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Suzuki Verona



  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I think I'll get at least 150k out of my engine.
    I'm above 8k now and haven't had a problem yet.

    I hope you do!
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Like GM's 3.1 or 3.4?
    Anyone hear of piston slap and intake manifold gasket failures both causing premature failure on those wonderful GM engines?
  • I left a message on this forum a few months ago discussing the poor MPG I was getting with my '04 Verona. Since then I have taken it in for an oil change and ensured that they used 5w30 synthetic. But I'm still having the same problems. I got blank stares from the mechanic when I took it in for an oil change, as they don't quite know how to "fix" poor mpg. (And that was the mechanic at the dealership where I purchased the vehicle.)

    I called the customer service line at Suzuki's corporate and spoke with a rep. name Tonya. She said they have no control over MPG and the EPA does the measuring. I asked her if thought my car getting 5 or 6 miles less than advertised was a problem and she said no. I continued to ask if there was anything they could do and she hung up on me.

    I have taken other measures to try and improve my MPG… no AC, drive slower, drive more consistently, etc.. but with no luck. So, BUYER BEWARE of poor mpg with the Verona.

    If anyone would like a spreadsheet of gas usage for the Verona, e-mail me at I have kept detailed records
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Yea, your right-but the number of problems compared to the number of cars sold are very, very small.
  • grzeticgrzetic Posts: 3
    I like to know where your getting your statistics from. Are they just from what people post?
    Dont you think its funny how this is my second 2004 verona with the same problem?
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Dont you think its funny how this is my second 2004 verona with the same problem?"

    My previous post referred to the GM motors...not the Verona.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 47
    We just finished a 3000 mile road trip with my Verona. It has about 8500 miles on it now. I drove from KC to Yellowstone and back. During that trip we traveled from an altitude of 800 ft to over 9000 ft. We experienced temperatures of 50 to 95 degrees. I burnt both regular gasoline and gasahol (10% ethonol). Mileage seems to be in the upper 20's. I am missing one gas receipt. I recorded 29 MPG from Rawlins, WY to mid Nebraska on I-80 with air on traveling at 80 mph.

    Many people have criticized the ECM module on this engine. About the only complaint that I have is that it didn't have coffee ready for me in the morning. What a wonderful driving experience. The car ran great. No stalling, no sputtering, no hard starting. I had pleanty of power even when climbing mountain passes at 8 or 9 thousand ft. I couldn't ask for anything more.

    I do use synthetic oil in my engine. I am using a 7500 mile oil change interval. Just the labor, the extended oil drain interval plus the cost of the oil filter justifies the use of synthetic. Now figure that for every 1% increase in fuel economy, you net a savings of $8.15 in fuel consumption over this 7500 mile interval (based on 23 mpg and $2.50 pe gal. fuel costs, if it ever gets that cheap again). Now add the peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your engine with a superior lubricant. Pennzoil dino can cost near $2 a quart at Walmart. They sell Quaker full synthetic for $3.85.

    So far my Verona has been great.

  • kctomkctom Posts: 47
    I don't think that you have much of a case about the sales tax. You are putting miles on someone elses car instead of your own for the cost of the sales tax. We should all be so lucky. Figure $1000 a month rental fee ($30 per day). That's $75 per month sales tax or 7.5 cents per mile cost to you. For that you are putting no wear and tear on your vehicle. A $20,000 vehicle with even a 200,000 mile life, wears at a rate of 10 cents per mile not counting maintenance.

    Hell, you are coming out ahead. Tell them to take their time.

  • kctomkctom Posts: 47
    I really get tired of all the garbage on this board. First all I heard was how defective the ECM was. Well after the last software upgrade, that's garbage. My Verona runs great. Like I said before, the ECM was fine, the software just needed tweeking.

    Then we heard how Suzuki dealers had moved the Veronas to the back of the lot and Suzuki was going to discontinue the car. That's garbage.

    Now we hear about all of these valve tappet problems and how it is so extensive that Suzuki has issued a TSB concerning it. That's garbage. There is no TSB on Suzuki's site concerning valve tappet noise.

    People say that GM should have put one of it's own V-6's in it. I don't think a 60 degree V6 will fit in that engine compartment. Anyone think that may be the reason Daewoo spent so much money developing this inline 6. This car was originally developed and sold to the rest of the world with a 4 banger.

    God forbid that I would ever have another GM engine in my car. GM gets most everything correct but one thing. I had a 1991 Grand AM with the quad 4 in it. It had head gasket problems. GM said it was because of new technology. The heads were aluminum but the block was iron. Thermal expansion coefficients. I would have bought that story if it wasn't for my 1980 Ply Champ (Mitsubishi) with aluminum heads and a cast iron block. Never a problem, 156,000 miles and the engine was running strong. Maybe GM was just too proud to learn a little something from Mitsubishi.

    Like I said before, this is the closest that I ever want to get to owning a GM car.

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "I really get tired of all the garbage on this board."

    I am really sorry you are "tired" of all the garbage. First of all.... there are many, many people on this board who have spent $15,000.00 plus dollars and are having SERIOUS PROBLEMS with this car. You don't replace heads unless there is a serious issue. All these people with problems...ARE THEY MAKING THEM UP?

    It's a shame, the (Verona) is a beautiful car--with many problems. The thing is, after GM (or GM/Daewoo-whatever they are calling themselves) fix the problems, it will probably be a good car. BUT, with the reputaton this car has--people looking at a new car will STAY AWAY...FAR AWAY!! BTW.. you are right about the 2.4 "Quad" motor---it did have head gasket issues. But the 3.1 and 3.4 GM motors have been very reliable "work horses". Ask anybody who has an old Lumina or Corsica.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    "First of all.... there are many, many people on this board..."

    What many,many people?
    Without actually going back, I am sure there have been less than 5 people here with SERIOUS problems (valve tappet noise requiring major work).

    Maybe 5 people here having problems getting the early ones with the ECM issue resolved on the first reprogramming try.

    The anecdotal evidence here does not by any stretch of the imagination equal many, many people.

    The pre-1993 3.1L GM engine was a work horse. Model years 1994-1998 a very large number plus the 3.4L had the intake manifold gasket issue by 120K miles and usually it destroyed the engine as people don't maintain the car and see the signs early. Any used car manager with years taking cars in on trade knows to stay away from that era GM engine unless the new intake manifold gasket has been replaced, just like the Chrysler transmission.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Go over on the Lumina board. Many owners are getting between 150K and 200K out of the 3.1 and 3.4 motors........

    I personally do not think a Verona will ever see these kind of miles. With all the problems, most owners will trade or find out it is economically unpractical to keep them.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    kctom, My service manager was the one who told me about the TSB. When I described th noise to him, he said he didn,t even have to hear it to know what I was talking about because he haid already repaired about five others. Don't get me wrong, I still like my Verona alot. This to me is just an irritation that I think they will get fixed right when I bring it in again. I, like you, didn't have a single problem with mine until recently. I have almost 29,000 miles on it now.If they treat me right and get it fixed to my satisfaction,I'll be in love with it again.
  • Our early-production 2004 Verona now has just under 27,000 miles, including one long summer trip from Oregon to Georgia and back. I have mixed reactions to the car. It has been very reliable in mechanical terms. An early idling instability was permanently cured by redoing the chip. Dealer service was very poor. The repair disabled the radio and the service desk manager tried to convince me to take the car home and repair the radio myself. The dealer then agreed to repair the radio but it has never worked well since.

    The engine has a slight vibration at idle that would be very acceptable in an older four cylinder car but is a surprise in a modern inline six cylinder engine. At any other RPM the engine is very smooth, though quite audible at high RPM. Theengine has a slight clicking sound at idle which is unusual. All our previous cars have had quiet idling engines. The sound has neither improved over time nor gotten much worse.

    The looks of the car continue to please and the leather upholstery shows no sign of wear. Body fit and finish are excellent. The white paint does chip easily and I have purchased touch up paint to correct these flaws.

    Fuel economy is poor overall. Our best mileage was on one stretch of our trip where we obtained 27 MPG. Normally, suburban driving is less than 20 MPG and often near 18.

    The greatest flaw in our car is a poorly developed transmission. Although a five speed automatic would be nice, there are far better four speed automatics than in the Verona. the chief design blunder seems to be an inablility to apply throttle without an immediate downshift. The result is that the engine is often at at higher RPM than is truly needed for a modest acceleration. Earlier upshifts under light throttle and less-eager downshifts would significantly improve fuel economy, reduce engine sound, and contribute to a more serene driving experience.

    There is a notable contrast between the Suzuki Verona and the Hyundai Sonata. The Sonata makers are aggressively pursuing product improvement and customer satisfaction. The Verona product managers appear to have given up.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    . "The Verona product managers appear to have given up."

    Yes, it's too bad....the Verona IS a pleasing car to look at. It would appear that one's money would be better spent elsewhere....even if you get slightly less equipment. :cry:
  • I would go to the dealer about the clicking noise, it might be the same issue I had with the lifters knocking. I had a vibration at idle with that sound and had very poor gas mileage, took it to the dealer and went out with a tech, and they found that they had to replace the head on it.
  • I finally got my car back from the dealer, Suzuki rushed the part from Korea so they did not have to refund me a car payment. Warranty work costed Suzuki almost 2,400.00 to replace the head. I have had the car for about 3 days now, no knocking, no vibration or rough running at idle, it actually is running like when I bought it, very smooth. This was a nightmare, they had my car for three weeks, the dealer never called me, I had to call them to check on vehicle, and I only called 2 times over the three weeks and the service person named Carol was a total BI***. I drive mostly highway and before the head repalcement I was only getting 22 MPG on the highway, I hope it goes up now that the engine is running correctly. We will see.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    The J.D. Power study measures problems reported by auto buyers after the first 90 days of ownership. Suzuki had 151 problems per 100 vehicles in this years study, up from 149 last year. The industry average was 118. This DOES NOT INCLUDE the Verona, with only 12,874 sold-the number was considered too small for sampling. :sick:
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Hello everybody, I realize how much I care for my Verona now that I may not have her anymore. I left her at my office Friday afternoon and took a company SUV since I had company business Monday morning which woul require some light hauling, not really thinking that Katrina woul be as bad as it was.Well my office is in New Orleans and live in Baton Rouge.As from what I can get from news reports, the area where my car is is under 7-10' of water.The worst part is they are not letting anybody back into New Orleans right away. I sure wish I had her back right now lifter tap and all. If it is under water, I think it would have to be totalled.I wouldn't want a repaired car that has been submerged for several days. Do any of you think they would try to repair it? Sad day on the Gulf Coast.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I don't think they like to repair flood damage on a car. Hopefully, you will get a nice settlement and can buy another car of your choice.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Hello all, Well I got lucky, Our office parking lot was one of the few unflooded places in New Orleans, so the Verona was O.K. The only trouble I had was getting her out I had to drive some water that really wasn't that deep. The problem I am having now is that the dealer I bought it from, who was supposed to fix the lifter tap (which has gotten really bad,embarassing really), was hit pretty hard. I don't know when they will be back in business. I took it to the Baton Rouge dealer and they said that since the original service department had not done the work properly Suzuki may not want to pay for the service twice. I can't keep driving it because they said it me leave me on the side of the road. We will have to see if Suzuki come through for me and allows Baton Rouge to do the repair this time. This is a national disaster and I would hope they would allow me to have my car repaired at the only dealer I now have access to. I'll let you know.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Well guys, I really appreciate Suzuki now. They are allowing the Baton Rouge dealer to correct the work of the original service department even though they are probably paying twice for the same thing. But I guess under normal circumstances they woul have me me go back to the first dealer for the re-fix. One thing is different though,this dealer is replacing the cylinder head.They feel this will solve any future problems. I sure hope so. Talk to you guys later.
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    I think these problems with the valves is all due to using the incorrect grade of oil. Suzuki dealerships were incorrectly using 10W oil for oil changes which is not correct. Make sure that you only use 5W30 oil in your veronas. I suspect the heavier oil was not properly reaching the valves.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I have always used 5W30, but now I am using full synthetic 5W30. It helped some with the noise at first. But then the tap got progressively worse until I was embarassed to drive it. It is now getting a new cylinder head. The dealer said the district manager instructed him to do this and that it should solve the problem. I certainly hope so.
  • i hate to burst your cloud you're coasting on, but this VERONA owner knows exactly what the deal is with the ECM and in no way is it being blown out of proportion. my car is in the shop right now. dealership admits that this is a problem and they were waiting on some techs f/suzuki to get there so that everyone could get together and try to find out why they are unable to fix it. no one seems to be able to find a source to repair. they have tried many diff methods, one was even putting a 2005 computer in my 2004. they did, thought that had solved the problem after putting a couple hundred miles on my car to see if had fixed it. they thought it had, returned my car to me just before closing on a saturday and i drove it approx 3 miles and guess what...PROBLEMS!!!, needless to say, my car was back in the shop first thing monday morning and i'm back in a rental again. the 2005 also has issues so don't even go there, that's why they decided not to make any more VERONAs. i'm real close to painting my car as a lemon and advertising it that way in as many places as i can in areas that are well traffic'd. so unless it's not happening to you, don't put down the ones that it is effecting. at this point in time, there are 3 other VERONAS along with mine in the shop with the same issues, and from what i've researched on this vehicle, this is only the beginning of the problems. my odometer reading is over 24,000. not to mention i now have a car with all of the 2004 problems along with the issues of the 2005 model :lemon:
  • please read my posting #1347
  • How can you know exactly what the deal is with the ECM with your experience with a SINGLE Verona that you own?

    Without full statistical data on how many of the Veronas were sold, how many developed any given problem, how many were fixed with the ECM upgrade, there is no way to know exactly how widespread or serious this or any other problem is at this point.

    There is a really good chance that the dealers technicians are overlooking the actual cause of the problem that is not related to the ECM, but due to the ECM problems in the past cannot get past the tunnel vision. In any case if they cannot repair the car under warranty within a reasonable effort, you can always see if you need an attorney. Then wait up to two years while you cannot drive the Verona waiting for the courts to decide. This is assuming they will not do a voluntary buy back.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    It's too bad that you are having problems. What kctom doesn't tell everybody is that he sells these cars. So he naturally wants to minimize these problems. What Suzuki should do; is offer a GM car as a trade straight across for the Veronas. Offer the Verona owners a new car at no-charge! Maybe just pay for the miles used on the Verona. While the Chevy Malibu has gotten mixed reviews for it's style, it is turning out to be a fairly reliable car. Shame on Suzuki/GM Daewoo for these monsters of an automobile. GIVE THE OWNERS A BREAK!!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    There were only 12,000ish (Veronas) sold last year. Furthermore, if they are replacing heads (as many owners have stated) this goes to the serious of the issues. These things are going to go the way of the Edsel... and for good reason!! :lemon:
  • Just to have my 2 cents thrown in I bought my 04 Verona in Oct of 04 and I drive for a living. I have put over 26k miles on it and have not had a single problem with it except for the check engine light a few times. Maybe I'm just lucky. :)
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