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Suzuki Verona



  • The link failed to post, for reasons unknown. I here try again, leaving off the end brackets. Nor guarantee it will come through this time, but.....
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Hi fellow Verona owners. I was wondering who has the most mileage on their cars so far. I'll start off with my 103,112 miles. I've had only a few problems most such as the cylinder head replacement paid for by Suzuki because of a loud diesel like tap at about 40,000 milae and most recently I had to replace a coil at my expense because of the mileage for about 180.00. But my main aggravation is the check engine light. I can't get it to stay off foe more than a week or so. It runs fine and I see no reason for it to stay on. It's been to the shop many time for this and frankly, I,m just tired of bringing it in. I finally taped over just so I don't have to look at it. Does anyone else have this problem? Also let me know of some higher mileage cars. Thanks.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    I bought an '04 EX when they first started selling in my area and I only have 52,000 miles on it. I am on my third engine but I really have few complaints. It has been a very reliable, quiet, smooth and fun car. I say reliable because it has never quit on me. The motor replacements were the result of problems the dealer discovered during routine serviceing. I wasn't even aware there were any problems. I had an issue with the ABS light staying on but that went away after an emergency stop. Several months ago, it seemed to take longer than normal to start in the morning but that issue has gone away, too. I replaced the original tires at 40,000 but still have the original brakes and battery. I have test driven several new cars including the Camry and Mercury Monarch but none of them offered what I have become accustomed to in the Verona. They were either noisier, less comfortable, had lousy shift patterns, etc., so I felt like I would have been taking a step downward and paying many thousands of dollars for the privelege. My needs have changed somewhat since I bought the Verona so my next car will be something like the RAV4. It is a very nice vehicle but I will be sacrificing a few things when I give up the Verona.
  • I do not have a lot of miles on my car (12000)it was at the dealer more than I drove it the first year I had it. they replaced o sensors and plugs and what not then they finally replaced the catalytic converter and the engine light has not come on since. I must day I am worried after reading 3 engines replaced with only 52000 miles on it. I like the car but its not a keeper will get a new one soon and will not be a sucky
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    It was inevitable for something to go wrong: driving about 5 mph this afternoon, I applied my brakes lightly, and felt this pulsing sensation at the right front wheel, then the abs lights up and stays on all the time. I think it might have come on earlier, but it would go out. I read the post about the panic stop that fixed the problem; thanks evergreen, I think I'll try that tomorrow. After 44,200 miles, this is the FIRST mechanical / electrical problem I've experienced in 4 years of ownership. I still have the OEM original brakes and tires, but the front pads look a little thin and might change them out (myself) this weekend. And yes, I have the original engine, original everything else, just change my own oil and filter and rotate tires, haven't spent a dime on anything other than gas, oil, and wiper blades. I have my eye on the 08 Passat...if this abs thing doesn't pan out well. I have no real complaints on the Verona EX; it has treated me very well for 4 years, and I will miss it if it's time to trade.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    I just installed a new set of Centric Posi Quiet Disk Pads all-around, and just for the heck of it, disconnected / re-connected the 2 abs electrical connectors on both front axles. I drove about 20 miles today, threw in a few "hard stops" just for good measure, and the abs light has NOT re-appeared. :) My theory is either one of the following: the worn brake pads triggered a signal to the abs computer that would disable abs from operating, OR, the act of re-inserting connectors which may not have been making proper electrical contact did the trick.
    In any event, I am wondering how many others here did not have "legitimate" problems with their abs system? I would not doubt that most repairs shops would capitalize on the "out of warranty" situation, citing major repairs e.g. computer, sensors, etc. to the tune of $1500 (as some have paid) when all that was needed was some simple connector cleaning. From my observation, these connections are exposed to all the elements: road salts, grime, brake dust, extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, etc. hence highly likely that a poor connection can develop. OH, and did I mention my brake pads (esp. the inner pads, the ones you can't see too well until you remove the caliper) were worn down pretty deep. Just wondering if abs is, coincidentally, disabled on really worn pads.

    Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience? Thanks.
  • vultu69vultu69 Posts: 3
    My abs light came on back in January. I was getting the same symptoms with the light being on but not all the time. When I first started the car, it would need to move a mile or so before it came on. The parts guy at my local dealer told me it was probably a wheel speed sensor that was telling the abs that one of the wheels was moving slower than the other (skidding). I honestly couldnt afford the enormous expense of changing out parts to "see" if it fixed the issue. 2 months later my left wheel hub assy started making noise and was seizing up. (This is an 04 verona with 123000 miles) When they changed the hub out the abs light went out and everything seems fine. The lesson of this could be that if you have some miles on your car and you get this problem, you might want to wait until you need your brakes done, or rotors removed, or cv joint replaced etc. Or if someone can do it for you. disconnect and reconnect the sensors.

    While, Im at it. My verona drives me just over 5000 miles a month. the hub assy is the first major repair i have needed. The engine (original) is still very quiet, and it has been a great car overall. I am definatly getting my money's-worth out of it.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Does anyone know of a way to clear the check engine light without going to a shop and getting charged about $60-$70? I already tried disconnecting the battery, but to no avail. It is running just fine and I've already had it done so many times. They have reflashed the ECM and done other things. It will stay off for a short while and comes back on. I am so tired of it. Please help if you know of a way.Thanks.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    You basically have two options. First, the free one: find a local AutoZone store in your area; they will read out the DTC (diagnostic trouble code) from the OBD2 connector under your dash; then you should look that code up on the net (or they'll tell you on the spot) before resetting the check engine light, again, for FREE. Second, buy a low-cost code scanner, as I have done, something like the Actron. You can find them on ebay for about $50 - 60 and do the scanning / resetting yourself; anytime. This is the most convenient option. Make sure you reset your light before bringing in your car for inspection; otherwise your car is sure to fail the emissions test! Good luck!
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Thanks for the info. I knew AutoZone would check it, but I did not know that they would clear it. I just feel that it is a false alarm because it is running just fine. I was hoping it was a bad gas cap, but a new one has not helped. The light would sometimes go off by itself when the cat was newer. Thanks again.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Has anyone replaced O2 sensors yet? I read a post a whole back about that. Anyway that is what AutoZone told me my check engine light was on for. They reluctantly cleared it, but it was back on in about 100 miles. Is this something I can ignore or can any harm come from not replacing them? I need two at $140.00 each.
  • I can tell you mine have been replaced 6 times in a 5 month period when the car was still under warranty they finally changed the catalytic converter and that has fixed the problem so far with the engine light coming on...
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Im just going to wait and see, since it seems to run just fine. A friend told me that it will probably just lower the gas mileage. Autozone said the catalytic converter may eventually get plugged.
  • I don't believe everyone is saying Suzuki produces nothing but junk. But when it comes to the 2004 Verona they completely got it wrong. Are any of you other Verona owners aware of the fact that Suzuki did not design or build the first Vehicle that carries the name Verona. Suzuki purchased Daewoo from GM and the Verona was a model designed by Daewoo, I'm not sure but I think it was called the Leganza when Daewoo built it. I have read that the engine in the Verona which was designed by Daewoo was not engineered to run on a fuel that contains ethanol. Well as you all know or should, you can not buy fuel in America that does not have at least 10% ethanol. Running this engine on a fuel that contains ethanol causes extreme build-up, I read that is ten to fifteen times worse than a normal engine. I bought a 2004 Verona in 2007 it only had 37,000 miles on it. The car run fine and sounded fine for the first few days. Then it started making noise in the top end of the engine and then in another couple of days the lower end of the engine started making noise. I have worked on car engines sense I was eleven years old and I can tell you what is making most engine noises. I knew that what the Service Manager and the Service Rep that came out were telling me was a lie. I was told that this engine was suppose to make that noise and that there was nothing wrong with the engine. I was told this engine has what they call self adjusting cam gears and the ticking noise I was hearing coming from the top of the motor is suppose to quit after about ten seconds. The only thing is, is it wasn't quitting and they all swore they could not hear the rod bearing knocking in the lower end of the engine. Finally after six or seven months I got them to agree to replace all the working parts in the top of the engine and they said they replaced the short block, which as I understand is the outer casing of the lower end of the engine and the crank, pistons, rods, rod bearings, and rod caps. I think Suzuki trains there techs to be liars because even though I was told that this work was done the engine still makes the same noise it made before I took it in to have them work on it. The ticking and clattering up top and the rod bearing is still knocking. So I ask anyone that might read this, is it possible to replace all the parts that Suzuki claims to have replaced and an engine still make all the noise it made before repair. I personally say no to this and I have had plenty of experience rebuilding engines to know that a gasoline engine would never be designed to make the noise that a diesel engine makes. A gasoline engine is designed to run as tight as possible. I have had the vehicle in now seven times, the last time just being a couple of weeks ago and they could not hear the engine making noise and they could not feel the transmission lurching and slipping, and I took it to another dealership to see if they would be honest. Guess what, they are as bad of liars as the other people in the other service department. It seems to me that Suzuki is aware of the problems that are there when it comes to the Verona and they wish to ignore them and to make people go through hell getting something done about getting the proper repairs done to fix their vehicles. They have demonstrated a lack of concern that the engine has been the cause of accidents and that peoples lives are at risk every time they climb behind the wheel of their vehicles. So I ask whoever reads this if you are as upset with Suzuki as I am and are tired putting up with their lies and crap then would you be willing to join me in a class action against Suzuki. I have already alerted the Attorney General in California ( where Suzuki has its corporate Office ) and I have alerted The Attorney General here in my home state, Texas. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in California also and I have contacted channel 8's investigative team and I have contacted a columnist called the Watchdog for the Star Telegram here in Ft Worth. I really cant afford to hire an Attorney to handle this matter so I am doing what I can to force Suzuki to either buy back all 2004 Verona's or to be willing to replace the engines and transmissions in the ones owned by unhappy customers. Wont you please join me in this battle and maybe we can win the war. Contact me by e-mail at
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Hey, that was a great post by rainman. I must admit, I never experienced the engine noise on mine. The transverse inline 6 cylinder was a great design and in my opinion, well executed. The engine has roots from Porsche, as I have been told.

    Anyway, I was in a town called Verona New Jersey last week. They say the car is named after the town in Italy, written about by Shakespeare, you know, Two Gentlemen from Verona. Well, after 4 years of ownership, I must say this car is based more on NJ than Italy. Not that this is necessary bad, just that it reflects the "ordinary" nature of the car. While my 04 EX has served me well for 4 years, it is now time to depart our ways. With the 3 yr 36K warranty well expired, I have my doubts if this is the car I want to continue to have as my sole source of conveyance.

    For those of you who have ready my posts, I thank you for your time. I have steadfastly defended the car against the long list of gripes and harsh complaints. Mind you, I still like the car, and will miss it. But here are the factors / annoyances that led up to my decision. Problems never quite resolved: turn signals do not cancel after turning; the steering wheel audio controls that never get it right; volume up acts as mute; seek acts like mode; mode turns the darn thing off, etc. The abs warning lite which has again re-appeared. And while I was perfectly willing to live with this, last week for some strange reason at a long red light, the engine decided to stall. And despite the long line of honking horns, it took about 2 minutes to re-start. Problem has not returned, but when will it happen next? On the freeway? All of these concerns, but most importantly, living without a warranty (other than the 7-70K powertrain) led me to the painful decision that it's time to move on. I guess you might say that my confidence in this vehicle, wearing thin as time went on, has dropped to an unacceptable level.

    Thanks to all, and I wish you all the best with your Veronas.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Hey rainman, sorry to hear about your situation. From my 66 years of experience, I have found that owners of most any defective product can be satisfied with appropiate customer service. My 04 EX has always run great but the dealer found an issue with the motor on two occasions last year and replaced the engine twice. I was given a free rental car, etc. and I never spent a penney so I am a happy customer. I have heard of cases where Suzuki has repurchased a person's Verona and you could probably do some searching on this forum to get the info. If the local dealer isn't doing his job, you should be able to find somebody up the food chain to deal with your problems. If you let them know you are researching the possibility of a law suit, that may light a fire under a lazy [non-permissible content removed]. I am not a mechanic but, if your engine noise is imperceptible to the dealer, you should take it to a neutral mechanic and get a second opinion. That would give you a little more ammo in your argument with Suzuki. Another idea would be to just let things get worse so there would be no question about whether there was a problem. If there really is a problem with the bearings, pistons, etc., it is only going to get worse and should soon get bad enough so that anyone would recognize that there is a real problem that needs to be addressed.
  • blkbobblkbob Posts: 36
    Although I no longer have that piece of appliance called the Verona, I can honestly say I felt your pain rainman!! I had to check back on this forum to see if Suzuki remedied the stalling issue and, sadly, I see they haven't. And being that Verona has been obsolete for 2 years now I would be shocked if someone in corporate is actually worried about it. I agree with everything you said except for two points. One, no matter who designed this car (GM, Daewoo, GMDAT, etc.) Suzuki has the sole responsibility of finding a resolution. As I said before, you can blame other manufacturers all you want but it's Suzuki's emblem on the front grill. And two, the 'ethanol theory' has been proven not to be the cause of the engine problems (also, the ' bad O2 sensor theory', the 'bad header theory', the 'bad ECM theory', etc. etc. have also been debunked). All those issues were checked both by the dealership and the corporate Suzuki district manager and deemed not to be the cause from my personal experience and others. The fact that they did not know the cause and were willing to blow over $20k in parts, labor and rental cars rather than buy back the car was what reinforced me to get a "lemon-law" lawyer.......and I detest lawyers but I had the car a year with 13 times in the shop. It's up to you to choose your next course of action but you must be feeling that, presently, Suzuki is just "pacifying" you without fixing the actual problem and leaving you with that uneasy feeling that eventually they're going to label the problem "out of warranty" thereby making you pay for all future repairs. Just to let you know, your present course of action in trying to get everyone on-board for a class action suit or complaint hasn't been successful in the past; it not from a lack of effort, it's just that there aren't that many Veronas that were made, let alone sold, to show up as a blip on anyone's radar screen. And you compound that with current owners who are not having problems with their Veronas, the disgruntled owners become fewer. The only advice I can give is to get the Suzuki district manager involved first; seondly, check your State's lemon laws, some States state that the auto manufacturer pays for the lawyer fees when you win the judgement. If litigation looks promising remember that Suzuki will no longer contact you directly once lawyers get involved. From the few people that have done this (including me) Suzuki usually (not always) buys the car back before any litigation was set to appear in court. All it took was a letter from a lawyer with statement of intent of litigation. Oh, and one more thing, make sure you have all the copies of the work done on your car, if not request tell the dealership you want back copies!! Good luck!
  • groundedgrounded Posts: 1
    Suzuki are buying these cars back if you are the first owner they will give you every penny you paid the bank for the car and pay it of and pay your lawyer fees 30 to 60 days its very easy call a lawyer these cars are junk everything you wrote i whent threw i have had the head replaced 3 times then the short block problems still was there lawyer had case closed in 1 month 30 to 60 days ill get my check every dollar i have in the car paid 14,5 for it but ive paid the bank a little over 16, so far there giveing it all back it was easy do not try to fix this car it just screws up again and again you pay the lawer nothing all free to you no money out of pocket jgoogle limonlaw i have 30,000 miles on the car and have had it 4 years it was easy
  • mackdrvr54mackdrvr54 Posts: 1
    They are replacing the engine in my Verona right now but I've been thinking about contacting the home office to see what can be done. Do I have to get a lawyer to get them to purchase my car back, or can I just contact Suzuki and tell them this is what I want them to do?
  • hcc863hcc863 Posts: 1
    i just finished installing new brakes on my 04 verona and it drives fine for about 30 minutes and after the 30 minutes both front brakes lock up and make it impossible to move i've already replaced both calipers and brake hoses and the abs light is not on any help would be appreciated
  • welingtonwelington Posts: 16
    hey verona owners i have the same experience like every owners have the engine ligts on,but guess what,i solve that problem al ready how?i tok my verona to my mechanic and he told me if i put gas whit the engine on,and i told him yes,and he told me thats the reason the engine ligts is on ,and he shut the engine ligt off whit hes computer.and guess what he was rigth,every time i go to the gas station i turn the engine off before i put gas on my verona,and the engine ligth never come on any more,oh and he told me thats the reason the oxigen sensor go bad when you put gas when the engine is on, that many verona owners have that problem.another thing i notice when i star my verona in the mornig the car make a noise like nocking in the engine head and like 3 minutes later when the car get warm the noise go away , my opinion i think that the oil take to long to lubricated the whole engine,so i dont recomend to run the verona when is cold is better to whait in to the car get warm, thats maybe the reason that many verona owners complaint that they have to replace the engine head in their verona maybe they run the car cold .my verona have 78000mil,and no major problem yet,this is my experience,and it work on my verona, good luck verona
  • poulsbokidpoulsbokid Posts: 13
    NO i never had my car run when filling it with gas.
  • welingtonwelington Posts: 16
    hey poulsbokid i got you message so you say you turn the engine off before you put gas in your verona,and your engine ligth continue on,maybe your problem is not related whit the gas,have you check auto zone for the free diagnostig whit the engine ligth on, and if you dit what they tell you.because when i dit my free diagnostic they guy from auto zone told me thats was a gas cap was bad,and some evaporation in my gas system,and i went to the suzuki dealer,and the thecnitian check my car with theyr computer and guess what the suzuki dealer computer show the same thing like the auto zone computer,and thats when he ask me if i put gas whith the engine onand i told him the tru that evrey time i go to the gas station i put gas whit the engine on,and he shut the engine ligth off and told me shut the engine off before you put gas,and realy work engine ligth dint come back anymore.good luck.
  • mickeysgalmickeysgal Posts: 11
    I am new at this so please forgive me. What was wrong with your engine that the dealer was replacing it? The reason that I ask is because we have an 04 with 104,000 miles on it, we have given it all the oil changes when they were supposed to be done we had a tune up when it was needed as well. We were just told by the dealer that my 5th and 6th cylinders are misfiring and that they need to be replaced. They have told us for them to do the work it will be very expensive. The car isn't worth as much as they want to charge and we still owe on it. We haven't had all the problems that other people have had with the engine but we have had some other crazy stuff. If you can inlighten me I would really appreciate it.
  • vultu69vultu69 Posts: 3
    I am in the same situation. My rings are blown on multiple cylinders on my 04 with 120k miles. I am currently saving up the money to put a replacement engine in since im past my warranty. :(
  • mickeysgalmickeysgal Posts: 11
    Have you tried contacting the corporate office to see if they are willing to help? We haven't yet either (we are trying to figure out what our next step is) but I think that an engine on a car should last more then 120K. Or in my case more then 104K. DId you keep up on your regular maintenance? I wonder how many more people are out there in our same situation.
  • welingtonwelington Posts: 16
    wow i was checking your post about your 04 verona and two cilynders are bad, my question is how the car fell whit two bad cilynder,the engine make noise,my 04 verona make a nocking noise but only when is cold when is warm the noise go away,the suzuki company cant do nothing to help you i check that your power train waranty expired you have 104.000 mil. if that cilynder replacement is so expensive in the suzuki dealer why you dont take your car to a regular mechanic to check how much would charge you,buy the cilynder from the dealer and let the regular mechanic doit for you, make sure is a good mechanic and find out how much is the labor before you buy the cylinder,i understand labor is very expensive at the dealer . good luck
  • welingtonwelington Posts: 16
    i dont undentand why when the weather is cold my 04 verona get hard to star,and is not the battery because when is hot star rigth away, i belive this is a characteristic in this car,what a maniac car,oh and when i star the car when is cold the car make a nocking noise from the engine but it go away after 3 minutes,and when is hot i dont heard that nocking noise when i star the car. can sombody have similar problem i would like to heard it from other verona owners. thanks and good luck to everyone.
  • mickeysgalmickeysgal Posts: 11
    I am not sure how the cylinders went bad on the car. Like I said before an engine should last longer then 104K. I understand that it isn't under warantee but give me a break. We are looking into other mechanic shops that we trust to see what their proce might be, but I am still going to contact Suzuki. One of my previous cars had 198K before I got rid of it and I never had engine trouble. And that car cost 10K less brand new. From what I hear this is a common thing among Suzuki engines and I think that something needs to be done. I am not asking that they buy my car back or pay it off, but I think that they are aware of this problem and need to rectify the situations. About your problem I have no idea. We never had any knocking noise in the engine.
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 51
    How does one remove the passenger compartment air filter cover? Owner's manual's instructions on pages 20 and 21 do not suffice. Peeling back the hood weatherstrip per the page 3-20 instruction is easy. But then one must remove the three clips holding the panel in place (page 3.21). Each clip has a plastic washer-appearing fitting abut a half-inch diameter that appears to be snapped into place with no easy way to remove. In the center of each round clip is a plastic screw-head appearing fitting with what appears to be a Phillips screwdriver slot. However, turning the plastic screw head--if that is what it is--does nothing. The screw head just spins. I tried on all three slotted center fittings and all reacted the same way.
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