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Buick LaCrosse



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    The Allure is a much nicer car than the Taurus. With a V6 and quiet interior It's more like a nicer Camry at the CX level. Premium midsize sedan.
  • I had a 99 Regal GSE and it was a very good car. Acceptable mileage and with the SC3800 engine, great performance. Mine had 85K miles when I traded it on an 05 Lacrosse. The only real problem I had with it was brake pulsations or shudder caused by warped discs. This is a problem GM has had for years. I figured out on my own that the cause was over torqueing lug nuts. The dealer never did agree with me and always said they torqued lug nuts properly. I had the same problems on previous GM cars I have owned and finally resorted to re-torqueing lug nuts myself every time the wheels were removed. I noticed when reading the owners manual for my LaCrosse that GM actually says that over torqueing lug nuts causes brake pulsations right in the manual. Some dealers may hand torque lug nuts on request, but most use a pneumatic impact wrench. Buy yourself a low cost torque wrench and torque the lugs before you drive the car after wheels are removed for tire rotation etc. I always used around 75 to 80 ft-lbs. If the dealer wont do it for you re-torque then in their parking lot and they may start to cooperate. If you brake with your left foot, make sure you do not inadvertently ride the brake. It is heat that causes the warpage. I figured the over torque caused stress in the disc and heat partially releaved the stress then when the discs cooled they warp. It doesn't take much warpage to feel it in the brake pedal.
  • Interesting, my CXS turns about 2400 RPM at 70 MPH and gets 19 MPG. I'm not happy with that at all!. Otherwise the car is very quiet and comfortable. The 3.6L VVT is down on power compared to my old 99 Regal SC3800.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,306
    > always used around 75 to 80 ft-lbs.

    Check your LaCrosse manual to see what the torque is for the wheels. My LeSabre is 100 lb-ft.
    Dragging calipers also can exacerabate the uneveness in the rotors.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Question for those interested in buying a LaCrosse. What would be a good choice for an uplevel model of LaCrosse? Would need to choose a basic engine from GM's choices.

    Perhaps a turbo DOHC 3.6L, perhaps a supercharged DOHC 3.6L, perhaps the tried and true supercharged 3.8L, or even the same V8 that is in the Pontiac/Impala?

    I would assume that HP would be around the V8's 300hp. Or maybe there is no need for a higher performance version of the LaCrosse, after all the Lexus ES and Camry have less HP. (218 vs. 240) And the Accord only has 244. Of course the TL has 270 so maybe that will be enough? Or perhaps potential Buick buyers do not care about performance and there is no need for that reason.
  • Your engine choices in a LaCrosse are limited. No Turbo or supercharged 3.6L or SC3800 available. The DOHC 2 valve 3.6l is the same basic engine used in the Cadillac CTS although much detuned. The CTS has 255 hp and 252 lb-ft vs. the Buick at 240 hp and 225 lb-ft of torque. Don't just look at horsepower ratings. Look at torque as well. My old 99 Regal had the SC3800 at 240 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque; BIG difference in performance compared to the 3.6L LaCrosse. Your other choice is the venerable 3800, but I drove one before buying my CXS and it is a dog! A vary reliable engine that has been around for a long time and should get you mid 20s mileage. So far my mileage is very disappointing at 20 mpg. It is slowly improving from 19, but don't know if it will get to 22 to 23 or not. Other than that the LaCrosse is very quiet and comfortable with nice bells and whistles on the CXS. I have worked in the auto industry for 20+ years and was rabidly buy American, but I have gotten over it. I figure the US auto makers don't deserve my loyalty. If you can afford a Lexus, you can't go wrong. What ever you decide, drive one first and not just for a short ride around the block. I test drove my CXS and knew it was down on performance, but did not realize how much until my first drive into work in a familiar situation. I had some serious buyer's remorse from the loss of performance. I was used to merging onto the interstate and jumping in the left lane and accelerating to 70 mph quickly in my Regal, but the CXS just didn't have it. It all depends on what you are used to. Good luck!
  • Your right about the mix of cars in the Detroit area. I get up to my "favorite" customer in Dearborn about once a week and I see a completely different mix on I94 than I see around home.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    The power of the 3.6L may be down but it's still a peppy engine. It's also a more refined power. I suspect as the engine gains more use (it's coming for the Saturn Aura) you may see some mods available that will give you more power. If it's been de-tuned from the CTS, no doubt some one will tune it.
  • I read a lot complains about fuel economy in various car reviews, I did my homework prior vehicle purchase. EPA suggests city/highway mileage as AVERAGE therefore it may vary +/-10% from posted rating. 20/23/29 mpg was OK for me. I am getting 21-22 mpg so far but at 60/40 city/highway driving.

    Look at the link below how the cars were tested, reading your comment I noticed that your driving style is more aggressive vs test conditions and your mpg will be lower. I tried my CX with growling RPM with a lot acceleration 50-75 mph and got lower mpg as well. Driving in accordance with their standards I got even lower mpg for highway!

    Speaking of power and torque I also noticed that imports (i.e. Accord V6 or Camry 4 cyl.) were pretty lazy and underpowered. My friend has Accord V6 and I must admit that those 240 HP were well hidden, not to mention poor 4 cyl. with Camry. I read that Buick was aiming for Lexus ES 330 and we have a plenty of those in my neighborhood and they looked to me slow and bouncy as old Buicks. Not to mention extremely boring style... Sorry to read about your buyer's regret but I work in similar industry and I am familiar how Marketing and Sales can make the things look promising but there is a long paragraph on the bottom in fine print to say the opposite. I am happy with my purchase, got what I was looking for. Maybe Audi 1.8 T would meet your spec or BMW series 5 but I don't thing that will be better on mpg, sporty driving style does not go with fuel economy. Or maybe new Lucerne with V8? I would not buy Japanese because everybody has it, just 200 ft down my street I see 4 Infinity G35s. What's the point? I came from ex communist country and I get rash when I see one car model for everybody in only two colors! :P
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Exactly, you were used to the great torquer 3.8L engine. Even though the 3.6 in the CXS has a great flat torque curve it just does not have the torque of the 3.8L. You need to rev up a OHC engine to get into the HP peak. Have you driven a Lexus ES or Camry V6 in the same situation? Wondering what your opinion of their performance would be.
  • would you be pushing this car anywhay? Its a Buick! You want power get an Impala V8!

    This is a buick, and in CXS i think its fast enough. They could have put in say the CTS tuned V6 as the CXS model and the lower tuned as the CXL and lest the 3.8 as the Base. But hey didn't and they will loose some sales.

    Still, this is a buick, and it does have more hp than the 330 as far as i know. So they sort of got what they were aiming for. GM needs to get there costs dows so they can give us what we want.

    This car was designed to have a comfortable quiet and smooth ride, with better handling but sporty. I think they did just fine. They should probably add that wood-ish trim to the steering wheel though, but thats just me.

    Is the car selling well for august?
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    It did drop from the very high volume in June and July. Mostly due to pull ahead and low dealer stock. Will have to wait untill October/November when the '06's get stock back up to normal levels
  • I'm trying desperately to find out if a nav system is available on the Lacrosse (or even the Lucerne) in 2006. I am used to the benefits of nav (OK, so it's not perfect) in our 2000 TL, and I honestly won't live without it. I know that it wasn't an option for 05, but I hope it is for 06. If not, GM deserves their demise! Even a friggen 2006 Honda Civic can come with a factory nav in EX form!

    And don't call me a GM hater..."electron blue" is for my Corvette, which I love.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Nav will not be in for '06. Because the LaCrosse was designed with a flush faceplate it will take some major tooling to get it done. The others use a "brick" behind a separate faceplate that allows multiple radios to be used w/o tooling up separate trimplates.

    They went for a smooth integrated IP. Maybe it was a mistake but at the time it was designed but, and as far as I know now, Nav is a very low penetrating option due to its high cost in $20 something vehicles. In fact it is almost 0 penetration.

    Yes the Civic has it available but at $2000? it does not sell any.
  • Ha! I remember when I was glad just to have a compass in the car! The Lacrosse DOES have a compass feature in the data display.

    I use a portable Garmin C330. Works as well as a factory unit, can be used with any rental car, much cheaper to get software updates, and costs 1/4th as much.
  • I agree, a lot of car journalists make that statement too, "the car is great but it does not have (name it) fancy feature". How many people would buy it vs. people who would turn their heads and say "I don't need it for XXXX$$$ extra". To me OnStar should be optional, nice feature but who cares!

    When I was looking for my Allure CX the only thing I had as "must have" was 40/60 rear folding seat, I got driver info center, remote starter and column shift extra because very tight inventory in August (780$cnd extra). I like the features but does this make the car running? I need dependable quality car, more gadgets makes it less reliable regardless the make or model.
  • Some times I think journalists think they need to find something to whine about or they are not doing their jobs, even if it is something insignificant. I think OnStar was optional the first few years it was available and the take rate was pretty low. They must be hoping that once you use it you'll pay the $20/month or whatever to keep it. Trouble is, to paraphrase Dirkson, 20 bucks here and 20 bucks there and pretty soon your talking real money. Even it you don't continue it you still have that antenna for good.

    Isn't that folding seat nice? My old car just had a small pass through, but the 60/40 is great! I think I like the remote start, but in the summer when you get in on a hot day it is nice at first, but the wait to get the AC going again after you insert the key is not so great. It may be better in the winter, we'll see. All that idling is doing nothing for gas mileage. Technically the gadgets increase the odds of trouble, but I'm amazed at the reliability compared to what it was 20 years ago.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    sscott1, what is the wait you are talking about? Do you have the auto or manual HVAC head?
  • Somehow me and my wife were looking for spartan type of car + Buick ride quality, useful features like 60/40 rear seat and remote starter were sure shot. I am very pleased with flip and fold armrest that comes with column shift and fuel consumption monitor at DIC. The first gives you great comfort and tones of useful space and DIC gave me pretty good outlook on my driving habits. How much difference make in fuel consumption few extra long traffic lights and one minute of idling on a hot day! So far I got 22 mpg combined but I would say on 60/40 city/highway routes with conservative driving style. Instant fuel consumption actually gives you great feedback on your foot/gas pedal habits, even in the city (believe me 5M Metro Toronto is getting more and more jammed and frustrating) if you step on the gas like on the boiled egg makes a difference.

    If GM put OnStar on all vehicles and reduce the price to 10$/mth it may work but I still have 8 months to think about it. For now it is too pricey for me. Now I am absolutely crazy about black onyx color, we thought it would need to own car wash service to pay it off but appearance was great. I drove along with some M Benz E320 and older Lexus E330 and I saw the resemblance! GM copycats??? Hmmm...
  • I took delivery of my 06 Lacrosse CXS on 20 Sep [ see "prices paid postings #3 &4]. I have owned a Maxima, Acura Legend and Intrgra, and two Accords in the past and currently own an 01 Sebring convertible, 99 Intrigue GL,and 02 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport AWD. I love cars and follow all the trade publications.I left Detroit's products in the late 70's due to quality issues, and bang for the buck with the Japanese imports. Although I enjoyed all the Japanese models while I owned them, they were not perfect, and called for more service than I felt justified. In the fall of 98 I had the GM card with a hefty rebate credit built up on it which I could only use on GM products, and it swayed me to try a 99 Intrigue GL with the 3.5 engine. The Intrigue has proven to be #1 in my overall auto ownership satisfaction experience. Although not perfect[ I needed to replace the fuel pressure switch last year] it has been otherwise trouble free, required minimal maintenance[ no timing belt to replace etc] great driving dynamics for my taste , good styling , and the best bang for the net price buck of all the other cars I have owned, which quite surprised me. Based on that experience, and all the discounts avialable on the Lacrosse [ see pricees paid posts] , and the overall positive experiences I have had with the Sebring and Caravan mentioned above, I have gone back to Detroit iron since 1999, and have not regretted it so far. I think that it is important to concentrate on the bottom line price, not the window sticker, and take advantage of all the discount possibilities open to the coupon clippers like me. As far as trade in value goes, I pass my cars on to family between the 5 and 7 year mark, and admit that US iron does not have great trade in value, but I submit that it has great overall value if you keep them until they die. So , for my particular circumstances, have found that the bang for the net buck equation has now reversed and now favors US autos.

    The Lacrosse CXS is the spiritual successor to the Intrigue. So armed with my discounts, I decided to see if GM can duplicate my satisfaction level. The purchase experience was excellent once the price was established. Though only 1,000 miles so far, it has been perfect, and the features & handling etc are great. I hope that the Lacrosse proves my decision was the correct one.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,306
    I had a black car in my past. It wasn't as hard to keep clean as I had thought. The time that was irritating was in the winter with the salt spray or salt powder that was on the roads. Even when dry the powder would stick to the paint. I suspect newer waxes reduce some of that tendency to stick easily. (I noticed my car wash Turtle Wax seemed to make dust stick more than when the car had been washed at the dealer when it was in for service. So I bought their Malco car wash.)

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,306
    I keep seeing the rear as more and more show up being driven around out area. I think GM kept the rear so there was nothing remarkable or unique or identifer about it. That way no one is going to say, "I don't like the chrome on the trunk or I don't like the shape of the taillights."

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • sscott1sscott1 Posts: 22
    It sounds like you and I have similar tastes. I have an 05 CXS. I traded a 99 Regal GSE. I chose the Regal over the Intrigue mostly for ride quality and seat comfort. Very much a matter of taste. I had good luck with my Regal. I would be interesting in your CXS gas mileage. Mine started at 19 and is all the way up to 19.8 combined city highway after 4k miles. Very disappointing!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,306
    Have you tried resetting your DIC and seeing what mileage you get on highway driving at normal speeds without stoplights? Now that you're past the initial breakin period start seeing what you get without the cold starts on a normal drive.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • So far I have not kept track officially on the mileage, as I do not expect the best mileage until @ 4,000+ miles, but my regular routine routes that I take every week indicate that I am filling up at the same intervals as I did in the Intrigue. It may be several months before I take a trip long enough to test highway mileage, but I will post the results when I do.

    For the record, my trips in the Intrigue @70mph resulted 27-28 mpg. I once crossed 30mpg at 55-60 mph on rural routes with no traffic. I was always satisified with the 3.5's performance, smoothness & economy, but realize that it was below the mpg of the 3.8 engine.
  • I am still drooling about sapphire blue because my old Regal 91' had the same color, driving one cloudy morning to work there was one in front of me and it looked really good. Somehow in different light or dusk it was just transforming all kind of shades before my eyes. Black onyx is classic but ...I must admit that paint job was done very well. Let's how it will handle winter streets in Toronto, city dumps a lot of salt like there is no tomorrow.
  • I did the same thing last weekend while me and my wife were going to some wedding 120 mi one way and I monitored consumption at 75 mph with cruise control and one stop for snack and coffee. We really enjoyed green, red and yellow tree colors on a sunny day. It worked out to 29 mpg both ways! As I mentioned earlier once I got amazing 34 mpg but with 55-65 mph on the flat terrain. I know that CXS will more thirsty but also it will be more refined than my old style 3.8L. Somehow after all those sound deadening improvements famous growl of pushrod is more annoying than my old Regal and those loud Integrity GY tires but it still has great pick up and control. It runs better on 75 mph than 60-65, the engine had full stretch at 2200 rpm.
  • sscott1sscott1 Posts: 22
    Reset it at 3K miles to eliminate the history of idling while at the dealers lot. I have taken no long trips since I got it. Longest was 45 miles of interstate. It got up as high as 20.2, but has settled at 19.8. I use to run with the instantaneous mileage showing on my Regal and the CXS definitely is worse in all conditions. This past weekend of a little city driving dropped it to 19.6. Of course, it gets less sensitive to short trips as the miles used for the average calculation go up. Right after I reset the DIC it dropped 0.2 while sitting in line at a drive through. That surprised me.
  • sscott1sscott1 Posts: 22
    I got the Sapphire blue and it is cool looking. You can say what you want about performance, handling etc. but if you don't like what you see when you walk up to it in a parking lot, you are loosing part of the thrill of owning a nice car. I considered the Cardinal Red, but my last two cars were red and I decided I needed a change. The black looks good too. I once had a black car. It's a little like owning a convertible. Every one should own one just so you know not to get another. :)
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,306
    >I once had a black car. It's a little like owning a convertible. Every one should own one just so you know not to get another. :)

    Now what's wrong with a black car?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

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