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Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+



  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 845
    the SAE changed methodology of engine output measurement hence the change. Some variables were left undefined is my understanding. New spec is clearer, supposedly.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Actual power is the same, they just changed the way it's measured. Who cares, it's plenty quick! :shades:

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,768
    I guess tonight could be our Crew World Series party since last night's game makes me think there's a slim chance the Series might not last until next Thursday! :P

    The Subaru Crew Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule

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  • May: 24 KM service - replaced the air filter
    July: 30 KM service
    September: 36 KM service - replaced the air filter

    When I got a 36 KM service, I forgot I had had the air filter replaced in May (24 KM service).

    So, I had the air filter replaced twice in just 4 months (12,000 KMs or 7,500 miles).

    Is it a feasible case? I'm wondering if the engine system is faulty or the air filter wasn't replaced properly in May.

    FYI, I've used only regular oil and gas. I drive 6,000 KMs or 3,750 miles every month (70% highway + 30% city).
  • I've had my 05 LGT Limited Wagon for two years now. I still get tons of compliments when people sit in it for the first time. They are always amazed when the realize it's a Subaru. The gigantic sunroof is another source of constant amazement.

    Edmunds just did a shootout between all the latest luxury sports sedans from all the upscale manufacturers. I'm not sure how a Legacy driving dynamics would fair against these models, but just looking at the interior pics, I think the Legacy interior and dash look as good or better than any of them. The materials may not be BMW/Audi quality, but mine is holding up great and looks as good as any German interior I've seen.
  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    For the most part I would agree with you. However, when I got into my 06 LL Bean OBW this Sunday I noticed the very edge where the top and side of the leather meet, it looked worn and faded. The rest of the seats are in great condition - it's just that one annoying area. I am going to try some Maguires Leather cleaner to see if that helps.

  • The outback is an automatic with 8,000 miles and a little over a year old now. I noticed the diffential fluid was almost near the low mark. Has anyone else noticed this?
    Today the dealer added 1/4 pint to bring the level up. They said there weren't any leaks. Hmm.. I find the loss suspect.
    Will keep eye on it.
  • I have the option to purchase the extended warranty from Subaru, is it worth it?
  • plim77plim77 Posts: 46
    It depends on what you think...

    I bought my 2005 Subaru Outback used with 8800 miles on it in Oct of 2006. At the time, there was only 1 year remaining on the factory warranty (it was purchased new in 10/04, leaving the warranty to expire 10/07). So to be safe, I purchased the 6 year/60k Subaru Added Security plan. The $800+ was financed into my car payments.

    When we bought my wife's 2006 Subaru Legacy, we did not purchase Subaru Added Security because we didn't want a bigger car payment, and I knew we would be able to purchase Subaru Added Security later. It would also give us the time to determine which plan we needed if we decided to buy it later.

    If buying the car new, then getting the warranty isn't bad because you can finance it into your payments. This doesn't sound like your case, though.

    I have two recommendations:
    If you can, put aside the amount you would spend on the warranty into a high yield savings account. Then if your Subaru needs expensive maintenance work, then withdraw the appropriate amount. This way if 4 more years go by and you don't use the warranty, then you haven't wasted your money.

    If you decide to purchase Subaru Added Security, then do NOT purchase it through the offer you got in the mail. The product price is negotiable. In fact, there was a Subaru dealership in New Hampshire that was selling Subaru Added Security at the lowest prices I've seen, plus they don't charge sales tax which could save you 7% or so depending on where you live.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I bought the extended warranty on my 05 LGT. I went for the 5/100k since I'm a high milage driver.

  • The car is now a year old, so the extended warranty would give me 3 more years.The offer I received in the mail was 5years/60,000miles for $564 w/$100 deductible. What your saying is take this offer to the dealer and see if they can do better? Thank you for the great advice.
  • Just curious now that the price of gas has risen to date in my area to $3.13,has anyone thought of trading in the Subie for a hybrid?
  • Just curious now that the price of gas has risen to date in my area to $3.13,has anyone thought of trading in the Subie for a hybrid?

    Our Legacy 2.5i wagon gets about 30mpg. The only other AWD hybrid I could find is the Ford Escape which gets 29/27 so I don't see the value.
    Even the Prius, which is rated at 48/45 would take several years to offset the price penalty from the hybrid, and lacks AWD, any towing capacity, and has lower roof weight limits. There are some tax benefits and "feel good" that might be associated with it though.
    I would be more inclined to go with a diesel then a hybrid, personally.

    I guess to answer your question, I haven't considered trading a 30 mpg car that meets all of my needs and expectations for for one that lacks features I use because the cost of gas went up (and is still cheaper than bottled water).
  • plim77plim77 Posts: 46
    I would do several things.

    First, determine which plan you need. For example, if you already have a lot of miles on the car, then a plan with more miles is what you want. For me, I only put on about 10k a year, so the 6yr/60k plan made the most sense. You even want to graph out how many miles your car will have accumulated in 3 years to make sure you get the right plan.

    You should definately approach the dealership to see if they can beat the offer (which they should be able to). If you want to save money, contact a Subaru dealership in New Hamshire or another state that doesn't have sales tax. (Yes, you can purchase the warranty through the mail/phone.)

    Also, you take a look at the plan in the mail- I bet it was the classic or basic level plan. Most people prefer the gold plan since it covers more. Also, stay away from the $100 deductible. My experience is most repairs you might need during the warranty period won't cost thousands of dollars. Paying that deductible could actually deter you from using your warranty. Personally, I chose the $50 deductible because I thought it was a good compromise between the low cost $100 deductible and the expensive $0.

    In the end, I still think taking the money you would have spent on the warranty and putting it into a high yield savings account is probably the best deal of all. There's nothing wrong with purchasing the warranty, though.

    Good luck!
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    my experience with the Subaru ext plans
    92 Legacy - never got my moneys worth, everything went to heck after the ext warranty ran out!
    98 Legacy, got my moneys worth, new a/c, 2 new power antennas, oil leak (and they changed timingbelt with it), dealer did some freebies too - HVAC light bulbs which aren;t really covered
    02 WRX - ball joint and strut so far.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    No hybrid for me. No AWD would be a deal killer. Of course all the other hybrid hog-wash involved as well. For instance, what happens when the battery dies down the road? Your milage goes to nil cause you are pushing the heavy batteries with a tiny gas engine. Also what about the ramifications on the environment of the disposal of the batteries... etc. etc.

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Might as well get a Fit or Yaris if MPG, reliability & cost are the top factors. Nearly as good MPG, much lower cost.

    I think viable electric commuter cars will be here within five years, and I'd much prefer to have one of those (like Subaru's recent G4e concept, please!) in my multi-car household.
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    I owe a 2008 2.5i Outback and I'm wondering if there's a way to "control" the ipod or mp3 player directly through the stereo ? I tried the function"text" with no success...

    Is the "integration kit" the only solution ?
  • Don't you have a plug in your center console for input. If I recall correctly you plug and RCA plug into the headset jack of the i pod and plug the other end (another RACA plug) into the receptacle in the center console. Turn the volume way up on your i pod and set for radio for "auxiliary". Thats the way it works on my 07.
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    I know what you mean and that's the way to connect the ipod, mp3.
    What I'm wondering is: Is it possible to "control" the ipod e.g. changing songs etc. without the use of the ipod but directly with the stereo...?
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,895
    Not with the factory stereo. Aux in is simply a 3.5mm jack connecting to the headphone port on your ipod. This is a one way connection, not 2 way. Only the serial port on the bottom of the ipod can receive info, and the factory stereo is not configured to talk to an ipod anyway nor has the right connection. In short, if you want direct, real ipod control, you'll have to replace the factory stereo with something from the aftermarket...

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • Or buy this:
    Subaru iPod

    Probably won't work with all models/years.
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    Thanks for the technical info...I discovered that it doesn't work on the Outback:
    "2008 Impreza models without factory navigation and without satellite radio."
  • You might want to find out if there is any difference in the control structure between the radios. When I was looking for a trailer hitch and electrical connection I was told up and down by the Subaru parts department that there was no fitmet for a Legacy wagon, it was just the Outback, yet everything back there is exactly the same and the electrical connector was plug and play.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Not with the factory stereo. Aux in is simply a 3.5mm jack connecting to the headphone port on your ipod. This is a one way connection, not 2 way. Only the serial port on the bottom of the ipod can receive info, and the factory stereo is not configured to talk to an ipod anyway nor has the right connection. In short, if you want direct, real ipod control, you'll have to replace the factory stereo with something from the aftermarket...

    and you can't do this or your HVAC won't work.

    I believe the Ipod controller works on all 06+ legacy/outback radios.

  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    That would be a pleasant surprise for me... my '06s (two of 'em) don't even have aux input.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    hmm maybe it was 07 they put em in? Whichever ones can read MP3s are the ones with the aux-in IIRC. (I have an '05)

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    Yeah Mike they added the aux input on the '07 and on. Although, the '06 are supposed to be able to play MP3 CD's.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Ah ha. Yeah I can play CDs that were created from MP3s but not CDs with MP3s on them. I don't have an aux-in on it either. :(

  • 30 mpg... ? average?

    You must have a manual transmission and be driving on a flat highway all the time.

    I haven't averaged better than 19-22 mpg over 3 years and 48,000 miles with an automatic and a mix of 70% stop and go and 30% highway.
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