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Subaru Crew Canadian Owners



  • pon1pon1 Posts: 196
    Seconded hugely re: Sub Calgary. I really like dealing with Terry Bharti, he's been there forever and is a genuine, no BS kind of guy. So is Jack, the sales manager. As for servicing, great so far (5 years) if a little pricey, maybe it's the effect of a joint dealership with Jaguar. There is an independent Subaru specialist in Calgary (Allmakes? Allsubaru? something like that). I have heard they are good but I dont have any experience with them.

  • rkrurkru Posts: 16
    I'm in the process of buying a 05 VDC & went through Cars at Cost. On the outbacks, the markup is about 10%, so the dealer then adds a markup of about $1,200 to the invoice price. He's currently trying to find me my colour: Monotone Gold. My deal was a bit more complicated as I was trading in a car (low mileage but some scratches) and we settle on less than I wanted but well up from what was originally offered. Will sign once I get a delivery confirmation as I think the deal is fair. I went in prepared which helped.

    Don't know anything about APA
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    See my post in the 05 OB and Legacy thread.

    Essentially, mid-prodn design change means early buyers have to pay a premium to change their cabin air filtres.....

    luck11, "Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+" #8921, 27 Apr 2006 7:39 am
  • 03leggt03leggt Posts: 7
    I just bought a used 03 Legacy GT. The driver side floor mat hook is broken right out of the base. I noticed that when I exit the car, its hard not to push on the mat with your foot. I phoned the dealer and was told they would sell me a replacement for a few bucks. Apparently, it fastens to the seat bolts. Anyone else tried this? How well does it work? How easy is it to do? I'm not worried about the cost - just don't want to spend an hour driving to the dealer and 1/2 hr installing if its not a good solution.

    Also, any advice on where to get accessories? The dealer has some rubber mats but says they are not exact fit. I'd rather get a custom fit for rubber ones. Has anyone tried buying accessories online like I'm thinking of getting a spoiler with matching paint.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The hook is fragile, mine broke long ago, and a friend that owns a Legacy GT has the same thing happen to him. :sick:

  • 03leggt03leggt Posts: 7
    Hi Juice. Good to know that I'm not alone. I've ordered the hook and will report back how it went.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I never replaced mine. How much was it?

    Let me know if you think it'll hold up.

  • 03leggt03leggt Posts: 7
    I ordered it on 22July but no call yet. It sounded like it was going to be under $10 CAD. I'll let you know how things look when I receive it.
  • It came in on Aug 2nd. I finally got around to installing it. Centaur Subaru of Calgary gave it to me free of charge although there is noramlly a cost. There were no instructions with it. It just fastens onto the seat bolt. Easy to do yourself. At first, it didn't look like it would line up properly but it does hold the mat mat in place.">
  • I am looking for winter tires. I currently have P205/55/R16 on my 03Legacy GT. The APA site says I should go with a minus conversion for winter. The wheel is smaller but the tire diameter larger with this type of conversion. Does anyone know what Subaru recommends and how I can find the correct conversion? A local tire dealer wants to sell me Toyo G02+ which seem a good compromise between ice/snow/pavement. I'm also looking at Michelin Pilot Alpins. The Blizzak Revo is not so good on the pavement according to my research so far.
  • Go to either, or You can put in your car, and it gives you the stardard OEM wheel size, or comparable options. A 15" would probably be in the 60's series.

    From what I have seen and read the Michelin X-ice seems to be good, as is the Revo. Nokian is a good choice, and Hankook, Kumho for lower cost yet good tires.

    I am looking myself.
  • Thanks bigbad. It comes up with a P225/45/17. I think this makes sense. Smaller rim larger tire. I don't know if that size tire fits on a 15" rim.
  • hondafriekhondafriek Ottawa CanadaPosts: 2,970
    That is a 17inch tire not 15 when they say one size smaller they mean a 15inch tire on a 15 inch rim.

    Cheers Pat.
  • You are right hondafriek. I got confused. I need a smaller rim with higher profile. Here is what the APA site says...
    "The owners of cars equipped with low profile tires should definitely consider switching to higher profile winter tires mounted on wheels of a smaller diameter. Low profile winter tires are less effective and tend to facilitate the accumulation of snow within the wheels. For more information on downsizing the wheels on your vehicle, check the section about minus one and minus two conversions in this guide."

    My Subaru manual says I should not change from the factory size so I better just find an exact fit winter rim and tires as per the door sticker.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, the smaller rims might not clear the brake calipers.

  • Why is there no posts since 2006.
    I have a Justy,Impreza & a Legacy.That's how much I like
    Subaru's. 89 Justy is a little rusty but still running.
    Same with the 93 Impreza which has over 400,000km.
    Just bought a 90 Legacy,little rusty with 246,000km.
    U just can't kill the engines if U keep good Synthetic
    Oil in them.
  • Our dealer has sold a ton of cars to Canadian clients. They were saying they saved between $7,000 and $20,000 depending on the model. If you guys need any help getting a new subaru let me can also check out my blog on Carspace. I'd love to help! :D
  • Hi
    I'm a new owner of a '91 Justy which has required some work to get rolling. I'm currently in need of a brake drum as mine is ruined. The car is a 4WD GL, standard trans. and the drum has a splined hub which slides onto the drive shaft. The center spacer and washer are missing as well.
  • Hi Karen,tried 2 of my Canadian Suppliers but have none on hand.None even listed on
    model search. Brake disc but no drums, I assume U tried the Dealers.What Province
    are U located in. I have one more source,trying to reach them by the wknd. Will get
    back to U. Have a Happy New Year. :cry: :cry:
  • nes2nes2 Posts: 14
    How come we cant get the legacy wagon - it looks awesome and way cooler than the outback?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Because only 3 of us care.

    Don't look at me - we had an 02 Legacy wagon. We were the only ones.

    In the US, image is everything, and right now crossovers are hot, wagons are not.
  • Hi folks, can anyone tell me where the single hose fitting protruding from
    the bottom of my ECS canister connects to? I just discovered today that it
    has been disconnected but I can't seem to find where to recconnect it,any
    advice would be greatly appreciated,thanks.
  • Hi folks, can anyone tell me where the single hose fitting protruding from
    the bottom of my ECS canister connects to? I just discovered today that it
    has been disconnected but I can't seem to find where to recconnect it,any
    advice would be greatly appreciated,thanks.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Wow, that's pretty specific. Not a whole lot of Subaru Crew members here still own Loyales. My cousin had one but sold it in 2004.

    Here's a suggestion from left field - search for the part on-line, then look to see if there are any images that might show where it should go.
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