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Lexus RX 330 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I also found that Lexus used CPO dealers in CT would not negotiate much. However, I found the price difference between buying a relatively recent used CPO and a new 2008 RX 350 about $8000, which was still worth buying new. No regrets -- I drove over to Prestige in NJ to pick up mine.
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    LexusRXsearch - You mentioned you got your 350 for $40.9 +++, Just curious, can you share what your MSRP & Invoice were for the vehicle. Based on your recommendations of Prestige, I called the Lamb yesterday and he would only come down about $3.5K from MSRP. How much time did you spend negotiating with him to get to the $40.9. Was it in person or online? Just wanting to see if it's worth my time to go back to him. Thanks!
  • I did almost all my initial outreach with dealers via e-mail, and let them reply online and/or leave me voicemails. I told them the price I was looking for ($40.9k) Some dealers were willing to meet it/negotiate, others were not. Timing: It was mid-August and I believe the monthly quota/sales incentives may have been a factor. The Lamb (we're not supposed to use names here!) replied online, via voicemail and then strongly suggested we speak by phone. He was very straightforward about what he could do (meet my price) and could not do (i.e. he couldn't take my trade-in at my inflated $$ value!)
    In the end, Prestige accepted my offer of about $5k off of MSRP($45.9) and I sold my old car independently. I never saw their dealer "invoice" but understand that my price was within a few hundred $. It's clear they made some profit and it's a good deal all around.
    The first time I ever went to Prestige was to pick up the car. Overall, I had an excellent experience, and appreciated the very to-the-point discussions. He did take the time to answer all my questions -- and once he knew I was serious, i.e. I gave him my credit card as a deposit, he met every need and addressed every issue. I suggest you show him you are serious (if you are) because dealers are inundated by mere "prospects." Make an offer for a specific car, but then be prepared to commit with a deposit -- otherwise, they'll rightfully know you're jerking them around. BTW, the deposit is not irrevocable.
    Ray Catena dealership in NJ also was ready to bargain, but had a very junior guy communicating with me -- slower decisions.
    Good luck, I'll be curious to hear what you do.
  • vcnvcn Posts: 1
    I have been reading these postings for the past week. I started my search for an 2004 RX 330 a couple of months. I have purchased 2 IS300's in the past (the 1st was totaled). The dealers in the DMV area really do not budge on the price. One internet salesman must have forgotten that we had communicated before his first quote was for a little over $30k (32k miles)well the price on their website for this vehicle was $28187. He claimed his manager must have changed the price without telling him. Two days later he emailed me and again started with the higher price for the same vehicle. I once again referred him to his website for the stated price and his response was exactly the same.

    I am looking for an '04 RX330 for $27500 out the door. Is this really unrealistic? I average about 20k miles per year so warranty is a must.

    There is one listed in virginia (Nissan Dealer) that was listed at $26900 (38,700 miles)the carfax report is clean. The salesman admitted that it had been keyed and repainted. The next day the price was dropeed to $25900.

  • We are heading into negotiations to buy a CPO 2005 RX330, and I am looking for information on leasing through Lexus.

    The dealer has it priced at $33,995 which is a fair price based on Edmund’s TMV. However, since we really don’t need the vehicle until late May, we won’t be purchasing it if we can’t get the price down at least a couple $1,000. It has 31,000 miles on the odometer.

    Does anyone know what the money factor is for this vehicle or have any information on residuals for a 36-month lease (10,000 or 12,000 miles)? Also, does anyone have any experience with independent leasing companies that they could share?

    We live in the Washington, DC metro area. Thanks very much for any information anyone can provide.
  • Just a quick comment: I chose to buy a NEW RX 350 which cost $40,000 -- for $6-7k less, why take on someone else's 31k mileage and 2 years of use? I realize that the cash flow for leasing may be different, but the new 350 made more sense to me.
  • Thanks for your comment, lexusrxsearch. I think you make a good point, and buying/leasing a new RX350 is something we are also looking into. I take it you bought, rather than leased, your 350?

    This is sort of an atypical purchase for us. We are giving my car to our high school son to use for work and a school internship, and this will be my SUV and also our third vehicle. So this is the first time we've bought without a significant trade-in to use for a down payment, and we are still wrestling with buying (with or without a down payment) versus leasing. We are running lots of numbers.

    Acura has some financing deals on new MDX's that we are considering too, to further complicate things.

    If anyone has any suggestions, they are welcome!
  • Based in the Washington DC metro area, I am looking to buy a new RX350 FWD in the next 3-6 weeks. I am wondering: 1) whether to make the initial contact in person by walking into a dealership or use an online price quote service to get the dealers to contact me; 2) whether to reveal my color of choice early on. There are 2-3 colors that I have in mind. For example, if I were to use an online service, should I provide my #1 color choice or #2/#3? I am no veteran on car buying so it won't take long for the dealer to see that. Thanks in advance.
  • gjpearcegjpearce Posts: 4
    I am following in your footsteps-either a heavily optioned Highlander or a mildly optioed FWD RX350. From all the internet research I have done over the last week, they say you should call several dealers-make phone contact with the fleet manager-tell him exactly what and when youn want it- and follow up with fax. You do not want to waste time and meet the salesman or go on a test drive or set around the dealership. This should be an in and out affair after you get the best price for the available vehicle!
  • txbelle1txbelle1 Posts: 53
    I am looking at a 36 month, 12k mile lease in TX. My dealer is quoting 41k MSRP however edmunds is 37,400 MSRP. He said he would do sales price 38k. Good?
    I also have a 2005 Rx330 trade with 23k miles and he only wants to give me 23k?
    What are others seeing?
  • socalpcbsocalpcb Posts: 4
    Looking at a 2009 RX350 with Premium package only. Research I've done on various sites seems to show pricing anywhere between 34.8 and 36.8 before TTL ( had the lowest). Invoice appears to be around 35.1. Would like to hear what others in the LA/OC area have recently paid. Any info much appreciated!
  • Car man and community, I'm looking at a 2005 RX AWD CPO with premium plus package, heated seats, rain sensing wipers and 18" wheels at a local Los Angeles dealer with a price of $24,988, mileage is 43,000. Edmunds and NADA pricing around $28k for clean retail so dealer price is already below. Galves "market ready" price is $21,800, which seems to be close to a trade-in value on other sites. What is the maximum price I should try to negotiate? Any suggestions or additional pricing info greatly appreciated :confuse:
  • Lexus is currently offering a $1000 factory incentive to dealers (until October 31st), which means you can get great deals as of now (this applies to everyone, not just previous Lexus owners). I've confirmed this with several fleet managers. Negotiate away!
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