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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking at paying this for a similar car. Maybe it will help.

    Rx330 FWD w/ Navi and Performance
    $2k down
    48 mos lease
    12k miles
    $500 mos w/ tax

    without Navi is $458 mos
  • The invoice blue book on a 2005 RX330 AWD with the navigation and premium plus package is 39,192.00 (incl. destination fee). All dealers in Cali also add on heated seats with headlight washers, six disc cd changer, 18" alloys, and preferred pkg, I do not know if this is the same for New Jeresy. The 39,192.00 invoice includes all of these options, without the options you are looking at 38,493.00. If you are looking for a FWD you are looking at $1500 less the 39,192.00. My guess is that you could probably could work a deal were you are paying about 2 percent above invoice. Hope this helps.
  • Hi, Lexusguy311:

    You did a great home work on buying RX330. Do you think in Bayarea it is a good deal to buy a RX330 with about $500 to $1000 over the invoice price?

    As I read the past posts here that some South CA dealers offered around or 200 to 300 over invoice price. Could the guys at South CA correct me ?
  • IMHO, I think that the So. Cal. market would be the best place to find a good deal in California. The reason I say this is because it is more populated in the Southern area of California. More population equals more dealerships which equal more cars thus translating into higher competition and lower prices. However, I do think you can find some great deals in the Bay Area as well. It is all a matter of knowledge and trying to get the dealership to earn your business. I would send out multiple quotes to different dealerships around the bay area and that you will buy from the one with the most competitive pricing. Inform the dealerships that you have heard of prices of about 500-1000 over invoice on Edmunds; it never hurts to show the dealership that you have done your homework.
  • Hi all,
    I'm looking to pay a fair price for 2005 AWD Premium Plus package (Navigation included) in the DC metropolitan area. Can anyone share their buying experience with nearby dealerships and what is considered a fair price? I have been quoted $42K, not including tax&tag or other fees. I think that's too much -- I just want to pay what's fair. Thanks!
  • sjeedsjeed Posts: 86
    I am about to commit to a lease on a 2005 RX330 AWD w/Nav, includes the Premium Plus Package plus Heated Seats, Rain Sensing Wipers, 18-in Alloy Wheels, Towing Prep Package, In-dash CD changer, Wheel Locks, and Cargo Mat. MSRP $45,083. Pretty much the standard build for this area in this model. Dealer is offering $800 over Invoice.

    But here is the "catch," their Invoice includes a Lexus Dealer Advertising Fee or LDA for short. Has anyone ever encountered this recently? Is this, like in the mortgage industry, a "garbage fee?" The Invoice including this fee is $39,881, and my best estimate is that without the fee, the Invoice would be around $39,379, so the LDA adds $502. Thus, if I use the upper range of $1,000 over the Invoice that I see discussed in this forum, I would be at roughly $1,300 over the "car's" Invoice.

    Thank you for any input.

    BTW, the I obtained quotes from two Bay Area dealers, and the one I am zeroing in on, started out about $1,300 lower than the other one. The "Internet Sales Manager" is very easy to work with and appears to be transparent and easy going.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    We have a discussion dedicated to Advertising Fees and one specifically about Toyota Advertising Fees, so you might check out what others have said in those topics.

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  • sjeedsjeed Posts: 86

    Thanks for the advice. It looks like the posts on those forums are informative but very dated. Fast forward to the current market I still wonder if looking at the whole picture of my particluar deal as proposed is as good as it gets, or would I be piggish to push for more. Afterall everybody deserves to make a living even car dealers and their employees.

    Thanks again for the tip.
  • jeff5144jeff5144 Posts: 3
    I'm going to be looking at a used 2004 RX330 AWD with Nav/DVD/Loaded. 10,000 miles. I live in Minnesota and wanted to know what a decent used price is? Please help!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Most members here are discussing new vehicles, so you might stop by our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion to get more feedback.

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  • pfalcorpfalcor Posts: 3
    I just had the best car purchasing experience I had ever had. As part of the Costco Auto plan I was directed to Woodfield Lexus in Schaumburg Ill. I was told the Costco program was $675 over factory invoice. When I arrived and choose the vehicle I wanted they showed me the invoice which was $36952 on a vehicle with a list of $41453. Then I was told as an incentive they would sell me the vehicle for $37152. This up front approach was well appreciated. In talking to the salesperson I understand they do a large number of out of state sales and also leases. Well worth the one way ticket he told me. Love my new Lexus,Love my dealership!
  • gottlsgottls Posts: 21
    Has anyone ordered a car and been given a tracking number? If so how far in advance did you receive the tracking information, and was it correct?
  • Hi, Pfalcor:

    What is the option on your new RX330?

    I'm in San Francisco bay area, I have tried the Costco program. However, I never got response from Costco authorized dealer. No phone call, no e-mail. I just received one e-mail from Costco auto program asking me how thing going. I told them I heard nothing from the dealer. Then, guess what, I heard nothing from Costco either!

    Do any RX330 shoppers in bay area have the same experience?

    Anyway, enjoy your new car!
  • For anyone who has financed an '05 RX330 thru Lexus over the last couple of months....

    What rate were you offered for 48 and 60 month loans? Also, please note the state that you are located in.
    I've been offered 4.99 for Tier 1 credit but I thought the current incentive was for 4.0%

  • sjeedsjeed Posts: 86
    Just out of curiosity, do you remember if the factory invoice showed a Lexus Dealer Advertising fee? I am getting a similar deal, but not through Costco, but they claim that the Invoice amount I get from kbb/edmunds does not include this item.
  • pfalcorpfalcor Posts: 3
    yes it did include advertising, and destination charge. It was called TDA or LDA I cannot remember. We have dealers here also that play that game with destination and advertising fees as well. That is why I quess I had a great experience, straight up and honest.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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  • wkozwkoz Posts: 4
    Hope this will be helpful to other potential buyers.
    I have purchased a 2005 RX 330 FWD. I will be picking it up today.

    This is the substance of the deal:

    Invoice MSRP
    Base Price $31,881 $36,025
    Options 4,990 6,183 (NAV, Premium+,
    Destination 650 650
    TDA 450 Advertising
    Total $37,941 42,858

    $ Over Invoice +500

    Total $38,471 $4,387 under MSRP

    My price $38,471 plus Taxes, Doc($249) & Regist.
    What is interesting is that my sales person said the base price ($31,881) includes $720 holdback & $360 for Retail Financial Reserve (whatever that is). When you build a car on Yahoo or NADA sites the base price already includes the holdback and reserve. Now I know how the holdback is reflected in the deal. The Advertising charge was not negotiable but the sales person tinted the front side windows as part of the deal at no extra charge.
    The Lexus dealer was pushing very hard for me to take the One Payment Lease. A 3 year lease, the money factor was .00075 (1.8%), residual was 55%. The up front payment (45%) less trade in with a check for the difference. No other payments during the lease period. It was very tempting but I did not take this option.
    Good Luck to all on your deal.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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