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Chevrolet Cobalt



  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I personally would want the hot 2.2 L engine. I am no longer in my hot rod faze, and if I were I would be a 1960's GTO', Cutlas', Elcamino', Impala', etc.

    A 300 hp Cobalt would have to be limited production. There would not be too many people buying this kind of car. GM's Ecotec engine family has a huge amount of aftermarket products made for improving performance. In fact you can buy every engine internal part from a special GM Cobalt performance catalog available for $20 or so. The Ecotec is setting speed records all over the world, and holds quarter mile times as well as land speed records. Honda race motors can no longer keep up.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Yes, I agree, he should see if GM will back this repair. Seems more than reasonable that they would do so. There are so many options people have these days for buying cars with real warranties, like Hyundai, I would think GM would want to keep a customer. Let us know what they say. The dealership may give you a quick answer, or more likely this will be turned over to the district manager. You may get in touch with this regional manager directly. Hope it all works out.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The Hyundai warranty is only good for the original owner or direct family member. It is a non-transferable warranty to anyone outside of the family, so you are stuck with the car. The Suzuki and Isuzu warrantees are transferable on the other hand.
  • I just can't agree with that. Even if 20% sold are SS versions, if you improve the version then more will buy it, like the GP GXP. Also, if you think about it GM makes more money on the SS cobalt than the LT, so its in GM's interest to make the SS better.

    While i like the fact that the ecotec has some racing history and speed records behind it, i would be buying the street version, and i would like the street version to dominate.

    A 300hp S/C 2.4L VVT DI Cobalt would mean TONS of exposure for the cobalt, AKA on mags and such, that GM would not have to pay for, and WINNING a comparison test would be nice too, with its curent handling, a superrior power factor can improve the standings of the car, and sales do go up if your 1rst in a C&D review.

    So is your street cred, and thats the kind of marketing that you can't buy. If people see how good the Cobalt performed in the mags, they will go to the store and get an LT, just like the folks who buy mustangs, not everyone can afford a GT or GT500.
  • tripletriple Posts: 2
    Well i have been kind of looking at the cobalt supercharged ss.

    I have lookin a the different options and came up with a few questions.

    1. how many of you guys got the $1500 performance package. Is it worth it. To me i think it one of those thing i could live without.

    2. Is the xm radio upgrade just an antenna or does it have a replacement in dash radio/cd.

    3. How well do you guys like the sun roof? Do you get much noise from it(rattles).
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I can't say about the performance package, it depends on what you expect with performance and looks.

    As far as I know the radio is slightly different, but sorry I am not for sure.

    Early model sunroofs rattled but I haven't heard anyone here recently with sunroof issues if they indeed got one.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Second and/or subsequent owners have powertrain components coverage under the 5 year / 60,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Excludes coverage for vehicles in commercial use (i.e. taxi, route delivery, delivery service, rental, etc.).

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I was talking about the Hyundai, not the Cobalt. The Hyundai has the 10-year non-transferable warranty.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    If you really enjoy spirited drvining, get the performance pkg. The limited slip dif. will really make a difference. Try the seats before you buy - the recaros can be kind snug.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I copied and pasted that from the Hyundai website. 5 year on the drivetrain is transferable.

    I would suggest GM should extend their warranties on all their cars to compete. If they take care of reliability issues, the coupe in the Cobalt would be kinda neat little car to zip around in.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry about that. I along with I am sure many people thought that Hyundai had a 10-year engine warranty. That is the way they present themselves on commercials. The 10-year non-transferable must be the bumper to bumper.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Just go to the website and read it for yourself. hyundais do have a 5/10 warranty. Go to hyundaiusa

    Would like to see some improved warranty period for all GM cars. I think Buick has a 4 year bumper to bumper, as does Mazda, VW,& BMW. Even that extra year would help. The 3 yr / 5 yr on power train on Cobalt, while better than the rest of Chevy line, is still a little weak on a time frame. If you buy and sell in three years, I guess it will not matter. Just seems like 36k miles is basically a not even broken in yet. The extended power train on Cobalt to 5 yr. is to match the Focus warranty?
    Next step is to match Hyundai? Guess not.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Vince Burlapp, on his excellent enthusiast's blog site, knocked the Cobalt for being an "also ran" while praising the Accent for being better put together and quieter. I responded thusly:

    I've owned about 15 economy cars over the past 6 years - several Focus ZX3's, a couple of Neons, a Cavalier, a Honda coupe, a Scion xA, so I think I'm qualified to defend the Cobalt.

    I have a 2006 Cobalt Coupe, stick shift, LS. I paid less than 10 grand for it (repriced by GM to 12,990 with no options - but that does include aircon and a great radio) after a $1,000 dealer discount, application of a $1,000 "floating rebate" coupon the dealer had from GM, and a $1,000 GM Card discount. You can't beat the price. I know I've tried, but the only ZX3 I got for that price didn't have aircon.

    For that really bargain price, I got a trip computer (mpg, miles to empty, outside temperature, oil life remaining); automatic headlamps, and an RDS (radio data system) CD player.

    On a trip to Yosemite from San Franciso this weekend, I got 36.6 mpg average (my actual calcuation, not the computer)with the aircon running all day. In my workweek commute, I regularlly get 35 mpg or better.

    This from the largest, strongest, and fastest (except Mazda3) engine in an economy car.

    I also get a 5 year, 60,000 mile power train warranty. Tuneups are virtually non-existent. It's PZEV (super clean, with 150,000 mile warranty on all emission parts).

    Wow. How far we've come that we can ignore all this and worry about some nitpicks. Yes, the steering can't hold a candle to the Focus, but the ride is pretty good, and the car grips the road very well (especially considering that Chevy doesn't have a Cobalt that exactly compares to the ZXE in the Focus line). Yes, I have also noted a couple of quality control issues (a intermittent scratching noise from the dashboard, some gurgling a couple of times from the heater hoses) that I didn't have with my Focii (except the 2000 ZX3) or Neons, but to be honest the Scion xA and Honda 2003 coupe had the same number of problems (it surprised me that the ZX3s, VWs, and Neons had fewere initial quality control issues than the Toyota and Honda!), but I can get them fixed.

    On the other hand, if you say the Accent is REALLY quiet, that makes me want to try one. BUT in Europe, the Accent is a whole size class below the Focus/Cobalt/VW Golfs, and that has to count for something too.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    The last word from a Hyundai owner, and by the numbers, on Hyundai/KIA new car warranties:

    1>Hyundai cars sold in the U.S. come with TWO warranties (actually three if you count the body rust-through provisions). The "basic" warranty covers EVERYTHING (except the audio systems* and "normal consumables" such as tires, brake pads, spark plugs, etc.) for 5 yrs/60,000 miles. This "basic" warranty's remaining life fully transfers to subsequent owners. 2>At the end of the fifth year or 60,000 miles of ownership, the "powertrain" extended warranty kicks in to provide long term protection for the remaining 5 yrs/40,000 miles (in other words out to an overall 10 yrs/100,000 miles from date of purchase). The powertrain extended warranty covers mechanical damage to the engine, transmission, front drive axles, CVJs, seals, and front wheel bearings except if such failure is sustained through accident or abuse. (Hear that, "tuners"?) The "powertrain" extended warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners except to immediate family members in the same household (wife, child, step-child, or legally adopted child). A child enrolled full time in college and living on campus during the normal school year is considered a member of the immediate family living "at home" if unmarried.

    *The audio system warranty in Hyundais extends only to 3 yrs/36,000 miles from original date of purchase and registration. (Trust me - for good reason...)
  • SS coupe a few days back. It looked pretty good, and had a surprising amount of trunk space and leg room. my problem was with head room. I am 5'11" and my head kept scraping the headliner (if thats what its called). I was suprised that although the seats had lumbar support, they could not move up or down. I was shocked.

    Headroom is the easiest thing to fix, just lift up the top by a few inches. Its absolutley rediculous, and i think GM will loose valuable sales due to this constraint.

    I hope GM finds the 50 cents nessesary to redo the headroom in this thing, b/c its a very cool vehicle otherwise.

    The interior was very nice and materials A OK.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    A lot of small cars are like this when you get the sunroof. I have even had issues with full-sized cars head room in the back seat when the car was equipt with the sunroof. If you raised the roof on these cars they wouldn't look as good. I would personally stay away from sunroofs.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Yeah, but if you don't tick off the "sunroof" option on the order form, imagine all the squeaks, rattles, and leaks you'll miss out on as the miles pile. I, too, value adequate headroom over the excitement of growing one or more melanomas. (I had a sunroof on a '75 Mercedes 300D which I dutifully opened and closed yearly just to verify the stupid thing still worked.)
  • won't ruin the design of the car, raise the door height a little if you have to, the line isn't flish with the hood anywhay...
    if you raise the roof just 2 inches, along with the top door trim bu say 1 inch, NO ONE WILL NOTICE A THING, except that taller people can fit in the car.

    I'm telling you the inside of that SS S/C looked soo cool, the dash the speedo, everything, it also seemed to have lots of room where stuff was far away from me, so i felt pretty good, but the headroom SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't believe they (GM) would let this slip, WHY!?
  • djbaltdjbalt Posts: 2
    I'm 6'3 and have no problem with the headroom. I simply tilt the seat back so I can get into the "Indy Racer Position". If I put the seat all the way up vertically, yeah, I would also not have the headroom needed. But reclining is just fine with me. Love my balt after 10k miles, no regrets at all.
  • cwo4cwo4 Posts: 90
    As I get older and gas prices go up I asked myself what did I want in a car. We bought my wife a new (in '03) Cavalier for $10K with air, auto,and a radio. In the three years she has been driving it, the only problem she has ever had was a burnt out tail light. Our son had a '92 with no problems until he was hit by a pickup. He came out of the accident fine but the car was totalled. I wanted a new car, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. I was driving an 04 Toyota Camry with close to 60,000 miles on it. It had left me stranded once when I was in rush hour traffic and it decided to reset the computer which caused the car to only go 10-25 miles an hour. Luckily a policeman came up and escorted me avoiding a major pile up on the interstate. So I decided I would look at the Cobalt since no one had any issues with the Cavalier. I did sit down and decided what I wanted in a car. I wanted an automatic with an air conditioner and rear window defroster. I wanted a radio with a cd player. A car that gets good gas mileage and has an engine with a reliable record. I wanted ABS and traction control for the winter snow. All of these used to be options. My first new car was a 66 VW for which I paid $1342 over three year installment payments. My wife and I went to her Chevy dealer and we test drove a Cobalt. The salesman was nice enough but wanted us to "move up" in the model of Chevy I wanted. I stuck with what I wanted and wound up buying a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt LS with everything I wanted, and to paraphrase another car company "nothing I didn't." Now after 5000 miles I too can say there have not been any problems with my Chevy. It is comfortable, reliable and gets good gas mileage. And the price was right for me, $13000 tax tags and freight out the door. I wish GM would do a better job of advertising by talking the value and strength of the Cobalt instead of having girls jump off bridges into a moving truck load of various Chevy's as I saw in their recent TV ads. Oh well, the point of this post is to put something new up and to say I am really happy with my automotive appliance, my new Cobalt.
  • danielj6danielj6 Posts: 285
    Great post! Informative, interesting and to the point.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    those Chevy girls would jump onto my car...
  • gerald41gerald41 Posts: 37
    I own a 06 Cobalt LT with over 19,000 miles on it. I drive over 140 miles a day on it from whiteplains , NY to JFK airport. I just want to give the cobalt it's pat on the back. I have not had 1 problem with the car. Other than oil changes I have not had any reason to go to the dealer. You can have problems in any car and there are always some issues and bugs to work out but not every cobalt experiences the problems mentioned here. Some cobalts have problems while others don't.
  • i sale chevy's and cadillac at rancho motor co. and the cobalt has a ecotec 2 engine thats the same engine that honda puts in the civic except gm has more inside manufactured parts that can make the cobalt smoke the civic, but any ways the testers for the cobalt have predicted that the cobalt will go to 220,000 at least, not all of them but most with the right maintance, meaning oil changes and brakes and oil filters and spark plugs etc. on a regular time, so you shouldn't bad mouth chevy cars unless you know your facts buddy.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    --"i sale chevy's and cadillac at rancho motor co. and the cobalt has a ecotec 2 engine thats the same engine that honda puts in the civic"--

    Help me out here since I appear to be confused. According to Ward's Automotive 2006 Passenger Car Engine Guide, the 2L Ecotec is built in Kaiserlautern, Germany - and at that, based on an original Saab design before the Swedes were absorbed into the hallowed domain of the GM Mark of Excellence. The 2L Civic si's 2L engine is built in Suzuka, Japan. (I'm not current on geography, but I believe the two factories are seperated by a few miles.) The Honda motor has variable valve timing. The Cobalt's 2L motor does not. The only thing the two motors share is an identical, "square" 86mm x 86mm bore and stroke and perhaps some similar heat treated metric fasteners. TIA! :D
  • Has anyone seen the G5 by Pontiac? its supposed to come out pretty soon. Exactly like the cobalt, re-badge for sure.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Civic Si 197HP Honda engine. It is possible a Cobalt may smoke -- just kidding, but it is no Honda engine.

    Where was GM at Indy this year? Oh, now I recall, only Honda engines came to play. First year Honda came to Indy they had the winning car, if not for a controversial light call. I would take Honda engines over GM any day. That said, the Cobalt is great torque for the buck. Buy them cheap, drive them 'till they drop, and you got value in a Cobalt. Not the worse choice in sub $15K cars.
  • if you looked lately at most course's in america you'll see the supercharged cobalt at most tracks not pro tracks yes but shortly they'll be there, that i promise you, plus like you said "the Cobalt is great torque for the buck." and like i said there's not a stock civic out right now that can beat the cobalt and if you think other wise then prove me wrong. but i'm not here to bag on civic'c i had a 93 hb civic that had 334000 miles and ran perfect but i'm also have a 2007 cobalt that is very nice in every aspect.
  • go to then you'll see what can be to cobalts for the track and watch sv ( speed vision ) for those of you that dont know, and you'll on there as well from time to time .
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I have seen it on Pontiacs site and like it. It is not exactly like the Cobalt with a different front end but it does cost more and obviously shares the majority of the Chevy.
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