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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • donbldonbl Posts: 42
    No "bluetooth" override button.

    Override for Nav and dialing is detailed earlier but is
    Touch top left corner
    touch bottom left corner
    repeat until new screen comes up
    hold down override button until beeps and then back out

    Good luck,
  • I know this works to override the silly NAV lock-out, but can someone please confirm that it also allows for non-One-Touch-dialing while driving?

    I haven't even bothered loading my phone info since options for dialing are so limited.

    Also, is there a perm fix for this? I understand that lexus was trying to limit liability but locking these (otherwise great) features out, but my friggin passenger should be able to punch in a new phone number while we're driving....

    06 GS3 AWD
  • Please excuse me if this has already been debated ad nauseum , but what's the general concensus towards the ML system? My sleek, black GS3 AWD has EVERY available option and overall i love it, but the ML seems to be ill-thought out.

    For instance, load up 6 typical music CDs, but there's NO TITLE info. Ditto for each TRACK. These are brand-new CDs. My 5-series displayed this info 6 years ago! I gotta remember what CD #4 is? (text button doesn't help) Doesn't every $200.00 aftermarket radio have this?

    Also, what's up with the SAT only displaying 10-characters of Artist & Song Title info? The screen is capable of displaying characters the width of the screen, and SIRIUS transmits the data, so why doesn't it display?? So "Natasha Bedingfield" displays "Natasha Be". If you don't know the Artist, the display won't help unless it's Elvis or U2....

    The sound itself is fantastic. It's like being in the middle of a concert hall. But the interface and the info system leaves much to be desired. I expected more for 2K.

    Anyone else?

    06 GS3 AWD
  • I have an 06 GS3AWD, black w/black. I don't foresee a problem with the seats. First of all, they're perforated which greatly reduces potential cracking and facilitates heat transfer. Next, they're heated AND cooled (way cool)
    so any potential temperature discomfort is short-lived.
  • There is a permanent fix, but for this you'll have to pull out the nav unit and cut some wires...other owner's have done it and it seems easy - i've not tried it myself.

    The following link will show you everything you need to know about disabling the safety lockouts so you can use the phone and watch DVD's while driving. Good luck!
  • Not sure if anyone drove the new IS, I have on for a loaner while my GS300 is getting 10K service. My God!!! The dash rattles just as bad as mine did!!! Whats going on Lexus? This is really surprising that two brand new models have the same issues, especially from Lexus.
  • Hi. I'm new to this forum. Considering a GS 300 AWD, BMW 530xi, Audi A6 or Infiniti M35x (the usual suspects). Like the look of the Lexus and Lexus reliability reputation; less excited with the GS handling vs. the others. In looking to get a bargain, I was encouraged (but also troubled) by the extraordinary number of GS's being resold with 8K or less miles or being sold new at huge discounts by wholesalers. I can't quantify it precisely, but these cars are out there at significant discounts and in much larger numbers than the competitors. Yes, that means savings. But does it also mean that people are dissatisfied and that resale is going to be less than usually high Lexus standards? Any idea what is causing this effect?
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I just made an appointment today to have dash rattles fixed. This will be the forth time I've brought it in for this in as many months. I only have 5,500 miles on the car.

    I've really been shocked at the noise inside the car. I'm sure other people haven't had any problems, but my experience hasn't been very good.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    >"Considering a GS 300 AWD, BMW 530xi, Audi A6 or Infiniti M35x (the usual suspects)"

    I looked at the same list, and picked the GS. If I had it to do over again, I'd get the 530xi. I picked the GS because of the Lexus rep for high quality and reliability; now that I've pulled the trigger and have had it for a while, I'd prefer the handling of the BMW.

    Live and learn, I guess. I still like the GS (if it would stop making so much noise), but I think I'd be happier with the BMW.

    If the worst I have to do is to "settle" for a Lexus, things must be pretty good. ;)
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    What's your evidence that more GS300s are being sold and traded in than other makes? Is this something impressionistic, based on observations at a Lexus dealership, or some hard data you saw somewhere else? I haven't heard many people complaining about the GS. In fact, there are probably fewer people writing in on the problems thread for the GS than for almost any other car. Very few problems right from the get go. And on the Edmunds buyer's reviews, the car gets raves from almost everybody.

    And you say the car's being heavily discounted? About how much off list is common, would you say?
  • Like I said, I can't quantify it precisely (actually, I probably could, but I'm not going to take the time to do it just for this discussion). Go to ebay-motors or autotrader and run a search for low-mileage 2006 GS's and you'll get a bunch of results. Run the same search for the competitors and you'll get less than a third - and the listed prices for those will be closer to original MSRP. Also, on ebay for example, one wholesaler has "many to choose from" at large discounts. I called and was quoted $5K off MSRP before trying to negotiate. I'm not trying to make an argument against the car: I like it. I just wonder why there are so many showing up for resale with low miles. Also, in my area (DC), dealers are using them as service loaner vehicles. Also strange in my experience. Luxury dealers usually use their lower end models or some fleet vehicles (ie, Taurus) for that purpose, not high-end, coveted cars.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Just curious what part of the country you live in where you got $5,000 quote off sticker right off the bat.

    It's possible there are more used GS300 for sale than competitors because they sell more new ones. For example, I imagine there are a lot more used GS for sale than Acura RLs because Lexus sells so many more new ones to begin with.
  • I'm in DC, but that ad was from a wholesaler in FL (who was willing to pay the shipping). The prices seem quite soft on these cars. (There are strong rumors of a GS 350 by Fall, which may be contributing.) Here's a quote from someone in the GS Prices Paid and Buying Experience forum about a published ad in Denver area for the same discount:

    "I went to the dealership that had posted the ad yesterday, and it is what it is. $5,000 off MSRP on any in-stock GS 300 AWD (actually, I think it's for any GS, but the ad just called out the AWDs).

    They have around 30 of them on the lot, from "stripped" models at around $48k on up to ones with Nav/Levinson at around $52k.

    So, $43k for a GS300 AWD seems like a pretty good deal to me."

    The other point you made about numbers sold compared to Acura RL (a car with rapidly shrinking sales numbers) is actually a bad comparison. The RL is appearing in newspapers and on-line in large numbers with steep discounts. Acura dealers are using them as demos just so they can justify selling them used for $8-10K discounts. Acura reached too high with the RL price and already has announced a cheaper, stripped down version because dealers can't move a $50K Acura. They've admitted that in published reports. Both the GS and RL seem to be available way below MSRP. Tha must be disturbing for Lexus. Not the company they want to keep.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    You're right about the GS350. It's due out this fall, replacing the GS300. So in the meantime, the expensive GS300 has a smaller engine than, not only the forthcoming ES350, but also than the Toyota Avalon and forthcoming Camry! Lexus is upside down here. On the other hand, I doubt that many GS buyers are aware that it's going to be replaced in the fall. I doubt it, because it hasn't been widely publicized.

    Actually, GS sales have been strong ever since its introduction last year, far stronger than the RL which has never sold well because it's way overpriced
  • Whoooo haaaaa!!!!!

    I can' wait for the fall to test drive and probably pull the plug on the 350.

    I am hoping that Lexus will debut the GS 350 at the upcoming New York Auto Show.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I doubt Lexus will introduce the GS350 at the NY show. It will probably be the identical car with just the other engine. Plus it would kill sales of the GS300 for the rest of the year. I may be wrong. The big Q. about the 350 in the GS is whether it will be the same gas-guzzling, powerful engine (direct injection) as in the IS350, or the much more economical and less powerful engine that's in the Avalon, Camry, and the new ES350.
  • I know why there are GS300s available. here are the facts:
    1. Dealers know they will be receiving a 2007 car with a bigger engine and some modifications. They do not not want to have both on the lot
    2. Consumers will shortly become aware of the modified 2007 model and stop buying the 06.
    3. If you bought the 06 recently, you were ripped off.
    4. The ES350 for 2007 will pretty much be the same car as the GS300 except for AWD

  • I bought my GS 300 AWD fully loaded in early Decemberfor $49K. Now I know I was ripped off, given the fact that the ES350 for 07 will have all the same options, features, etc.

  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The ES350 is not going to be the same car as the GS300, any more than the ES330 was the same car as the previous generation GS300. The ES is a luxo-cruiser with no sporty pretensions, with plenty of body lean on turns and little handling ability. The GS ain't no BMW, but is certainly sportier than the ES. That will remain, I believe.
  • The GS350 and GS350AWD is already being sold in Japan
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    objectiveview: Do you have any idea what the horsepower rating is of the GS350s being sold in Japan?
  • donbldonbl Posts: 42
    Before buying GS300, I first drove the "IS350" and it was not comparable in the "feel of power" to my V8 Jag which has slightly les power.

    My buying decision for the GS300 over the GS430 was one of "good power" and excellent gas mileage with all the gadgets (which I really don't use much).... at those price levels, what's another $4K for a V8. Mileage and good power were the right blend for me.

    So, if the 2007 GS350 has the same gas mileage as IS350, and I were buying, then I would just go with the GS430/460 this time....
  • 315ps(306 SAE HP) in both 2WD and AWD versions :D

    Strange thing is, the 4.3 V8 is rated at 280, which I would think, is a conservative estimate
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    objectiveview: Thanks for the HP figures on the Japanese GS350. That means it's probably the same engine configuration as the IS350. Is there a website where you got this info?
  • I have the GS300 AWD Love it great overall performer. With all this talk about the GS350 I approached my sales rep when I was getting the car cleaned. He and the other sales people are under the assumption that the new GS350 is going to be a Hybrid. Being confused about this whole thing I did a google on Lexus 2007 GS350 and there were some references to it being hybrid also (107hp electric). Can someone comment ont this. Are there 2 models coming? Or is Lexus playing with our heads?

    There was also a mention a few posts back on whether or not the 350 will have the "direct injection", I ask that question also...the was response was "Yours has it - why would they get rid of it"

    As for the GS being sold, I am not sure it is truly related to 350 coming out next year. From what I gathered from a my sales man, everyone is getting tired of bring the cars back for the "cold weather rattling dashboard noises" - According to him Lexus is going to be addressing the matter other than jamming more insulation and removing the clips etc...
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    >"everyone is getting tired of bring the cars back for the "cold weather rattling dashboard noises" - According to him Lexus is going to be addressing the matter other than jamming more insulation and removing the clips etc..."

    Mine just went in this morning for the fifth time for that issue. This time the rattles are coming from the left and right speaker area, and I could duplicate it during a road test with the tech (thank God). I've found that I can get rid of the rattles by stuffing my wallet where the windshield and dashboard meet, right above the speaker. Seems kind of appropriate.

    I asked if they had been having problems with the 06 GS300's and rattles, and he said that other than one with some sort of window cowl near the wipers, he wasn't aware of any.

    BTW: It was 4 degrees here when I woke up this morning (southern NH).
  • I am in Boston, same the rattling beast reared its ugly head this morning. I have had enough with this rattling issue(went through the work orders...7 times so far)....placed a formal complaint with Lexus N. America.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Please let us all know how it goes - I'll do the same.

    FWIW: I just got a call from the dealer (Lexus of Manchester). They've been working on my car since I dropped it off around 8:15 this morning, and they want to keep it overnight so it gets really cold, then do a road test in the morning.

    I'm not happy with the rattles, but the dealer service to try and fix them has been very good.

    I haven't seen any TSBs issued about this yet. I was just on Toyota's TIS site last night; I saw one about the speaker rattle in cars with ML, but my VIN was already after the cut-off. There was also one about a rattle due to rear window retaining clips, but my VIN was also after the cut off. Nothing TSBs about cold weather so far....
  • I will keep you updated. The customer care rep asked me what I would like to do. I stated if the car can not be repaired properly to have them take it back. She then asked if I would want antother car (which struck me that she would even say that) My response was that I would cross that road when it comes. So I would have to guess that this a wide spread issue and they are scrambling to do good - what ever it is they consider good it to be seen. Can you forward me the link for the TSB site
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292

    It isn't just for TSBs - it has repair manuals, owner's manual, technician training, and a whole bunch of other stuff. There are three subscription rates: $10/day, $50/month, or $350/year. The nice thing about the day rate is it goes until midnight the day after you sign up, so you can actually get a 48 hour subscription for $10 if you plan it right.

    All of the information on the site is in PDF files, grouped by different categories. FYI: the repair manual is a total of 2,154 files in 56 different categories.

    I downloaded everything that has anything to do with the 06 GS300 - a total of 2,588 files and 423 meg! I'm sure I won't use a lot of it, but there is also a lot of really good stuff in there.

    If I bought the printed manuals, for just the repair manual it costs over $1,000. I downloaded everything (repair manual plus a bunch of other stuff) for $20.
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