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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    Now is the time to research pricing on Edmunds and Consumer Reports. s' DealSmart will give you Invoice prices and TMV prices... or what people are paying for the RX in your area. Get your finances in order first i.e. Savings, pre-approvals, E-Loans, whatever you're going to use.... HAVE YOUR MONEY READY AND BE A CASH BUYER, plan on being an Invoice up buyer and not an MSRP down negotiator and monthly payment buyer.

    Send your request for quotes out to local dealers through Edmunds, you can include dealers from bordering states.

    If it's a week-day you will be flooded with email offers within a couple of hours (some dealers will be quicker to respond than others and some may not respond at all)

    The dealers will try and coax you into the Dealership (via email without committing to a price) for a test drive and to build excitement, Excitement sells... as a buyer you don't want to be excited until you get the Keys to your RX at the price YOU want to pay. In your emails be shrewd and exacting, but not so tough that you turn the salesman off... I highly recommend reading "Confessions of a Car Salesman" at the edmunds site, it really gives you a sense for what's going on at dealerships these days.

    Once you break the email ice, start talking numbers and when you want to buy, the internet sales manager will start quoting you numbers. If you know the Invoice price for the RX with the options you want, the numbers will look familiar or close to what you want to pay.

    Email the other dealers and tell them "The guy at "This Lexus Dealer" quoted me i.e. "39388" for the model I want etc... Go round and round til one of them hits your magic number, compare that number to what we're paying here on the forum.

    Get them to commit to that magic number in email including taxes, destination, conveyance, and THEN go to the dealership with an "almost" done deal before you walk into the dealership. If they try any funny business with the bait and switch, or hidden charges... Walk.

    Of course, know the vehicle you want to purchase well before you start the process. Also know the vehicles competition i.e. Infiniti FX, Acura MDX, BMW X3, Volvo XC90, and so on. Get all your test driving out of the way before hand.

    Hope this helps some.
  • Contact your local State's Attorney and you will get your deposit back. Good Luck Frank Love at Lindsay Lexus :)
  • njselunjselu Posts: 2
    I am looking at '05 330 with Premium Plus Pkg and Navigation System in the Washinton DC area. Could you please give me information about your best deal and the name of the person that you deal with in Washington DC area. Also did you get the car at invoice price. I went to Pohanka and Lindsay dealship yesterday. Pohanka's deal did not talk to me because they said that they don't deal with invoice price. Then I went to lindsay dealship offer $40,000 for '05 RX-330 AWD with Premiun Plus Pkg and Navigation System (almost $1000 more then invoice price). They still do not sell to me. Am I offer too lower. Please Help!!!
  • fun6889fun6889 Posts: 27
    I live in NJ/NYC area. Does anyone have pricing for AWD RX330 w/ Nav & Premium+ ? I got a quote for invoice ($39887) + tax. Anyone found a better deal then this?
  • njselunjselu Posts: 2
    I think you get pretty good deal. I am live in Washington DC area. I just got a deal with $40,000 + title + tax + 100 processing fee. (Same model as yours).
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    in New jersey. Dealers name and location, please.
  • ajm7ajm7 Posts: 9
    Lexus of Danvers initially trys to play hardball on price, however, they will deal. See my post #2047. I paid 40,500 for a 330 w/msrp of 45,083. This is approx 300 -500 over dealer cost. Dealer cost per is 39,420 adding 400 for lexus dealer advertising brings cost to 39,820. I had them include winter mats and install mudflaps (200-350 value depending who you ask) bringing total dealer cost to 40,020 - 40,170. My experience was, know exactly what you want, color, options etc., let them know you are ready to purchase today and deal via phone with the internet manager. I phoned both Lexus of Danvers and Lexus of Watertown. The response from each was " We cannot sell that vehicle at 40,500," I was polite, left them my name and phone number and told them I will be contacting other area dealers and if they change their mind to call me back. Both dealerships called back within an hour saying if I would sign the deal today they would do it. Neither dealer had my preferred color combo in stock. I chose Lexus of Danvers for two reasons, they had been servicing my gs 300 and I was very satisfied with service dept and they had my color combo being shipped from the manufacturer in 14 days. I gave them a 500 credit card deposit. 3 weeks later they called saying vehicle had arrived so I went in to pay for it. DO NOT fall for the trap of paying an additional 195 processing fee. I was told by the internet manager and his manager that this was NOT negotiable. To quote them "We have never and will never negotiate this." I am a sales director for a professional services company and if I ever tried to charge my clients for preparing an invoice they would laugh at me. However, included in the processing fee is the service of getting the proper insurance documents and going to the RMV to pick up plates. I felt this was worth 50 and offered them 50 for the service. Again they said no. I believe everyone is entitled to a fair profit but 195 for this? I told them thanks but no thanks, handed the paperwork back to them and began walking out of the dealership. My wife was pretty upset w/me as this vehicle was for her. Needless to say they stopped me before I could take 5 steps and said we have a deal. It appears from my research and experience you should be able to purchase for 300-500 over dealer cost. Good luck!
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    I purchased my Brand New Black/Gray RX330 Premium Plus, Nav, 18's, etc... on June 8th. Many folks here helped me out, as in the post above. I got the best information by reading previous post. I noticed that some people are asking for a best price in a specific region, and on the previous page someone just explained the good deal they just received from a dealer in that same locality. Definitely go back at least 10 pages or so reading up to recent post and you'll start to see trends not only in your area but across the country. The information isn't that old and is very helpful. Also, if some dealers aren't familiar with Edmunds (I tend to believe most internet sales people know edmunds very well) you can cut and paste various post into your email negotiations to them,.... or for walk-ins, you can print out the pages and post that closest resemble the deal that you are looking for and bring them to the dealership. ;) Just trying to help new members out as best I can... the more deals you read about, the easier it'll be for you to sniff out a bad deal, which hopefully will save you some money.
  • andy007andy007 Posts: 1
    I live in NJ/NYC area. ($39887) + tax is a very good deal.
    Can you provide the dealer name and location please.
  • glenhglenh Posts: 1
    :) Hi,

    Does anyone know if you can buy a RH Drive model. I live in NZ and prices start at around $80,000NZD ($58,000USD).

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
    A reporter wishes to speak with people who have recently purchased a Lexus RX330. She would like to discuss your ownership experience and what other cars you considered. If you would like to speak with her please send your name and daytime phone number to Pam Krebs, PR, at by 12 noon Tuesday, June 28. Thank you.


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  • I just picked up my RX330, Premium Package w/ heated seat & rain-sensing wipers, for $36,300 (MSRP $40,518) in Houston. I dealt with the sales manager who is very nice and professional. We sealed the deal over the phone.
  • vbjohnsonvbjohnson Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy the RX330, but I have some questions.
    1. What grade of gasoline does the vehicle take?
    2. Roughly how much is routine maintenance(oil change, tire rotation, new brakes, etc).

    I live in SC and we have to pay property taxes every year on a vehicle. Hopefully getting answers to these questions will help me make a decision. Property taxes on the RX330 can range anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 depending on the price of the vehicle.

  • wrightmdwrightmd Posts: 1
    Lexus dealers in Wilmington, DE and Annapolis, MD will discount a $45,038 sticker RX330 (loaded) to about $41,000. Just got mine from the Annapolis dealer.
  • nu330nu330 Posts: 3
    I bought an AWD RX 330 in June. I was surprised at how sleazy the Lexus dealers were in my area (Southern CA). I was treated much better when I shopped for other luxury cars, such as an Acura.

    My dealer also tried to squeeze a $350 "preparation" fee out of me after giving me the total "out the door" price on the phone. I, like you, was prepared to walk out the door, but my husband stayed with me and we negotiated the deal back down to the previously quoted price.

    After they handed me the keys, the dealership staff flew out of there like bats out of Hades--leaving me alone with my car. It was after hours--10:15 p.m. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out all the adjustments--turned out they locked the lot gates and I wasn't rescued until 11 p.m. I had written a previous post about it in this forum.

    Never got much of an apology--I certainly didn't feel that Lexus treated me as a valued customer! After a few weeks, I called the corporate offices, who were very helpful.

    I have found that dealerships for other luxury brands have changed their tune in terms of hard sell tactics. Lexus surprisingly seems sleazier, in my experience. However, I kept my ES300 for ten years with no problem, and I absolutely love my new RX, so brand loyalty has kept me with Lexus despite their shenanigans.
  • borisyanborisyan Posts: 6
    so do you mind to tell me how much did you pay.
  • rastaforirastafori Posts: 12
    $712 over Invoice post 2088; 18's, Nav, Prem.+,AFS, HID, etc... MSRP 45083 from McDermott Lexus. I don't know how we came up with that figure but Hoffman in Hartford offered for less but didn't have the color combo in stock... Black Onyx / Grey Leather.

    UPS says my Thunder Cloud Grille (the best part of the package to me) will be in on July 14th all the way from Japan, I'll post a link to some pics once it's installed, it'll probably be on one of the Lexus owners sites... TC Grille / Black Onyx = Awesome :) OEM Green footwell lights and rear airplane style seat back drop down trays may be next.
  • lexus4540lexus4540 Posts: 2
    I just bought my Bamboo Pearl RX 330 this morning. I bought w/o Nav, MSRP of $41,703. I did all the research including reading all the posts on this forum. I had a pretty good idea of what deals people were getting and started from there. I did get a $100 over invoice quote from one of the internet managers at the Woodfield Lexus in Schaumburg. I was ready to drive there, even though it was about an hour away from my home. Then I decided to do the courtesy off telling the salesman at Naperville Lexus that I had found a great deal and thanks for his time. He obviously was interested in the details and wanted me to come in to the dealership in person. I figured I had nothing to lose. Ended up getting $200 over invoice the difference being that the sales tax in Naperville was much less than Cook Cnty. Had a great experience there and I am so glad that I bought from a dealer close to home. I can't wait to go back for my first FREE car wash!!! If anyone is interested, I would be happy to give the name of my salesman, if you e-mail me.
  • kelonskikelonski Posts: 6
    Hi there,
    Can someone please confirm for me whether or not the in dash 6 disk CD changer is included within the Premium and/ or Premium Plus packages? I have seen conflicting info.

    Also, does anyone have any info on whether the 18" wheels are worth it? My dealer in Greenwhich, Ct is quoting $39,200 for an MSRP $42,733 AWD RX330 which includes Premium Plus, 6 disk CD, heated seats with wipers, 18" wheels and towing pkg. Is this a good deal?

    I am wondering how easy it will be to get exactly what I want instead of these "pre-packaged" deals. I may decide to do without the 18" wheels and towing pkg.

    Thanks so much! I'm looking to buy this week.
  • jj2jj2 Posts: 11
    I got an RX about a month ago with the same MSRP($42,733) for $38,400. My RX came with the 6 disc CD. I think they are all "prepackaged", unless you order the vehicle with exactly what you want. I did not test drive one without the 18" wheels. Good Luck!!
  • chengrchengr Posts: 2
    I am looking at AWD and Premium Plus Package w/ Nav system. The MSRP is $45083. How much do you think I should pay in Minneapolis?
  • chengrchengr Posts: 2
    I'm looking at 2005 RX330 AWD and Premium Plus Package w/Nav at MSRP of $45083. I live in Minneapolis area. Anyone has any idea what I should pay for this vehicle? Thanks!
  • kelonskikelonski Posts: 6
    jj2, thanks. what area are you from? good to know for price reasons. I am definately working on trying to get them down.

    I am still confused by these 18" wheels. Don't the 18" have the rims with 10 spokes? That's how they show it if you research it on Lexus' website. I thought if the car had the 6 spokes they were not the 18" wheels. Now I am starting to wonder what I test drove as well. Would you pay extra for it? Or did you get it because it came with it? thanks!
  • kelonskikelonski Posts: 6
    Actually I did just get confirmation that Lexus is only building cars with a limited collection of options (no more special orders on the 2005 at this point). So that answers my question about the tires. Looks like I drove the 18" tires as well and can only get it that way. :)
  • jj2jj2 Posts: 11
    I am in Utah. I found a couple of posts about 6-8 weeks ago where people paid that price, so I told the internet manager that I would be willing to pay $38,000, and ended paying $38,400. I did see various amounts of what the "real" invoice price, I'm still not sure what it is.

    I would have to walk out to my car to see how many spokes my 18" wheels.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    Good Luck! :)
  • kelonskikelonski Posts: 6
    when you say 6-8 weeks ago and people paid THAT price do you mean aprox $38,400? This will help me understand if I am getting a good deal without having to go back and review all the posts as well. So far I got $34,400 and $34,200 so it's way off.

    I will try your tactic of telling the salesguy $38,000. I hope it works but I know it's not always so easy.

    Thanks again!
  • kelonskikelonski Posts: 6
    I usually lease my cars. Getting ready to buy this one over the next week or so and I cannot remember that when you purchase a vehicle do you have to have it serviced at the same location from where it was purchased? If so, this could make a big difference on where you end up getting it. Thanks!!
  • vtcvtc Posts: 2
    Thanks to everyone who takes the time to post here.

    I purchased my RX330, AWD, Prem+, Nav, 18", etc. on 6/25. I contacted four Northern CA and Bay Area dealerships through edmunds price quote system and these were my experiences:

    All dealers responded immediately and quoted an MSRP of 45083.

    1. Freeman Lexus of Santa Rosa did not have the color/pkg I wanted on the ground - said it could be a week or more wait. The salesman quoted 41388 - what he said was 1500 over invoice. Came down to 40888 and then stated that he didn't have to sell the car for less than that because he could get more from "walk-ins", cited popularity in our area, etc. After I secured a better price from another dealer, I called him back and offered to purchase the car from him if he could match. (I am Sonoma County business owner and like to do business here.)
    He said he'd see what he could do and call back in an hour - never heard from him again.

    2. Concord Lexus offered 41388 as well to start. I decided they were too much out of my area and did not pursue.

    3. Lexus of Marin offered same 41388 then came to 40888. They did not have the color/pkg I wanted and could not give me delivery date. They sort of double teamed me on the phone with two salesman and implied they could do a better deal, match my other offer - maybe - if I could wait maybe 3 weeks, maybe more... Honestly, I expected better from this dealership, it all seemed a little greasy.

    4. Coliseum Lexus of Oakland - the winner!
    Initially offered 40888, ultimately came to 40638 + TTL. I think that between my trade-in and final price I may have left a couple hundred dollars on the table, but they were the only one with my color/pkg on the ground and the Internet/Fleet Manager there was absolutely great - no greasy maneuvering. He managed to hold the car for me without deposit from Thursday to Saturday morning (maybe nobody else wanted it? Who knows, I appreciated the effort anyway) and he was very straight forward, professional, and likable. I wish I could name him here, but ask for the Internet/Fleet Manager and you should get him - I hope it's OK to say that. His "style" of selling does not leave you feeling like you've been "sold". Coliseum Lexus should be happy to have him.

    BTW, love the RX. Have never owned an automatic before, so I am really happy.
    I know others on this forum are disappointed with the "transmission hesitation" and I was very wary. Have had the car for over 2 weeks and honestly, it's not an issue for me - maybe because this is my first automatic I just don't "get" the problem??

    My RX is really a dream to drive and I have no regrets!

    Sorry for the length of post, but I hope it helps someone as I was helped by everyone - thanks again...
  • yyyyyy Posts: 22
    ~$1000 over invoice is about right if you are buying in the N. CA.
    Dealers do not negotiate anything lower than that over internet as I tried.
    You may get ~500 less than invoice if you get it from S. CA, if you want to pick up your car from there. The internet buying process is the same regardless.
  • esrxgsesrxgs Posts: 3

    I am in So. CA, and I got mine about six months ago. 05 RX330 AWD w/NAV, Pre. Plus and 18'' RIM HID RES (DVD)

    MSRP of $47653 from and and I got it at Invoice price $41,876 + tax & license
    Color Breakwater

    Hope that help. :D
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