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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    We've finally started to see some good Kia Amanti commercials on local TV stations, ones that show the interior of the car, one of its best features in my opinion. My dealer tells me that they're not expecting any major changes in the vehicles for 2006 except that in Canada there will be two models, one fully equipped and one without all the bells and whistles. That's a real surprise to me and I wonder how they're going to manage to have stock for such a low volume vehicle if they're going to offer more than one version. It works in the US because that's a much larger market. The cars will also have an onboard tire pressure monitor but that's apparently the only major change that's in the works. I'm glad in one way because it will protect the value of our Amantis but would really have like to see the new engine that's coming in the Hyundai Azera, with 65 more horsepower and much better fuel economy. It looks as if we'll have to wait until the 2007 model year for any significant changes in the cars. Now if Kia puts on a good publicity campaign with references to the JDPowers ratings and the owners' satisfaction with these cars, there might also be a major surge in sales.

    I had a look at Lincoln's new Zephyr the other day and found it almost impossible to get into without hitting my head on the door opening, something that's never happened with the Amanti. And the Lincoln doesn't even offer stability control as an option! I also dropped in to see the restyled 2006 Accords and discovered that the top of the line cars are listed at about $2000 less than an Amanti, for nowhere near the same level of equipment! In my book the Amanti is still the best luxury car value available at any price. Perhaps the idea with the two levels of pricing is to drop the Amanti base price below that of an Accord. Right now the Amanti lists at $3600 including pdi & freight in Canada. That's more than $5000 less than a Maxima LS, by the way.

  • Hello all of you guys,
    I live in Quebec City Canada and I made the move today, my new car will be delivered tomorrow at 01 PM I can't wait.
    I will be back in a week or so with my comments,
    I read all 50 pages of this board to get a better feeling of the car and it really helped.
    Thank you all
  • WOW! All 50 pages. I'm sure you know by now that we love our AMANTIs. They're great automobiles, and sites like these are the best way of getting to know the real-life details of ownership. Congratulations and happy driving!

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Congrats! Please let us know how you like it. You can tell we love ours. Bill
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88

  • Thank you all,
    my last three vehicules were Honda's CRV which I really liked by the way, the only thing that bothered me was the low fuel mileage I was getting aroud town mid 10's only, so far i think me Amanti will be better We sill see
  • On the subject of mileage, after seven months, I'm getting close to 4500 miles driven, and I've seen my mileage (60% city / 40% highway) creeping up from a solid 17 mpg to 19 on the last couple of fill-ups. The only all highway trip I've done to Santa Fe I recorded 25 mpg.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "Make your deal in the next 10 days and I'll give you a 250,000 mile warranty at "NO CHARGE". Buy any vehicle in stock for Edmund "TMV" and the warranty is yours. Thank you"

    If this thing is legit - it's going to have enough "holes" in it as to coverage you would be able to drive a semi thru it! I don't see how any warranty company can offer a product like this. Unless of course it's a Mercedes or Volvo!
  • congrats.on the purchase of your Amanti. my wife and i say it is the best car we have ever owned. We now have 21,000 on it and nothing has gone wrong.the last two trips totalling 6300 miles we averaged 25 to 32 miles per gallon.the trick is to stay around 70 to 72 m/h. of course these are highway miles and the A/C was used all the time.As you know the car is VERY quiet and perfect to drive.Have you seen the latest JDPower ratings by satisfied customers .the AMANTI beat many of the more expensive cars .
    also the news just out that the old president Peter Butterfield has been replaced .
    enjoy your new car and lets hear from you again
  • Hi Amaniti Admirers,

    I've had my 04 Charcoal Grey since last spring. It's got almost 30 000 km .... lots of driving this past summer. Love the car. First saw it at the Toronto car show last spring and couldn't beleive the features and quality for the price. When we drove some other vehicles last spring and then drove the Amanti..... there was no comparison. I walked away from some significant savings on GM because I couldn't compromise to the extent that the interior and ride were so obviously better than the Buick for example.

    As it gets colder (northern Ontario), I'm talking withe the dealer about installing a remote starter especially nice in the winter. They (Kia) want $415 including installation (two hand held units). Has anyone out there any advice to offer. Installing the remote is not new for me. I had it on my Toyota 4 Runner..worked flawlessly. The Kia dealer assures me that their supplier fully warrants their equipment so as not to nullify the Kia warranty (an earlier concern of some manufacturers)

    Your comments are appreciated.

    Jay Daiter (alias miata owner)
    Nakina, Ontario
    (some fine fishing country)
  • we didn't like the all Black interior so we went with the light grey also. It looks great and Ive covered evrything with carpets so the floor doesnt go to pot
  • After 2 weeks the Amanti is running great!
  • I have a Ford Aspire (really a Kia with a ford tag on it), it came with a 36k mile warrenty, I have 135,653 on it right now, it still has 170 psi per cylender, it gets 42mpg, it does not leak any oil or use any oil, the tranny did have to be replaced 70k miles ago because first owner shifted from forward to reverse and from reverse to 1st, the ends of the shift rails where snapped off.
    There are stipulations,they are usually #1 all maintence must be done at licensed shops. #2 be done at times stipulated by maintence schedual. #3 use approved components only. #4 voided if any of the first not followed and if parts show signs of abuse IE tires show signs of burnouts, used car off road, drove at excessive speed, overloaded car, towed excessive weight, didn't save every receipt for work done/oil change etc... and that 250k mile warrenty only covers engine and tranny.
    My very first car got 300k miles before I sold it, it was a 1978 subaru GL 2 door sedan, only work it had was new clutch and brakes when needed and synthetic oil change every 6k miles.

    You do know Mercedes is owned by chrysler and they have recalls on over a million at the moment, Mercedes is not what it used to be, from what I have heard from my relatives in germany just about the entire german work force quit rather than build to chrysler specs.
  • Bought my dear wife a 05 Silver Amanti for her Birthday. I read up and we drove everything else out there. The wife loves this car! Lucky for me it is very affordable.

    I read a few people on here concerned about the gas door not opening with the button. There is a manual release in the trunk behind the fuel door.

    Those with fuel economy concerns might want to look at Synthetic Oils. I have run my cars full synthetic for the last 20 years. I only change oil every 10K and have taken a Plymouth Voyager and a Honda Accord to over 250K that way and they still ran well when another kid of my got it passed on the them. Yes Synthetic does cost more but you change oil less and get better gas mileage. Changed a valve cover gasket on the Honda with over 200k on it and you could have eaten supper out of the cover.

    I was disappointed to find they recommend a Timing belt change at 60K. I wonder what they charge for that?

    It would also be nice if the changed to a modern coolant like Dexcool. Changing the coolant every 30K is so yesterday.

    I do love the car so far and my wife is so happy she was jumping up and down at the dealership when they handed her the keys. :) She was happy to show her appreciation to later at home! :blush:
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hello Dan, I'm in Vancouver and have about 12,000 km on my 05 Amanti. The only real negative that I've been able to find is that its around-town mileage isn't very good, at least not compared to my previous 03 Nissan Maxima. But if I drive it carefully, it's quite acceptable. Include some highway driving and it's fine. I think you'll really appreciate the quiet ride, overall comfort, and the tons of standard equipment. In Québec you're sure to like the heated seats front and back as well as the excellent, versatile heating system with independent left, right, and rear temperature settings possible. I hope you'll keep us posted on your experiences with your car. Did you say what colour you got? Mine's the pearl white with light grey interior.

  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    I guess we all know that Consumer Reports didn't like the Amanti when it tested it against some other large cars. However, the owners of Amantis who also replied to the CR annual auto survey (I was one.) definitely did like their cars. The Consumer Report New Car Preview 2006 issue is now on the newsstands and in the Predicted Reliability charts on pages12-16, in the large car category, the Kia Amanti came in second only to the Buick Lacrosse. It received a 20% better than average rating which is double the Toyota Avalon's score. This just underscores that we're driving a well kept secret but also indicates that more and more people are noticing the Amanti as a good, reliable car that's a genuine alternative to more expensive vehicles with far fewer features. Let's make sure our dealers know about this so they can continue to spread the word.

  • I got the same color and yes after 3 days, still love the car.

  • Just wondering if anyone had put steel winter rims on their Amanti and what tires were used.

  • Don't put steel rims on they look cheap and you'll regret it later like my friend did.
    He said that he is going to order alloy rims after christmas, and get rid of the steel ones.
  • Yeah.... your right. Keep the original rims for winter and go new alloy next spring.

    Has anyone tries Goodyear Triple Tread tires on their Amanti?
  • I've had my 04 (cobalt/gray) Amanti since April or so. It is the nicest car I have ever owned. Never expected to be able to have a car this nice. It was a new old-stock car.

    1) Several other cars which I have owned had the ability to change some of the settings in the computer. The service tech hooks up the shop computer and can change things like
    - does the horn toot or headlights flash when you lock it?
    - tire size compensation
    - lock doors at a certain speed
    - other similar settings.

    My service guy claims he has never heard of any car having this capability.

    The change I really want is to add Instant Mileage to the trip computer. From the manual it says that North American cars don't have the feature. I think that this would really help to see what moment to moment changes in driving style would have.

    2) ebay always has several sets of nearly new OEM take-or wheels and tires. If I go to studs, I would do this so the perfect appearance of the car doesn't"t change.

  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Very '04 does indicate instant MPG. Are you saying that your model does not have this feature?
  • My 04 does NOT have the instant MPG. In the smaller manual it describes the computer including instant MPG, then down below there is another entire description labeled "North America only" that goes through the entire explanation again, but entirely omitting any mention of instant MPG. (entirely) When I poke the button to cycle through the different functions, instant MPG doesn't appear.

    Two different dealers didn't have any idea about this. This is about the only annoyance I have had with the car.

  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Wow that's interesting about your missing instant MPG. I wonder why that was omitted. To tell you the truth, the average mpg is probably more accurate and useful. I never use the instant as it is too scary to watch (usually low numbers). Although it would have been nice for Kia to leave the feature in for those that want to use it. Anyone else notice this (or lack thereof) feature?
    Just a tidbit -I was told that the very first Amanti's had a black instead of blue computer screen, (perhaps in Korea only?). Anybody with one of those or was that just a rumor?
  • I know something about that.

    In mid May, 2004 my good friend and I bought our 2004 Amantis at the same time so we could negotiate a better deal. We have compared notes on every little detail. Recently his computer screen was not functioning. He, like I and most, if not all of us had a blue screen. We also loved the instant MPG feature. When he brought the car to the dealer, they replaced the screen. Now he has a black screen with white numbers and he has two features missing: the instant MPG and the one that tells the distance traveled since the last fill up. He's not happy, but the dealer said that was the only replacement available. I had my own screen replaced when the car was only a few months old, and I got the blue one with all the same features.
  • Hi, everybody, it's been a week and everything is A-1. I simply love the car.
    My wife was very sceptic aboutleaving an SUV for a car but she now loves all the comfort.
    Even brand new and doing 80%city and 20 HW, i got 17 miles to the gallon (CDN) which is about 22 miles US.
    So far so go.
    I'll be back so more later on.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I just got home from going to my dealer to have oil changed and tires rotated. I mentioned that someone in this forum said that Wal-Mart Automotive will not change Amantis oil because it requires a special kind of filter, and the after market won't do the job. Also, someone mentioned a whining sound when changing gears. My service tech said that some of these after market filters will cause the engine to have a whining sound, so was wondering if that's where the noise is coming from, and not the transmission. Just curious. Bill - Orlando
  • I wish that it was as simple as an oil filter. I have always had the oil change performed by the dealer. Still have a whine....I am certain that it is the transmission and I am beginning to think that it is a normal sound. I am on my second one and they both had a whine.....just in different gears.

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Todd: No transmission whine here, but maybe I just do not hear it. A whine would not bother me anyway, but a clunk or rattle would. :D
  • I'm beginning to get a bit annoyed with Kia in general. Sure, dealerships are fine and wonderful places. Sure, there are a LOT of independent mechanics who should be run out of business for incompetence or dishonesty. However, there ARE some mechanics out there who are every bit as skilled and conscientious as the ones employed by Kia. What I'm continuing to find are more and more examples of the "just can't get the parts" phenomenon.

    The latest was the air filter. What both Autozone and Wal-Mart told me was that they can't get the air filter for my Amanti. We happened to already have an appointment at the Kia dealership, so we went ahead and had it installed there. The price: $20 for an air filter. Of course, they did tell my wife that it would be installed "at no charge", so that was good (with a $20 air filter). But of course then they stuck a $5 labor charge on the bill, hoping she wouldn't notice, or wouldn't speak up. LOL - they don't know my wife very well!

    OK, so now I've learned that Kia doesn't trust any other service shop to be able to do major work (OK), or to change the oil and oil filter (a little odd...), or even to change the air filter (WHAT?!?).

    I suppose I should be grateful that Kia still allows me to rotate the tires, put gas in the car all by myself, and clean both the interior and exterior of the car.

    Next I'll read somewhere that "washing the car in an unapproved facility voids the anti-corrosion warranty".

    I love my Amanti. It is the most wonderful car I've ever owned. But if Kia wants to make sure my next car is a Ford, they're doing all the right things to make it happen... they already have me wishing I still had either my '95 Mercedes or my '95 Chrysler Cirrus.
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