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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    No, the mistake was mine, in hindsight it is pretty clear that I should have said RWD or "RWD based" AWD.

    Toyota/Lexus have recently discovered why/how manual transmission drivers use the clutch to extend FE and they're trying to simulate the same effect in automatic transmissions.

    Push in the clutch pedal as you coast down to come to a stop (while simultaneously downshifting for the upcoming acceleration). Toyota/Lexus' new transaxle/transmission control firmware(software) shifts into neutral for parallel effect.

    To match speed, slowing, to merge into an adjacent freeway lane push in the clutch pedal for coastdown (while leaving the transmission in the lower gear appropriate to the possible need to quickly accelerate). T/L's firmware upshifts to simulate the clutch effect leaving you in the totally wrong gear for any upcoming need to accelerate.
  • vonrhettvonrhett Posts: 8
    No, mine is also AWD. I did not notice the original Posters' thread has RWD in the title.

    So all this jerking (and totally wrong gear for acceleration) is the by-product of an attempt to increase fuel efficiency? Bad call, Lexus. If FE was my primary concern, I'd buy a Prius, not a new GS!

    BTW, leaving the ECT in "Power Mode" eliminates the wrong gear for ramp-acceleration issue, but then it tends to get "stuck" in 4th gear as you're cruising at 80mph, with the tach around 4400...
  • atlas7atlas7 Posts: 126
    FYI...I was at my Lexus dealer yesterday inquiring about the LS 460 and the potential for a GS460....Regarding the GS460, he indicated that it probably won't happen. He indicated that the GS300 will get the IS 350 engine with 300+ HP and the Hybrid 450h will be the other GS offering. The 430 engine is dead, only to be available until the LS430's are all sold. So for all practical purposes the GS 430 is history.
  • bhuwanbhuwan Posts: 6
    I have the exact same problem on the AWD!
    If I am in heavy traffic and accelerate ever so slighly while at low speeds, the car jolts forward... Is this a design flaw or a possible problem with my vehicle?
  • max460max460 Posts: 25 GS 350 AND GS 460 have been added to the trademark department also LX 600 :)
  • max460max460 Posts: 25
    Go to
    then click search right hand side then go down and click new user form search basic then type Toyota type the T in capital letter the rest on lower case at the bottom you will see next list and there you!
  • atlas7atlas7 Posts: 126 much for the knwoledgeable Lexus Sales guy.
  • vonrhettvonrhett Posts: 8
    Mine is also AWD, and the tranny problems are getting worse. That annoying low-speed jolt is a BAD design flaw.

    And now, as I accelerate to CA-hiway speeds (aka 80 mph), the tranny will stay in 3rd or 4th gear. 80 in 3rd is near red-line, and 80 in 4th is about 4500 rpm. Yes, it's in "D", not S or a lower gear. It will stay there for MILES, unless I move the gear selector INTO "S", then manually bump up the gearbox to 6th.

    And don't even get me started on all the creaks and rattles from the dash, the moonroof, the console, etc.

    I think the car looks great. But from a driving enjoyment perspective, it's leaves ALOT to be desired.
  • gukfa_tsagukfa_tsa Posts: 1
    Horsepower: 311(US) at 6400rpm
    Torque: 278(US) at 4800rpm
  • lyttonlytton Posts: 14
    Has anyone test-driven both cars? Just curious what people thought about the differences between the two cars...( For the record, I drive th 06 GS300 AWD, but probably would have bought the ES350 if it was available a year ago, to save me some $)
  • amf1932amf1932 Posts: 79
    Does this car definitely require premium fuel with at least 91 octane?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I have driven both cars. The ES350 made me feel old, like a geezer driving a Buick; the GS300 made me feel young. Its handling is far superior to the ES350, although most auto mags rate the GS300 far behind the rivals when it comes to performance. Buy the ES350 if you want a luxurious boulevard cruiser that's whisper-quiet but has no sporty pretensions. Buy the GS300 if you want performance and handling along with luxury and silence. Or better yet, wait for the GS350 this fall, which will give it considerably more umph.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    Has it been confirmed that we will be getting a GS350 AWD? I hope the don't try and put the 2.5L from the IS250 AWD in the GS sedan. I'm just concerned as there is no IS350 AWD. I hope the AWD system can handle the 300+HP.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    Answered my own question. Lexus sells a GS350 AWD in Japan right now so i'm sure we will see it soon.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Now if they'd just put that engine/driveline combination in the RX350 that would make it a real SUV. Not in the class of the RDX but at least a contender.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    Just received an email from Lexus re: The New GS

    Introducing the new, incredibly powerful Lexus GS 350. The numbers speak volumes: 3.5-liter V6, 303 horsepower [1], 274 lb-ft of torque [1]. Numbers that translate into a potent experience at every green light, entrance ramp and passing lane.

    Complementing the faster-than-fast new GS 350 is an inspired available Lexus voice-activated DVD Navigation System [3] with Generation 5 software capable of not just recognizing more than 100 voice commands, but realizing the need to offer directions as quickly as the GS is fast.

  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The Lexus announcement about the 350 said contact your local dealer to see the car. When will it be available?
  • ao2ao2 Posts: 44
    No...I put the crappy fuel in and have not noticed a difference.

    No difference in pickup AND no difference in MPG
  • kvd2pallakvd2palla Posts: 29
    Was the issue resolved with the seat creaking? Mine is starting to also creak, but not only right turns, left and coming to a stop. Its amazing I left the German world because of the electronic and some mechanical over engineering nightmares they have been having, but their fit and finsh was creaks or crackling noises..even at 100k miles. Now I am in Japanese world, electronics work fantastic along with the mechanicals (so far) but I am getting way to much creaks and crackling for a car that only has 15K and is supposed to be a very quiet and tight car.

    Is not lexus who is master or reverse engineering the competition's vehicls?...and aren't they supposed reproduce the better end result? and resolving the competition's design flaws.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Yes - there's a TSIB for it. It's for almost all Lexus vehicles, not just the GS. It has to do with seat retaining bolts, or something like that; I'm sure your dealer can look it up.

    It's fairly new - within the last six weeks or so.

    I have to bring my GS in on Monday for a new set of tires, so I'm going to ask them for a roll of the felt tape they used to fix the rattling problems with my glovebox. I recently performed the NAV hack on my car, which involves removing the wood panel under the shifter, as well as the NAV unit itself. It is pretty easy to do, and I figured since I know how to take all that stuff apart now I can apply my own felt tape as needed to get rid of the rattles and squeaks.

    I'm still amazed that the GS is a Lexus product. I've never had a car that made this much noise before.
  • kvd2pallakvd2palla Posts: 29
    Thanks for the info and update. Unfortunately...I brought mine in for the same thing and they applied the ..I assume... the TSB...and it still creeks!!!. Not just that they had to replace my dashboard due the one of the front defogger vents (r-side) warped upward. The messed up thing of this 1 year ordeal of dealing with creek and rattles, while I was driving home that night I heard a rumbling by my feet....I found a bolt rolling around on my mat!!!! I wonder why that bolt is not in it's hole!!!! The only good thing is that my dash is finally quite, just have to wait for the winter for the real test. I am also wondering if the technicians actually know how to fix these issues or are they learning as they go?

    I too am suprised that Lexus would let an interior so loud and plagued with flaws off the assembly line. The funny thing is ....alot of people are waiting for the GS350, I am wondering if Lexus even accounted for the additional torque load of the car with the interior? The 350 may be even worse off than the 300.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    I am wondering if Lexus even accounted for the additional torque load of the car with the interior?

    If they didn't bother testing the GS300 well in cold climates, I doubt they tested the increased torque.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Posting this in case anyone is interested:

    I haven't bought it and don't plan to (mostly listen to news on XM), but thought others may be interested.

    FYI: Removing the center console to hook this up is pretty easy.
  • felke001felke001 Posts: 33
    Looking at AWD sports sedans (A6 quattro, 530xi, etc.) and would be interested in the GS but the 300 w/ AWD seems underpowered.

    I understand that the 350 is coming out sometime this fall--does anyone have a better idea of when?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    GS350 will arrive late August-early September, according to a California dealer.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Do you have an idea on price increase? When will the 460 be available? Quality wise (not price or HP) is the GS350 a better car than a 2007 MB E350? MB has the bugs worked out of the E Class and prices are more competitive these days.
  • does anyone know if i buy a gs300 awd without navigation, can the dealer add it on site? or can you only get it from the factory?
  • donbldonbl Posts: 42
    It is a factory option.

    If you take any trips or go to places for the first time, buy it. The GPS on my 300GS is great. Used on a family trip and it completely removed all the hassle and arguments a man and wife can have. In town, whenever we are going to somewhere for the first time, we use it - same result.

    You should be getting a BIG discount on a GS right now.
  • thanks for the response. i found a dealer that has gs300 awd WITHOUT navigation. it is a loaner car with 15k on it, but is certified for 3yrs or 100k. dealer offered to sell it for $39,000. i dont think thats good enough
  • donbldonbl Posts: 42
    In January, when I bought our GS300RWD, Lexus gave a discount of 10% off MSRP on a fully tricked out GS300 ($53K MSRP).

    Not sure what they are selling for now but should be better than that.

    It now has 6000 miles and has been a very good car. Love the GPS,XM and bluetooth connection to phone. Rest of the gadgets? Well, the ML radio is not as good as the 2000 Jag. Other stuff such as parking radar, rear screen, sun roof and the other stuff almost never get used.
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