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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,919
    did someone at your Kia dealer's service department tell you that you should get your oil changes, air filter changes and major work there only?

    The reason I ask is that your Kia dealer should be the most competent to do the work. They do charge more, though you can find some decent deals if you look hard enough.

    It's not always convenient to get all the service work done by your Kia dealer but the understanding has always been that if you do get work done by someone else, keep the receipt! :D

    That's it. If someone messes up your Kia's engine, it's not Kia's fault. That's where they have their law departments available. It's just something to think about. You would expect only the best service by your Kia dealer, then. The ones I've had, in Washington state and Missouri, have been great. Helpful, never charging me more than what should be charged, etc.

    I'm looking at a 2006 Kia Rio5 hatchback at my local dealer. If I get it I will try to get all work done there because it's within a couple miles of my house and very convenient. I have had work done on my '01 Kia Sportage 4x4 (alternator replacement) before that was done accurately by a gas station's service department in mid-Missouri and everything went just fine.

    I just think that your Kia dealer is supposed to know your Kia best. What could really be irritating in this "just in time" parts philosophy that everybody is buying into. Your part may be lost in the "just in time" shuffle. If you know what you want ahead of time it would be smart to let your dealer know way out ahead to circumvent that problem.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I think you should report your deal to the BBB. I just got my oil and filter at my dealer for $22.95. I just called my parts dept. and Amanti filter for '04 is $6.05. I have no issue with that amount.
    Bill - Orlando
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "I just think that your Kia dealer is supposed to know your Kia best. What could really be irritating in this "just in time" parts philosophy that everybody is buying into. Your part may be lost in the "just in time" shuffle."

    I think all of you guys are missing the point. All of you have purchased a car that is sold in realitvily small numbers, by dealers that are few in number. Do any of you think that any Kia dealer are selling enough of these cars to keep more than a very parts in stock? I don't blame them... it's simply business. But you are not alone. I knew of several people who had Jags (before Ford bought them) that couldn't get parts either. You can get an air & oil filter for a Ford Taurus, Chevy Impala,etc. all over town!
  • I am trying to negotiate a price for a new 2005 amanti demo with 8500 miles. The dealer is only allowing 2000.oo discount plus rebates. Do you think that this is a good deal?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,919
    should try and order their parts way out ahead of time so that isn't a problem. It is true that if you had a Chevy you would have an easier time getting a part for it. It's just one of those things you have to think about before you make your decision to buy foreign or not. I sure have not regretted my decision to buy my two Kia's.

    I agree, you really can't blame Kia for not stocking up on odd types of parts for lower-selling cars. Kia has won my respect for their hard-working style, and great product mix that only gets better each passing year. I was behind Kia back in 1998 when most people were dissing them and putting them in the Daewoo category. I saw the great value in them after getting my '99 Kia Sephia and spending some quality "fun" time in it with some great Yokohama tires on Konig Diva wheels. The car handled so much better and could be pushed into turns at a faster speed. Once the tires and wheels were swapped out the car really handled nicely.

    Back to parts ordering here in the U.S. This is an area that Kia is trying to improve upon right now. I read about it several months ago. They are working on a program to get a parts network that is connected to each other throughout the U.S. and getting the technical personnel trained right to handle all of the problems that might come up. I forget the name of it but Kia has a particular name for it and it has begun.

    I have been happy with each of my Kia's and would like to trade for my third sometime in the next 2 or 3 months. I have confidence in the Kia brand and they keep improving every year. Just try and find another vehicle that packs so much feature content for lower prices. And I don't trust the Chinese brands coming out soon enough to pull the trigger and actually buy one. Gonna be interesting to follow the car industry the next few years, huh? :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "And I don't trust the Chinese brands coming out soon enough to pull the trigger and actually buy one. Gonna be interesting to follow the car industry the next few years, huh?"

    I agree. The Chinese will probably follow the Hyundai model. They will produce cars a little below our quality standards the first few model years, get their knees scraped, and then look out. Everyone (GM, Ford, Toyota, even Hyundai & Kia) will have some serious price competition!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,919
    yep, that's what I'm talking about. The low prices on the Chinese models (of which Chery won't be a name, GM sued to have that name barred from U.S.usage because it sounds too much like Chevy...shows you how clueless either the general buying public is, or GM is, take your pick)may force Hyundai, Kia and Chevy (with their Aveo) to lower their prices to compete.

    I don't know about you but I would be interested in a test drive at least of a Chinese car. It's gonna take a good car to beat Kia, IMHO. I looked at Scion for a while but ended up not being as impressed as I thought I was. Kia still has them beat.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • I just read an article by the renowned Sir John Templeton,the fellow is the worlds best stock picker for many wealthy people.His comment in the letter is that he looks for bargain stocks with a lot of promise ,his choice was KIA MOTORS,he states tht it could be the next General motors years down the line.that they produce a very very good line of cars and there attention to details will put them before the public as a wise purchase .By the way ,he also drives a KiA
  • That is odd the Schucks, napa, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, and Car Care all have filters for Amanti here in Alaska
  • It appears that KIA does not require that you have your maintenance work done strictly at a dealer service department, giving the owner the option to go to the automotive service of their choice.

    In section SEVEN, page THREE, parargrph TWO on the right hand side of the page of the owners manual it states:

    "We reccommend that maintenance be performed by an Authorized Kia Dealer using genuine Kia parts.However, maintenance may be performed by any competent automotive repair establishment using automotive parts equivalent to those with which your vehicle or your engine was originally equipped."

  • are they giving the 2006 Amanti a face-lift? is leather and sunroof going to be standard?
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I went to the International Auto Show in Orlando this weekend. Of course I went right to the Amanti. OMG.. it was mobbed with people admiring it. Of course I had to tell every person, couple, that I own one and love it. The salesmen were happy to have me hang around. They sold 6 from the convention center over the weekend alone. The salesman was telling them that with the '06 all is standard, and that they will have body change in '07. Now that's just what he told me. Anybody know what that red rectangular indicator is on the wood grain above the emergency flasher on the '06? Bill
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Hi Captain Bob: Well, I immediately called my stock broker. She loves Sir John Templeton. Once she verifies his quote she will call me back with her suggestion on what I should invest. I asked her if she had heard of a Kia Amanti. She says, yes, isn't it that cute little car? I said, NO! It's a luxury sedan. Anyway, she thanked me (and you) for the tip for herself and her clients. She will get back to me. Thanks, Bill - Orlando.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Stock broker called and said no, that Kia Motors does not trade in the states, only in Korea. Not sure why they don't have an international dept., but they do not. I assume Sir John does. Bummer. Bill - Orlando :(
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    That's the "payment due" lamp that lights when the next payment is due. This will not light up if the car is paid in full from the dealer. Actually I haven't seen this yet as I have yet to see an '06 model anyway. I hope you like my little joke. :blush:
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hello Bill, I haven't seen a 2006 Amanti yet but wonder if the indicator could be the tire pressure warning light? I believe the 06 models have a tire pressure sensor as standard equipment.

  • gaboygaboy Posts: 2
    Dear billh6,
    Boy, did someone feed you some real bull. I've had my Amanti oil changed at two different Walmarts over the past 8 months, and without any problems. And AfterMarket or not, an oil filter isn't going to make any kind of noise. Good luck. GaBoy
  • I just went over the sales literature and video for the '06 AMANTI, and it does not offer tire pressure monitoring (TPMS). The indicator you mentioned is the "PASSENGER AIRGAG OFF" indicator. The few changes I know of; elimination of the rear passender assist straps and the onboard computer no longer displays MPG.
    All '06 AMANTI come with sunroof, leather and heated front seats, but the electronic stability package is optional as is the Infinity sound package (which includes the auto down side mirrors and 2 position memory on the driver's seat.) Hope that's helpfull. :)
  • is it possible to have the rear window electric sun shade put on the AMANTI .that is similar to the new hyundai Azera
  • I've seen pictures of the Korean version of the Amanti and it had the rear sunshade. Maybe you can get a source on the Asian parts.
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    The passenger airbag warning light is also on my 05 Amanti so that's nothing new. Interesting about the lack of mpg on the computer. Maybe they didn't want owners to know the mileage? The equipment is different in every country and for Canada, which until now had only the single loaded model, there will be a base model and then a loaded version for 2006. Apparently if there's going to be a Kia variant of the Hyundai Azera, it won't be coming until the 2007 model year, just in time for me to consider a trade. Of course, by then the new Kia Optima will have appeared and that might be a very interesting car to consider as well, especially for those who want a more compact vehicle for city driving.

  • I scored a flawless Silver 05 Amanti with 14K miles for $18,500 from the dealer in Puyallup WA. Wife's B-day present and we have put about 2,500 miles on it so far. I love darn near everything about the car so far. We have averaged 20.5 MPG in mostly 2 lane driving which is better than I expected.

    I put on the factory mud flaps, they went on very well and look fine. I wish they where a little longer though. The only things I don't like so far is the Passenger Airbag Disabled Light above Stereo Contol and not keeping windows clear in Auto Climate mode. Somtimes it will let me turn on the AC while in Auto mode to clear the windows and sometimes it won't.

    The wife complains that the drivers window is hard to crack to vent. I agree but tell her to crack the sunroof instead. The Tec's at the dealer don't know if the body computer can be programed or not??? If anyone knows the hack for it let me know. I would like to make the dome light stay on when the doors close at least until the key is in.

    I hear the complaints about engine power but I seem to have problems not spinning the tires on slick roads. There is plenty of power since I don't feel the need to turn and burn in my luxury car. I love the luxury car ride too!

    I love the leather but the seat heaters could be a little faster. My SAAB 9000T had seat heat that took about 4 seconds to heat up. I had the SAAB living in Germany and it was smooth as silk at 130MPH! I got rid of it because the electrical system was a nightmare. Had to remove the engine to replace the brake light switch!! Windows kept sticking down in the rain. I also found driving the Autobahn at 130MPH burns up a set of tires in about 15K miles! So I don't buy SAABS any more. Same reason I will never buy another GM truck.

    WE love the car so far! :P
  • I would not recommend stock in any Korean company just yet. Transparency is still an issue in Korea. The corporations there are mostly Chaebols (family run). They may be publicly traded but I don't trust them. :sick:
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,919
    Buying stock in Kia? Well, I have to admit I have thought of it before, since Kia is by far my favorite kind of car. I didn't know we could buy stock in Kia. Have they opened it up for public trading? Interesting point, chime in if you know the answer, OK, anybody? I wouldn't be afraid of buying and selling Kia stock because of the chaebol. In fact, now would be the time to buy stock in Kia. Buy and hold, 50 shares to start. Then buy another 50 shares in six months, etc. Only buy if you plan on holding onto it for a while, though.

    wmscott, they had to remove the engine to replace your brake light switch in your SAAB? Whoa..that's a funny way of doing business, to say the least.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... **I scored a flawless Silver 05 Amanti with 14K miles for $18,500 from the dealer in Puyallup WA ...**

    Lucky ...? .. maybe for the dealer at $18,500 ...

    Did you do a Carsmack, did you check the service record.? .. lotsa Kia rentals in your area and 14k is a lot of miles for "maybe" an 8 or 9 month old vehicle ... the dealer couldn't had much more than the mid to high $15's in it on a bad day ...

    $16,5/16,900 I could maybe see - but $18,5..??? ........ Yikes.! ........

  • I've been to that dealer looking at their cars and found the prices OK but not great. Found a new 04 Amanti last winter at Carpros in Tacoma for over a thousand less then the Puyallup dealers best price.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I just went out and tried to crack my driver's window and it cracked.. as a matter of fact, it shattered all over the garage. :P Just kidding. But I can tap tap and tap and it goes down just a slight bit. I see what you mean about the dome lights not staying on until key is in igition. I never noticed that. I guess because I'm in the garage and the light is on shining through the sunroof.
    Congrats on your new car. I think you got a great deal. I love mine also.
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Congratulations. I think you'll be very happy with your car and with the deal. I noticed the same two things about my Amanti: the AC's automatic vs. manual controls don't work the same way as my previous Maxima used to and I never know when my AC is on and when it's off. I've just decided to stop worrying about it. As for the delayed interior light, yes, I agree that it goes off far too soon, again at least twice as fast as on the previous Maxima. It needs to remain on for at least 60 seconds, I'd say. I've got an appointment to have what the dealer called a "dry bushing" in my left front suspension looked at and will ask them at the same time whether the AC can be adjusted and whether the delay in the interior light can be reprogrammed.

  • I hear the complaints about engine power but I seem to have problems not spinning the tires on slick roads

    You have the ESP program? I'm sure you do if it's a loaded model with sunroof. There should be an ESP button near the drivers seat heater control. It is active every time the car is started. Mine barely allows any wheelspin yet doesn't hamper the drivetrain the way my Q45 Infinity used to.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Funny you mention that because I have ESP and for the first time I pulled out in traffic kinda fast and tires squeaked a little. I guess that means I'm ok with the power.
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