AWD+Premium+Nav+DVD Entertainment last year in Settle-WA.
    The negotiation with Internet sales manager was easy and stright-forward.
    I got $5000 below MSRP (a few hundreds above invoice).

    I tried Oregon. They won't negotiate the price at all in the first call but they will call you back with a few hundreds lower later.
    You can try the dealers in CA. They can lower the price more. :shades:
  • bhsinsacbhsinsac Posts: 2
    I am No. Cal also and I need to buy a new RX330 - my 2004 Flint Mica with Grey interior was totaled this week. Where did you get your car - which dealer? Also, I am thinking of Bamboo Pearl - anyone have experiences with this color, such as keeping it clean? Thanks.
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    The "We don't deal, or discuss, Invoice pricing" is one of the strongest sales stances a dealer can take. BUT it's usually only used on potential buyers they feel they can get away with it. DON'T fall for it... if you show them some green / prove you're a real buyer with a good FICO score they should change their tune, if not, walk. Use Edmunds TMV and the site to request dealer quotes from near and far.

    Balise Lexus in Mass. click on search new Lexus... advertises Invoice and Msrp on their site. Plus read back a couple of pages on this thread and you'll see some Boston Dealers that deal.

    BTW :) I love my New '05 Black on Gray Premium Plus w/Nav RX330... The whole family just took a short 2 hr trip to Wrentham Mass for a wedding... it was so smooth on the road and the Navigation was spot on, I'm so use to using Mapquest it was hard not to go to the PC and print out directions but the Nav gave the best route and was fun to use. My kids had plenty of room... my 12 year old is 5'11" and had plenty of room to spare. I was able to lean the front passenger seat back (I'm 6'2") and it didn't bother my little 7 year old. My wife drove and I read the owners manual :D we're up to 450 miles.

    I'm going to put on a Lexus OEM Thundercloud grill just because I like the chrome horizontal lines, a Lexus OEM hitch for my kids bikes on a Thule bike carrier, and maybe a Thule roof cargo box for the OEM rack. Thule has a nice aerodynamic High gloss black box that's a good size but short enough that the auto rear door will still open all the way(Evolution 1600 672B). That will be it for adds... Maybe a rear DVD, I think I can get the Lexus one?

    This is a very, very nice vehicle. Those of you out there who are like me that research the heck out of everything will be happy with this SUV.
  • crimisoncrimison Posts: 1
    We closed the deal on two cars at Darcars of Silver Spring - RX330 and LS430 a week ago and put a deposit on both cars. The dealer informed us that the RX330 was in and we setup a time to pick up the car. The sales agent had indicated that a personal check would be fine even though we had offered to wire the funds in. Our experience when we arrived to pick up the car was very distasteful.

    They first insisting on getting our personal information so they could run a credit check as they could not now trust our personal check and then began to re-negotiate on the agreed upon price by adding on charges. They wanted to charge a processing fee which they had earlier agreed not to charge and had left it out of total cost and was a very blatant and sleazy attempt to now squeeze a few hundred dollars from us. We now understood why that had not wanted us to wire the money or bring certified funds – they wanted to still negotiate on a previously agreed on total price.

    We do want the cars, but will not do business with someone who very blatantly goes back on their word and treats customers with impoliteness. So we surprised them by demanding our deposit and walking out and not giving in to their sleaziness. They would not give us any thing in writing regarding refunding our deposit, but I am expecting to see a refund on my credit card statement as of today....
  • We just picked up our 2005 RX330 Black Onyx on Ivory Leather Premium Plus Package. It is awesome. just a joy to drive and look at. I cannot believe I am almost 50 and jumping up and down like a little boy. I purchased from Lexus of Clearwater in the Tampa Bay area. They were the only ones who admitted and addressed the drive by wire issue, I had a long discussion with the service manager and techs. They upgraded my software before I even drove the car. Corporate Lexus and the two next closet dealerships denied the issue. I thank for the making the research information available. The dealership also gave us a three day Caribbean Cruise when this issue came up. I appreciate the honesty of Lexus of Clearwater and the saleswomen I dealt with. (too bad I can not mention her name because she was EXCELLENT) We paid $36799 including all weather mats plus tax and tags. So you all think I got a good deal??
  • flyfish4lifeflyfish4life Posts: 103
    Don't hold your breath on that refund. My father-in-law was screwed out of a $1K deposit from a Lexus dealer in TN and only got it back after having an attorney draft a letter threatening to sue. Lexus National Customer Service did not help after several documented complaints on our end - in the end, citing dealership discretion in these types of cases. Once the dealership received the attorney letter, they immediately called and resolved the issue to his satisfaction.
  • The invoice price in KBB for an RX330 with Premium Package & heated seats (basic MSRP $40518) shows $35,589 but the dealer tells me that their cost is $35,999 because of an advertisement cost that they have to pay. Do you know if there is such an advertisement cost that dealers have to pay?
  • akimotoakimoto Posts: 2
    There is a ~$400 LDA fee if you read post #2095 above. Was wondering if Clear Lake has lowered their quote for you. Houston has vehicles equipped w/o the heated seats and just the PM package with a MSRP of $39,800 or so. The salespeople that claim "I've never seen one w/o heated seats" are such lying pieces of *#&$. I don't think we need heated seats in this oven and was wondering if you ever got a quote for one of these. 4K off MSRP sounds decent for Houston, but I placed an order for mine thru a So.Cal. dealer for about the same price, but has Xenon's instead of the Heated seats/wipers.
  • rjnrjn Posts: 8
    Trying to decide on which option group I should go with. Are the high intensity headligths worth the extra cost?
  • I think the Premium Plus only comes w/ the Nav. package (at least they are in Houston). The salespeople told me that I can't pick and choose my options.
  • tinaltinal Posts: 1
    I see that a lot of people are getting awesome deals here. How do you get in touch with internet sales manager? Does it matter where the internet sales manager is located? I see that a lot of people are buying cars from so cal. Can they ship the car anywhere? and if they do how much does it usually cost? I'm a women and it's my first time buying a car and I think talking to dealers at local dealer shop is stressful. I would like to negotiate by email. Any feedback welcome.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139
    Please take a look at my message #1786 in this forum about my experience buying my 2005 RX 330 AWD through the Internet Sales Manager at Lexus of Riverside, California and having it shipped to Portland, OR for pickup. You should be able to contact the Internet Sales people at any dealership from their web site and communicate by email and/or phone. Good luck, and let me know if you have more detailed questions!
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