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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I live in madison and went to the lexus in madison

    and they quote me 42,400. for navigation, 18 inch, premium +, etc. (msrp 45,683).
    I dont think I wanna pay that much, since i see people getting it around 41k.
    I am wondering how much I should expect if I shop in chicago, or any suggested dealership.

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    I am in the market looking to buy RX350 AWD with premium plus package without navi. Has anybody has bought with the specified options...Can anybody share how much they have paid for it(The MSRP on Lexus website is $43,033). I have seen lot of posts where people paid between 40,200 - 41,000 with premium plus package and navi.

    Any input is appreciated.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I would go for the one with navigation system. You can easily get one in the $41K price range or even less. My co-worker bought a RX330 with Premium Plus in 2004 for $38+K. That was 2 years ago, but I think you can do the same these days.
  • I bet Ray Catena can give you a sweet deal. I got my 2006 RX330 there last year, and it was a very pleasant experience over email. When I got there, no nonsense either. I recommend them. And be aggressive, get the loaded one ($45K sticker) for no more than $41K. The NAV is nice.
  • Lok,I live in Quincy MA and am looking to buy the same vehicle as you. Would you mind share which dealer you used? Did you deal with the internet manager? Thanks
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Dan - What are you looking for your RX350? Navi? Premium Plus? You can send me an email for details. BTW, how can I activate my email profile?
  • Please share this information with me too. Thanks!
  • Yes. Premium plus with Navi. Pretty much the same options and features as yours.:)

    Did you get from Watertown or Norwood?

    How can we send PM or email? Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,266
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  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Shoot me an email if you like. We can't post salespeople, numbers or email addresses here.
  • I am moving to SoCal and trying to get a deal done over the phone and internet before I move.

    I am looking for a 2007 RX 350, FWD with Premium Plus and Navi, Bamboo Pearl. Apparently the PP package in SoCal includes 18" wheels, heated front seats, cargo mat, and wheel locks. The MSRP is $44,126, and all the dealers are quoting an invoice of $39,365 (including destination) on this car. This invoice price is a little higher than the number on Edmunds. Can anyone confirm this invoice price is correct?

    The best price I have received is $39,000 + TTL. Which, if the above invoice price is correct, is just under invoice. I sent out emails to 6 dealers to beat this price. The few who have responded have not been able to beat this price. Has anyone found a better deal in SoCal?

    Thanks to everybody who have posted on this forum
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    $40-$41K is what we are paying in New England with AWD and the things you've listed. And I would think it maybe $1-$1.5K less for FWD.
  • I am also interested in Madison area pricing. I am moving to Madison in few months and I don't know if I should buy a car there.
    My personal experience is that you should look in the areas where you can find more competition. I guess Chicago metro area is better place to buy a car than Madison which has only one Lexus dealership.
    Why don'y you send a quote request through edmunds to Chicago area dealers and see their responses?
  • Hi lok888,

    Which dealer are you getting this Lexus for 40-41k in Boston, Quincy area?

  • Just picked up an 07 RX350 from Ray Catena dealership in New York. Premium Pkg, NAV - paid exactly what others have been mentioning in forum. Did everything over the phone. Was looking for Flint Mica (grey) color - they were the only ones to get it in. Experience with dealership was very smooth and a pleasure.
  • Hi. I'm looking to purchase an 2007 RX350 with 4 wheel drive. No other options. It looks like MRSP is 40k. What's a good price for this?
  • Anybody here purchased an RX350 in the Northwest? Trying to get an idea of prices being offered.
    I am looking at AWD with Premimum pkg and Navigation.
    What would be a good price for this?

    What do you guys think about the Leftover RX330s? What would be a good price on the 330 with the above packages?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    RX350 came out in March. I doubt you will find any new RX330 around. Many of us paid $41K-$42K here in northeast for the same car.
  • I am currently looking to lease a RX 350 from Ray Catena in NY - AWD - no navi - no added options. Can anyone tell me the out of pocket and monthly payments they received? They are a pleasure to work with.
  • Tanir, I purchased mine outright from Ray Catena for 41,200. I did get the Premium Plus Package, tow prep, comes with 18"wheels, AWD, moonroof, and NAV. The NAV is a very nice option and has a back up camera (when you put car in reverse, it's on a display monitor where NAV is). Ray Catena dealership was no-nonsense, best price, exact with time of delivery, etc. I don't know about lease prices. You can PM or e-mail me if you need salesman's name (can't post it here).
  • Hi,

    Could you please tell me more details about ur experience..

    1. Did you negotiate with Internet department?If so, do you remember the person who is good to work with?

    2. How much is the price above invoice you paid? The one i am negotiating with Roswell dealer is around 3.5% over invoice.. Couldn't get him down further..

    3. Any other imput is appreicated..

    Thanks for ur time and help..

  • Hi,

    Could you please tell me which dealer is offering better deal in GA on RX 350? I think you did lot of research based on your posts.

    Finally, how much over invoice price you paid? I love to hear 500$ above invoice like other states ..:)

    Your help is appreciated..

  • Nice SUV but just real pricey for a used one.I am seeing 30K miles at $30K... the seat and interior are not that nice? When you can almost get a new MDX for the same price as a 2 year old car. I am all for status but give me a driver?
  • I need help finding a good deal in Virginia or close. I want a RX 350 with Premium Plus and Navi. Can anybody help me out?
  • saagisaagi Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    I'm planning to buy RX350 in Kansas city area and the price that I'm getting it is far more different than what I see around. I'm trying to find the best quote that we can get around in Kansas. The quote that I'm getting is 43.6k and the MSRP is 45K. Please help me with the best counter offer that we can go with. Thanks in advance.

    This is for premium plus with nav.
  • I need help with RX350 price.
    I'm planning to buy RX350 in Kansas city area and the price that I'm getting it is far more different than what I see around. I'm trying to find the best quote that we can get around in Kansas. The quote that I'm getting is 43.6k and the MSRP is 45K. Please help me with the best counter offer that we can go with. Thanks in advance.

    This is for premium plus with nav.
  • teztez Posts: 6
    I'm currently shopping KC now as well.

    First off, I always try to deal with the internet or e-commerce sales manager. Typically they are non-comissioned sales and offer a better price quicker.

    I talked to dealerships in Wichita, Des Moines, and Omaha today. Although I haven't really started any negotiation yet, one offered $2,400 under MSRP and another $2,600. I'm thinking that getting to $3K should be fairly easy. Going to Superior Lexus in the morning, so may have more info to report later. Good luck!
  • saagisaagi Posts: 3
    Thanks Tez! I appreciate your time. Please let me know how your visit goes tomorrow. I will be glad to follow you for a best deal. Thanks & have a good weekend.
  • teztez Posts: 6

    Ok, here's the scoop. I just returned from Superior. I paid $40K for an AWD Bamboo Pearl model with the Premium Plus Pkg and towing hitch. MSRP was $43,448 plus $299 document prep = $43,747 (so total discount of $3,747). They countered me for $40.5K, but I said no deal. This was a cash deal with no trade.

    Maybe you can do even better! Put a post up if you make a deal. Good luck!
  • elmer3elmer3 Posts: 20
    Has anyone had any experience with Lexus of Orlando,Fla--If so please feed back to me-Also Lexus of north hills Wexford Pa. (Iam a snow bird). Thanks Elmer
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