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Cadillac DTS



  • Frankly I didn't see a lot of difference ride-wise between the Lux II 2007 DTS and my '03 Base Deville but I only drove it a few miles on a test drive.I'll look for one in March. I liked the car and especially liked the Navigation System and noted that the sun roof didn't reduce head room as much as I thought it would. The dash is more cluttered than my '03 and I have the six passenger seating which makes the front seat area seem bigger. The bucket seats on the '07 are comfortable though. I like the Deville/DTS because unlike my Impala and the other cars I've owned (including big Buick sedans) you can drive all day on a road trip and actually walk upright when you get out. No back problems either. What trim line of '07 did you get?
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Sorry I took so long to reply, I didn't anticipate questions. We have the lux II. The 2004 we had with the heated/cooled seats definitely rode worse than the 07 with the h/c seats. Our 2005 rode pretty good, but we were pleasantly surprised at how much better the 07 DTS with the h/c seats drove and rode over the 2005 or 2004 Devilles. I found the same thing when I traded my 2006 Silverado ext cab 4x4 for the almost the same 2007 new style pickup, the 07 rides and drives much better. I believe the front bench is still available in the DTS, maybe not with the lux II package, but if you order one you may be able to delete the buckets and get the bench if that is important to you.
  • Dispencer.......if you recall I mentioned in the past that I too will be cosidering a 2007 DTS in March. The Lux II seems to make the most sense. In my browsing at this point, however, I seem to see mostly the base or Lux I models. Most are program cars which tend to be lower level cars. I seem to recall you saying that you see many Lux II models out there. Where are you searching? I'm in the NY area, so I hope we won't be competing!! Seriously, what is your plan? Regards..
  • I was looking in Ft. Worth. Apparently Cadillac has some sort of regional office in Dallas and they have a number of executive cars driven for 4,000 miles or so. These cars are tested and comments sent to HQ. Frank Kent Cadillac had several 2007 Luxury II cars as well as a Performance with 4300 miles on it. Price was $37,000 back a couple of months ago.I agree that most of the ex-rental cars are base models -mostly with the convenience package (heated seats,& memory essentially). I'm actually considering a Town Car though. I just came back from New Jersey this afternoon and rode in several livery Town Cars owned by a limo service. One 2005 car had 209,000 miles and the other 197,000. A third -a 2007 - had 80,000 miles. All rode identically. All were much better insulated than my 2003 Deville and lots quieter. I've never considered a Town Car before but I am frankly getting tired of Cadillac. They are developing a 'performance" image and I like an old big traditional ride. Nothing wrong with a DTS but I think I'll try something else. When a 200,000 mile car rides like new one, it is pretty impressive.
  • I hear what you're saying. I've been leasing cars for the last few years, as I'm very fickle and love the idea of a new car every 3 years. My first lease was a 93 Town Car. I still remember how much I loved that ride. The day before I returned it, I had to take a long solo ride to "say goodbye"! To keep costs down, I bought a Grand Marquis after that Town Car. Everyone told me that it's basically the same car for 10K I bought it. Let me tell you it's not the same. It was ok, but not the same! I just wish they would have updated the TC somewhere along the last 15 years! That, combined with the limited 07-08 production, has made me look at the DTS. I wouldn't completely rule it out though. I guess I have a lot of shopping to do after the holidays. My 05 ES330 goes back in the middle of March. I'm one of the few who never loved that car....terrible transmission lag, poor leg room for someone over 6', etc. It just doesn't give that "special feeling".
  • I own both a Town Car and DTS, 2005 and 2006 respectively. The DTS is the more crisp performer but the Town Car just feels more like a luxury car. I was JOKING with a friend the other day and said the Town car is like a budget Rolls Royce, he was riding with me and replied the car was really great. Of course the Town Car is not a Rolls Royce but it feels like a luxury car whereas the DTS feels more like a performance sedan.

    Test drive both and decide which one you like better. Also consider the dollars in the lease terms they offer on both cars. I believe the Town Car is a nicer looking car and if I need to make a good appearance for a business appointment I like the Town car better. The DTS has been much more trouble prone, the Lincoln so far only a loose bolt on a door handle. Even if you have a lease you don't want to spend time on adjustments and repairs.

    I like both my cars and if I had to part with one it would be a very hard choice in that the Towncar is older with 26,000 miles and the DTS has 5000 miles and was bought new.

    If I can help with any other issues or questions please ask here, best wishes.
  • I wrote you a note on the Town Car forum. I noticed in the specs on the TC that the front and rear legroom is less than the DTS (41.7 vs 42.4 or something like that). The pedals on the TC can be moved though. Do you notice any problem with leg room in your TC vice the DTS.? I keep thinking back to a 1990 Mitsubishi Galant that I bought new and had about the same leg room statistically as the present TC. Something was wrong however because I couldn't get comfortable. If the seat had gone back just an inch or two more it would have been fine. I turned it in on a LeSabre in a month.. I'll try and find a TC next week so I can sit in the driver's seat. My '03 Deville is just fine. Anything less and the TC won't be considered.
  • I have never measured the two cars (2006 DTS and 2005 T.C. Limited) but the Town Car feels more spacious, the adjustable pedals are a nice Feature of T.C. As you suggested I would go and drive both of them and then decide which you like better. Overall the T.C. fells much larger to me but it's a good idea to check if the comfort is there for you. Best wishes. Please keep us posted as you research and compare, thanks.
  • The town car is definately bigger but I wondered if you had any problem with front leg room?
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The only way to tell is to try one out. What is comfortable for one person may or may not be for someone else. I think that where the Town Car is very good is in the rear seat room, which is better than Cadillacs, as it should be, since the Town Car is longer.
  • Actually, rear leg room according to the specifications is less than the DTS. The front leg room is, too, but I sat in a used '03 Lincoln the other day and the front leg room for me is fine.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I sort of remember that one of the magazines (Automobile comes to mind) had a review of a Town Car, but I think it might have been the long model instead of the short ones.
  • Went to web site and clicked on DTS, within the site is a compare vehicles section, you will find a pull down menu for competitors, pick Lincoln Town Car and than specifications.
    The stats show the two cars to be almost identical in interior room with one or the other leading by an inch or less in almost all categories. I doubt that anyone would choose one or the other based on interior room. Check for you self and share your reactions with us. I was a bit surprised in that the Town Car feels much larger inside than the DTS. The Town Car has a nocicibly larger exterior and the stats bear this out at the Cadillac web site.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    A recent post on the cadillac owners webpage indicated there would be an interior upgrade to the DTS in 2009. Anyone here heard about that? One of my bigger disappointments, after a long test drive in a 2008 DTS, was getting picked up by a friend in her 2007 Impala and noting that the dash design was virtually identical to the 2X priced DTS. Chevy used to be called the poor man's Cadillac but, this is a little too close to being right on.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Well if they look the same to you then you should buy the Impala. I have taken a look at both interiors on their respective websites and I don't see that they are identical.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I never remember Chevy as the poor man's Cadillac, I seem to recall that was either Olds 98 or Buick Electra 225/Park Avenue...

    But, as I get older, my memory does fail me at times... ;) :P :blush:
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Key word is virtually. Switch gear the same. Probably use the same multi task signal/washer/wiper/high beam stalk. Instrument cluster the same shape, though the DTS has chrome rings around the dials. Steering wheel the same, though instead of the bowtie you get the Cadillac crest in the middle. Take out the wood trim "bump" over the glove box area, making it a constant width, and tie together the horizontal wood trim line and the vertical wood trims around the a/c & radio controls and voila. A much stronger family resemblance than you use to see in the previous generations. Interior shapes and styles are almost more important to me than exterior since it's the part of the car I see the most.....
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Without actually looking at both steering wheels it is difficult to say they are not the same, but the pictures do not look quite the same to me. But both do have 4 spokes at about the same location. I think that the switch gear is used on many GM vehicles, not just DTS and Impala. Perhaps you should consider a Buick Lucerne, which is the same basic car as the DTS, and with the V8, it has the same engine. I think that the Impala does not have real wood trim, but some plastic simulation, while the DTS has real wood.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Ah, but it's not a Caddy.... Through the years I've worked my way through Pontiacs and Buicks (the old Park Ave. and the Riviera) and now it's time for what has always meant to me to be the top of the line. Although there were visual similarities between the DTS and Impala interior, they clearly were not the same car. The DTS had a far superior ride, smoother performance, and of course the rest of the interior was superior in look and in comfort. My only real problem is deciding between the CTS and the DTS. I only had a short drive with the dealer in the CTS and it felt more confining, like the intermediate size care it is, and though performance wise it might be closer to my 300C than the DTS, I'm not sure I want to accept the snug feeling of the interior. I'm also sure in short order I'd scrape off the lower front air dam on my driveway Am planning on a day rental, as I did with the DTS, to help with the decision. Then will have to see how hungry GM gets in the Spring.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I think that you will find that the DTS's front end is easy to scrape on steeper driveways too, at least I found that to be the case with the few FWD's that I have owned.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Yup. All that overhang. Interestingly enough, I found I scrape if I back into the driveway (preferred) but don't if I nose in. The CTS, though, I think would be more problematic. It looks to have half the front end ground clearance of the DTS, so in addition to the driveway concerns, there would be the issue of high speed bumps and all those cement parking lot bumpers....
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    GM does not list ground clearance anymore, but my guess is that both are about the same. The difference is that the CTS's front wheels are closer to the frontend than the DTS's. You can check the CTS out on your driveway to see if that makes any difference. I can tell that my SRX, which is a SUV with 8 inches of clearance, does not scrape on any driveway I have tried it out on, and I have tried it out on the worst ones that I know about in this area.
  • At the time I bought my 2006 DTS I gave Onstar my home phone number as phone of record. Now I am receiving unwanted marketing calls from them several times a week asking me to buy additional products marketed by Onstar. I have placed a complaint with Cadillac customer service and a complaint with Onstar both documented with file numbers. I was told well over ten days ago that the unwanted marketing calls would stop within ten days but I continue to receive as of this date which is many more than ten days ago. I tried to remove my home phone number at the online customer change phone number site but the computer would not accept my cell phone number in place of my home phone. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a quick and simple way to resolve it? Needless to say it is very unlikely I will pay to keep Onstar when the one year free subscription expires in a few months. The fact that Cadillac has not been able to help resolve this issue is one more reason that I may not buy another Cadillac. With this kind of activity on the part of Onstar they are helping both Mercedes and Lexus in tha I don't need a system that hard sells its product with unwanted marketing calls. Any information by other owners to resolve this issue will be appreciated.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I have not gotten any calls from OnStar. Once a month I do get an email with a diagnostic list of service needs (usually none).
  • Given that there are tens of thousands of DTS models on the road, a conservative estimate would be around 45,000 for the model years 2006-2008 and only 712 posts here, I have a few thoughts to share.

    I suggest the following new guidelines:

    1. that on an honor system that only DTS owners or GM personnel or other car mechanics with a knowledge of DTS post here. I have found some of the posts from non DTS owners unhelpful and even after discouraging them from posting replies to me they do so anyway.

    2. That Edmunds update its forum to allow unwanted replies to owners to be block able so one needn't even have to see them. I have found much of the information and advice of non owners here (one in particular) to be unhelpful and unsolicited.

    3.Given the number of these cars on the road and the fact that so few people post here including a few non owners with unsolicited advice I think it is time for Edmunds to consider new guidelines and rules in connection with these forums. If carefully considered and evaluated I believe the number of owners that used this forum would at least triple.

    In any event I hope the hosts and Edmunds will evaluate what can be done to make these forums more relevant to the individual owner.

    Respectfully submitted,
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    While I am not a host, but interested in a DTS ( and its step-child Lucerne), I believe that an open forum format like this simply means that there will always be folks who post wrong or irrelevant information, and all we can do is deal with it...

    FWIW, sometimes non-owners have friends who have had useful experiences with the car or dealer service, and why should they not post what they may know or not know???

    Further, even when someone posts something that did not work or was ineffective at solving a problem, that info is just as valuable as telling you what might work, since what might work for one might not work for you, and what did not work for one might be the answer for you...

    Besides, unless they email you personally, responding to this topic is NOT responding to you directly, since their responses are available for all to read, which may not help you with a problem but may help someone else...I have been helped by responses I read to other's questions and then other's answers, saving me the time to post myself and hope for a response...

    You could start a blog of your own... ;) ;)
  • I agree with you. You do not have to read or post to this site if you do not like what you read. I find that all messages are helpful to some degree, either positive or negative. And yes, I do own a DTS, a 2006 Performance model.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Think I know who you're concerned with (I've gotten a few, some would say, stupid comments from the individual) but alas, that's what you have to deal with in a forum. The lunies are everywhere.... Now if you really want an experience, go to the mainstream full size sedan site and dare make a negative comment about the Azera.

    One thing I wouldn't mind seeing, though, is an identifier for salesmen/dealers.
  • Thanks for your post no 716, it made a sensible follow up to my suggestions. I really expected a better format here but since there is no charge for the group and I have met some very nice folks here I guess I will accept it as it is. If you will look at my efforts to assist owners that had problems or questions you will better understand the difference in style and approach to that of the subject poster. I do not believe my approach is better than the others but always try to be respectful and supportive of the owner having the problems or questions as opposed to telling them "the way it is" so to speak.
    I felt your post put good balance to the issues and for that I thank you. I do hope the hosts will try to keep track of these pages and improve them over time.
    Best wishes!
  • I own both a 2005 Lincoln Town Car and 2006 DTS. I find the seats in the Town Car to be more comfortable than the DTS but the DTS seats are also comfortable for my slender frame. Suggest you
    check back with your dealer to see if there is an after market seat that would adapt to your DTS. You could probably get just the drivers seat if this is a workable solution and perhaps that would solve. You might also
    have the dealer check to see if there is another GM
    car either Cadillac or other that would have a seat that would adapt to your DTS. Please come back and post the resolution to your question as it is an unusual
    one and other owners might benefit by knowing how you resolved this issue. Best wishes!
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