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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    Any thoughts on this lease offer? I would appreciate informed feedback--Thank you

    GS430 Nav/ML etc
    no cap down payment
    $1800.00 drive off-
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    Not all GS 430's have Nav/ML---I drove one that didn't ($53.5K MSRP) Although most do
  • osxaddictosxaddict Posts: 14
    I was at a Lexus dealer in Glendale (CA) today and they had several GS430s available and while I wasn't specifically interested in the '430, I'm sure they would have let me drive one if I was interested..
  • osxaddictosxaddict Posts: 14
    Took the wife and kids to the dealer today and got to checkout the GS300 up close and personal. They had a handful of them available in various colors (silver -- aka metalic metal or whatever its called, the gold'ish color, pearl white, the cypress green, and I think black too). They were a mix of the NAV or non-NAV configurations. My only real peeve with the car is the vertical clearance for us taller folks.. I'm 6' 2" tall and my head is about 1.5 to 2" below the ceiling in the version that has the moonroof.. I asked the guy I was working with if he's seen any without the moonroof and he said he hadn't see one yet without it. Oh well.. Other than that, the car looks great.. Awesome fit-n-finish as I expected based on comments here. I did see (and so did my wife) the small'ish trunk opening, even though the trunk itself isn't too small -- mostly just the opening (yes, I've seen many trunks that are bigger, but I don't consider this one too small to be useful). Also, the price I indicated earlier was for a non-NAV version of the GS300 which is why the price seemed much lower. Anyway, I was able to test drive it and it handles great, the engine noise is silent after starting it up and closing the doors -- you don't hear it or feel it -- if you didn't see the engine guages, you'd think the engine was off -- an awesome testiment to the engineering if you ask me.. My '01 Honda Odyssey feels very rought by comparison..

    Anyway, we're going for the GS300 with the NAV package in the Cypress green shade with tan interior.. Supposedly one is coming soon.. We've plopped down our deposit to get it for us when it comes in.. Now I just need to call the insurance company to find out how much $$ it's going to cost me to insure it! All in all, I'm VERY pleased with the cars features, quality of build,etc.

    -- Rick
  • adb3adb3 Posts: 112
    Good read,,,but be careful, once you acquire your GS3 you may not ever want to drive your Odyssey again.
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    Any thoughts on this lease offer? I would appreciate informed feedback--Thank you

    GS430 Nav/ML etc
    no cap down payment
    $1800.00 drive off-
  • From my limited knowledge, Lexus usues a high quality 4 stage paint process. They do a good job. Durability shouldn't be an issue. As for chipping, that's depenedent upon what hits the car. Unfortunately, any rock or debris from the road will chip the paint on a car.

    As for what someone else wrote about consumers being at a disadvantage, who are you kidding? With invoice pricing and everything out there for the consumer, the Dealership no longer can keep the buyer in of the dark.

    If you have never sold cars for more than a year, then I really don't know how you are qualified to even know what happens on that side, especially when dealing with car buyers. I dealt with buyers every day for over 3 years. I have seen it all. Talk to other car salesmen and they'll tell you same. Just cuz you go into a dealership a few times a year and post on here, doesn't make you qualified to tell others as to who is at a disadvantage or how dealerships operate. Granted, there are some [non-permissible content removed] car salesmen and dealerships.

    I have bought cars and I have sold cars so I know both sides of the equations. I also now know that if I am treated right by a salesman, I will pay a little bit more and I'll refer him to others. It's how they make a living so I'll show them some courtesy and respect. Maybe if the car buying public did more of that, they wouldn't be treated like such [non-permissible content removed] at car dealerships. And yes, buyers are liar. If you don't believe me, go sell cars for awhile and get back to me.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Congrats. Were you able to pay less than sticker?
  • reefbreakreefbreak Posts: 10
    i did not think much of the M. i know my opinion is in the minority vs. actual owners and the car magazines, but i did not like the interior at all. the "controller" knob and the buttons surrounding it are too prominent for me. the car handled very well, but the "luxury" aspect in my mind is lacking.

    the BMW was the last car i drove, and i thought i was saving the best for last. i really wanted the 545 to sweep me off my feet. i think it has the best exterior and wheel selection, and it drove like a beast. it was truly fun to drive. but, again, the interior just turned me completely off. i know the BMW owners (there is a passionate E60 forum) will tell you that it is the driving that matters, not the interior. i guess i do like "having my living room" in my car after all. since i am not leasing, the lease rates are not important to me. i was in downtown SF last night, and saw at least a dozen BMW's. a new gs430 or audi a.6 would have stood out.

    i am leaning towards the A.6. but, i need to find a dealership with a gs430 that i can test drive before i make a final decision. i agree, the audi paint colors are limited. i'd like to have something between the gray and light silver, but would probably settle for the gray.

    have you seen an A.6 outfitted with the S-line package? i can't find a picture of the 18" five-arm wheels, unless they are the same 18" wheels for the S4. i am thinking that the sport suspension might tighten the ride a bit as well, and get it a little closer to the ride of the BMW or infiniti. i will probably also test drive the S4, as suggested by a friend of mine.

    the good thing is that one could hardly go wrong with any of these vehicles.
  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    The point isn't that salespeople or dealerships are "scum"---but rather they are the owners of the GAME---It's theirs--they make the rules. Consequently, they are the ones with the real power---

    I'll say it again--Every car I've bought (and 99% of the cars others have bought) we were told "this is my best price"---only to ultimatley learn that it wasn't their lowest price-------How many times are car sold to folks who don't know what they are doing and get taken on the price and the financing? Then during the delivery of the vehical the salesperson says---"You got a really good deal"----I'd suggest this happens everytime-----Customers have been conditioned by the industry period---For every powerless and inconsequential lie a customer makes there are 10's of thousands of salespeople saying "yea, you got a great deal" when they got taken to the cleaners---
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This discussion is about the GS. We have a whole board dedicated to various discussions on shopping theories, techniques, dealer practices, etc. Have a look at the Smart Shopper board to continue this vein.

  • osxaddictosxaddict Posts: 14

    We don't exactly have a final price, but the sales guy is claiming that he can get it for $2k under MSRP.. We'll see, once it comes in..

    -- Rick
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26

    Try to shoot for more. Longo and several other dealers will give you the same 2k under MSRP. I picked my GS300 up there a few weeks ago for more than 3k under. Glendale was very good about beating other dealership prices, especially Longo.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The 5 spoke Audi A6 S line wheels are the same ones available as an option for the 05.5 S4.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    If you ordered a car but didn't get a firm price, watch out for the salesman's mumbo jumbo or sleight of hand when it comes in. Watch out for this one's got to sell for sticker because of the color or my sales manager won't let it go for under sticker and my hands are tied, or other nonsense.
  • osxaddictosxaddict Posts: 14
    I've waiting for a reply from Longo as well -- a co-worker bought his SC430 from them a few years back... I'd rather get $3K below MSRP if possible.. As for Glendale.. If they don't come through with the $2K deal at least, I'll be happy to walk away from it.. I just got off the phone with Jim Falk Lexus of Bevery Hills (got them through a service) and they're claiming $1K under MSRP.. Ehh. I'm not really too interested in them at this point, but I'll keep my options open..

    As for the $3K below MSRP, was that some special wheeling-n-dealing to get that and did you pull out a wad of cash to tempt them, or was it a lease?

    Just curious..

    -- Rick
  • osxaddictosxaddict Posts: 14
    Ok.. Looks like Longo is going for the $3K below MSRP as well for me.. I might be the proud owner of a Cypress Pearl GS300 later today.. :D
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37

    Thanks for the great advice and insight based on your experience! You should right a book or something.

    I've decided to purchase a GS300 with the NAV/ML package and was thinking about sending emails via the Lexus website (contact a dealer) to all the local dealers (SF Bay Area) to start the price negotiations. I heard that one always pays more if one walks into a dealership rather than negotiating by email or phone.

    Do think starting with emails, rather than calling on the phone, is a good approach?

    If I contact a dealer via email, will a salesperson get a commission or will I be dealing directly with a salesmanager?

    In the current market, do you think paying 5% over the Consumer Reports Wholesale Price (invoice - holdback) is reasonable?

    Is it fair for the dealer include a local/regional advertising fee in their "invoice" price?

    Is it true that better deals are available at the end of the month?

    If weI end up buying from a dealer in an outlying area, will certain benefits not be available to us from the local Oakland dealer? For example, months ago when we stopped by the Oakland dealer, they told us that they provide free car washes and provide free parking for up to two weeks at the dealership when one flies out of Oakland Airport. The airport is very close to the dealership.

    Thanks in advance!

  • florida1florida1 Posts: 42
    After a tremendous amount of research and a strong bias towards German cars--(3 Benz's / 2 Audi's) I made my very well informed decision---I picked up my new GS 430 about an hour ago----I couldn't feel better about the decision. I test drove them all many many times and couldn't deny what I felt was the best in class refinement in so many ways----

    Alomost bought a GS300 and then thought about the fact that I could buy a GS 430 w/ out Nav for roughly the same price as the 300 with Nav---No brainer (once I drove the 430 there was no turning back---

    Thanks to many of you for the insight, advise, and info that ultimatley drove my decision-- Good luck
  • turnbowmturnbowm Posts: 76
    Enjoy your new car!

  • adb3adb3 Posts: 112
    Dude, based on your earlier posts I never thought you would end up where you did. LOL! Congrats and many happy miles with your new 430. I hope you will be as pleased with yours as I am with mine.
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    Done Deal!

    After Driving the M45 one final time and then the 430 on the same test loop, highway, normal bumpy streets, off road track, [just kidding].....drum role please..........................I went with the 430-Flint / Black. Both cars are nice but the G is truly the ultimate ride. The ML kicks A** by the way. I never really listened to it previously because I don't buy cars for the sound system but hats off to the ML design team! Decided on factory 5-spoke wheels chromed as it really sets off the chrome accents already on the car, AZ legal tint in front with limo back and rear. XM installed by dealer and Signiture audio doing a custom antenna to be located on rear deck as shown in previous threads. Pick it up tomorrow at 4:00. Thats 18 hours 58 minutes and counting
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Did you drive the Avalon Touring model? It has firmer "sport-tuned" suspension than the Limited or XLS you probably drove. Though the Touring lacks the luxo-features of the XLS or Limited, Touring's suspension parts (springs/struts) can be swapped into an XLS or Limited by Toyota for less than two grand, and then you'd have a much better handling Avalon that'd still be nearly 10 grand less than the GS 300. That price difference, the GS's tiny trunk and its underpowered engine (Nissan Atimas and other cars costing 1/2 the GS's price have as much or more power) steered me into an Avalon XLS.

    As a nod to the GS, I gave up a nicer looking car, a few options, a interior and better warranty/customer service, but saved $10K in the process. The interest on that money will pay for the referenced suspension swap in a few years, and will grow substantially before I sell the car in 10yrs. I guess If my pockets were deeper or my priorities different, I'd be singing a different tune about the GS - but that's what makes horse racing.
    P.S. It seems Toyota left out real wood as an option for any Avalon, and made the Touring model unavailable with Vehicle stability control or more luxo items, to intentionally handicap Avalons and protect the GS 300. Just a thought.
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26

    No special wheeling and dealing at all. I just dealt with internet dept's at both dealerships. When Glendale knew I was shopping at Longo they just guaranteed they would beat their price. They also knew that at the time, Longo woulnt go below 3K off MSRP so they just sweetened the pot to get me to buy from them when they knew I was gonig to get the car from someone. The beat longo by another $500 and threw in a cargo net and a year of oil changes. The Glendale Lexus crew really turned out to be class act vs the Longo staff so I was happy to buy from them in the end. I read your follow up post as well. Did you come home with a new GS?
  • osxaddictosxaddict Posts: 14

    To each their own.. Personally, I've been burned by Nissan too many times to look at any of their products anymore.. Regardless, I'm not too enamoured of their M series vehicle and while you may believe the GS300 is underpowered, it's just fine for me.. I'm moving from a 1996 Chevy C2500 Pickup truck to the GS300 and it's quite powerful enough.. Afterall, I'm not going to be towing a 7000lb trailer with it like I do with the P/U. Also -- the GS300 will get much better milage than my P/U does (about 8-10 in the city), so I figure I'm saving some gas $$ on this switch (no, I'm not getting rid of the P/U -- it will still be put to work on the weekends) and getting a much more sexy vehicle in the process.. Anyway, YMMV..
  • osxaddictosxaddict Posts: 14

    I put in a quote with Longo as I mentioned earlier and got a call back within an hour or so from one of their sales guys. Anyway, I ended up getting the 2006 GS300 RWD ML+Navi in Cypress Pearl (aka Green) for $3K under MSRP... We ended up throwing in a little extra for the Simonize treatment for the inside/outside that gives us coverage for something like 6 years if I recall. Anyway, the sales guy (who was great to work with by the way) plopped me down in the car and walked me through a variety of NAVI and other options on the car to get the gist of how some of the features work.. That NAVI is 1000% better than the Navi in my 2001 Honda Odyssey.. It is SOOOO much faster, has tons more features, etc.. Blew me away!

    Anyway, the vehicle will be ready for P/U on Wednesday morning after they spend tomorrow putting on the Simonize treatment and fixing one minor itty bitty 1/8" long hairline scratch on the gas door. Now, I think I'll have to get some dark colored carpet samples to put on the front floors to keep the tan carpets from getting filthy in no time soon... :blush:

    I've got a few questions for you regarding service (hopefully not too off-topic -- I'll keep it short and to the point, feel free to ping me privately if you wish).. The sales guy was claiming that if I ever need routine maintenance, Longo will send out a flatbed truck, drop off a loaner vehicle, and pickup my car, take it to their shop to fix it, and then return it and do the swap again.. He claimed that this was a Longo exclusive feature only for people that buy from them.. Did you get any claim like that from Glendale? Being a new Lexus owner, I find this all rather amusing.. They even have a mobile crew that can come over and change my oil at my office without me having to go anywhere.. Slicker than snot if you ask me.. Unfortunately, I believe I only get the first oil change free, not like your first year.. Now I just need to get my $500 back from Glendale..

    -- Rick
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    After about 3 months of shopping and comparing, last week I purchased my first Lexus, a silver/black GS-300 AWD. Absolutely love it. Tested the Acura TL and RL, the Avalon and the Infiniti G and M, but clearly like the GS for its overall quality and fit and finish. Waited for the local (DC/MD) dealers to be willing to negotiate, and ended up falling into a pretty good deal with $3,400 off the MSRP on a non-Nav GS. Everyone on their waiting list for silver wanted the Nav.

    Have a question for any GS owners regarding the illumination lighting system. When I approach the car with the electronic key the outside puddle lights and the inside lights come on if the door is locked. However, if the door is unlocked when I approach the car, the light do not come on until I physically open the door. My reading of the owners manual I cannot find any reference to the doors needing to be locked for the illuminations system to automatically work.
    Anyone know, is this the way its supposed to work? Thanks, for any help: GREAT CAR! :confuse:
  • howardg1
    congrats on the new car. and it sounds like you got an excellent deal, as well. can you tell us with DC/MD dealership you shopped at. I have been working with a VA dealer, but it's always nice to have options.
  • carnagcarnag Posts: 42
    Does any one know the residual and money factor for the '06 GS300?

    I'm looking at 3yr/30k or 36k. If it is anywhere close to the '05 BMW 530 I'm going with the GS!!
  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    So it looks like some folks are starting to get reasonable deals on the 300's here in SoCal. Does anyone know whether the dealers are as willing to deal on 430's?

    By the way, my neighbor bought their 2 Lexuses (Lexi?) from Longo. Even though we don't live close to there, Longo does indeed come out to their house to perform service.

    One other question: I have seen posts indicating Lexus will be upping the size of their v8 to 4.6 liters (which makes sense if the upcoming 3.5 v6 can produce as much power as the existing v8). If this is the case, does anyone know when this would happen, and how much additional power the 4.6 should provide?
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