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Hummer H3



  • I am bored and lazy. I have not; contacted engineers, researched the library or the internet, contacted vortec engineering, and etc.

    Spent some time at vortec engineering netsite, remember (maybe at edmunds) how the 2.4 gm engine was pushed beyond limits thought possible by me.

    Can a small boost vortec centifugal supercharger (vcs) be added to the 3.5 I5? Can a small vcs be driven from an electric motor? Is that motor necessary - i.e. is the loss from the crank enough to warrant the the electrical circuits to time the motor speed vs drag or drain to the alternator? Can the guts of the 3.5 handle any of this? Can this be coupled to an enlarged exhaust system to make a "wow" what was that experience?
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    We are getting a new truck or SUV within the next 6 months and the H3 is on the "wanted" list. My question: would you get another H3 if your current vehicle would get stolen or totaled? How is the reliability and the dealer service? The relative lack of power and poor gas mileage doesn't matter much, we only drive about 7000 miles per year. Please feel free to post as much info as you have time for.
  • Better_Half just told me she would get another H3 in a heartbeat. I know she wasn't pulling a funny [chevy (gm) heartbeat].

    We test drove a new 5.3 tahoe and don't know about the cylinder deactivation. We did a test loop at Classic and it doesn't involve interstate driving. The gas pedal felt like we were driving our old toyota goose 4wd with 65hp at the wheels. Someone told us we should've floored it anytime we didn't want cyl deact.

    The H3 is built for off-road with it's 4.56 dif's. Autobahn? trips in texas eats mpg just like some posters say - keep it as slow as possible and not over 70mph. We don't care - we will spend money to get time every chance.

    Build quality-test drive as many as possible like we did and don't except anything but perfect at buy time - entrophy exists.

    Just used better-half's hand me down '04 malibu to bring home deco bark(raised garden beds mulch) - (6) 3 cu ft bags per load in the trunk. Wells cargo trailer going to the auction block. Do you need the truck bed?

    Rumors persist about the 5.3 w/out cyl deact in the H3. Latest chatter elsewhere talks about ordering this summer for fall delivery. Then you start the first year build clock again.

    Good luck and good to be objective and keep all options open.

    I hope b_h's H3 hand me down will be our beater in years to come.
  • Guess I will talk to myself to keep this topic at the top of the Hummer list. Checked the google hits again and the links to a vcs is not for low rpm not for an automatic etc. But is is simple and cheap but doesn't have a self contained sc fluid resevoir (uses recirc motor oil-more problems?)-----musings Maybe b-h's h-3 gets handed down and she gets an '08 with more power no two speed transfer case and higher gearing 4.10/3.73 who knows...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Guess I will talk to myself ...

    I am predicting extech2 will be back Tuesday! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Did "yingxiong" ever get an H3? It seems there is excitement about the Euro Cad diesel on another hummer forum-already can tear it apart just from the pictures w/out it sitting/crammed in the engine bay. Let the other guy in America buy a new Euro turbo diesel. Keep it there general.
  • yingxiongyingxiong Posts: 12
    Sure did! I ordered a Slate Blue H3 with production date after 3/1 to get the new placement for the window controls and the child safety locks. As it turned out, they had one in the same color being built with a sunroof that's arriving next week, so I took that one. I just learned this morning that sunroofs are FREE this month, so that's a bonus!
  • Congratulations!
  • Was going to make the purchase on an H3 soon, but noted the discussion on relocating window controls. Do you think the "mid-year" changes are worth waiting for? Also, are dealers out there moving at all from the MSRP or just giving the rebates? Edmonds shows the TMV at about $1200 under MSRP. Any help would be appreciated.
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    You bet. We (I drove) drove an H3 automatic yesterday. The lack of quickness didn't bother me at all. I've driven hundreds of cars, starting in my twenties when I worked in Germany for a car dealer and up to the point when I quit as a Honda tech in the year 2000. Nothing impressed me like the H3 before, the incredible solidity of the truck is amazing. Our salesman wasn't really interested in showing us anything, he probably thought we couldn't afford it. My wife is very intimidated by its size and she wouldn't believe me when I said the H3 is 2 inches shorter than her Honda Accord. I plan to rent an H3 for a day or two, and maybe she will be willing to drive it then. I love the thing, and I'm thinking buying one just as a hobby car, keep it for the weekends, therefore gas mileage and other issues like reliability won't matter.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    .....and other issues like reliability won't matter.

    I think that probably makes you unique among potential buyers. ;)
  • Good report. Yes, feels more solid than any half ton or less. You're right someone always has more power and some don't know how to use what they have. Some are go fast straight ahead only. We've had to brake going uphill on a curving ramp in econo boxes because some bimmer driver or such couldn't use what they had.
  • "Our salesman wasn't really interested in showing us anything, he probably thought we couldn't afford it."

    Will you be a be back for this salesman? Did he look like a newbie? Was he having a bad day? He should have never given you that impression, no matter what. Sold chevies and hondas during one year, twenty years ago. Never bought a honda, test drove wagons and the minvan's first year but traded our only ever chevy (until the '04 malibu) for a previa. Maybe he/she will read this.

    In blue jeans, when we were first married, looked at volvo's and mercedes' in dallas and we were treated with respect.
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    Our salesman was I think from a middle-eastern country and seemed to be thoroughly bored during our rather brief test drive. I might visit another dealer or rent the H3, we can rent one for $119 a day with 300 miles included.
    After the drive I told my wife that every American male between the age 13 and 96 has two fantasies: one is to drive a Hummer, the second is to take a bubble bath with Pamela Anderson. Ever since then I'm sleeping in the garage, but it isn't too bad, our two dogs keep me quite warm and our Toyota truck has a cozy bedliner.
  • Another forum is up and running about the v8 and thinking a heavy 5.3, what about the 4x4 alum. 5.3, what about possibly a lot of 4.8's sitting around, what about rpo GT5 4.10 gears, is this platform really an Isuzu, is the tranny really good for much heavier towing duty, what about the driveline and more power, a 2wd alpha, no adventure package, - a second hummer and no bu in the garage? Waiting and being teased is just like a little one waiting for santa.
  • Guys,
    Please forget the fantasy that H3 will come with an V8 engine. Who else would buy a H2 if GM makes H3 so attractive and so much lower in price? I already own a 2006 H3 so may be i can say something objectively. I do think GM had mis-priced the 2006 H3. It is not a generic SUV model, it is designed as a dream car which people puts in in their wish list. GM should have priced the H3 in the 40K's, a bit closer to their 60K's+ H2. A 30K H3 is a steal.
  • To those unfortunate few that have cylinder problems, could you tell me the dates of production of your vehicle and what is your current odomater readings?
    I have heard some members said that cylinder head problems occurred in early 2005 productions and those vehicles that rolled out of the assemly line after Jan or feb 2006 would have the cylinder head problems fixed before sending out to the dealers' lots. And those earlier make models would have the cylinder head problems pop up after the odometer surpassed 10K miles. Kindly send in your info to verify this observation. It would help many other early buyers of H3 to file claims !!
  • I bought my 2006 H3 when they did not install child safety locks for the rear doors. (Why would GM ever did this in the beginning?) My question to those more knowledgeable is: can a after market safety lock be installed for the rear doors? My grandson is getting bigger and wiser, I am afraid he may accidentally open the rear door if he ever sneaked out of the safety seat? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  • You can buy one in the $40's. It's great in any configuration. We could've been very happy with a 3.5 or 3.7 I6 and not have balance shafts but this is designated a truck engine - compromise with long stroke and ohc. It works as the package is presented. Would we buy a small v-8 w/out the adventure package but with a rear e-locker - probably if the rear can go higher to 3.73 or 4.10 and give highway performance(and keep the good '06).

    I noticed that some good people on one of the other forums is working to get those torsion bars and springs - thank you. S/C - still working on separate lubricant vs crankcase oil since this poster turned into a forum hog on e's slippery forum - yes oil for the engine (and possibly a s/c later).

    Turbo's/dieseleuro stuff - listen to your answer - big detroit push rods rock. My ford service advisor raced chevy not ford. Why asked tod? I can afford to rebuild a chevy and race again next weekend but if the ford gets blown up after several weekends, it will sit.

    tod is trying to not post but would also like a real discussion and not whining a few decades late about the state of the union.
  • I regetfully own a 2007 H3 Hummer. I purchased it January 13, 2007. I was told it was the Cadillac of Suvs by Wright Hummer of Pittburgh. 2.5 months later and 4000 miles, I own a H3 with a defective cylinder head. I guess I don't want to own a Cadillac...8 -10 days for repair because of slow parts availability.
  • jesskewljesskewl Posts: 3
    Well I just got back from my local hummer dealership and was shooting the breeze with my salesman guy waiting for my oil change and he tells me that the o8's will have a high end option of 5.3 V8!!!! Obviously the price will be higher but he said that as times goes on he hopes they offer it as a mix and match deal in the ie base with v8. He said the 08's should be here in about 6 months!!!
  • Don't know if the I5 is robust enough to supe(r) up with a s/c and now don't really care. Wanted new torsion bars and rear leafs and can join another forum and sign up, but ennui.

    B_H will commute and we will travel with her 3.5. The 5.3 even with 4.10's gives towing ability [and a rock crawling iron front dif - and a kudo to gm (but wrangler pressure? result)] per a paraphrased gm release by someone somewhere. But 5.3 still needs to feed 1.8L more than the 3.5 all the time.

    Keeping the speed down [(remember the old double nickels)which a noted person in the business in dfw said can reduce fuel/oil needs more so than a lot of things] can keep our mpg's up if we so desire.

    I am vehicle bored (after a lot of time with a diesel) and will just change the oil and keep B_H's H3 fueled up.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    This is a common problem with the 5 cylinder engine. The same engine is found in the Colarado/Canyon. You can check out the discussion there under the Chevrolet Colarado forum.
  • Tired and sick of other forums and attacks, ae's, and trolls.

    At times I feel like it is 1890 and all owners are discussing the latest and greatest horse carriage. I will never buy another (insert your dislike here). Are we coming up on a change? Why did Ford and GM destroy mass transit decades ago?

    Here in texas there has been a change in the disregard of courtesy and law, including road rules. The death in a car collision of the gentleman (who brought Christmas Story to the screen - Red Ryder BB Gun)and his son by a drunken unlicensed pick up truck driver in Ca reinforces one of the reasons b_h drives an h3 to work.

    I will stay here at edmunds and not join the tough off-road crowd who, like some, show contempt for others and think they have the only right answer. Thank you edmunds.
  • Did second oil change with 5w30 mobil 1 a few hundred miles ago and now approaching 10k miles. Recently, while returning from okc to dfw, took b_h's h3 up to 4k rpms and amazed me (and the surrounding assortment of hd trucks and suv's)having to use the truck lane going up the arbuckles passing the aformentioned group. The h3 is just fine even with the 3.5 engine.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome back, Dave! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • You are welcome. I never really left edmunds(only here and at lost for a bit), I've just been lurking elsewhere.

    The net seems to condescend "edmunds". I was hoping to generate a good discussion with people feeling free to join in and not get ridiculed.

    I am curious; even though the H3 doesn't have a turbo and have posted at oil slippery subject, liked redline 15w40 in the crd. Has any body used 5w30 redline in an h3 and gone by the DIC (and not mobil 1 for 6k miles)? Thinking about redline 5w30 and let the oil change go until the onstar update.
  • stephie1stephie1 Posts: 15
    I am having a hard time getting a dealership to tell me they can get me a 2006 H3x with no mileage (or very little). All the sales guys keep pushing is a 2007, but I am thinking I can get a greater rebate if I can find a this foolhearty? Where are all the 2006s out there? I see that under current rebates and incentives a lot of manufacturers are listing deep rebates on remaining (new) 2006 models they are looking to clear out, but I am having a hard time finding them when I contact the dealers...such as SAAB, Hummer, GMC Yukon, etc.. It is like I am hitting my head against the wall in talking to the sales people. Can anyone shed some light on this? :blush:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Probably a little late for last minute 'new' '06 bargains. We're now well into '07 and it won't be long before the '08s become available. You'll soon be seeing the last of the '07s.
  • Looks like Durango isn't the only guilty place for hummer damage. Conversations at the local dealer brought up the vandalism issue. It seems that in some of the "better" areas here that the 2's and some 3's have been "keyed?". Another case of misguided (other vehicles get worse mileage)or mischievous activity?

    Oil oil oil, spent way too much time at bitog, but leaning to staying with mobil 1 (decades of use).
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