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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey I applied and was approved for the credit

    5.4% for 60 months going thru the costco web-site to capital one. If you go thru the capital one site direct the rates are higher,"thanks tazimi". I am going to use this to my advantage tonight when I deal.

    worst case I will have the check tomorrow am so I can leave a deposit tonight and sign the paperwork tomorrow.

    Brininging my wife with me tonight. No added pressure there :) with all the shinny new cars. No, I can't think of that. Stick to your guns!!! thats the moto
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I too almost let the dealer make too much money on my purchase. I always caculate the payments due each month on my hand calculator before I buy.

    The Finance manager wrote up the contract and when I looked over the contract, I noticed the payments were about $ 15 more per month than I had calculated. Yes indeed, the manager had added in $ 1000 extra and kissed it off to "I made a mistake". It was corrected.

    Caveat Emptor

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • I just left from a very disturbing VIP sales appointment at this dealership.

    The had a White Lexus RX300 MSRP of 43450.

    I did the calculation and offered a price of 38000

    they said they would not sell at below invoice which was 38490. I am waiting to here if they would accept this is via cell phone now after i left the dealership.

    The thing that annoys me is they are now low balling me on my trade in offering me 1500 for a mazada 626 with a blue book of 3400. they said thats what the wholesaler will give to them and said they will not budge. I am now caught between buying the car for a good price. but getting next to nothing for the trade. I told them to take the trade off the table. and I am waiting to see if they stick to the invoice price of the car.

    Any ideas what to do with the trade? They basically don't want it. saying they make no profit on it they since they have no used car lot and just give it to the wholesaler.

    What to do? what to do?
  • we arrived at the dealer around 4:30 and out by 5:00. getting the price we want on the car MSRP 41188, sell for 36500 (88.3%), but they are low balling the trade. 7k for our Jeep GC that Car Max offered 10k for this morning. so do we eat the $625 tax savings? we will see if they will call tomorrow. they also begged for us to come in because they were 75 cars below quota....
  • Alright basically settled on a price of 100 above the invoice of 38468 for a White RX330 MSRP 43450. basically 88.7%

    they said I could take the trade off the table and sell it myself or take the 1500.

    Now I just have to go thru the finance guy and I am home free.

    I will have my check ready for my finance portion if necessary

    Lexus fiance may be less so I will see
  • Sell the car yourself...they will not give you what the car is worth. Auto trader or any of the auto publications you have in your region will get you more money. Don't even bother with the trade-in. You're almost home!!!
  • footwood,

    Very good deal, you obviously are satisfied with this price
    and should be. Almost $5K off a $43459 MSRP ... not bad!

    A trade always confuses the deal, you usually can sell on your own for more than the dealer will offer. $1500.00 on a trade will save you another $90.00 in tax and you will be done. Your old car is always worth more to you than what a dealer will offer, they always have the upper hand on trade-ins. Now to deal with the finance guy and consider all those extra's??
  • wallybird...I think $485 for doc fee is quite high...I believe my doc fee was $55 and and additional $25 for filing online (which I think is crap, but oh well). I thought there were laws that capped doc fees...I might have misread, but I'll search for it...
  • Hi, I'm thinking about purchasing a "base" Rx330 w/premium pkg, 18" wheels, htd seats...MSRP is $41,188... This is going to be a "company" purchase, where we will fortunately be able to cut a check for the full amount...and we want to do it this year, Yes, it's dec 30 today.... Hoping you guys could give me an opinion on what type of pricing I might be able to leverage being the last day of the year and bring cash to the table...any help is greatly appreciated!

    Hopefully it will be a december to remember....we're in OK by the way...
  • footwood, good job on sticking to your guns. one thing to consider is the hassle that you may go through trying to sell the car privately. also, when you trade in you are reducing the total cost of the new car therefor paying less tax. I'm in the same situation with trading in my 02 toyota rav 4 with 42k miles and grill gaurds all around. i'm being offered 12k for it bbv is around 14k. i'm going to new rochelle today for a test drive so wish me luck.
  • Reading current thread on RX 330. Are your pricing discussions for a 2006 or a year-end 2005? Does cash make any difference anymore?
  • Just talked to my Sales Rep.

    Lexus Financing is giving me a rate of 4.85% APR

    They also do no after market selling or hard press. I just gave them the amount to put down and there is no hard sell.

    Easternshore The pricing we are talking about is for the 06 lexus RX330.

    If you can go thru COSTCO.Com, if you have a membership, to get your auto quotes. They have special pricing, my starting point for negotiations was 500 over invoice price, of course you can get them down lower but its nice to get a good price to start. Ray Catena has a 3 person sales team dedicated to COSTCO members.

    Just a FYI.

    Good luck on your buying experience.

    and Special thanks to Highlander7, Armondo and Tazimi plus everyone else on this board it really helped me negotiate with confidence and get a good deal.

    I will post particulars later today after I pick up my wife's :( new lexus
  • Footwood...Congrats man...that's the same way I felt during my purchase...confidence. When you do the hard work of researching it all pays off in the end. Great job on the financing also. You and your wife will enjoy the car...I find myself just wanting to drive put 150 miles on it in 2 days...

    Just making sure....they gave you 4.85% over 60 months like the Costco financing right...they didn't try and milk you for extra months?

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year everyone!
  • i'm buying the exact car in Austin this afternoon, 37k + TTL (89.8%) and they are throwing in a tint job. now on to Lexus financing....
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I agree with tazimi. I started to sell my cars myself about 20 years ago. ( We only buy Toyota and/or Honda cars.)

    I get the care detailed, add some extra polish, and then set my price for 3/4 of the high blue book. And I will not accept any link titlelink title
  • You are very welcome footwood, very pleased that I and others were of some help to you.

    In the past 4 years I have used Edmund's forums to purchase two Toyota 4Runners (02 & 04), a 03 Toyota Avalon, a 05 Toyota Solara convertible and last week a 06 RX. The opinions and information by buyers and owners presented here is priceless.

    My wife really likes or in her words, loves her RX. She had her Avalon a little over 3 years and liked it but said it did not have the versatility and extra ammenities of the RX330. Not a bad Christmas gift, not sure how to top it next year??

    So to footwood, newmowner and all the others on this forum ...... have a very Happy New Year and enjoy your new RX 330's.
  • Can anyone explain if this is a quantifiable promotion? Does it only go through December, which the last day would be today, or 1/3/06? I ask because I was given a quote from a dealer in L.A. for a 2WD, premium package + nav for $39,082 (MSRP $44,193), but would be $2000 more the next day! Is this because of the sales promotion or a sales tactic?
  • I have a story to tell. I had an appt with Ray Catena. I had called again not saying who I was and found out they did not have the blk on blk with leather, nav, tow pckge in stock. Having to go to Leslie's Pool in Long Island to go buy some stuff I saw that there was a Lexus Dealership 2 miles ahead ( which I had emailed via edmunds to inquire on a price quote last night ) They replied saying they had one in stock in another location. I canceled my appt with Ray and decided to stop by to talk...25 minutes later I shook on a deal for 40250 + tax. They took my trade in for 12k I put another 8K down and I'm financing 23K. I'm glad with the purchase,and sales team. The internet Sales Manager was straight forward and gave me the best price I heard within the first 15 min. Maybe I could have bargained somewhere else for a few hundred less but didn't want to wait 'till the end of Jan to receive the RX. On tuesday I pick up my RX. Good luck to all and Happy Riding.
  • That was a great story.
    Can you let us know whether your RX was a AWD or not and it cam with what all options.
  • Yes it is AWD.
    • Premium Plus Package with Additional Options
    Premium Plus Package
    includes: Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, Roof rack with rails
    Additional Options:
    - Lexus voice-activated DVD Navigation System (includes backup camera and Bluetooth® technology)
    - Two-level heated front seats (includes rain-sensing variable intermittent wipers and headlamp washers)
    - In-dash, single-feed, six-disc CD auto-changer
    - 18-in alloy wheels (235/55VR18 and full-size spare)
    - Towing prep package [10]
    - Cargo mat
    - Wheel locks
  • cacarcacar Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a new 2005 or 2006 RX330 within the next 24-48 hours and need pricing advice. What should I expect to pay for a new 2005 versus a new 2006? Now that the calendar has flipped, can I anticipate some depreciation off the 2005 invoice price? Any help would be much appreciated! Has anyone shopped for both recently?
  • I would doubt you will find a 2005, since the 2006 have been out since early November, but you never know.

    I purchased a 2005 in September and it's a great car, actually my first oild change was today!
  • On their website it says contact ... for Pre-Owned sales. I was there to look at a Certified but decided on a new for the earlier stated price. Since I'm unable to list the name you can figure out who I purchased it from that way. Mine didn't have Nav. I know where I'm driving in Houston. Good Luck
  • We are shopping for a new 330, prem plus, heated seats with wipers, tow pkg, mats, wheel locks and 6 disc changer. What is a fair price I should expect for a 330 right now relative to invoice? Are all Costco prices the same or should I shop around?
    Thanks in advance.
  • stoli3stoli3 Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard if the RX330 will change dramatically in '07? If so is it worth the wait? I have also been told of some safety enhancements in '06 vs the previous year. Is this true? Thanks. :confuse:
  • How will the release of the RX350 in March affect prices of the RX330? I was planning to buy a 330 in February but if the price drops or discounts improve I could wait.

  • Hello,

    I live in New York City and am planning on leasing an RX330 in the next month. Could anyone recommend a dealer in the area?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Kirin,
    Did you finally buy an RX. If so, from which dealer and if you can give the details on the options and price paid.
  • I received an excellent price from Rallye Lexus, I would give them a call.
  • Thanks, I requested a quote from them via Edmunds.
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