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Hummer H3



  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    We have an '06 H3 that we love but want to trade up to an H3T because of cargo utility and the V8. Its like they all fell off the Earth. There are none at the ex-dealers, none listed on used car search engines (within 200 miles of LA)!. Did they not make any in the final year?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I believe that GM shut down production of the H3 and H3T last January. Only about 5500 of the '09s were sold so they would be pretty scarce too. :(

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Only about 5500 of the '09s were sold so they would be pretty scarce too.

    There's just one on eBay at the moment; black on black with 15K it has a BIN of $28.9K.
  • drocz1drocz1 Posts: 1
    glad to see ur interest in the H3s....its like their slogan nothing else.
    We bought our mellow yellow in late 2005 when they first came its been almost 5 years...other than routine maintenance its been great. I initially got it because at the time it was the only mid size suv that had the side curtain airbags and having 2 small children it was vital. My little one at the time had a car seat so there was plenty of space for a whole it has excellent leg room even for taller adults.
    The cargo room is great inthe back for long trips (which we have pretty much have taken all along the east coast up to Toronto down to Florida. Another main reason we got the truck is that it was the vehicle for my wife to have during the day with the children so size and safety is a major factor also living in upstate NY we see alot of snow in the winters. So it had to be a vehicle that could perform...and boy has it, my wife has had to pick me up a few times that ive been stranded during i have to say its an incredible feeling when youre going right through feet of snow while everyone else is stuck or sliding all over the place even other suvs. Of course at the end of the day tires make a huge difference but the 4x4 capabilites of this truck are pretty impressive. Its not a sports cars so merging into traffic isnt effortless but i'll tell you it handles great especially in turns and uturns and rides almost as smooth as a sedan on long trips. Gas mileage to Florida was no lie 18.3mpg and that was with 2 adults 2 children and a bunch of luggage! I put in a K & N air filter - dont knowif iit actually helped but it claims to improve looking to put inthe whole air intake next so perhaps that will help even more.
    Honestly it could have used some more cup holders, slight reclining seats in the rear and maybe some rear seat warmers and lighted mirrors to make it perfect but no complaints otherwise. It sits nice and high and gives you a safer feel overall, of course you will get your rare fanatical tree hugger make a comment but overall i have gotten nothing but inquiries and compliments since i got it...forget about dirving by little kids...its like a giant toy to them so they all love it! lol I agree with another poser...we will drive it until the doors fall off because compared to other family vehicles...ive had a mini van, a ford taurus wagon...the gas mileage is comparable even better than the min van. At the end of the day aesthetically if you like it go for it...there is nothing as cool looking really to me will be like any other have to be lucky you can buy a newvehicle that is a lemon (which if uner warantee will be taken care of) or a new one that is almost service long as you take care of it routinely - oil changes tire rotations filters etc, take it to the dealer when seomthign seems will take care of you. good luck on your decision.
  • h3 new today in usa = 69!! left,,dropping apx 1/day will be done by jan 11

    want one ,,hurry, i got my new h3 adv after driving an 07 1yr, from 37k to 56k

    loved it,got a fresh one to last
  • I am looking for a cheap hummer. Hopefully under $10G....Just a wish. thought I'd through it out there.
  • Have you been able to fix this problem. My hummer has the exact same problem.
  • I purchased a Hummer h3 in the beginning of 2006. After, about 3 months of having the vehicle the check engine light came on. So I panicked wuickly went back to another dealer closer to my area. I was told it was fixed but, 2 days later light back on. So i brought it back to the dealer. After they kept the truck for 2 months-2 months. I was told it was fixed all to get the truck back and it wasn't driving like a new vehicle or any vehicle more like a dump truck. so instead I decided to take it back to original dealer where I purchased. Service dept basically told me car was ruined from someone doing work that didn't know what they where doing to this type of vehicle. I have had countless problems with this truck to many to list and GMAC is full of it. I was a single/hard working mother at the time that don't ask for hand outs. I saved up for a while to purchase this truck for me and my daughter to have reliable transportation. Something would could be proud to say was ours all to be screwed. It hurts tremendously. I needed this car to last me at least 10 years after paying it off I doubt that will happen. Curretnly, the truck is back in the shop. I have had the truck 5 years I gaurantee it has been in the shop at least 6mo to a year of that time. Think carefully before you purchase this truck new or used. Don't do it? I could go on and on but I think you will get the just from what's wriiten.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It's not unusual for any vehicle to have the check light come on.
    Your problem seems to be with the dealer that messed it up, rather than the poor truck.

    I'm not particularly a fan of the H2s and H3s, but the reliability of the H3 is pretty average with the H2 a little less so; lots of niggly electrical problems.

    It's also possible you have a :lemon: , but that doesn't mean all H3s are lemons.

    All manufacturers turn out a lemon occasionally, but that doesn't mean you should never buy another car.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    Just wanted to go on the record that our '06 H3, bought in September 2005, has been the most trouble free vehicle we've had in 30 years...since our 'beloved '71 Toyota! The H3 has lived a hard life as my wife's daily commuter; short trip stop-n-go driving, 3 miles each way...hardly gets warmed up...rarely sees the freeway. Occasional trail excursions...where it performs superbly.

    In 6 1/2 years and we've yet to spend $200 on repairs. the original AC Delco battery for about $150. I finally replaced the air filter last year for $25 a WIX). I've replaced a couple tail lamp bulbs too. That's it! And about half of our oil changes have been free with coupons from Hummer.

    My biggest regret is not buying an H3T pickup in 09 before GM shut down the Hummer lines. Would have been a perfect vehicle for us.

    The H3 forums don't get much traffic any more, so I hope this helps those here researching whether to buy that used H3.
  • Good for you. Sorry you missed out on the H3T.

    Bought our '06 in September '06. While I won't question your lack of repairs and required maintenance, we are planning to keep ours as long as possible. We test drove an alpha soon after they came out but didn't bite. Life got in the way never got another one with $10k off and was waiting for the local dealer to find more H3's and ended up with the loaded wrangler.

    GM should've spent a few more dollars and made a v8 possible from the beginning as well as strengthening known parts. Hoping a new trailblazer or equal vehicle will receive the benefits of lessons learned again by GM.

    Funny, I replaced the same rear taillight bulb twice already.
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