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Cadillac DTS



  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Each service department will have different people, so even though they are owned by one company, one of the three is bound to be best. I think that it is worthwhile to let the first dealer try to fix the problem while keeping Cadillac Customer Support in the loop.

    It was my impression that this vibration problem was not always present from the time you first owned the car, but has become a problem recently, about the time you had 10,000 miles on the car. It is possible that one (or more) of the wheels is not round any more. The tire dealer (unless it was the Cadillac dealer) should have checked them, but if everyone was thinking that the OEM tires were the problem...
  • Every year they seem to change the model designations and what comes with which model -Luxury II, III, Performance etc. I noted that base models don't have the tri-zone HVAC system anymore - just the front seat and passenger controls.
    The Luxury II for 2007 seems to offer everything I want. I'll drive the Performance - people on the forum say that it rides better but I'll see how firm it is. From what I've seen, the '08 is virtually identical to the '07 so I'll probably get an '07. It will be less expensive anyway.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    In 2006 the DTS trim levels were 1SB, 1SC, 1SD, and 1SE. For customers that translated to Luxury I, II, III and performance. For the 2007 model year, 1SB was considered base, with the 1SC downgraded to luxury I and 1SD to luxury II. Level 1SE continued on as the performance trim. For 2008 a new level has been added, 1SA, which is now base and a lower level trim than the 2007 base. However, we now have luxury levels I, II and III again, like they were in 2006. Standard equipment levels may be different though. If you are buying a used DTS, then you will get what the car came with. The only way to get the options you want is to order the car, or to hunt down one equipped like you want.

    The performance model does get the magnetic shocks. The tires are performance 50 series tires, while the standard tires are 55 series, but not performance rated. The standard tires will be softer riding, but the mag shocks may soften the ride enough so that there is not much real difference. You need to try both out on a rough road.
  • There were very few Perfomance program cars so says the dealer in Ft. Worth. Any Performance would probably be a lease return or from someone who buys a new car every year or two. There were plenty of 2007 Luxury II models, many with a sunroof so that is what I'll look for. I don't want a base model and the used price is not much different between a base model and a Luxury II.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    I went to my local dealer to check out the 2008 CTS. Really liked the looks of the car. But it appears to have grown. Looked almost DTS size. So I glanced at a couple of DTS's in the showroom. Heaven help me but they were the Vogue models and I loved them. So I'm curious: Anyone else drawn to the CTS but ending up preferring the DTS? Why? I haven't driven either to date so sofar it's an esthetics thing....
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    You are looking at the 1SD trim level, which is the top luxury trim. I am not sure how it is different from the lower levels, except that it does have more standard equipment. The performance DTS is not really a sport sedan, and I don't think it is worth much. While the magnetic shocks will soften the ride, replacing them is quite expensive.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The new CTS is bigger than the old by being wider. But it is shorter than the STS by nearly half a foot, and more than a foot shorter than the DTS. I would have been interested in a wagon version of the CTS, but am not sure what Cadillac's plans are regarding a wagon. The SRX is the current Cadillac wagon, and a CTS wagon would probably reduce SRX sales, which are already weak. Or, a CTS wagon might not sell at all :confuse:
  • I was in looking at STS , and really like that model but i just bit bullet and order a dts with performance package reason is just space , but it been on hold for tuscany seats and now the strike , hope that both sides can come to agreement soon and get this behind them , if you don't go woth dts take look at that sts in all wheel drive ,
  • Thanks - That's good to know.
  • I don't think you are hopeless at all but I would have looked for a current year used one. You could buy a second car for the depreciation on a new DTS when you drive it out of the showroom. I got burned enough on a new Impala. I'd hate to pay $50k for a DTS and discover that it is worth $25k a year later (trade in value - the dealer will sell it for $33k). Addionally, the warranty on a program car is better than that of a new one.
  • Agreed on all accounts re. the second hand DTS, however, keep in mind that the warranty is better on the program car if and only if the car is Cadillac Certified. Dealers seem to charge whatever they can get for this certification, typically $1000-$1500. I can't help but feel this is a great rip-off, since most of what is being done involve checking. Finding a low mileage program car with certification is the key!
  • Here is the latest on my '06 DTS Lux III: Still no word from Cadillac Customer Support and no word from the dealership regarding the replacement b-pillar cover.

    I took the car to the local Firestone center where I had my previous vehicle serviced. I had an oil change, another rotate and balance, and an alignment. I also asked them to inspect the vehicle as if it was a used car I was considering purchasing. The service tech was there when I picked it up so I was able to speak with him directly. He sees nothing wrong with the wheels, the tires, or the alignment....everything checked out fine. His opinion is the shimmying is caused by either the transmission or the front drivetrain components, such as the bearings, bushings, etc.

    Anyone have any opinions on this one? I'd like to think this is the sounds plausible and I hope to point the Cadillac service techs in the right direction.

    Thanks again to everyone who has shared their support and suggestions.....I truly appreciate the help.
  • Robert:
    I'm just wondering if reviewing the TSBs would help? Sorry if this has been discussed already. I didn't read the entire thread.

    I know there are TSBs regarding vibration issues on my 04 Deville. It may be worth looking at previous model years too. I would imagine the dealer has reviewed this info. Anyway, just a suggestion. I hope the problem is resolved soon.

  • I recently purchased a 07 L-11 DTS. I have about 4000 miles on the vehicle and I could not be more satisfied. I enjoy driving it more each time I get in it. It has been trouble free, runs great on regular gas and gets many complements along the way. My brother in law was so impressed he went out and bought one just like it. I have owned a number of Cadillac's in the past, some not so great,
    however this is the best one of all.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Since you have all new tires, and someone has checked the wheels/suspension for obvious problems, it makes sense that the problem is something else. Since this problem is new, something may have gone out of balance, but I am not sure how that could happen. But, perhaps the engine/transmission mounts are failing? The engine and transmission (transaxle) are mounted together.

    The replacement b-pillar make take some time to get. My SRX had splash guards included with the original orded, but they did not come with the vehicle. So my dealer orded them in early May (so they said), but it was early September before they came (after I called the 800 number for Cadillac to ask how come they have been back ordered so long).

    You need to keep after the service department on the shimmy problem - I assume that it is now bad enough for them to agree that it is really there.
  • I received a voice mail from Cadillac Customer Support asking me to call my local dealer so they can do another ride along with me. They stated that a new service order dated within 30 days is required to initiate their involvement.

    I called the service department on my way home from work and they (very graciously) agreed to allow me to bring the car in right away for a ride along. After a couple of remarks about that fact that I had replaced all four Continental tires (only one of which Cadillac had paid for), the service manager rode on the highway with me. He again declined to drive the vehicle; he has declined to drive it every time I've taken it....he rides shotgun only. I could feel the problem as plain as day, but he says he doesn't feel anything. He also states that the TSB's for the previous models don't apply to this one, and the suggestion from Firestone about drivetrain bearings/bushings/etc. doesn't make sense.

    He asked me to bring the car back next Tuesday and leave it with him (after he closes out the month of September)so he can attach an electronic vibration monitor to it while he drives it himself.

    Although I appreciate that he is willing to try, I'm frustrated that everyone in Central Florida can feel this driveability problem except the Cadillac service department.

    I've put out price quote requests for a Lincoln MKX and a Chrysler Pacifica. Anyone want to buy a 2006 DTS Lux III with 17,000 miles on it?
  • I could not resolve my electrical system problem with the first dealership but since the second dealership worked on it the car has performed as I would expect it should. Is the problem resolved, not long enough to say for sure but this is the longest period without problems since I bought the car.

    MY POINT is that you need to STRONGLY consider taking the car to a different owned dealership. Sounds to me as if the one you are working with is just jerking you around. When the fellow rides "shotgun" only and then has the nerve to say he doesn't feel the problem it is time for you to change dealerships. Be sure to report this "SHOTGUN" business to Cadillac customer service as some strong communication is necessary between them and the offending dealership. The dealers can be pressured by Cadillac Corporate by withholding dealership incentives from dealerships that behave in this fashion.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I think that the dealership has to be given a chance to fix the problem, that is to say, they need to have enough rope to hang themselves with first. It seems to me that if there is a vibration sensor that can be attached to the car to evaluate vibrations, this is something that should determine if there really is a problem. If one goes to another dealership to resolve a problem, then Cadillac does not have any real evidence that the first dealer is incompetent.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I think that this is progess. If the vibration monitor does not show anything, I would want to see what it shows on a different DTS that you can drive which does not have the problem.
  • That's what I did. It cost $1,000 for the certification back in 2004 but an extended warranty (GM Protection Plan) would have cost more. A lot was done by the dealer. I got four new Michelin tires (the car had 30,000 miles on it and was a year and two months old), they replaced the back seat cushion, and did the checks, oil change, air filter, etc. The car has been totally dependable thus far (I have 57,000 miles on it now). The certified cars are well worth it. I like the 6 year 100k warranty, mainly because it encourages me to keep the car that long. My experience with Cadillac is that unlike Chevrolet, warranty work is not a problem. Good luck griping about a wind noise with a Chevy.
  • In response to some of the problems owners of the DTS have experienced, I have 15,000 miles on a 2006 DTS (bought new- Luxury II), and have not had the car in for any warranty work. It has absolutely been everything I had hoped for- my first and definitely not last Cadillac owned. The ride is as comfortable as any I've experienced. Handling is superb and quality throughout the cabin. All the latest safety features-having the ultrasonic parking assist in both front and back has been beneficial.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    Here's the latest:

    I dropped off the car this morning (Tues 10/2) as requested and received a brand-new 2007 DTS as a loaner. The new one has no vibration at highway speed at all, but it only had 42 miles on it.

    During the write up, the service advisor told me the replacement b-pillar cover was in stock and they would install it while the car was in their shop today.

    Mid-afternoon, they called to tell me there is nothing detectable with my car and the torque force evaluation showed vibration within acceptable GM specs. Therefore, they are closing my case with Cadillac corporate. They also told me the b-pillar cover had been replaced.

    At 5:00 pm I went to pick up the car. The service techs replaced the wrong b-pillar cover and somehow managed to screw up the seat belt guide on the driver's side (the same way it was screwed up 2 weeks ago when they replaced it.....wouldn't move up or down and the seat belt wouldn't extend). The service advisor was understandably flustered and went back in to check the service records. I was furious. I got in the car to just leave and couldn't even get the seat belt buckled. I turned the car around and the service advisor was running out to get me to talk with the service manager (the one who wouldn't drive the vehicle with me). He poked around the seat belt for a few minutes and determined he couldn't fix it on the spot so he asked me to leave the car with him overnight. I had already returned the loaner, so he went in to get the keys back for me.

    At this point, the salesman who originally closed the deal came out to see what was going on. Rather than explain it, I told him I was just trying to get some interior work fixed.

    The service manager was extremely apologetic and told me over and over how he appreciated my patience. I told him I just need him to make the car presentable enough to trade it in tomorrow. Although the car has depreciated horribly (trade in is now at only $28,500), I don't think I can take this much longer.

    This has been an absolutely frustrating mess of an experience. But here's the comical note to all of this: the service advisor had the nerve to ask me to watch for the Cadillac Customer Service survey and make sure to give them the best possible ratings.
  • Very disappointing to see that you are having all these problems. Cadillac corporate is the place to try to get help. As far as the satisfaction survey is concerned you need to check completely dissatisfied IF thats the way you feel about your experience. Be sure that the car is not in possession of current service department when you send in your survey. I would not take my car back to a dealership that treated me as you have described. Cadillac corporate personnel are varied in the quality of service they provide to owners with problems such as your self. I would keep calling until you find someone that shows the proper interest and concern for your cars problems, When you find someone that seems responsive to your problems get their extension and work with them as opposed to keep talking to the first person that answers the phone. Be sure to keep or reopen your file for the reasons you mention.
    I don't believe the dealership you've been working with is likely to resolve your problems particularly regarding the vibration. I think you will probably need to take your car to another dealership. Have Cadillac corporate call the second dealership to introduce you and describe your problem. After you have been introduced by Cadillac corporate you can call directly to arrange an appointment with them. Hope this helps, I want to stress again that you need another dealership to render a second opinion and hopefully fix the problem(s). Best wishes.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I think that what you should do next is call the customer satisfaction number and explain that you dealer has done as much as they want to fix the problem. If you really want to dump the car, then I think the lemon law buy back should be pursued, otherwise you should pick a dealer outside the area where all the Cadillac dealers are under one ownership and have that dealer evaluate the vibration problem.

    I would agree that you should fill out any evaluation survey and give them what they deserve. This service department does seem less than competent.

    Have you had an independent tire dealer check out the vibration? And did they agree there is some vibration that shouldn't be there? At least you are now aware that a device exists to measure vibration (unless that was just a story). If I were you, I would want to see the results on a new car (the one you had as a loaner) and your car.
  • I totally agree. I made the mistake with a 2000 Buick that had a faulty strut bushing of selling it after trying time after time to get it fixed under warranty. Everybody could hear the creaking noise but no one would fix it including the zone office. I therefore sold it and quit buying Buicks. I should have exercised the lemon law and so should robw64.. If necessary, hire a lawyer who I guarantee will provide an "expert" who will feel the vibration and sue the dealership. In any event the Lemon Law may be your best bet. Cadillacs have an awful depreciation and the Lemon Law would be more cost effective. By all means, fill out the evaluation honestly. Tell them that you will never buy another Cadillac and will never use that dealer because of your experience.
  • Excellent advice, I wish to second your message. I already have the lemon law application from my state just in case. Hopefully the idea of another service department not controlled be the same one where robw64 bought the car as I suggested before would be a good prelude to the lemon law route. If vibration problem not resolved there than the lemon law option should be strongly considered. In my state the buyer has two and half years to exercise the lemon law, it does vary from sate to state. Cadillac also has a repurchase program which should be asked about if second service department fails to resolve the problem.
  • Actually in my experience Cadillac is very generous with complaints. They fixed the wind noise in my '03 by installing the part that contained the rear quarter window which would have cost nearly $600 plus $400 labor if I'd bought it. They also replaced the radio when it caused CDs to skip. No discussion at all. The dealer contacted Cadillac and the dealer was reimbursed. I think that the problem is robw64's dealer. He should definately go elsewhere. It is either that or invoke the Lemon Law or call an attorney. He doesn't have other options except to sell the car and take a $25,000 loss while the service department gets off scot free.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    While I have no experience with lemon laws, I can say that it will take time to resolve a lemon dispute. Both parties will have to come to an agreement that there is a problem, which seems to be an issue in this case. Then the service people are supposed to try to fix it, which has already been done to some extent, with the current dealer saying there is no problem to fix.

    I think the next step should be to talk with the Cadillac Satifaction 800 number and move on to another dealer. Perhaps an independent tire dealer should evaluate the car for vibration before traveling a long distance to another Cadillac dealer, to determine if someone with no real interest in the problem agrees there is a problem. The lemon law will require some independent evaluation of the car if there is a dispute over whether there is a problem.

    The quickest (and most expensive) solution is to just trade the car for something else. However, there is no guarantee that the next car won't develop some new vexing problem with no solution. :sick:
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    The latest on my 2006 DTS:

    I picked it up on Thursday afternoon. The correct b-pillar cover had been replaced, but they again stated there is nothing wrong with the ride on the vehicle and they are closing the case with Cadillac. The service advisor then walked me over to the customer service survey chart (again) to explain to me that any response other than "outstanding" is comparable to a zero in Cadillac's eyes. I guess they'll be getting a zero, then.

    Fortunately, the Cadillac rep I had been dealing with called and left me a voice mail that evening. I returned the call to state that the issue still exists and I am not satisfied with the resolution. We spoke again on Fridy evening and the rep advised me that Cadillac is willing to escalate to a regional service rep if I'll take the car back to the dealership. I flatly refused to take the car back to the same service center, so Cadillac agreed to let me take it to the dealership 22 miles north of here. I gave them a complete description of the vehicle inspection results at my local Firestone dealer, as well as a detailed description of my service experience at my local dealership.

    I still like the has most bells and whistles I've ever wanted or needed, except a sunroof because it takes up too much headroom. My first choice is to get it fixed and keep it for a long time. I'm not confident this will happen, though.
  • You are proceeding in the right direction and need to persist as you have up to now, if it's in your personality get even more firm and aggressive keeping your polite and courteous demeanor as you have in your posts at this forum.
    I am continuing to have problems with my electrical system but not serious enough to spend more hours, days and weeks to resolve unless they get a lot worse. Sad to say this in all likelihood will be my last Cadillac. When the car works it's really a great car but I have had more problems with this car than my last five cars combined and it is the only car I ever bought new. The issue is not so much the attractiveness and performance of the car as it is Cadillacs inability to resolve problems quickly and efficiently when they occur and are reported. Responses from other DTS owners only will be appreciated.
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