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Suzuki Verona



  • ak10ak10 Posts: 3
    you are 100% right
  • i tried to star my verona and was hard to star and when finally star the hold button light was on and blinkid on the dash, i press the hold button to turn off but dint work the hold ligth was still on in the dash i tried to drive the car and the car was running terrible and making noise, i drove like four bloks away from my house and i decide to park and turn the car off , i wait like 3 minutes and turn the car on again and finally the hold light shut off and the car went back to run normal. that is possible that the suzuki dealer cut eliminated the hold mode sistem?it will be nice, if someone have solution for this problem please help. god luck verona owners
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 51
    Welcome ak10. We have also had no major problems with our 2004 Verona. The paint still looks good after four years being parked outside. The leather shows no signs of wear, and the engine has enough power. The newest six cylinder Veronasbeing sold in Australia, UK, and possibly New Zealand under the Holden Epica brand name are selling slowly, but gaining some sales because of a new diesel engine option.

    Does anyone have hints on where to find the engine coolant drain plugs? It is time to change the coolant and local prices are very high.
  • my suzuki verona have 81000 miles i used 5w30 but i think that motor oil is to ligth for a car that have 81000 miles should i put 10w30 or 10w40 in the next motor oil change please help.
  • I need to find out how to check and add transmission fliud to my 2004 Verona. The dealership that I got the car from (Joe Gibson) is now out of business and the nearest one close to me is 45 min away. :confuse:
  • ak10ak10 Posts: 3
    good morning,if its an automatic gear this will help in checking :
    chevy evanda is same as the verona.
  • Our 2005 Suzuki Verona has 114k miles on it, and has been virtually problem free, we have done the basic maintenance on it but recently the check engine light came on at apprx 105,000 and we took it to a local mechanic who said that the Catalytic converter needs to be replaced, we didn't have the money at the time so we decided to hold off, then a couple of days ago it started driving very slow and hesitating, now today it has no power, it starts fine but cannot accelerate at all, is this a problem that can be attributed to the Catalytic converter? Also, recently intermittently when breaking the brake pedal is hard to press down almost like there is a problem with the master brake cylinder, also could this be related? Thanks for any assist.
  • There is no way to check the fluid, short of draining it all and measuring. The Verona does not have a transmission dipstick, and it is meant to be a sealed unit for it's entire life. I would take it to a dealer at 100k and have them change it, and otherwise, don't worry about it.
    I never loved the way mine shifted. Even though there was nothing "mechanically wrong" with it, it always seemed to be in the wrong gear, and shifting at the worst time.
    The no dipstick thing is common to a few high-end cars. They claim it keeps the fluid cleaner by not having another point of entry for foreign material.
    I think they do it to keep the stealership mechanics working. They may also do it to keep us hamfisted knucklebusters from overfilling, or putting the wrong kind of fluid in our transmissions.
    Tranny fluid is usually measured and added in pints, not quarts, like oil. There are also several different types, and the wrong one will definitely screw up your tranny.
  • you are rigth about the transmission fluid my verona have 81000 miles and im going to wait for 100,000 miles for change the transmission fluid and the suzuki dealer is the best option to take even if a expencive i dont recomend to take the verona to regular mechanic for transmission service due to that transmission is sealed by the way i dont like the way my verona transmission shifting always at the wrong time exept in freeways and nothing is wrong with the tranny is just the way was made. take care and good luck verona owners.
  • Hello, I am new to this forum and I would like to ask a view questions about my 2004 Verona. I have not had any problems with it until about 90,000 miles. Nothing with the engine but my driver side window is off track or something, its got a lot of play in it meaning i can move it side to side and up and down. I have to pull it down to come down, and i have to pull it up to come up. I am a DIY kinda guy so id like to do it myself. It's starting to happen to my passenger window as well. If anybody knows what is wrong with it please let me know! I also broke my diver side door molding, the plastic peice on the side of the door, and cant find it ANYWHERE! The dealership here went out of business (looks liike suzuki isn't doing to good some places). Please please please if anybody has any information or resources let me know. thanks a lot!
  • pizardpizard Posts: 45
    I have an 04 Verona and I am wondering if there is something wrong with the stabilization of the car. It suddenly seems easier to steer and seems very touchy with the steering. Any ideas if there is a stabilization problem or something else?
  • Mike,
    Hi. I haven't been on the site for a while but I was wondering if you were able to get your car fixed. We have an 04 and like you had almost no problems. Now it sits in the drive way and we can not use it. Please feel free to contact me at my personal email address.

  • Hi, I was wondering if any one else has had a problem putting gas into their gas tank. When I pump the gas in, it acts like it is full, like I am topping it off and the gas comes rushing back out at me. I know for a fact that the tank is not full because I ran out of gas when I went under the assumption that maybe the guage was wrong. I can't pump gas in it for more than a few second at a time. Any suggestions?Thanks
  • 05suzuk05suzuk Posts: 1
  • It's not a bad car, ive heard a lot of bad things that have happened to it but i would say just take care of it because if you don't you will have a lot more problems. I just hit 100,000 miles on mine and its still running, i just need to replace my wheel bearing which costs $150 for the part, and $300 for labor.
  • mickeysgalmickeysgal Posts: 11
    Yes this car is a piece of crap!!! I have an '04 and it has 103,000 miles on it and it has sat in my driveway for a year because the cylinders are messed up. I did all the required maintenance and still the car died on me. There are also many other problems with the cars. If you'd like to know I can list them out for you, all though I am sure I did that already on here somewhere.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 213
    Mickey, what do you mean your "cyclinders are messed up?" I have an 04 with about 64k on it and, on two occasions when being serviced by the dealer, they found things they didn't like (oil leak and low oil pressure) and they threw in a whole new engine both times. If yours doesn't run because of cylinder problems, it sounds like you need a new engine. The warranty for that kind of problem is 7 years so you should be ok, unless you have a crappy dealer.
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 51
    We have an early 2004 model (made in June of 2003). Don't know free owner's manual source. We like our Verona very much, though it is not flawless. The reliability has been excellent with no repair costs. Free work includes one engine computer update, one radio reset, and one replacement oxygen sensor when the engine warning light stayed on. Best part is the very smooth engine. The ride is good, interior space excellent, and the pass-through back seat is very useful. The leather is durable and the roof window never leaks. I would buy the latest six-speed automatic version if it were available in the USA. It is currently sold in Britain, New Zealand, and Australia. There may be more. If you have a specific owner's manual question I may be able to help.
  • jason25jason25 Posts: 8
    Well its apparent that not much activity occurs here but I'll share my experience with this car anyway. It seems that people who bought the Verona either had a nearly flawless example or one with lots of problems. My Verona was somewhere in between. Within the first 25,000 miles I had to have the transmission replaced (under warranty), 02 sensors, and they supposedly fixed the cylinder misfiring problem. Between about 25,000 to 50,000 miles, it ran pretty well without many issues (though my image of the car was obviously tainted after having all that work done within a short time). Now at 58,000 miles the cylinders are misfiring again, sounds like the left rear strut/shock is giving out, and I just had my front bearings replaced. Yesterday morning while starting the car I realized this strange clicking coming from the engine department. The click increases with engine speed too. Very strange. I'll be taking the car in Monday to get a diagnostics test so I can see everything that is wrong with it. I really like my car and would love to keep it (I'll be done paying for it this year!!), but I'm a little worried about the long-term reliability. Its a good car, it just has lots of little quibbles that shouldn't be apparent on 5-year old car. Nonetheless, I'll keep you all updated...
  • poulsbokidpoulsbokid Posts: 13
    well I haven't posted in a long time but still read any new messages as I am sure others do. my 2005 I have yet to have 25000 miles on yet. I hope this is something I dfo not have to look forward to. After 8 months of it being in the shop with 3 others having the same problem they ended replacing the catalytic converter along with other things. Now the ford dealer will no longer work on them and I have to go 50 miles away to sucki dealer
  • blouieblouie Posts: 1
    Our miles are very similar and I have experienced all those problems and more. It is at the dealer as I type trying to get approval for new engine. It died two days ago while driving on eway with my son. I'm fighting with suzuki corp to get this vehicle fixed, but they are tripping. You MOST definitely will be needing a new engine soon. That's the history with the 2004 Suzuki Veronas
  • jason25jason25 Posts: 8
    That is very discouraging. At the dealer they claimed the engine light code was reading that there was an error with banks 1 and 2. I asked what that meant exactly and they claimed that it could mean a number of things. I stood there with a blank face for a few minutes before they told me I would have to bring the car back for them to fully diagnose the problem. This was after them having the car from 8 am to 4 pm. Unacceptable. As you could imagine I was quite upset. I haven't been back since and other mechanics can't seem to diagnose the problem either. This is very frustrating. I am seriously debating on whether or not to just get rid of the car. These issues should not be happening on a modern car with under 60,000 miles. :(
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 51
    The Verona has the General Motors On Board Diagnostic system. It should not be difficult for trained and competent mechanics to diagnose the problem. Perhaps your car did not receive their full attention while at the dealership. I suggest that you take what I post here to your service manager. I don't understand the reference to "banks 1 and 2." Normally, the term "banks" refers to separate rows of cylinders in a v-type engine. The Verona has only one row of cylinders because it uses an inline engine, placed at right angles to the length of the vehicle.
  • jason25jason25 Posts: 8
    So basically these people are complete idiots??? When I asked them what they meant by an error with banks one and two, they simply replied that it could mean a number of things and that I would have to bring the car back for them to fully diagnose the problem. I'm very sure that my car did not get their full attention. This is very discouraging. If my finances allowed, I would trade this car TODAY. But that just isn't going to be a feasible option until at least next year. I honestly don't see myself driving this car past 2010. It sucks because this was my first new car and I would love to drive it well past 100,000 miles. But if I am having these issues @ under 60,000k miles, I can only imagine what the issues will amount to after 100k. :(
  • littlelilittleli Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Verona and just recently when I go to get gas it clicks off like it is full. It clicks and clicks and it takes forever to put in a couple gallons. I have taken it to a mechanic and they said that they cannot find anything wrong with it. My boyfriend took it apart to check the goose neck and it is not bent or damaged either. I was just wandering if any one has had this problem or can give me some ideas. I hate to take it to the Suzuki dealer because every time I take it there some thing else breaks as soon as I get it back. Not very trust worthy. Thank you.
  • blkbobblkbob Posts: 36

    It has more to do with the gas station pump itself. Alot of stations discourage "topping off" your tank (y'know getting that last ounce of gas to round off to the next nearest whole dollar) by having a mechanism that shuts off the gas when it back flushes back into the gas pump nozzle. Some nozzles are sensitive and some shoot gas so fast into your car's goose neck that it backflushes prematurely (something to do with a physics lesson involving that you can only shove liquid through a pipe only so fast). I would suggest for those fast gas pumps that you back off on the pump handle and slow the fuel flow. On a side note I think some gas stations have their "anti-topoff" settings set too sensitive.
  • blkbobblkbob Posts: 36

    Dang, you still have that car?!!! I'm ALSO just checking back to satisfy my curiosity (plus I'm severely bored at work) in regards to Suzuki Motors company reacting on Verona issues........sadly I see they lost interest.

    For those that never ventured far back enough to read posts from August 2006 to September 2007, I was one of the rare members who successfully had Suzuki Motors Corporation buy back their Verona. I had to get a "lemon law" lawyer to send a threat of litigation for Suzuki to do that but it worked nonetheless. Long story short, the 2005 Verona that I had was one of thee worst, it actually shut off on me while I was going 65mph with a 18-wheeler on my butt. Suzuki put over $20,000 of new parts and labor into a $15,000 Verona through 13 visits to the mechanic. They extended my warranty and would have put even more money into the warranty work if not for the threat of litigation. When finally I returned it to a Suzuki rep for a buyback, the Verona would barely stay on and when it did it jerked along no faster than 25mph. In fact the rep couldn't even get it started to move it into another lot, he needed some dealership mechanics to come out to help him push!

    My overall conclusion about the whole experience is that Suzuki did play nice by honoring their warranty and even extending it but they failed at finding the root of the problem and were jerks for initially refusing my pleas for a buyback.
  • I do not top off my tank last few times I have gone to Costco to get fuel It has overflowed. I click on the lever for it to fill with out me holding it so I can do my windows etc. I have been going there with this car since I have owned it and it has happened Just the last 2 times. They have once again updated the nozzles and this is the problem they don't stick in as far as they use to.
  • Yes I still have the car after the last time it was in the shop for a month it is fixed. I have not had a problem since. But I do not drive it that much. I have a scooter now that I drive to work when its nice and it been in the 90's for weeks now. Course me holding a sign down at the dealer asking why I wasn't driving my new car helped GRIN. Now I have to go 2 hours away to a suzki dealer to work on my car as they have fled from our city. GLTA
  • I have a 2004 Suzki Verona S that was given to me from my mother. I'm 19 years old and this is my first car. I received it in 2007 as a gift during my junior year of high school. It currently has 60,800 miles. So far the things that has had to be replaced are:

    - Faulty transmission at around 17,000 miles replaced under warranty
    - Cylinders were misfiring and was repaired at around 42,000 miles
    - I hit a curb and ruined the front bearings, had those replaced at 52,000 miles

    Other than those, only regular maintenance has been performed. From what I have read in these forums, my Verona seems to be one of the only few that runs the way it should. My car definitely isn't as bad as the posts on here suggest. I suppose I got lucky ;). Now at about 61,000 miles its time for the 60,000 mile service interval. I called the dealer and they said the price is $489! Ouch. As you could imagine, at 19 years old, that is a lot of cash coming out of my pocket. So my question is is there anywhere else that I could go to get my car serviced for less? Are there any certified places that can service my car properly? And would it void my powertrain warranty if I serviced it there? I thought about PepBoys or Tire Kingdom, but they don't even carry the oil filter for my car any longer, so I'm not too sure. Any input would be appreciated :)
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