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Cadillac DTS



  • That was a good deal. I hope that you enjoy the car.
  • My wind noise was coming from the rear passengers door. The door was not aligned properly. I took it to the Ford dealer body shop and that is what they found. I have know the guy in charge of this body shop for years so can trust what he says.
    I also get some wind noise from the mirrors and nothing can be done about the. It's the way the car was designed.
    You might want to have your car checked by some other place to see what they say.
    People have commented that my 2007 DTS is nosier than the other Cadillac's I owned. It is not a quiet as I expected. They say if you undercoat them it makes them quieter but have not tried that. The undercoat is suppose to eliminate some of the road noise.
    Lately I met a guy that rode in a friends new sport model Cadillac and he said it was very rough riding and noise. I think they are going backwards.
    With all the problems I had with my car the next car will probably be a Lexus
  • My 2007 has seemed pretty quiet, however, this is the first Cadillac I have owned. Only when its extremely windy outside do I hear some wind noise, but for the most part its quiet. Also, my car just hit 32,000 miles. The dealer suggested to have the coolant changed, so I did that. Do you guys think I need to change the transmission fluid / filter at this point ? also what else should be done. According to the manual, its not much needed yet..
  • I have a 2008 Dts and had the windshield re-sealed. This stopped several unknown noise'es. Is much quieter unless their is a very strong wind. Mine was still under warrantee, Cadillac fixed it.
  • Does anyone know if anything has changed regarding the XTS Concept? All of the automobile media have said that the car will be out in 2012 or 13 but there is no official word from Cadillac. As far as I'm concerned Cadillac has left me. The cars are either too big or too small. Cadillac really needs a car the size of the LaCrosse that gets good mileage. The CTS rides stiffly like a Mercedes and is cramped in front with the huge console. The DTS is antiquated and is too big. I already have a Traverse that rides well and essentially replaces my DeVille. I don't need two big cars. I'm considering a Malibu at least until Cadillac puts something out that is intermediate sized. I think that they are shooting themselves in the foot by not building something larger than the STS (which has inadequate back seat space) and smaller than the DTS. .
  • My DTS is about to go out of new car warranty and wondered if forum members had suggestions as to where I can get the best price and quality of warranty in an extended service contract. Reliabilty of the Insurance company is very important to me.
  • The only choice as far as I'm concerned would be the GM Protection Plan. I don't buy third party insurance policies. The GM one guarantees service at any GM dealer and you don't have to submit bids.

    I've sold my 03 DeVille and probably won't get another Cadillac. The XTS is going to be the size of a LaCrosse which is not much larger than a Malibu. I'll buy a new Malibu in the next couple of months. Cadillac has lost me. They used to be big comfortable 6 passenger cars. If I want a performance suspension I'll buy a Mercedes. The CTS rides about the same as my 1997 Silverado Extended Cab except that the Silverado has decent room in the front seat without the huge console the CTS has. Actually the best replacement for a DTS is an Avalon for ride comfort and resale value. Anyway I'm sorry to leave Cadillac - I've had 6 of them - but Cadillac has left me.
  • The dealer in Lubbock TX says that the XTS will be on the showroom floor in March of 2012. I'm waiting for a road test. There must be some pre-production cars out there but the car magazines treat it as an afterthought.

    It better be significally bigger than the STS or I'll get an Avalon and wait for the "luxury" Cadillac that is suppose to appear in '14 or '15.
  • kb7qxqkb7qxq Posts: 1
    I would sure appreciate a suggestion in fixing my remote start. Neither of my remote controls will start the vehicle. All other functions seem to be fine.
  • Have you already worked with your dealership towards getting this diagnosed? We're available to follow up on that, if you like!
    GM Customer Service
  • At 50,700 miles the fuel pump failed - car would noty start. Had the fuel pump replaced by a local mechanic (dealer was far away) and 3 days later the fuse block which held the relay failed as the connection had overheaded from attempting to start the car many times.

    I brought the parts and the bill ($800.00) to the dealer on Monday and had a check in the mail for the full amount of the repair on Friday.

    That's excellent customer service. I love this car - my 3rd Caddy !!
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning martypowers,

    Thanks for posting - I'm so pleased that this situation worked out well for you. Has everything been repaired at this point?
    GM Customer Service
  • jcg20jcg20 Posts: 9
    I have a 07DTS,the factory windshield was not installed properly and it made s horrorific noise travelind on the Interstate,the dealer replaced the windshield,the new one not put in properly by the contractor,(NOISE),a third windshield was put in and the dealer showed me where the others failed,the hardened glue was uneven a left air slots at the bottom of the windshield.they messed up the wiper arms fixing the car.
  • As I ease into my 60s, I'm thinking of a used DTS to ease the journey. A 3 year-old CPO is easily within my reach - but I'm wondering about M&R costs (I drive about 9000 miles a year). I know that Mercedes costs are insane, so I'm not even considering the brand. Is there any resource where I could get Cadillac costs? Please advise.
  • jcg20jcg20 Posts: 9
    buy a 460 LEXUS,you WILL be much happier.I have a DTS.
  • thanks for the tip ;-)
  • wpsrwpsr Posts: 21
    We were hit on the driver side door by a 2003 1/2 ton extended cab Chevrolet pickup truck at 35 to 40 miles per hr., the driver was drunk and being pursued. He went into the center of the intersection with stop signs on all sides and hit me as I was turning left. There were several cars at the intersection taking their turns. The accident was a hit and run dui. They did catch him later. The side air did not go off, also Onstar did not go off. I had my cell phone in my pocket and called 911. We were transported to the hospital. I had a laceration to the head and my wife had 2 broken ribs. We were really shaken up , dazed and my wife was screaming for help.. Reported to General Motors, no explanation of the airbag failure yet (12-18-12). I have talked to at least 5 people at GM. Onstar said the Onstar help is not notified if the air bags do not go off. We had no dashboard warnings about the air bags. All of our monthly Onstar reports have had no problems reported. TO THE FORM MEMBERS: SEE IF GM CAN VERIFY YOUR AIRBAGS ARE WORKING. THEY ARE LIFE SAVERS, WE JUST GOT LUCKY SO FAR. The car was a total loss, it only had 51559 miles on it.
  • wpsrwpsr Posts: 21
    01-12-13 - I received 21 page technical report from GM. This is a readout of my DTS computer at the time of the accident. The report will be read by GM and presented in a format that will make sense to the average person. As soon as I get it I will post it on the forum. I am okay, my wife still has plenty of pain. She had 2 broken ribs and cracked sternum (breastbone).
    wps - Bill
  • ludloludlo Posts: 2
    Sorry for your wreck. Sounds just like ours. 2006 DTS T-boned into drivers door. Truck cut through traffic and I never saw him until the grill of a 3/4 ton Dodge was in my lap. I was OK but my wife also broke her sternum and was beaten up in the chest area pretty badly. NO AIR BAG at all !!!!! Either side. Nor steering wheel. About $9000. worth of damage. Didn't bother with GM. They are famous for not acknowledging any faults. The other driver was fully insured fortunately and picked up the whole tab. I no longer subscribed to ON Star so didn't bother with them either. Would like to see your follow up with this. Our wreck was in Oct 2012. Thanks.
  • wpsrwpsr Posts: 21
    01-13-13 - ludlo - I am sorry to hear about your accident also, sure sounds similar. I hope your wife is better, it takes a long time. My wife is still suffering plenty, it has been one month and 10 days now.. We will see what GM has to say about it, the car was totaled. Air bag failures seem to be common with most all makes. I felt all warm and fuzzy with Onstar until this happened, sure glad my cell phone was in my pocket. Onstar needs their own sensors and not depend on or blame the car manufacture. A lot of bucks for airbags and Onstar for what. We will not have Onstar again. Same thing with me the 1/2 ton truck it was in my lap, no way to see it coming. wpsr - Bill
  • wpsrwpsr Posts: 21
    02-03-13 - Report from GM: Their answer is the impact was not enough to set off the side airbag. They did not give us an interoperation of the readout from the black box, just 21 pages of gibberish. Hard to hear that when you can remember being dazed, bleeding and my wife screaming in pain, she spent the night in the hospital. We were hit at 35 to 40 miles per hour on my door by a 2003 1/2 ton extended cab Chevrolet pickup truck (DUI hit and run, they did catch the driver later). Both vehicles were totaled, 9000 pounds of scrap steel. Onstar was not notified because the airbag did not go off, so it was useless to us. One thing, if you do some research, there are a lot of airbag failures on most all vehicle brands. One is on site, the DTS was completely destroyed, no airbags deployed. Hopefully the manufactures will get the airbags working better. It is a finite setting, you don't want them going off with a small impact, we were hit hard. wpsr - Bill
  • wesleycwesleyc Posts: 1
    I am searching for shocks and struts that will make my DTS ride like a Buick Park Avenue. It rides like a empty gravel truck.
    Any body Know about Bilstien shocks and struts?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Years ago, Bilstein was considered a fine shock absorber, often used on foreign cars like Mercedes, but what they would do for your DTS I do not know...
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