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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • flyinghaoflyinghao Posts: 1
    How big is your 330's 18'' wheel? Is it evidently bigger than its basic 17'' wheel? And do you think it is really worth of having it? You mentioned that you have the xenon lights. Is it just the HID which is included in the prem plus package? I'm in Miami and really want this luxurious SUV. Thanks a lot. :)
  • borisyanborisyan Posts: 6
    Just bough one in North CA today. 2wl, premium plus+18"wheel+6 CD+cargo mat and wheel lock. for 36491. and then just tax, lience and 45 documentation fees. the dealer also add the gas to full which is a $45 value. And I got my color waterbreak blue. I am pretty happy with the purchase, But I am not sure if I got a good price. (I've contact several dealers, this is the lowest price offered and the only one have it in stock.)
  • manumanu Posts: 2
    I just purchased an RX330 with Navigation in NJ. I got a good, near-invoice price on it, and I'd gladly recommend the dealership where I bought it. I won't go into negotiation details, as there is plenty of excellent advice on that in this forum. But, I do want to share a couple of my observations about my internet buying experience.

    If you send quote requests through Lexus' website, you might subsequently receive short survey emails regarding dealers’ response to your requests. I don't know who initiates these surveys, Lexus or the dealers themselves. But, I noticed I got quick responses (within minutes) if I submitted the survey with a neutral response. Sometimes, after submitting the surveys, I also got 'out-of-office' emails from people at Toyota, so I believe these surveys might be monitored by real people at Toyota/Lexus. This may or may not help you get a better deal, but I felt I got better quotes after I submitted the surveys.

    Be wary of dealers whose internet sales departments simply pass you onto the traditional salespeople on their floor. I had a very courteous exchange with a NJ dealer's internet department. They quoted me a very good price with only a bit of negotiating. But, when I walked into the dealership, they handed me off to a salesman on the floor who was extremely arrogant and pushy. He had 'notes' from my conversations with the internet staff. He knew I wouldn't be making the purchase right away, and I was simply coming to look at the color choices in their inventory. I had made it clear that I would come back later in the day with my wife to make the decision on colors. Yet, the salesman was insistent, and quite rudely so, saying that if I didn't sign the purchase agreement right then (no VIN, open to color choices), with a NON-refundable $2500 deposit, they would not deal with me. He finally brought in the sales manager who eventually told me I didn't have to sign the purchase agreement, but they'd keep the form filled and ready when I returned. The whole thing seemed a bit staged for a high-pressure sale. I certainly wasn't expecting this after the civil experience I had with their internet staff. Of course, I never returned to that dealership.
  • rohit1rohit1 Posts: 2
    I am in Canada. Below is my situation. pls advise whether I should Lease or FINANCE????

    1.Finance the car
    Total cost of the car=$63,726.10(including tax & PDI+admin)
    Finance rate= 2.4%
    Down payment-$15,000
    Monthly payment- $1065.65X48 months= $51,151.20
    Total = $ 66,151.20

    2. Lease the car
    Finance rate-2.5% (if I put $5000 security deposit)
    Security deposit- $5000
    Payment due upon delivery- $2615.10
    MOnthly payments- 780.10X48= $37,444.80
    Residual- $24,444.40+tax= $28,111.06
    Total= $68,170.96 (This is the cost if I decide to buy the vehicle after 48 months)

    Pls advise what way should I go
  • adler223adler223 Posts: 7
    I heard that Toyota/Lexus was raising it's prices on Monday. Does anyone know if that will effect the RX? Thanks
  • joeyijoeyi Posts: 12
    Could you let me know how much you paid for this car? I am looking for this same exact car in Los Angeles - you could save me a lot of time!!
  • Hi all. I'm looking to pick up an RX330 this week. I was put off a bit by a few things the dealer told me.... and I want to find out if there is any truth to it.

    First, they told me that they only receive shipments of new cars every two months... so I had better hurry and buy something because it could be a LONG time before they see more cars.

    Second, that production would be moving from Japan to Canada shortly, and that production delays were anticipated. My own research turned up that production had moved to Canada in September of '03. Upon bringing this to the dealers attention, he acknowledged production had already moved to Canada, but that there were huge production problems as a result. Therefore, they were still receiving many of their cars from Japan and there were shortages and that the entire world would be coming to an end shortly.

    Any truth to ANY of this or is this just an attempt at pressuring me? Sidenote: if this is a sales tactic... not so bright. I'd have bought the car already if I felt like they were being honest with me. They're saying they have no idea when they might get in the car that I want, so I should probably buy the one sitting in front of me, quickly.

  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    "....entire world would be coming to an end shortly."

    Huh? did he tell you this? If so, he must be god in which case he could be correct about RX supply!

    Otherwise, he's false. A good portion(over 50%) of North American RX manufacturing has been occuring in Canada for over a year now. So I can't see how they are having problems with production. Your salesman may mean that total RX production save for Hybrid's is moving to Canada for North American market. Which I doubt, since I don't think the Canada plant has enough capacity since it also produces several other products. He's definately B.Sing about the every 2 months thing. Dealers typically get shipments on a weekly basis.
  • Ya mean production is SUPPOSED to be split between Japan and Canada? They made it seem as though Japan was still producing only because Canada did not have its act together yet. Also false??
  • lexyfanlexyfan Posts: 13
    clearwater dealer you are talking about is in florida right? I am looking for some dealer in Texas who can give this price i saw another conversation in this forum where houstoncpa was talking about houston dealer. Does anybody has any idea on that dealership? If i say somebody in florida or CA got this price will the dealers in Texas buzz for it ?
  • lexus4540lexus4540 Posts: 2
    Tom54, the price I was quoted was 37,277. He stated that this was approx $100 over invoice. I bought the model that MSRP'd for 42,730. I felt it was a good deal, but I did feel "ripped" off on my trade in. I guess they have to make money somewhere!
  • ttirbttirb Posts: 1
    I tseems as though u r a source of inspiration to many (in LA county) on this forum.
    It appears there are several forum members seek'g a RX 330 (2WD Base with no premium pkg's). I visited the Keyes/Lexus dealership today. I specifically told them I didn't want ANY bells and whistles. Instead, they presented me with so-called "standard" models. When I challenged them on this, they admitted that, although the lot models were basically "loaded" with @ least three premium pkg's, it was considered "standard to the dealership." I was informed of this after I looked at the requested invoice $38K (yeah right), which didn't have a breakdown. I know that according to Costco, Edmunds, AAA, my Credit Union, and Intellechoice, the base invoice is $31K. But Keyes was reluctant to look outside their dealership or factory order this basic (2005) model.
    Happybuyer, do you think I would have a fighting chance with Glendale's Fleet/Internet department? Or, should I just wait to order the 2006 during the "December to Remember" promotion?
    Any/All Forum Member support/feedback would be helpful. :)
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Toyota/Lexus has never said whether RX production in total was eventually supposed to move to Canada. The main reason for part of RX production moving to Canada was because: 1) Most of the RX's sold are sold in North America 2) the plant that produces the RX in Japan couldn't keep up with demand for the North American market. Therefore they started making RX's here to try and meet the demand in the NA market.

    I don't think Japan will loose RX production, at least for this life cycle of the vehicle. Maybe by the time the next generation RX comes out, total RX production will move to Canada.
  • Hi,

    Would you please tell which dealer in which city? It seems to me he got the leather seats since he has the heated seats.

  • tibbatibba Posts: 13
    For the person who purchased from Utah, is your $38,400 out the door price?
    Did you end up paying any dealer processing fees? Is this for the car with the MSRP of $42733?
  • I am a dealer in Houston. It looks like both are good choices. The main reason people lease is to allow options, and save on any possible negative equity they may have if the trade sooner than expected. I have a question as to how you are getting a rate of 2.5 % is Canada that much lower than US?? Also leases are based on Money factors not rates..and also do not require any monies down to "buy down factor". I am very interested in learning more.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    I may be able to help with this one...

    "I have a question as to how you are getting a rate of 2.5 % is Canada that much lower than US?? "

    Canada has lower interest rates across the board. For example, a commercial mortgage in the US is currently over 7% for a 20 year amortization. In Canada a similar mortgage runs around 5%. It's the same for cars, their interest rates are currently much lower.
  • I live in Houston as well, and ended up purchasing the car at Sewell in Dallas. They hooked me up with the Premium Plus package, minus the heated seats, for 36K even. After grudingly playing the "whats your bottom line" game with the Houston and Austin dealerships, Sewell was a real pleasure to work with, and we came to a conclusion after 1 email and 1 phone call.

    Their internet manager is great, and will pick you up from the airport if you fly in. Also, I've no problems bringing the car in to WestSide here in Houston for checkups.

    Best of luck to you all in the search....The 330 is worth every penny!
  • krl69krl69 Posts: 5
    anything over 300-500 over invoice is not a good deal.
  • Hi,

    Can you tell which dealer you brought your car?

    thanks a lot

  • karenakarena Posts: 6
    Was the "36K even" before tax, license, and other fees? What was the total - out the door?
  • you should get a better deal in LA. The price in bay area is higher. I contact mission vejeo, they they give me this price, then I bring this to my local dealer they matched it. it is just mission vejeo's first offer so must be able to get an even better deal.

    I got it for 36491 plus tax and fees. the only fee is 45 documentation fee. and they add the gas to full
  • I think what I bought is what the dealer call basic model. the lowest preload model. I've contact many dealers, it is really hard to find a real basic model with nothing add on.

    I am in Northern CA, I've contact 4 dealers locally, only one of them have the car I want (the so called standard), so it seems the demand for the car is high but supply is as well.

    I also contact several dealer in LA area. so far I think mission vejeo give me the best offer. eventhoug I did not buy from them, I used their quote to bargin with my local dealer.

    I don't know about the 2006 model, but I did see a message on this board (may be around the 20th of July ) state that the price will go up and the supply of 2005 will be low because the 2006 will come out soon. that message makes me make the final decision to buy it right now.
  • tibbatibba Posts: 13
    Prices in Canada are much higher -- RX 330 fully loaded with DVD/NAV lists around $65K Cdn (~US$53K). Actual OTD price in the US appear to be upto $10K cheaper! Dealers very rarely sell below list price in Canada for the RX330. The 2.5% financing is just promotional rates... Cdn interest rates are not lower! In fact our prime rate is 4.25% currently. For the mortgage comparison (since the rate is not dependent on the amortization, I am assuming you meant 20 year term. While it is not very common to lock into such a long term here in Canada, currently 10 year (close term) is 7.1% and 18 year (open) is 8.25%.
  • lexyfanlexyfan Posts: 13
    Can you tell me when did you buy your lexus? Dealer is claiming it should be long back as they don't have any minus leather heated cars for long time. He is saying $36660+TTL. I am thinking it is just a first mail from him so may be have to go back and forth few more times , but would help me to negotiate if you can give the time when you bought yours. Did it include all other fees or those were extra?

  • First off, I don't mind driving through the state for a good deal!!

    Live in Miami FL. Want to know a good no BS dealer and the best price I can expect for an RX 330 Awd w/navigation (I believe it is listed as 45,083 MSRP). If nec, I don't mind info on an Fwd as I live in flat land USA.

    Appreciate all info and comments on experience.

    Jon C
  • Hi manu,

    I am confused a little bit. You said that you got a very good deal, but the rest of your message is the unhappy experinece with a dealer. You are talking about two dealers in NJ.

    Would you tell the which dealer your brought your car?

  • manumanu Posts: 2
    Yes, I'm talking about two different dealers. I eventually bought the car from Lawrence Lexus in Lawrenceville, NJ.
  • Just picked up my car this past weekend. We ordered the exact car 30 days in advance from Lexus of Glendale. FWD w/ Navigation - Silver exterior and black interior. My wife was very particular about both the interior and exterior so this was huge. We got it for $38,250, which is about $250 over invoice. We're very happy about the price considering that we got the exact specs that we wanted. I'm not sure if things have changed, but we are very happy about the car, the manner in which the transaction was handled and the price.

    By the way, if you have good credit they're offering about 4.65% financing over 5 years. I didn't use it b/c I got 4.5% from my credit union.

    Some other members had suggested Lexus of Glendale and I will do the same.
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