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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • My wife drives an 06 Amanti. Thanksgiving night we hit a deer. Did not deploy the bags or do any frame damage and the car was still driveble. We took the car to a reputable bodyshop and by the time the parts arrived the car wouldn't run. They hauled it to a Kia dealer and evidently the timing belt had slipped a notch. The car has 47500 miles. Is this common? We like the car and hope it is dependable and tight after the incident. Has anybody else had an experience like this? I just want to know what to expect. Thanks.
  • Thanks colloquor for the suggestions. They're worth trying, because Kia is giving me nothing! I'll pass on my findings.

    Re: timing belt change (#1363) - my manual also states 30 K, but when I checked with the service manager (because that seemed awfully low to me), he said that was erroneous. It is 60 K.
  • The Kia dealership checked the power amp and found its draw within normal specs, thus, that's apparently not causing my problem. Interestingly, the dealership has had no response from Kia to its January 7th inquiry as to what else may be causing it. That does not speak well for Hyundai/Kia attending to customer complaints. Right now, it looks like I'll be getting rid of this car in the near future, and not replacing it with a Hyundai or Kia.

    I noted from previous entries that a number of owners have experienced acceleration problems very similar to what Toyota has been in the recent news for, and the feds are coming down hard on Toyota by looking into electrical problems that also seemed to cause the acceleration. Have any of you notified the feds (NTSA) about this problem in Kia? If not, maybe NOW is the time to do it, since Toyota is in the news.
  • danielb4danielb4 Posts: 1
    What caused the whistle?
    Did it get worse?

    I just heard it on my 2006 amanti
  • vanpjvanpj Posts: 14
    I contacted the NTSA back in 2006 about the lag/lurch problem of our Amanti and it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Kia stonewalled the problem and doesn't seem that anyone has been able to get them to even acknowledge the problem. I unloaded my Amanti (AT GREAT EXPENSE) in January 2007 and bought a Honda. Never again will we own any Hyundai/Kia product, I don't care what kind of rave reviews they get from "the experts". We always owned Toyota products prior to this and I wish I had never switched even with the problems they've been having. I truly wish Kia would get their "[non-permissible content removed] in the wringer" live Toyota did. :lemon: :lemon:
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    edited April 2010
    I agree with you regarding KIA. They have never officially admitted there was a problem, and just turned customers away with a standard line 'we cannot duplicate the problem'. In doing so, they showed no interest in the safety of consumers purchasing their cars, OR the consumers that would be endangered, when the problem happened during driving. They wanted to insure primarily that the ratings for the Amanti remained pristine, as they were competing in the luxury car market. It was all about money, image, and market share. Customer satisfaction;safety were not factors. No I will never buy another KIA product, and would not recommend it. I recently heard the dealer tell a customer that if they did not get their service work done at the dealership, it was totally on them to prove that service had been kept up, if a warranty issue arose. The service party stated that KIA would NOT honor the warranty, until it was proved to them that the car had been service, to THEIR satisfaction. He said it in a derisive manner, with sort of a sneer, to an older gentlemen, who had a warranty issue. Then manner in which this was stated was totally negative, with no customer 'service' effort. This is the KIA way......

    I got the 'fix', but the problem still occasionally resurfaces. I still believe that there are a lot of Amanti owners out there who have the acceleration problem, but attribute it to the rather touchy throttle controls (i.e. accelerator pedal). Yesterday, while touching the brake, the car wanted to continue to accelerate instead. Past experience has taught me to immediate turn the engine off, as that is the only way to stop it. Pressing the brake would not stop the car. For those without quick reflexes, or those that panic easily, this could be a major problem for themselves and others. I cannot afford to dump, and get another vehicle, so I have had to live with it. I know that one day, I will be in position to purchase another vehicle, and it most definitely will not be a KIA, or anything related to it. I have just learned to pay attention to my animal and to be prepared to handle it, when it gets tempermental.
  • fishy3fishy3 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I have a 2005 Kia Amanti which has had 4 Throttle Body Assembly replacements so far.
    I found literally over a hundred online complaints by other owners with the same acceleration issues reoccuring with low mileage and higher mileage on their new Amanti's in 2004/2005{surging, no acceleration, car goes 10MPH, accidents, and near accidents, etc.
    It is a nightmare driving this car when this problem reappears. Imagine suddenly having almost no accceleration or surging acceleration while being in traffic.
    I filed a recall complaint with NHTSA, { I should have filed sooner , but like many car owners did not know about that option}}who said they can't consider any online reports or complaints from other owners in deciding if the car has a defect warranting a recall.
    KIa won't admit it is a defect or a common problem either. I heard or read so many excuses mechanics gave people at dealerships its amazing and insulting.
    They told me they can't duplicate the problem and to come back when it starts again and or the check engine light goes on. They then told me I was not closing the gas cap correctly.
    I got such a runaround until they finally started replacing the Throttle Body Assembly which is normally over a thousand bucks unless you have extended warranty. Last week the problem reappeared, and they told me sorry, you are past warranty and they only guarantee parts for 12,ooo miles anyway and I am past that mileage anyway.
    I repeated my concern and fear for driving a vehicle I consider a safety hazard. They could care less. They said that my problem is with Kia. I said you are Kia!

    Does Kia have a lobbyist who pays off the safety based agencies who are supposed to monitor these issues?
    After all the Toyota acceleration issues, I'm amazed Kia has escaped any scrutiny.
    Besides being lied to, apathy and ignorance how can this continue to be ignored.?

  • nohelpnohelp Posts: 1
    I hit a parked car today! As I pulled in behind the car the engine on my 2005 Kia Amanti became loud and my car took off to the races. I had my foot gently on the brake as I was pulling in behind the parked car, and when my car accelerated I pushed down hard on the brake complete shock! Unfortunately, that didn't help, and I crashed into the back of the car. That helped me stop more than applying the brake. I immediatley looked at the floor mat to assure it wasn't involved (I knew that was an earlier claim with some rapid acceleration problems). It was at least 3 inches away from the accelerator. As an earlier post said, can you imagine what a tragedy this would have been if I had been approaching a school crosswalk with children in front of my car? I will spend the next few months of my life trying to deal with all of the fallout from this. This will be the last Kia for me! I was shocked to find all of the other posts detailing this same problem. Other Kia owners should be cautious.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    Yes, in that circumstance, pressing the brake pedal is completely useless, the car will not stop. Been there, done that, but luckily I did not hit anything in my instances. The only thing that works in that circumstance is cutting the car off, which I have done in previous instances. The KIA response "could not duplicate the problem". This is their standard statement, which is their de facto method of saying the problem does not exist. This will only be an 'issue' for KIA when some one that has the means to do so, files a class action suit against KIA, bringing in other owners to give their testimony on this vehicle. I have made the statement in the past about the potential for a major issue, if the vehicle decides to accelerate, ignoring braking, when approaching a crosswalk. The flip side is true also, if you are attempting to accelerate, to get across lanes, and you find that you cannot accelerate, with traffic bearing down on you (hope it is not a big rig, as they do not stop that fast and they do not expect a car to stay stopped in the middle of an intersection). From what I noticed, most of the KIA owners are older, and may not be as internet connected, to be aware of the issue of sudden acceleration/no acceleration/not braking, and may just figure that something flukey happened, or that maybe they did something. The accelerator pedal can be a challenge, for accelerating from a dead stop also, as it is sensitive to the touch.
  • I too have the same problem. Your description is spot on.

    I have a 2005 Amanti with 54,000 miles on it. For the last 2 years or so, I have had this problem. You are driving along, you slow down to just under 40 miles per hour, you accellerate and the car shutters for a couple seconds until you are over 43 to 45 miles per hour and then it is back to normal. The check engine light never comes on. It is a very intermittent condition. Those kind of things drive me nuts.

    My mechanic will not work on it due to the intermittent condition and the fact there are no codes to chase.

    Were you able to determine the cause? I wonder if it is a computer issue and if having the computer flashed would fix the issue?

    If you know anything more on this problem, I would appreciate hearing from you.
  • I saw a post from 2008 describing my issue to a T. While driving at around 50 to 60 miles per hour, you slow down to around 40, you press the accelerator and at 40 to 43 miles per hour you get a shuttering or a vibration for 2 or so seconds until you are going faster than 43 then it goes away and all is normal.

    Another description is it is like running over the little warning speed bumps before an intersection.

    This is an intermittent condition and it does not trigger a check engine light. There is no rhyme or reason to it other than it occurs at about the same speed when it does happen.

    Could this be a computer issue? Does the computer need to be flashed?

    Any advice or assistance in determining what the cause is would be most appreciated.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    Yep, I am now having the same issue, which just started about five months ago, with 34,000 miles on my 2005 Amanti.

    It is just another item to emphasize as to why I would not buy another KIA vehicle.

    One day I may wake up and decide, forget the smooth ride and comfort, I want a vehicle that is reliable. At that point, KIA is history, permanently.
  • gandpz2gandpz2 Posts: 5
    I had Kia change out the fluid for the tranmittion. plus I made sure they put in the repair log I was having problems with it. so far I have not had any more problems with the car jerking.
    as for the computer problems I as having, kia replaced the electrial conetion box under the driver seat. It must have been where the short was because I have not had any problem since then. knock on wood. :)
  • Thanks for the info. I suppose it doesn't cost much to do a trany flush. That is the easiest thing to try.

    How much was the electrical box change?

    Did you have the same symptoms both buckhorn and I described?
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    I spoke to my dealer about the transmission flush and he said it ran around $89. He stated that the fluid in the KIA was 'life time' fluid and should not require a change, unless an inspection found something wrong. He had no comment on the issue occuring between 40-45 MPH, other than the standard comment that they would have to check the vehicle. In this case, since it happens everytime, in the 40-45 MPH speed range, they could not say that it could not be duplicated. They would just charge to investigate. For me, my warranty is expired, so that would run into extra bucks. The question is if this is just an 'annoyance', or a pre-cursor for a larger problem.
  • Thanks for the update. At this point it is an annoyance but like you said, is it a precursor to a bigger problem.

    We have a lot of little issue with the vehicle. In fact we nicknamed the car Chuckie since we feel it is possessed.

    We have issues with the climate control and the mirror recall settings. The vibration problem is just one more in a growing list.

    We debate if it is worth while to get rid of it but who wants to buy a car that get 19 mpg average fuel economy.

    It does ride and look nice.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    The reason that I still have mine is simple, it is not practical to buy another vehicle at this time. Other than the issues that I have mentioned in the past, it is a great riding vehicle. The mileage is low, above 65 MPH. At 65 MPH, I get 25 MPG, at 70 MPH it drops down to 19-20 MPG, on level ground. Now with that, I look at new, smaller vehicles with EPA stickers stating 17-23 MPG, or 19-27 MPG. With the EPA sticker, those figures are 'maybe' figures, and are revolving around the 65 MPH range. Many of the cars are what I term as 'plastic' cars. You look inside and see obvious, and ugly, plast trim and parts all over. The cars are made 'lighter', for mileage purposes, which includes molded, 'no-bumper-bumpers'. If you get hit in the rear or front, you essentially have NO bumper for protection, and will be looking at major damage, and potential injury. With the number of trucks/SUV's running around on the road, it is like tossing dice. Personnaly, I do not like, and would not buy a small car. I like metal around me (my last car was a Lincoln Town Car, one of the old 'boat' series, all metal, hydraulic bumpers. I still drive a 1999 Buick Park Avenue, for the same reason. That car, with the V6 engine get 35 MPG, when doing 70-72 MPG. I have averaged 36-40 MPG, if doing 65 or lower. I plan on putting another engine in this car, when necessary. The key item for me is that a car is a losing investment, unless you keep it for a good while. There is a lot of money involved in purchasing, that could go into other areas. I would rather not make a bad investment worst, by trading it in at a loss, and saddling myself up with debt again, hoping that the next one had no 'issues'. I can handle an 'annonyance', versus a real safety problem, that occurs constantly, and makes you afraid to put the key in the ignition. I was that way earlier with this vehicle, when it was having the frequent sudden acceleration issues. I virtually did not drive it, as I did not feel it was safe. I drove my Park Avenue instead. This is why my Amanti is six years old, with 33,456 miles on it.
  • jlopez99jlopez99 Posts: 9
    edited August 2011
    This accident happened last July. I posted it on the Kia and reported it to the NTSA. I did find a lawyer on one of the posts that was representing a client who had over 200K in personal injury and is permanently disabled. My husband and I are going to do a video tape deposition in September for the case which will go to trial in Ohio in October. I will also forward him this site, in case he hasn't heard of it. Below is a description of our accident last summer.

    When parking and trying to put the car in reverse our 2006 Amanti Kia lurched forward and accelerated down the street. I was the passenger and had unbuckled my seat belt in preparation of getting out of the car. Seeing that I was not belted in, I leaned over and saw that my husband had his foot on the brakes and not on the accelerator.

    The brakes did not engage, nor could the car gear down. The car kept accelerating faster and faster. The car was steered around a turn and finally lost control due to the speed and crashed through two tree shubs, through a closed garage door, took out the main post in the garage, and hit the parked car in the garage. The airbags went off and the car stopped.

    911 was called and my husband and I were taken to the hospital.

    The car was totalled!

    There was certainly something wrong with that car. It had only 20,000 miles on it.
  • My husband and I had an acceleration accident where the car went from a stopped postion in park, he tried to put the car in reverse, and the squelled it rear tires, lurched forward and accelerated down the street. There was nothing he could do to stop the car: he tried standing on the brakes, turing the motor off, gearing down, pulling the emergency brake. The car just kept accelerating faster and faster. We live on a circle and he steered it around the turn, narrowingly missing people standing on the street, and then lost control of the car. The car took out two large tree shrubs, slammed into a garage, took out the main post in the garage, and hit the car parked in the garage. The car stopped and the air bags went off.

    So there is a case in Ohio where a driver had the same make and model and has 200K of personal injury and is permanently diabled. We are doing a video tape deposition for that case. Please read the post that I posted.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    I do not have names of individuals to send, but I will send a document that I compiled. I stopped adding items to it some time ago, but this by no means indicates that my problem was fully resolved. As I mentioned before, my vehicle still occasionally has an issue with the acceleration AND stopping. I will use the address that you gave and email it to you.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Sorry, folks, but we don't permit organizing lawsuits within the forums.


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  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    Thank you Kirstie, I was not aware of that.
  • gandpz2gandpz2 Posts: 5
    our electrical box was under warrenty. it is under the driver side seat
  • I am sorry if you misunderstood. We are not organizing a lawsuit, I merely mentioned that there is a lawsuit pending for sudden acceleration problem with a 2006 Kia Amanti. The purpose of mentioning it, was to share information only.
  • i know you posted this back in 2008. you said there was a programming fix for Kia throttle position sensor.
  • is there any place where i can get more info about the pending lawsuit for sudden acceleration on the kia Amanti.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
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    I will make it easy and give you what I had copied into my KIA log book at the time:

    Mar. 14 16:05 I received a call from the local KIA service manager. He stated that a TSR was out from KIA, authorizing the computer reprogramming. He wanted to set an appointment up. I asked him if they were going to put it in writing this time and he said yes. I made an appointment for Tuesday, @8:30.
    Mar. 20 16:38 Took can to dealer. The following was written on the service order, “A customer requests that we reprogram the ECM as per TSB on Amanti.” “39110F26 ECU upgrade”. I will now drive it for a while and see what this upgrade has done.

    Now, as for the upgrade, it made my vehicle to be under better control, with the braking/acceleration issues happening much more infrequently. Does it still happen now, yes, but more on a rare aspect, and out of the blue. So did the fix make it so that the car is more reliable--yes. Did it totally eliminate the problem--no.
  • Thanks so much for replying back to me.
  • Hi,

    The name of the lawyer that has the lawsuit against Kia is Charles Bendig out of Columbus Ohio. If you email me at I will forward his email address to you.
  • I had the same problem and took it to the local dealer who admitted it is a known issue .
    Dealer replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires and coil packs and it has not had the problem since.
    I have gone back to Kia Corporate to ask for a free repair and a request for a TSB and a recall. Cost was almost $900. I did file two federal complaints with NHTSA and the Center for Auto Safety.
    Never buy a Kia or Hyundai. Kia is now partially owned(51%) by Hyundai. I asked for the used parts and the coil packs were for Kia and Hyundai.
    I wonder how much of a Kia is really Hyundai (like a Lincoln or Mercury is really a Ford).

    Before taking it to the dealer I had a friend drive it on the highway (with myself in the passenger seat)and had no problem until starting up again after filling up with gas when it accelerated with no gas depressed. No wreck due to their foot already on the brake. My friend admitted the problem as did the dealer I'd name the dealer but I do not know if the moderators will allow me to name the dealer or my city. e-mail me at and I'll give you the name of my local deal :mad: :mad: :mad: :cry: er.
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