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Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Did they rotate the tires, too?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Should be the same as the 7500 which should be:
    Oil Change
    Air Filter
    Tire Rotation

    The major one is 30k which includes:
    Oil Change
    Rad Drain-fill
    Brake flush
    Tire Rotation
    Air Filter
    Fuel Filter (if it has a replaceable one, some newer models don't have a replaceable one)
    Diffy Fluid Change (rear on ATs, Front and Rear on MTs)

    We used to charge about $400 for this service at AZP so expect to pay about $500 for it at a Dealership.

  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    You should only have gotten an oil change and tire rotation at 7500 miles (same at 15,000 miles too). Why the new air filter? That is good until 30,000 miles. I think you feel overcharged because you were!

    Definitely watch the dealer so that they don't add extras onto the service (such as the unnecessary air filter you paid for at 7500 miles). At the 30K mark, that can add a lot of extra $$ onto the bill. Make sure they stick to the book.
  • I just brought in my '06 Outback for its 7,500 mile dealer service. I paid $113 for what amounted to an oil change, air filter, and some air in the tires. I know they 'checked' other things, but I left feeling a little overcharged for what I got.

    Yup - you got shafted. Don't order a package - dealers load them up with a bunch of unnecessary, expensive services to pad their profit margins.

    If you need a 15,000 mile service, look in your owner's manual for what is required. Go in and order those specific services. Their "15,000 mile service" could total twice as much. How do you think they stay in business selling cars for $500 over invoice?

    Or just take it to a private garage and be done with it.
  • With a $1500 rebate offered on the Forester, does anybody feel that the Outback is really worth it's current price (with 750 rebate) does the Outback compare to the Forester ??
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    Big difference -- get them both up on the highway and then drive a twisty road and you will be able to tell the strengths of both vehicles. Forester is going on 4.5 years old, Outback is only 2.5 years old. The Outback will get a facelift for 08, while the Forester will be all new (and supposedly bigger) for 09. They have contrasting features in terms of engines, transmissions, performance, and safety.

    We have owned both, and they are both excellent cars. However, they are different enough that it deserves some careful consideration.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Actually an unbundled service will likely cost more at a dealer than the bundled service.

  • What dealer are you referring to? At Manchester, Nh Subaru, Wakefield, MA Subaru it's about 1/3rd less than the package they offer, because the package has a lot of services added by the dealer but not required by SOA.

    I have lifetime rotate and balance on my tires, for example, so paying the dealer is going to be more costly as well. And in my experience few technicians do any of the checks suggested in the manual - they're paid flat rate so less time means more money for them and the dealer.

    If there are imprtant checks that require removal of bolts, panels etc, I rub chalk on them to see if they've been touched.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm not referring to any particular dealer, just dealers in general. Here they will charge you 1hr labor per item you ask them to check individually. So you are gonna rack up a lot of rate-hours that way.

    Personally I do the min amount of maintenance possible, usually I do my own as well so not really an issue for me.

  • rob_mrob_m Somewhere North of BostonPosts: 813
    Yup. I brought my GT to Exeter, NH Subaru for a 7500 mile service and requested an oil change and tire rotation. Total bill was $95.95. They charged one hour shoptime for the tire rotation at 70.00! Nashua Subaru on the other hand will do an ala carte tire rotation for $20-$30 dollars.

    When I brought this to SOA's attention, they cut me a check for the $95.95, and picked up my next oil change. +1 for SOA. I have never been back to Exeter. Rob M.
  • I have never noticed that type of behavior and I am a fairly aggressive driver. I will try it and see how my car responds.

    Aggressive alone doesn't do it. I've never experienced this when accelerating hard from a dead stop. It seems to be that unique combination of circumstances where you are cruising at some speed fast enough to be in 5th, then begin slowing down to 10-15 mph, then punch it again.

    It just appears to dumbfound the transmission for a second or two, and of course, with drive-by-wire, it holds the gas off too while it thinks it over. Once it decides what to do it takes off like a bat out of heck. It's just those two seconds where it does nothing that are kind of frustrating.

    Oh, the car has almost 6k miles on it now, so I'm confident it's not still "learning" us.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Forester is a bit smaller and feels a bit more tossable. The cargo area is very upright, good for boxy items.

    The Legacy is more refined and comfy. The cargo floor is much bigger, but the area isn't as tall.

    I'd pick a Forester for city use, a Legacy for highway stretches.

  • Situations like that are one reason we have 3 cars for 2 drivers. Great to have a spare car.

    Couldn't agree more. Since we got our `07 Outback Bean the wife has been pestering me to sell my `99 Maxima SE, oldest of our three cars w/160k. I refuse to though; it still runs great, is a nice convenience to have a 3rd car, AND it's the only one I have left with a manual tranny!
  • I didn't care for the driving position in the Forester. IMO it feels similar to the Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix and Scion Xa in that it felt high up to me. The Chevy HHR felt similar as well.
    The Legacy feels much lower to me (which I see as a positive) even though it is several inches higher than the car I usually drive. The Outback, I would imagine, is somewhere in between.
    I have recently been able to enjoy driving a Legacy wagon in less than ideal weather. Its pretty amazing, driving sanely it feels like a little tank, driven stupidly, it feels like some type of ski or snow toy.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Outback actually has more about 1/3" more ground clearance than Forester, and 2.5" more than Legacy. Despite this, Forester is the tallest and feels the most upright, though, I think. Legacy definitely feels the lowest of this group.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I measured the hip point of several Subies a while back, plus my Miata:

    Miata: 13" (talk about low)
    Legacy 2.5i sedan: 17.5"
    Impreza RS sedan: 20" (surprise, much higher than the Legacy)
    Outback XT: 22"
    Tribeca: 26"

    I didn't measure my Forester, maybe I should!

    Any how, note that in the OB you sit a good 5" or so above the point in the Legacy. Plus or minus an inch given the adjustment range.

    I think the Forester falls between the OB and Tribeca.

  • What is the reason that Subaru is against using synthetic
    oil in their engines? Mercedes, Porsche,Audi,and BMW come from the factory with synthetic.
  • How do you measure hip points? Are the seats all adjusted the same way, i.e. all the way up or all the way down?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They aren't necessarily against, in fact we hosted a chat with some of their senior techs and the only caution they gave us was to do the switch early, before 15k miles.

    Perhaps the STI should come that way from the factory. It's probably just overkill. My friend is VP of a construction company and their trucks typically go 250k miles on conventional oil without a problem. It's usually something else that breaks, not the engine.

  • Subaru is not against synthetic oil. I use it all the time. You should wait until 7500 or 15,000 miles though before using synthetic. Give the engine a chance to break in.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Same as what the other guys have said. Most of our customers switch over to Amsoil (we are an Amsoil Dealer) around 10k miles and run the fully synthetic 5w-30 in there. I run the same in my Armada. As for the race car since it has 150k miles we keep dino in there since it's such high milage.

  • Unfortunately, I got the same problem in my 2005 Legacy.

    I wonder if the replacement of the fuse or connector is covered by the warranty.
  • rob_mrob_m Somewhere North of BostonPosts: 813
    I just burnt out my 4th headlight today. The 3rd was on Monday. This is my second set of Silverstars, so I don't believe that this falls under the 'bad batch of bulbs theory'.

    First bulb - 18k. Second bulb - 28k. Third and Fourth at 37k. Rob M.
  • I am in the market for a new Subaru. I want something safe, reliable, fun to drive, able to tow a small (less than 1000 pound) trailer short distances, and with a stick shift. I am considering an Impreza WRX wagon, a Legacy Wagon, and a Legacy GT sedan. I am leaning to the WRX wagon but my wife would be more comfortable with the bigger and safer Legacy as I commute on a dangerous stretch of I-95.

    Consumer Reports seems to give the Legacy models a 1/2 red circle, the same as the Impreza turbo models. However, I seem to hear of more anecdotal evidence about reliability issues with the Legacy. In particular, Car and Driver or Motor Trend had a long-term Legacy GT with lots of issues (exacerbated by them filling it with Diesel!), and I seem to have seen some similar posts here. Any thoughts on reliability of WRX wagon vs Legacy non-turbo wagon vs. Legacy GT sedan? Also, has anyone driven all of these? Fun to drive for me is more about tight, responsive steering and good handling than straight line performance.

    Thanks very much.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Both are nice. Get the one that appeals to you.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If you're gonna tow, in my experience the Outback and Forester are pre-wired with a harness, and the Legacy isn't. That may not be a big deal to you, but you won't have to splice any wires.

    For my '98 Forester, it was plug-n-play for the trailer wiring on the OE hitch. They cost more but it was worth it for that reason alone.

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    I think all of them fit your bill. I think the anecdotal evidence on reliability also peaks with new models. The recent Legacy platform was released as a 2005 model. The Impreza line will have theirs next year.

    I believe the Car and Driver experience is not indicative of most experiences. I recall Automobile magazine having nothing but positive things to say about their Four Seasons test of an LGT wagon. Every car magazine has their biases and at the end of the day, a long term test is just one data point.

  • If you're gonna tow, in my experience the Outback and Forester are pre-wired with a harness, and the Legacy isn't. That may not be a big deal to you, but you won't have to splice any wires.

    For my '98 Forester, it was plug-n-play for the trailer wiring on the OE hitch. They cost more but it was worth it for that reason alone.

    The Legacy (at least the 2005 wagon) was plug-n-play as well. It requires feeling around a bit inside the d/s rear panel for the plug but its sitting right there. The hitch was also bolt on as well, although it might sit a little lower than I like.
    We've been big fans of craigslist and ebay for finding furniture, so the Legacy occasionally gets to pull our new finds home in a U Haul trailer, which it does without complaint. It also holds a hitch mounted bike rack a lot of the time.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    If you have time, wait for the all new 08 Impreza WRX, to be on sale this summer. The outgoing 07 model is a good car, but has been around since the spring of 2001 and is getting dated (though it did get fairly significant refreshes along the way).

    My feeling is that the reliability of all the cars are more or less the same. We have owned Outbacks, a Forester, and a WRX, and they were all great cars -- no major issues on any of them.

    2007 is the last year for the Legacy GT wagon, so get one soon if you decide on that model.
  • Oh and I think the towing capacity of the Legacy/Outback is 2700 lbs and the Forrester is 2400. Not too big a difference but I think its because the Forrester is Impreza based.
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