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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi saritasesh:

    Would you please let me know which dealer quote you $38971 in Ca, and where is it? Does it have navigation?
  • 2wd with navigation at Mission Viejo or B. Hills. oxnard and putnam offer similar prices. can't recall exactly.
  • Hi -
    I am ready to buy an RX330 with Premium Plus - MSRP 40,518. Please provide info on Houston dealer at 36,300 - was this special color, leftover, demo, what?. Thank you.
  • bnh7543bnh7543 Posts: 10
    I hear you and I agree. I didn't ask for the free oil changes, they come with all purchases at this dealership. I know the catch where they get you in and try to sell you other services. :( Heck, I'm still changing my own oil! BTW do you know where I can get the adapter necessary to hook up my trailer lights to the RX 330? I hear the dealer charges about $50 for the module. Also, what trailer hitch looks best on the RX 330? thanks
  • suvpnwsuvpnw Posts: 2
    Thanks for this forum, I was able to purchase a Silver (Black interior) 2005 RX330 AWD with Premium Plus Package with additional options (no Nav.) for $38,360 (CR/NADA invoice: $37,440; MSRP: $42,733) at Lexus of Portland, OR last weekend. Basically, it is about 2.5% over invoice.

    I think the price others paid for this AWD without Nav. around Pacific Northwest is between $38k and $38.5k (Jan-Aug ‘05) if doing the homework. It still seems harder to deal with the dealers since the 05’s without Nav. are low in stock and Toyota/Lexus is raising price for all 06 models, so the price has trickled back up in Seattle-Portland area (even with recorded gas price and rebates for MDX and Highlander).

    I negotiated with sales consultant of Portland via emails and phones since he responded my requested asking for a quote via CarsDirect/ Their first "Golden Opportunity" price quote was $41,310. LOL. Lexus of Seattle did not want to match the last offer from Portland and they don’t have the color combo I want.

    BTW, I live in Seattle area so I had to pay additional of 9.1% tax. I also paid $75 for title and $50 for doc. fee.
  • I am in Southern California. What do you think of this offer:

    330 FWD without NAV
    White + Tan Interior
    Premium Plus
    6-disc CD changer

    $36,491 is the best quote that i've gotten so far. Should I pull the trigger? It seems supply are quite least according to the salesfolks : ). We want to make a decision within the next day or two, so would really appreciate your input/advise.

  • I pretty much got the exact same car as mssg # 2302 except mine is breakwater blue. Got it for 38,200 plus 100 processing plus tax (5%) and tags. Purchased it from Rockville after looking around DC area. my shopping (first time) experience wasn't too bad but it did take some calling back/forth to get to the price.

    I ditto the thanks to this forum. It helped me learn more about the RX and what price I should pay.

    To question in mssg # 2303 -- sounds like a good deal. compared to my deal, you are basically saving $ 2k for not getting the awd. you prob don't need awd in so cal anyway, right?

    peace out.
  • Supply is limited so if you found a vehicle you like, go for it. There are many with extras you probably don't want nor do you want to pay for. I got mine, same as yours but different color for 35,900. I bought a GS from the same dealer last month so they cut me a deal close to cost. :D
  • I have been offered invoice + 110 on any rx330 with the exception of the navigation which they want 1500 over. Is it worth the extra 4K for nav.?
  • $4,000 no $1,500 yes if you really want it.

    Where does the 4K come from you stated $1,500
  • Meaning the nav. is a 2.5K option plus they want another 1,500 over invoice.
  • $500 over invoice with NAV is a great price, $1,500 to much.
  • Thanks for the input, guys!

    Here are the numbers. Feel free to ask questions/make comments:

    2005 RX330 FWD
    White/Tan Interior
    No NAV
    Premium Plus Pkg
    6-Disc CD
    18" Alloy Wheels
    Preferred Accessory Pkg

    $ 36,491.00
    + 2,831.54 (tax)
    395.75 (License/Fees)
    $ 39,718.29 OTD

    Hope this helps some of you in your dealings with the dealers. It was difficult to find the white/tan combo in southern Calif.
  • First new car purchase,did I do OK?
    2005 RX330 AWD which includes the following
    Performance package
    Heated front seats w/rain-sensing wipers
    6 disc cd
    18 inch wheels
    High intensity lamps
    Color is flint mica
    The dealer was in Golden,Co. and the price I paid was 38,800 which does not include tax.
    Thanks for the input guys/gals as I feel I may have paid too much.
  • What was the MSRP on this vechicle?
  • MSRP 42,733.00
    Thanks your your reply
  • holhol Posts: 1
    I live in West Texas and going to look tomorrow. Do not have a local dealer, Did you get this in Houston? Does anyone know what you do about repairs if no local Lexus dealer in town. Thanks
  • I am looking to buy (order) a 2006 RX330 with premium package and navigation. What would be a good deal? Is $1k over invoice too optimistic?

  • Texas

    Having 2005 RX330 delivered next week.

    Premium + Pkg
    Tinted windows
    Extra all-weather floor mats

    35,900 out the door!!! Had this offer from 2 dealers
  • HI All,

    I am looking for a RX330 with heated seats and premium package and 18" wheels. could some one tell me the best dealer to buy and the price is should pay for this?
  • I don't think anyone has reported prices paid on the 2006 model yet and I don't think they have hit dealer's lots yet either. However, I received a quote this week (for an ordered car) on a 2006 RX330 AWD with Premium Plus, Preferred Accessory pkg, and Nav for $43,000. MSRP on this is $45,708 and invoice is $40,200. This was the dealer's 1st offer so I can probably do a little better. However, I will be leasing this car and there currently is no lease support from Lexus, so I've chosen to wait and keep my eye on lease rates. Being that the 06's are so fresh, it will likely be difficult to get $1,000 over invoice right now. I think that your best chance for doing so will be wait until they arrive on the lot and email several dealers at month end with your offer of $1k over invoice.
  • FYI - I was able to get a price of $500 over invoice on the exact 2006 you listed above. However, this resulted from first negotiating a deal on a 2005 and then the dealer was unable to locate the color combination that I wanted.
  • Nice move newmanba! I now remember reading a couple of your posts in the Lease Questions board but didn't pick up on the fact that you had moved from the '05 to the '06. What city are you in and did you originally negotiate with multiple dealers on the '05?
  • I'm in NY but buying from a CT dealer. I negotiated with multiple dealers on the '05 and the prices all ended up within a few hundred of each other. Only downside on the 2006 is that the lease offers do not appear to be as attractive. Hahn Financial was offering a 65% residual on the 2005 models but so far the 2006 numbers are less aggressive. Have you seen anything on that front?
  • Yes, I've seen the same thing concerning the '06 leases. Car man provided me the following info on a 2006 RX330 AWD lease for 3yr/15k miles (these numbers are reportedly from Lexus Financial):
    MF = .00245
    Res = 57%

    The dealer I received a quote from this week gave the following for the same car:
    MF = .00275
    Res = 55%

    Also, I got the following quote on the internet:
    MF = .00215
    Res = 57%

    I've decided that I'm not getting one until some better looking lease terms appear. The one above at .00215 is getting in the right ball park for me though ;)
  • unouno Posts: 15

    I was planning for a 05 or 06 RX330.
    Right now I took off from new car pricing.
    Here is the price for my configuration. Please could you tell me
    what my target price should be? Appreciate it.

    PM Premium Package
    HS Two-Level Heated Front Seats
    Total w/ Options: MSRP: $40,110 INVOICE: $35,268 (w/o Destination Charge)

    Thanks for help.

  • I am looking for one, and would like to know going prices for 2005 RX 330 ThunderClound (with NAV) in TX. Thanks in advance.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Just out of curiosity, when did they tell you to expect delivery of the 06 model?
  • Since the 2006's are arriving soon, I would like to know what kind of price I can expect to negotiate on a 2005. Specifically, I want 2005 RX330 AWD, premium plus package, 18" alloy wheels, 6 disk CD changer, rain sensing wipers, roof rack with rails, mats, silver or black forest. The MSRP is $42,700, and dealer's first offer is $39,000. What is final price I should expect?

    Associated question: are 18" alloy wheels really needed, or can I ask dealer to downgrade them?

  • Anyone has experience of buying a new car online and have it to ship to you? I am a first time buyer. Any advice? :confuse:

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