02 Tahoe dash warning lights

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I have an 02 Tahoe, 115,000 mi. very good condition, recently the security light & battery light flash off & on, the temp gauge and fuel gauge go up & down. Does anyone have a solution ?


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    I'm sure someone does :) When I see something like this with multiple lights/gauge stuff going on I might wonder about some sort of issue involving BCM somehow. How is the battery charging systems, and slow starting or anything?
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    Yeah, how old is the battery? If it's older, maybe summer heat has pushed it over the edge. Lots of parts stores will do a free load test on them.
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    Battery is only 4 months old
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    pocketeer said:

    Battery is only 4 months old

    And the cable connections are rock solid correct and tight?

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    I have checked, cleaned & tighten every external grounds that I was able to find,radiator core support,rear cyliner head ,under drivers seat on frame rear frame by tail lights, alternator & battery connections
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    Your post sounds like you are aggressively following grounds and cleaning them.
    I'd suggest 2 things and the first is the instrument cluster may not be making good
    contact. If you remove the instrument cluster and look at the contacts that it punches
    into you may find corrosion has developed with age.

    Second is to put in a different battery unless the car was doing this BEFORE the battery
    replacement 4 months ago. People have found different defects internally in batteries.
    Can you switch out a battery from another vehicle that has positive and negative
    posts located so the correct cable can reach to them when placed in the Tahoe?

    Do you have a service manual by GM (Helm) for this truck? I'd suggest if you
    do much work on it, you might enjoy having to help see how the dash cluster is
    designed and removed. But I see huge pricing on that actual sets from Ebay ($249)

    You can buy them new from helminc.com maybe for not more than that
    and you can buy the service DVD that covers all models and many years
    for a higher price if you have more than one GM product.

    My punt would be to check your local public library. They may have a subscription
    to Alldata. Our county-wide system does but I can't use it from home like most
    of the other databases using my library card number. I have to into the library
    branch because they pay a license fee per computer for that Alldata access.
    But I can print out for $.10 /page and the last time I could actually save
    pages and pictures to a USB data stick from the machines they had then.

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    Thanks for your input, this is the next action I will persue and see what happens
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