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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • Hi, everybody, just wanted to let you known, it's been one month and a half, and I'm happy to report that I really love the car. Nothing went wrong so far. We have had a couple of snowstorms and the traction control and ABS work great, very stable and secure ride. My only quibble is the around town mileage. I do very short trips less than 4 kms and I so far only get 24 liters/100 kms. which is really bad. On the highway things really improved to a good 8 liters/100 kms. Can't wait for next summer to really hit the road for the holidays
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Dan: Thanks for your follow-up. We are not surprised about your trouble-free Amanti. I honestly believe they are well-made vehicles that will serve us for years to come (although I'm anxious to see the changes to the '07, as I might trade up).
    Bill - Orlando
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Well, my sister knows how happy I am with my Amanti, and although she couldn't afford one like mine, she did buy the '06 Optima loaded with leather, like a cherry color, that was in the showroom. I told her that the body style with change on '07 also, but she didn't care. It was just what she wanted. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoy mine.
    Bill - Orlando
  • My wife is leased an 05 Amanti starting 1OCT05. She has returned the car on two occassions for driving and testing due to an intermittent hesitation. I have had it happen once. Sometimes when starting up, when you push on the accelerator, it is as if it stays in idle, the revs do not seem to rise nor does it accelerate no matter how hard you push down on the accelerator. In my experience, I let off of the accelerator completely and then punched it down hard; this caused the engine to high rev and the car to accelerate. It does not seem to do this when just driving around, however one time my wife did have it happen as she sought to enter an on ramp on the interstate. We are concerned that this might happen in a high speed situation and be dangerous among other traffic. Or that it might also betray a more serious potential condition as well.

    The dealer techs have said and supposedly had confirmed from factory engineers that this is a unique and not before seen event. Has anyone else experienced this or heard about it? Do you have any thoughts.

  • That's the first I've heard of that problem. The AMANTI is a "drive by wire" system. There is no mechanical linkage to the engine from the accelerator pedal, it's electronic. I'm guessing therein lies your problem.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Charles, I've been experienced this. Bad fuel maybe?
  • any clues as to what the 2007 kia amanti will look like
    will it have a GPS?
  • Thought I'd mention the fuel economy on my AMANTI. It dropped fron 18.25 MPG to about 17 when the reformulated fuel hit the pumps Nov 1st. It has since crept back up and is now approaching 18.75 MPG 50-50 city/hwy driving. A fiend with 10k+ miles on his swears he's getting 25 MPG 25-75% city/hwy driving. The engine seems to rev more freely as it breaks in. Still lovin' that car!
  • yoonyoon Posts: 2
    hi i'm korean
    i lately say this picture on a korean homepage
    not sure if this is a real picture just check pg
  • yoonyoon Posts: 2
    hi i'm korean
    i lately say this picture on a korean homepage
    not sure if this is a real picture just check pg
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hello Captain Bob, I think the pictures you linked to are the home market Opirus model. It's pretty well the same car as the Amanti that's sold elsewhere except for the pattern in the grille and the place for the rear license plate. I've seen nothing to hint at what the 2007 Amanti will look like but I'd think it was a pretty safe bet that it would have the same engine as the 06 Hyundai Azera. It will be interesting to see the new midsize Kia that's expected in March, whether it will be a Hyundai Sonata clone or will sport its own new 4 and 6 cylinder engines and its own body.

  • Anyone ever had a reck in the amanti yet? Did the air bags go off? How fast where you going? was anyone hurt?
    Let me know
  • Second hand information has it that a customer here (elderly couple) were in a 70 MPH crash head on with a (what else?) DRUNK DRIVER here in New Mexico. The gentleman (who was driving) survived the crash but died several weeks later of complications. His wife practically walked away after the emergency crew cut her out of the car. All airbags deployed and the trooper told her (this she relayed to me personally) that he couldn't believe anyone could have survived that crash and credited the advanced air bag system for saving their lives.
  • Been reading Reviews from various sites and getting tired of all these sites just coping info from other sites word for word, I doubt most of these sites have any idea what the car is really like.
  • jtzjtz Posts: 37
    With the 2007 Kia Optima arriving soon, will this affect the Amanit sells? The Amanti is a great car ,but the 07 Optima looks better and with people still not sure about Kia until they own one, they would probally want the Optima first after looking at both models.
  • If you go to,, many parts of their reviews of the 05/04 amanti are word for word from the others. Very few actually appeared to have written their articles themselves instead of cut and past from another article.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Really? Wow, people get fired for that, at least in journalism!

    Have you seen the one on our site? 2005 Kia Amanti
  • Yea, one of the few that are not copied from another site.
    One thing that is really nice about the Amanti is that you don't feel the average pothole/frostheave when driving it, it has a very smooth ride, I do not like how most cars have rides so firm you could swear that they left the springs off and bolted the axles to the frame.
  • 8012980129 Posts: 6
    Just a bit of information. I drive a 2004 Amanti with 16K miles on it. Last month I noticed a wear spot on the leather drivers seat and when I mentioned it to the dealer they replaced the seat and gave me a loaner to boot. Great service. I drove a Q45 prior and this service is just as good. Love the car. I also live in Colorado and use the car to go to the mountains to ski. The traction and control are great even with the all weather tires that came with the car. I have chains but have never had to use them even when traveling over mountain passes in snow storms.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    That is great news about your seat getting replaced. I have an 04 also. I'll remember that should I notice anything wrong with mine, although knowing my dealer I will not get a loaner (but then I have another vehicle). My previous vehicle was a Lexus RX300. I like this more.
  • :) I have been watching this site for a couple of months waiting for the new Amanti's to come out, well today I stoped by my dealer to see when the new ones would be in and found out they had a whole bunch of 2005 that they were willing to sell very cheep so I picked one out, boy what a nice car to drive I thought a lot of your talk about it was hype but everything people said on this sight was true, my last full size sadan was an Infiniti M-45 and it had great power but not the ride like the Amanti, of course I had to drive it home in a snowstorm that started while I was in the dealer doing the paper work. Jim
  • it might not leak or whine but the aftermarket filter i put on my amanti caused the car to become sluggish and heavy feeling. I took it off after 30 miles and installed a dealer supplied hyundai/ kia filter. I never use dealer parts on my cars but i will use the kia oil filters from now on every was only about 5.50 for the filter and it was a very high quality part in my opinion.
  • Congratulations, Jim. I'm sure your owenership experience will be as pleasant as ours has been. The AMANTI is an incredible car. If you drove home in the snowstorm, I'm sure you noticed that the traction control system on the KIA is very "user friendly." It is certainly superior to the system on my old '98 Q45. ;)
  • Thank's mechanic80, I'm realy enjoying the ride in my new Amanti smooth an quiet and got 21.1 miles on my first tank of fuel about 50/50 city and hightway so I'm a happy camper.
  • Finally got my Amanti Jan 27 2006 had 10 miles when I got it and over 400 miles now, drive home on the highway got 21.7mpg, today at over 400 miles got 27.8mpg.
    Only problem is the auto dim function on the rear view mirror is not working properly and having hard time getting a second set of rims at a reasionable price for it for winter tires.
    Car is silver with all options
  • I went to a local Hyundai dealer Saturday morning because I wanted to check out the new 3.8 V6 that's in the Azera. A very nice powerplant, by the way. Plenty of extra HP and smooth. But Don't even THINK of giving up your AMANTI. Although I'd like to see a few of the Azera's features on an AMANTI soon, like the power tilt and telescope steering wheel and the power adjustable (memory) pedals and maybe even the rear power sunshade, the overall build quality does not come up to the level of the AMANTI, in my humble opinion. Road noise and wind noise are the first thing you'd notice, they are excessive. The interior is nice and well laid out but not as attractive as the AMANTI. The driver's seat, however is FAR more comfortable than the AMANTI. (I have yet, in nine months, found a truly comfortable driving position.) And the handling is definately a step up. I can't wait for the 3.8 in the KIA. It'll be my next car, most likely. DRIVE ON! ;)
  • got new alloy rims with studded tires mounted, balanced, and installed for a total cost of $641.00 including the cost of the studed tires.
    One thing I have noticed is the shocks get really stiff when it drops below 0 making the ride harder, at -25 the ride is almost as hard as my old ford aspire.
    As for gas mileage I get around 22mpg with gas from tesoro and around 27mpg with gas from chevron, safeway gas gives 20mpg and texaco gives around 21mpg, haven't filled up at a holliday station yet, and will not fill up at any 7-11 stations the 2 times I got gas at a 7-11 I had to get towed home and drain gas to get water and other junk out of the tank.
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hello mechanic, I'm most interested in hearing your evaluation of the Azera. I've had a chance to see and sit in a few different ones and must say I'm impressed with all the same features that you mentioned. It's interesting that in other world markets the Amanti/Opirus comes with power adjustable steering wheel, power rear sunshade, manual rear side sunshades, power reclining rear seat and electronically adjustable suspension, just to name a few. I felt the same about the interior quality compared to my 05 Amanti. Sure, the interior looks very modern but the doors are all hard plastic that feel much cheaper than the padded Amanti door fittings. I also agree with the seating. I've had my Amanti for just over a year and I simply cannot get comfortable in the driver's seat. I've got constant pain in my right leg because it's being forced up and over the raised front and side bolster when I'm sitting. Also, the seat bottoms are too short. If they were another inch or two longer and flatter they'd support the legs much better. But that's my only complaint about the car...oh except for the sticking fuel filler door. I've had to practically gnaw my way in just to fill up with fuel. It's made of plastic and it warps and then sticks. They've ordered a new one and in the meantime they heated the existing flap and then bent it slightly to fit better. If it had been made of metal it wouldn't have caused any problem. I, too, am interested to see what the 2007 Amanti might be like. It's probably going to have the Azera engine but I wonder whether it's going to be sportier and less luxurious. I'd like to keep all the coddling features of my car but maybe gain a bit more fuel economy, a bit more power, and a slightly less bobbing front suspension. But I hope it retains its distinctive and upscale styling.

  • There is no bobbing front suspension on my car, the ride is stiffer than the Amanti I drove summer 2005.
    I got my Amanti January 27 2006.
    The day I got the car I got 21.7mpg, at 400 miles I got 27.8mpg and at 600 miles I got 28.4mpg.
    the gas mileage isn't that bad on the highway but it is really bad in town about 9 to 14 mpg, for some reason the car uses lots of fuel at idle, have noticed it has a high idle rpm I haven't seen it drop below 1,000 rpm at idle, my 4 cylinder Aspire idled at 630 rpm, the high idle may be one reason for the low gas mileage for city driving.
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