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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • beemertimebeemertime Posts: 20
    hey ivn098 did you try catena ray lexus in NY? or try the mcdonemitt in CT?

    those two offered 41,200 and 41,400 respectedly
  • lookieloulookielou Posts: 2
    I'd like to buy a used RX 330, preferably a 2005 with all of the toys (NAV, DVD, heated seats, Mark Levenson sound, etc.).

    I found one from a private owner for $33,000 that has 23,000 miles and is in show room condition. Does that sound like a very good deal?
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26
    I am here in GA, not sure if I can buy for those Dealers and pick up the car locally.
    Thanks for the info,
  • tizotizo Posts: 2
    That sounds really low. I'm purchasing RX350 AWD/18" wheels, wheel locks, tow prep pkg, premium plus, navigation/backup camera, etc for $41,762 $500 over invoice in Northern New Jersey. I saw the invoice.

    Picking up in next several days
  • tizotizo Posts: 2
    Are you kidding? What exactly is it including?

    RX350 AWd
    Prem Plus pkg
    tow prep
    Heated front seats
    rain sensing wipers
    wheel locks
    cargo mat

    $41,762 plus tax and motor vehicle costs. (Northern NJ dealership) If somebody offered, 41, 200 or 41,400 I would grab it.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • gxworldgxworld Posts: 4
    I think it's a very good deal if you've done all your homework. I'll buy it and trade it in just before the original warranty expires. I wouldn't wanna drive a 33k car w/o warranty. Lexus is not immune to breaking down, repair cost could be very expensive. If you plan to keep it past 50k, I'd buy a CPO instead. Just my opinion. Good Luck!!
  • crapz1crapz1 Posts: 3
    Sorry, newbie here. Has anyone gotten below invoice for an 07 RX350? Reading this thread, it seems like $500 above invoice is pretty good. What's the closest to invoice you guys have seen?
  • sam57sam57 Posts: 2
    I received a price quote of $41,500 for a 2007 RX350 FWD with the Premium Plus Package. Has anyone received a better price in GA?
  • Yeah i bought a 07 premium package car with 18" wheels, wheel locks, rain sensing wipers, towing pkg. and cargo mat for 37, Gwinett tax, title & registration fees.

    MSRP was $41,178.
  • crapz1crapz1 Posts: 3
    Just picked up my RX for a pretty good deal. Straight from the port with a whole 6 miles on it.

    07 RX 350 FWD
    Millennium Silver Metallic with Black Leather
    Premium Plus Package
    Heated Front Seats and Rain Sensing Wipers
    18 in. Alloy Wheels

    MSRP $45023.
    Invoice $39878
    Paid $38878 + tax, title, and license.

    Did plenty of research. Compared Carsdirect, Costco Auto Program, and finally got 2 dealers working with me. Glad to join the RX family! I'm loving this car so far.
  • dangvidangvi Posts: 2
    That's a great deal. What state are you from? The lowest I've been able to get is $39,437 (+tax, title and tags) it but does NOT include navigation.
  • crapz1crapz1 Posts: 3
    I'm in CA. SoCal to be exact.
  • jimityjimity Posts: 10
    Which dealer did you go to - I'm in SoCal and looking to purchase the same thing this week.

  • sam57sam57 Posts: 2
    That is a much better discount off the MSRP than I am getting, and I went to a dealership in Gwinnett County also. How did you go about negotiating? They acted like it was a take it or leave it with the price I got. Just curious, did the car you bought have many miles? Thanks for the info.
  • caligirl5caligirl5 Posts: 23
    I'm considering leasing for the first time and I'm finding it confusing. I got the following quote from a dealership and it seems to be a good deal from what I've read here on the forums. Any input would be appreciated.

    1500 down, lease payment of 520+tax
    The money factor is .00198 and your price is 38,687
    Your residual is 24,576.34

    I'm in Southern CA and this is for a 2007 RX350 premium package (without nav) plus a rear entertainment system added at the dealership with the screens in the headrests.
    Thanks for any help!
  • jimityjimity Posts: 10
    I just purchased an RX350 AWD with everything (except Performance package and the super-sized sunroof), including a lot of dealer add-ons like Sirius, and just about everything else out of the catalog. I went thru and used the zip-code for Wesminster. I got a reply right away from Westminster Lexus - including a price that dropped my jaw (over $1000 less then even the LOWEST I've seen posted here). They trucked in (on a flat bed) the exact car I wanted and I did all the paperwork last night. I haven't picked up the vehicle yet - it just arrived in this morning and they are putting in all the extra options. They are picking me up in Mission Viejo tomorrow and driving me to the dealership to pick up my completed new vehicle. Working with them was AMAZING. No haggle, great pricing right up front, and VERY cooperative to work with my exact requirements. I recommend going the route I did.
  • baylor46baylor46 Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a 2007 rx 350 in el paso, tx. The suv has the premium package, fwd, heated seats, rain sensor wipers, the MSRP is 41, 750. Can anyone give me an idea of what would be considered a good deal on this vehicle.
  • caligirl5, can you share itemize cost of your purchase? I am sure I could learn a thing or two. Thx.
  • caligirl5caligirl5 Posts: 23
    turquoise_e1, I think you meant to ask jimity for the breakdown of the purchase since he/she was the person that posted the reply. My post just asked for help with leasing.
  • caligirl5caligirl5 Posts: 23
    Hi jimity,

    How did your purchase go? I'd love to know the details also. I haven't had the same luck with Westminister Lexus and I'm having to work hard to get complete quotes from one of their internet sales people. I previously purchased a 2001 RX300 from them and had a much easier buying experience, but the person I dealt with is no longer in the internet sales department. Did you try the Lexus dealership in Mission Viejo? So far they have sent me the best price.
  • It was fairly easy as I did it at the end of the monthwhen they needed the business....I also did my homework and got many other prices from other dealers in ATL and AUG.

    Give them the take it or leave it ! My car had 6 miles....

    Good Luck.
  • Can anyone share the price paid for their Platinum extended package? % discount from list and dealer info will be great.

    Anyone purchased the Platinum 7yr/100K for RX350 (list $2175)?
  • baylor46baylor46 Posts: 2
    paid $782 6/30/06, in el paso, texas 7/100,000
  • $1500 UNDER invoice, i guess shopping at the last day of the 2nd quarter helps alot.
  • bm3coupebm3coupe Posts: 5
    Congratulations on your new car. That is the lowest price posted here. Do you mind to share the dealer name where you bought the car from.
  • duh81duh81 Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I'm about to purchase a used RX330 AWD and was just wondering how do you tell the difference between the AWD and the FWD vehicles? Is this noted somewhere on the car? Thanks.
  • tammyltammyl Posts: 7
    That sounds like a great deal. I was thinking about buying one. How did you get that price? I live in Atlanta, GA. If I were to buy out of state do they honor them at all lexus dealerships. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  • tammyltammyl Posts: 7
    Hi has anyone had this installed? Was it worth it? How much did it cost? Any information would greatly be appreciated
  • corlt1corlt1 Posts: 29
    We have a 2004 AWD RX330. The easiest way to tell an AWD from a base FWD is to look under the rear end to see the extra axles going to each of the rear wheels or to see the rear differential in the center of the rear axle.

    The loaner vehicles that the dealer gives us are all FWD cars and we have noticed that the ride of the AWD cars appears to have a superior damped ride compared to the FWD model. This could be attributed to a softer tuned suspension (in case you ever went off road), or possibly becaused the AWD model is around 100 to 200 pounds heavier.
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