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Suzuki Verona



  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43
    I have posted on this board before, for numerous problems with my car from the stalling issue in 04 to the head on the car being replaced because of knocking. But the last straw for me was this past week, after telling numerous dealers for a year now that this car was idle surging at 40 mph, as well as jerking a little when taking my foot of the brake at stoplights, the engine light came on while I was on the highway, I got off on an exit and during deceleration, the RPM's spiked to 5000 RPM and almost put me into the back of a semi-truck. Now that I have 38,000 mile on the car, of course it is not covered, even though I told the idiots that there was something wrong with the car, but they always responded, HMMM can't find anything wrong with it since their is no engine light, and this is the same issue I had in August when the head had to be replaced. They found the Throttle body was bad and charged me almost 500.00 to get it fixed!!! I am getting rid of this car very soon, it has been a nightmare, in service every month for something else, radio controls, etc... The dealer I also brought it to when it was under warranty, i needed the light bulb replace behind the fan contol 1-4 knob. The idiot tech took it apart, repalced it, and put it back together, I picked it up and had no heat on the way home, took it back and he took it apart again, and found that the cable behind the hot/cold knob had broken, so he ordered it. The dealer did not have a tech until just a week ago, now I am at 38,000 miles, instead of 34,500 I was at when I brought it in, they had temporaily superglued the cable to the knob so I would get heat(great QC, right)! They replaced it and then charged me 104.00 for it because I am out of warranty! I told him he was full of crap, that none of this is my fault, I came in to get a light bulb replaced under warranty and their tech broke the cable. Service manager Tony Rinalo at Ron Tirapelli in Shorewood, Illinois (815) 725-3033 had the nerve to tell me that his tech did not break the cable, and I said then who the hell broke it, it sure the hell was not me!!! he said Suzuki would not cover it, and I told him again he was full of it and he was just ripping me off. If this is the way that service managers and Suzuki techs are going to act and not take resonsibity for their actions, this is very sad now that I have to fight to get the money back.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43
    According to a Suzuki dealership here in Illinois, The verona will no longer be made after 2006 or 2007. Last week Suzuki bought back 17 out of the 20% of Stock that GM had possesed. The other 3% is rumored to be being bought by Toyota, Completely negating the GM/Suzuki/Daewoo partnership. The amount of problems that Suzuki has had with the Verona, has they steaming with the GMDAT portion of GM and they are as fed up as some of us Verona owners.
  • kimweigelkimweigel Posts: 43
    Prediction: In a year or two,Suzuki will come out with a new, improved Verona, just like they came out with the new, improved Grand Vitara. They may or may not change the name. If they put decent engine control electronics, and a modern japanese automatic tranny in it, I think the car will be transformed. Acceleration and mileage would go up. All the rest is spot on, especially the interior. I've always felt there is good power in that motor, it's just getting sucked up by the transmission. The build quality and feature content is there. I wouldn't turn my nose up at softer leather, and I don't think anybody would miss the alarm "chirp", but other than those issues, it is a pretty nice car for the money.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43
    Take it to them and drive the car for a while and then get off the highway and make the tech listen. This is what I had to do finally after almost a year the replaced the head in the car. This is a know problem on the 04 Veronas, Suzuki remanufactured the heads with new parts, but they will not put out a recall becuase they don't want to deal with all of the veronas with the problem. They handle it on a case by case basis, that is what mine is. If I were you I would call Suzuki ustomer relations at 800-934-0934 and complain to get the district manager of that dealer involved, because these dealers push us owners around like we are dog crap, just read my long post a couple up from this one, and you can see. I called Suzuki about the things in that post, and they are reviewing them. Good Luck, and make sure you get a rental car, it took them two weeks to get my part in and have it replaced.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Prediction: In a year or two,Suzuki will come out with a new, improved Verona, just like they came out with the new, improved Grand Vitara. They may or may not change the name."

    The bottom line is that Suzuki makes pretty good cars, and GM saddled them with this Korean piece of Junk called the Verona. Now that GM is backing away from Suzuki, they (Suzuki) will drop this car like a lead balloon. In a sign of good will they should give all Verona owners credit for any GM or Suzuki car. You spend 12K to 20K on a Verona and end up with a piece of Junk 15,000 or 20,000 miles later that needs either a valve job or a whole new motor.

    GM deserves to go bankrupt being involved with cars like this!

    I FEEL VERY SORRY FOR ALL OF YOU VERONA OWNERS. Even if you got a "good one," a used Verona will be essentially worthless!
  • jweadonjweadon Posts: 4
    I have taken the car back in today 3/28 and a factory rep is to be there. I called CA. and filed a complaint the next thing will be to begin filing a lemon law case.
    All the dealers here all say the same thing, they don't have anyone who can work on this car. Do you know if the replacement engine works any better? Because if the lemon law doesn't work then the next thing is just drive it until if quiets.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "All the dealers here all say the same thing, they don't have anyone who can work on this car."

    I believe their (the dealers) franchise agreement will state they need to support these cars. I would ask whoever said this if it would be alright for you to quote them in your next phone call or registered letter to Suzuki.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43

    The above link is a service manual from the Evanda Chevrolet model sold in Germany, go to to see the Evanda, so a total of four countries have this car, I wonder how many problems they are having in Canada and Germany with these cars. Anyways, this link is for those of us like me who are already past 36,000 miles and like me have dumped money at the dealer to get this stupid car fixed. i would rather do the work myself than pay crazy labor charges. Hope this helps.
  • kimweigelkimweigel Posts: 43
    I finally figured out how to get rid of the annoying "chirp" you get when you lock or unlock the car. :mad:
    Thanks to pciro2180 who posted the link to the service manual. ;)

    After looking at the service manual, I found the SIREN which is located under the hood, out of sight, almost directly below the battery. It is a round, black shape, about the size of a small can of peas. To see it, you must remove the air filter intake. This is a black plastic box with a foam ring around the mouth that sits right on top of the radiator, and is held on by two Phillips head screws. It is very easy to remove, and once you have done so, you can see the SIREN, down below the battery. This is the siren for the alarm, which chirps once for lock, and twice for un - lock.
    Let the buyer beware, by disconnecting this siren, the car no longer wails when the alarm is triggered, but the lights still flash. Are you willing to risk silencing your alarm to disable your chirp? That's up to you.
    Anyway, the siren is fed by a 2 wire cable that goes to a connector just behind the driver's headlight, almost dead center with the short side of the battery. The connector is round on the outside, the connection is oval on the inside, with a red and yellow wire. There is a rectangular black plastic tab on the outside of the connector that must be pushed in to pull the connector apart.
    Once the connector is apart, try your key buttons. The chirp should be gone. Try your alarm. Roll down a window, take out the keys, and lock your car remotely. Reach in the open window, pull up the lock, and open the door from outside. The alarm should trigger, with flashing lights only. :P
    If you don't want to give up the alarm, you may be able to tone down the siren with duct tape over some or all of the openings that the sound comes out of. A quieter chirp, however, will also mean a quieter alarm! :confuse:
    Good luck, and happy motoring! :)
  • I bought my Verona in January of '04, so I've had it for a little over two years now. I am thoroughly disappointed with the car and the service that suzuki dealers and customer service has offered me. From the beginning....the first problem I had with the car was a little after two months of owning it. I was traveling down I-95 from Pittsburgh, PA to Richmond, VA when all of the sudden all power to the engine was gone. I was stranded on a six lane highway and could not move! I had the car towed to a dealer near Richmond. The answer they gave me was that I was using the wrong octane fuel!! C'mon now, how dumb did they think I was??? I then experienced the engine losing power again driving back to Pittsburgh. So I took it to the dealer I purchased the car from in Latrobe, PA. They correctly diagnosed the problem as a bad fuel pump and replaced it. Now some two years and 59,000 miles later I experience more problems....note plural! The steering wheel radio controls are crazy and do everything but what they are intened to do. And the wheel bearings!! I had a right front bearing go bad in november...took it to the dealer to have it looked at. They said that because my right front fender was dented the wheel bearing was damaged from that. My car was seriously BUMPED into and put a dent in the fender. I'm sorry, but that will not cause a wheel bearing to go bad. So I ended up paying almost $400 to have the bearing replaced. It has now been almost five months later and I have another annoying sound develope while driving. I automatically know its the wheel bearing from hearing the sound before. Incidentally, the bearing caused the engine light to come on and the ABS to stop working. I truck the car to the dealer yet again. And AGAIN they tell me its from the fender damage on the right front. This time I end up having to pay $97 to have the problem diagnosed and $35 for a rental car. Now explain to me how right front fender damage can cause a left front wheel bearing to go bad??? Suzuki customer service has not heard the last of me. I have documented proof from my insurance comapany at the time of the accident that the only damage sustained by my vehicle was the minor dent in the fender!! I will prevail if its the last thing I do! Thank you for reading my novel of complaints ;)
  • I forgot to mention on my last rant....the annoying hesitation and sometimes jumping of the transmission when slowing down for a red light that turns green and reaccelerating! And the sometimes hesitant acceleration when first starting up my car in the morning. Just two more problems I am very unpleased with. I have owned many cars in the past and have experienced none of these problems with any of them!
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Sorry to learn about your car troubles. You will read this board and find other unhappy owners. But to help keep things in perspective, I have a few questions. First, on your trip to Richmond did the dealer perform any service? Did the symptoms simply disappear with the dealer reporting improper octane? That diagnosis is unacceptable; the Verona is designed for 87 octane and unless you put in something less than 85 (is that even available?) My instincts tell me that maybe you somehow obtained contaminated / dirty fuel e.g. I once filled up at a gas station that by mistake poured DIESEL into their gasoline tanks! My car never ran properly after that! The contaminated fuel may have contributed to the early demise of the fuel pump. Again, just trying to help understand the root cause. You have your car approx. 2 years, right? This sounds like a "high mileage" vehicle as you're averaging roughly 30K miles annually, which is about 2+ times the national average. Having a few mishaps in 60K miles is really not unusual for ANY automobile! Also you indicated one or more minor accidents which may or may not have contributed to the wheel bearing failure. Do you travel near ocean climates or have driven in flooded areas? This might be more likely the root cause. Finally, there is a TSB for the erratic radio controls and hesitation; they are well documented. To ease your pain, check out other nightmare stories on forums for much more expensive automobiles. You may come away feeling better about the whole ordeal.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "To ease your pain, check out other nightmare stories on forums for much more expensive automobiles. You may come away feeling better about the whole ordeal."


  • I have a 2005 and have had no problems. There are some quirks about the car I don't care for but nothing needing repair. I have about 16k miles. Which year model is everyone having the most troubles with? The 04 models are the most I see posted about. Anyone having troubles with 05's or 06's?
    Just curious
  • My husband and I bought our Suzuki Verona brand new in March 04. The car has had some issues along the way, we had to get a completely new transmission just two months into it, then the steering wheel controls never worked properly. Not fun stuff, but by no means the end of the world. THEN, in early December of last year, the car began to stall on me. The first time in the shop they re flashed the ECM or whatever the TSB said to do at the time. It didn't fix it. Numerous times in the shop over the course of Jan, Feb and March of this year, were even more frustrating because the dealership couldn't recreate the problem (or perhaps chose not to) and since Suzuki claims they will not give you a rental till its "diagnosed" that has meant me without a car, borrowing friends/relatives cars or getting a ride from someone. Very, very frustrating. The techs would tell me that they drove it home, etc. Then finally in desperation, my husband had it towed to a ST. Pete dealership, where we originally bought it (we had moved to Tampa since) and thank goodness they had it stall on them. they said the sensor in the head gasket was soaked with oil, so they replaced it. Then I got it back and it was leaking oil and stalling again, this time on a major highway with me, my husband and my three year old daughter in the car with a motor home barrelling up behind us. We are okay, we didn't wreck, but the problem, is that this car has stalled on me so many times, in so many situations that I'm waiting for the one time that it will stall and I will get in an accident. We cannot afford a rental car, we are just trying to pay the car payment as it is monthly. We are trying to proceed with getting the vehicle lemon - lawed, and hopefully that will work, however, that means a few more months of trying to figure out what to do about a vehicle. Calling Suzuki of America has done me zero good...and truth be told, we are upside down in the car and cannot get financed to get out from under it, and I'm not entirely broken hearted about that because I wouldn't want someone else to get stuck with this thing. But in the meantime, I'm praying that we can just get out from under this car and move on with our lives. If anyone has any guidance or pearls of wisdom, I would be grateful. I cannot tell you how much emotional duress this car has caused me and my family, so it is with desperation that I am reaching out to anyone that might know anything. We are in the very early stages of the lemon law process, I've been told this has to be done before my 26 months of owning the car is up. And from what I am gathering both from this forum and my personal experience in dealing with Suzuki of America, it will be quite the battle.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I am very, very sorry for your pain. I can feel it in your post.



    do the right thing!!
  • polonezpolonez Posts: 2
    The Evanda sold in Europe have a 2.0 liter engine (The some engine Suzuki Forenza in USA) with manual transmission (automatic is an option).
    I ve a 2006 Chevrolet Evanda and for the moment i ve any problem.
    THE Evanda/Verona is no more made, they stop production in december 2005. GMDAT start the production of the new EVANDA that you can buy in Europe from July 2006, GMDAT decide to change name from EVANDA to EPICA, from july 2006 you can find the new Epica with 2.0l engine, 2.5l (nobody buy in Europe this kind on engine because petrol is too expensive), and in 2007 with diesel engine
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405,view.spy?artid=53307&pg=1

    Looks nice, but in North America it looks like they are keeping the inline six. Why would they do that with the head problems and ECM unit troubles they have had? Makes no sense to me! Well, now that I think of it - the way the motor layout is, the only other thing that would fit would be a 4 cylinder motor, which would be too small for American tastes.
  • Anyways, I posted on here about two weeks ago (although I'm not seeing my old post anywhere) about some problems with my Verona. Some things I forgot to mention was that its an '04 and it has about 60,000 mi. on it! From everthing I've read thats about the most miles I've seen on a Verona so far. I do quite a bit of traveling. I'm from pittsburgh and travel back and forth to Baltimore at least once or twice per month (used to be Richmond, VA before that). But to the point. I had posted about the problems with my wheel bearings. First the right front back in Nov. and then the left front in March. I was home visiting last week and took my car to the dealer there in Blairsville, PA. I had previously taken it to two local dealers near my apt in Baltimore. Both dealers said that the "suzuki district manager" would not allow the bearing to be replaced under the 7/100 because there was a dent in my right front fender, which just happened to be caused by getting backed into in a parking lot. Surely not enough to damage one let alone two front wheel bearings. The dealer back in PA replaced the bearing no questions asked and even told me there is no way it was damaged from the fender dent. Soooo, I guess it just depends on where you take these things to have them fixed. I am definitely writing to suzuki again and demanding a refund. I put out about $600 for diagnosis, rental cars, and paying for the right wheel bearing just because the noise pissed me off so much I could no longer take it. I'm not getting my hopes up for any kind of refunds, but you can always dream!
  • Has anyone had any resolution about these problems from Suzuki? I have a 2004 Suzuki Verona that I purchased brand new. It now has 72,000 miles on it only due to the fact that it is the only family car we have. All of the problems that have been posted are the same with me. The first thing I noticed was that the car would idle high and randomly jump to high rpms when in Park. Also, the transmission would jerk and the car acts as if it does not want to take off when the light changes from red to green. I took it back to the dealership (which is 80 miles away for a one way trip) numerous times and each time was told they could find nothing. They pretty much just reflash the ECM and that's it. Afterwards, my check engine light kept coming on. The dealer stated this was due to a faulty gas cap and replaced it. The engine light went off but it does keep coming on randomly. Next, my radio controls started messing up. The keys were all scrambled (power key did nothing, mode key turned radio off, and seek did something else). Dealer kept my car for a few months and tried to re-wire the radio then returned it saying that they would have to order a new radio. It took almost a year for a new radio to come in. Now I am glad to say that my steering wheel controls do work but I'm so used to manually changing the stations that I barely use them now. Also the car stalls frequently. There have been numerous times that I have been on the expressway and 6 lane streets and the car has shut down. To date this issue has still not been addressed. I have corresponded with Suzuki multiple times to no avail. The last time I sent Suzuki another certified letter. I including copies of my dealer invoices and a list of everything that was wrong with the car. A VP sent me a rather crude sounding letter stating that my issues would be resolved if I go back to the dealership. They then proceeded to give me a set date and time. I could not get off of work that day so had to have my mother take the car in on my behalf. After the so called scheduled "repair" the same issues persist. I can't fault my dealer because in all honesty they do try to fix the vehicle. However, I'm at my wits end! It would be a nice car if Suzuki would fix all the issues that they are having and own up to fact that the 2004 batch of Veronas are for the most part LEMONS.
  • BTW...Did I mention that sometimes the temperature button acts "weird" <--- best word that I can use to describe it.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    I attended the NY Auto Show yesterday and Suzuki Auto made the conscious decision NOT to display the Verona. When I inquired the reply was quite interesting -- the rep said not to expect a 2007 Verona -- it may return in 2008!

    This decision may very likely be in recognition of the number of problems / complaints to Suzuki. Since the next generation Verona will be a complete makeover, and before they launch a new vehicle, they will perform more testing over a variety of conditions; to make sure they get it right before it hits the streets, and before the consumer finds the fault!
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    I wish that if the verona is redesigned, it will be a twin of the pontiac G6 or saturn AURA (aura preferred). As all of you i pray its no :lemon:. the choice in body: the coupe, sedan & hardtop convertible. The sedan and coupe should both have the 4panal roof as an option and all should use the upcoming xl7's navsystem as an option. Price starting around $16.5k... Sounds like a dream come true.

    Sorry if i caught any1's attention but it sounds like a seller to me :). Gm, Suzuki, and opel should build it :mad: !! Any opinions
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "the rep said not to expect a 2007 Verona -- it may return in 2008!"

    If they are smart they will also dump the name, with all the problems this car has had......
  • Well...about your questions to my post: No, the dealer in Rcihmond did not service the car. They could not "recreate the problem." And it did drive fine for me for about a week til the next trip to PA when it started doing it again. The original dealer replaced the fuel pump and I havent had a problem with that since. That was after about 3000 miles on the car. And yes, I am averaging about 26,000 mi/yr. Which is over the "national average", but who comes up with that average?? The only people I even know that drive less than 12,000-15,000 mi/yr are my 78 year old grandparents! ha And actually, having mishaps like i've had with the verona after 60,000 are very unusual in my experience. I've had 3 other vehicles in the past, all of which I drove to over 100,000 miles and honestly had a problem with none of them. As for the accident, it was a parking lot fender bump..I could have done more damage with a rubber mallet, so definately not the cause of any mechanical problems! I guess it all boils down to you get what you pay for and be VERY cafeful when buying a first year model like the Verona.
  • My question to you; you mentioned Suzuki remanufactured the heads with new parts…do you mean the car was sold to me as new with remanufactured heads in it? I wanted to make sure I understood this correct as I think this is a law suit. I buy new I want new parts too.

    I took my 04 Verona to dealership last Thursday for loud ticking which got progressively louder the faster I drove (currently 55K miles). As a matter of act, a man at the gas station asked me if Suzuki was making a diesel car now. At any rate, they first tried the ole looks like you didn't have proper maintenance performed on your car and they would need me to provide all receipts of oil changes or else repairs may not be covered under warranty. Then I found this forum and was so excited to see so many others with the same problem. I immediately called the dealership with my great find and they were not happy with my new discovery. Within hours, I received a call that they were replacing the heads and everything would be covered under warranty, except cleaning the gunk off the engine and making adjustments to the timing chain. Well, needless to say I'm not happy that I have to pay that; especially since the gunk wouldn't be there if it weren't for the faulty equipment I bought. I placed a call to Suzuki about these charges, which are so far $250, but I don&#146;t want to pay for it…not my problem and they are checking and will return my call. PEOPLE don&#146;t get in a hurry with Suzuki because they're not quick.

    Today (Tuesday) I get a call from the dealership that they are going to have to replace the motor as still wasn't right after replacing the heads. In the meantime, since I'm past my 36,000 rental car warranty, I'm going broke paying for a rental car (2 weeks)…way more than my car payment.
  • toymaker1toymaker1 Posts: 13
    I've owned my Verona EX since Sept. of 04 and other than self inflicted wounds the only problem I've had was transmission failure at 7,000 mile and it was replaced. I'm sorry to hear it will be dicontinued because I would have liked to have traded for an 07.
  • pciro2180pciro2180 Posts: 43
    No, I do beleilve that these were not remanufactured heads, according to my Suzuki rep(who I know very well), they scrapped all of the faulty ones and started making the new ones, and if you notice, no 05 or 06 Verona is having head problems, just the 04, so they are using the heads from the newer cars with the updated parts. If i were you also, I would get a hold of your Disrtict rep, because replacing the heads, motor or transmission is part of the power train warranty, and your rental company should be billing your dealer, and the dealer should be billing Suzuki for a rental car for warranty work, you should not incurr any repair costs with this. I know Suzuki is slow, I left that heater cable issue from my last post with both albert and Edwin at Suzuki, and it has been weeks!! I talk to my district manager and he takes very good care of me becuase he know how many problems I have had with the car since I bought it in 04 from one of his dealerships and the 3 dealers I deal with, he is district manager of all 3. He got Suzuki to cut me a check for 105 dollars for the heater cable issue, that the dealer screwed up and would not claim because they are the rip off masters. I work with four people that have had thier cars servciced at this dealer (Ford, Suzuki) and all have been ripped off. Don't let them get you, the dealers are out to charge you and have you deal with Suzuki, you should not have to pay a cent for warranty work, and it has taken me nearly 3 months to get any money back at all. Good luck man, i am trying to get out of this car before something else goes wrong!!! :lemon:
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Based on an insider's report at Suzuki, the 2008 Verona will be a rebadged Magnus / Epica; just as the new 07 XL7 will be a essentially the Equinox. The GM influence in Suzuki will be as strong as ever. Suzuki needs an upscale car to compete head-on with Toyota, Honda, and even Hyundai / Kia. Suzuki will build on their strengths of value engineering; that is to offer high value products with greater options than the nearest competitor at a lower cost of ownership. The new Verona (if it still goes by that name) will also have a multi-functional display standard with available navigation; prices will be north of $27,000 for a high end version.
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