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Buick LaCrosse



  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Service advisor blamed me for following Oil Life System instead 3000 miles schedule!?!

    Do not listen to him. Changing oil at 3000 miles is a waste of your money and oil. Remember the dealers are independent from the OEM (GM in this case) and want the service dollars.

    Now, not sure why you have low oil but oil life system has nothing to do with oil level. The oil that is left is perfectly good for another 3000 miles or so (oil life said 55%). Need to figure out why oil was low. Could have been as simple as there was not enough oil put in at last change to something mechanical.

    Bottom line is you got it in under warranty and do not le the dealer blame the not changing of oil as a reason for not fixing it.
  • I have a 2005 LaCrosse CXS and I have noticed the same whinning sound. I have been ignoring it. Did you discover the source/problem?
  • neshapopneshapop Posts: 22
    Thanks for your reply,

    That's exactly what I told them (I followed GM recommended oil care with OLS), they topped up oil level and now less than 1000 miles later is 3/8 above minimum level already. There is no signs of oil under the car, not a single drop. It is just burning oil...I used to add a quart between oil changes (6K) until the last one. Now it seems quite serious.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Yep, sounds like you need to get it fixed.
  • dcs67dcs67 Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 LaCrosse which has a standing idle of around 750 RPM. However, after accelerating over 25 mph, when I back off the accelerator, the engine returns to idle at about 1000 rpm. When I complained to the dealer, he said there is nothing wrong and that the idle settings are set at the factory. We test drove a different LaCrosse and after accelerating it returned to idle at 750 rpm so this is an issue peculiar to my car. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Also, my guess is that there must be some sort of idle control chip that regulates the idle which Buick should be able to replace. The dealer said that it cannot be done. Does anyone know if it is possible and how difficult it would be to replace whatever computer component regulates idle? I feel as if Buick is discounting my concerns over what to me is a safety issue since the increased idle is unexpected and requires additional braking pressure.

  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Not as simple as a chip. It is all computerized and I doubt if you have something wrong with the software. Most likely one of the sensors is inaccurate or something mechanical is hanging up.

    To be honest 750 vs. 1000 idle sure is not much. Amazed it was noticable.

    Anyway the dealerships are independent from Buick. Go to another dealer.
  • Yes...the whinning sound was due to my power steering resevoir being low on fluid. I was told this is a standard problem on most GM front wheel drive products. The seals start to "weep" slowly and due to the placement of the PS resevoir, not too many people tend to check the fluid level. It's not topped up and the whinning sound has disappeared.
  • OK, I will check the fluid level and for the sake of other forum users, I will post what I find out. Thanks very much !
  • I had this slight whirring sound on accleration in my 2006 CXS. When I check my power steering level with a hot engine, the fluid was just at the minimum level. The owner's manual states that it should be at Max with a hot engine and at Min with a cold engine. I added Power Steering Fluid and the sound went away. Thanks for the advice.
  • When I checked the power steering fluid level, it was low. I brought it up to the correct level and the problem went away. That was six weeks ago.

    This week, I took the vehicle in for normal service; asked them to check around the power steering for leaks; none found and the fluid level was still correct.
  • anyone having trouble with the gas guage?
  • dell46dell46 Posts: 18
    Does anyone know how to go about replacing the cabin air filter on a 2005 Buick LaCrosse. I had a 99 Buick Regal and the owners manual gave the complete procedure but I can't seem to find any info in my current manual.
  • found this link for replacement instructions: let me know if it works. thanks
  • dell46dell46 Posts: 18
    Looks like the instructions I had for my 1999 Regal I will give it a try Thanks
  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 97
    This forum seems dead, but I thought I would post anyway. Bought a new 2009 CXL at the end of July, and the deal I got meant it was less expensive than a base 4-banger Camry or Accord. Quicksilver metallic, chrome alloys, titanium leather. Really a very nice car. I have never had a vehicle that was so smooth riding and so incredibly quiet. Build quality seems excellent -- doors sound like a bank vault when closing. Seats are great too and I really like the interior design. Hopefully my initial good impressions will continue over time.
  • Just got a rather plain CX...However, it is a very nice car!! Mine has the red jewel tintcoat color and is quite attractive! However, I'm NOT wild about the mouse fur seats!! All in all I am pleased with the car and have NOT had one problem thus far....Gas mileage could be a little better...Maybe I'd be happier if I waited for the new 2010?? NO WAY could I have gotten a 2010 for what I paid for this!!
  • Good to know. Our '05 LaCrosse is still in great working order. Initially we had to deal with a cabin water leak (under warranty) but having resolved that, clear sailing since then. It is quiet and comfortable (leather seats are great). We have taken long trips in it and have never felt cramped. However, gas mileage does need to be improved or we probably will not purchase another (newer) one.
  • Gas mileage isn't great, true. But I wonder if I could go back to a lesser car now. The quiet, smoothness and luxury feel of the Buick may have spoiled me. I have never had a car that was so quiet and smooth. Like GM's Harley Earl once said, "getting into your car should be like taking a little vacation...", and that's how I feel about this. I can't imagine getting into a car now with a 4-banger or an econobox of any sort. I better start saving now for my next luxo-boat... ;)
  • I have had this problem for 5 or 6 months now.
    The service the ABS light and Traction control light come on intermittently.
    One GM dealership said the the tire pressure was low and that was the cause of the problem.
    I was not satisfied with that answer, so I took the car in to another GM dealer. The dealer replace the speed sensor control. The problem stopped for awhile but it is now back.

    Also the front brakes "grab" and "grind" intermittenly. The dealers also say that the brakes are in good shape.

    any ideas what causes this or who can successfully trouble shoot the problem.

  • I just bought a 2005 Lacrosse CXS with 40,000 form a GM dealer.It is GM certified and came with a 12/12000 GM warranty.Any problems i should look out for? Carfax said 1 owner and all maintaince was done at GM dealer.Also The f7i guy told me when the 12/12000 is close to ending call him and he will sell a GM extended warr for 200.00 over cost, as compared to usally tryin for 1000.00 over cost.The GM is a friend odf a friend, what do u guys think.I know NOTHING about cars and warranties.My son in law handeled the deal for me.Thanks for any info Guys and Ladies Al
  • The dealer also put new tires on the car and has free tires,oil changes,and car washes for life.You bring the car in after 5,000 they charge 59.00 for the rotation and inspection for these FREE items,after 10,000 its 79.00, for the FREE then back to 59.00 and so on..Is this worth it.I had a mild sroke about a year ago and am not the sharpest knive in the drawer anymore (if i ever was!) so any advice would help greatly and a plan to keep the CXS for a long time.Thanks again folks!! Al
  • In my humble opinion: in the car dealership world, nothing is FREE. They are going to make money off of us one way or the other. They are a for-profit business.
    It may be an educational exercise for you to start a spreadsheet for out-of-pocket expenses you pay for the various services/repairs etc.
    As for buying the extended warranties: they ain't cheap, even if you pay "just" $200 over the base price. Warranties are insurance policies whereby you pay up front for anything which MAY go wrong with the vehicle. If nothing goes wrong, you lose the bet. IF you are in the financial position to "self insure", you may want to consider this option instead of buying another warranty. Self insure: you have a couple of thousand to spend on repairs without it creating a hardship.
    We really like our 2005 LaCrosse CXS. We have taken it on several very long trips and it is a comfortable ride. Initially, we had to deal with a nasty water leak which soaked the passenger side flooring but after we (FINALLY) got that fixed, it has been clear sailing since then.
  • bbb75bbb75 Posts: 2
    I had what sounds like the exact same symptoms on my 2002 Grand Prix. Turned out that some sort of wiring harness to the right front wheel ABS/TC equipment needed to be replaced. Besides the warning lights coming on intermittently, it turned out that the ABS was activating periodically, causing the "grab" and "grind" that you mention, generally when I braked and turned the steering wheel at the same time. Since the dealer (kudos to them) diagnosed the problem, and replaced the harness, the problem has disappeared. It could be that this is your problem also.
  • bekins2bekins2 Posts: 29
    i have a 2005 cxs and the speedo,tach etc dont have enough brightness comparded to the heater butoon lights.I bring the knob up to the almost turning on the dome,but still not bright, anyway to remedy this the dealer says its normal.Yet my brightest setting is like the lowest setting i had on my 06 Impala,thanks for any help. Al
  • I'll check mine out and let you know but I don't recall having a problem with lack of brightness.
  • Just checked mine and they appear to OK as to brightness although I do have the brightness knob turned to the max position. Assuming your adjuster is the same as mine: you need to pop-out the smaller button inside the larger button (control) which is located to the far left of the steering wheel. Then you adjust the brightness by turning the smaller knob all the way to the right (clockwise). Then push this smaller button back in to lock the setting.
  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 97
    I wonder if the sensor on top of the dash is either defective or blocked? That controls the automatic day/night brightness setting for the dash lights. Mine are plenty bright so it isn't a broadly-based problem.

    Still loving my 2009. Nicest car I've ever owned.
  • bbb75bbb75 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have accurate information as to how many 2008 and 2009 Buick LaCrosse Supers were produced? Thanks!
  • bekins2bekins2 Posts: 29
    Anybody know if these 48.00 air filters really help perform and mpg? A friend told me they work great for a 3.6 like i have on my 05 LaCrosse any help? Thanks
  • I know it has been quite some time since your posting but: were you ever able to fix the problem of a rattle from the center air vent? I have a '05 LaCrosse also and have the same problem. Thanks.
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