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What might be wrong with my 2000 GMC Jimmy 2WD?

rangelicarangelica Member Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in GMC
when i am driving even if I'm pressing on the gas it wants to turn off on me. if i come to a stop or red light or even while in park, the RPM drops and wants to turn off i have to quickly press on the gas for it not to turn off sometimes i even press on the gas a little while stepping on the break at a stop just so it doesn't turn off now that doesn't even work. when it dies on me all the lights still work and the radio still works too, but the car will not turn back on, it will just crank but will not turn over. battery is brand new, spark plugs and cable are brand new, air filter new, new fuel pump, and I'm waiting for the map sensor in the mail. But i don't know if the map sensor will fix it what else could it be?


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    leakmaster1leakmaster1 Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2015
    Fuel filter, coil, dist cap, rotor, intake gasket leak, plugged cat. It must be throwing a code. Go to pep boys and buy a cheap code reader $50 dollar, As you already know you can spend a lot of money replacing parts that do not need to be replaced. Good luck
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