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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • Thanks navguy, but I only have the regular display screen; no NAV system.

  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    The '09 Pilot (Concept) was just unveiled in Detroit:

    Honda PR photos

    All I can say is that I hope the final version looks better in person. :surprise:

    On the plus side, the 3rd row is split, and it looks like there is much more room behind the 3rd row than the Highlander. The press release doesn't say whether the Pilot got bigger, or how much bigger, than the previous generation.

    It makes the Highlander look smooth and refined in comparison.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Wow, that is one ugly box.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Wow, that is one ugly box.

    That was my first reaction too.

    On the other hand, my first reaction to the new Highlander was negative. It took a little while (and I had to see it in person) before the '08 redesign grew on me.

    The '09 Murano grabbed me when I first saw it, but my excitement has waned since then.

    Everyone raves about the design of the CX-9, but it doesn't thrill me. So far, the styling of the Enclave appeals to me the most, but it's just too big for my needs.
  • Greetings:
    I purchased new Highlander 08 in October. Purchased nice floor mats and rear cargo mat at Purchased the mats that help hold ice and snow and rear cargo mat has nice lip to hold some debris and other nasty stuff found in winter driving. I live in Michigan and can relate to your issues in Chicago.
    Very nice mats and I was pleased with fast delivery and materials of construction. Should last a long time.
  • Thanks for the tip on door locks.
    What other forum did you find this and other information at?
  • Where did you purchase step up's for your Highlander? What brand? Running boards are useless in Michigan winter. They capture snow and ice on them and it makes them pretty nasty. Would like to get some nice chrome "nerf" bars but can't find dealers who have them to fit 2008 Highlander in Michigan area yet.
  • I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I purchased the stainless steel side step bars from the dealership I purchased my 2008 HL Ltd. They also installed them for me. They are available as accessories on the Toyota Canada website.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Just want to say I am now a happy owner of an 08 Highlander Limited. Please do not think I'm crazy, but I bought a 08 RAV4 Limited in October and traded this past weekend for the Highlander.
    When I was looking for an SUV, I had an 05 Avalon. Going from that to the RAV4 was very different, but I thought I could get use to it. Well, after three months, I realized that I missed all the luxury that my Avalon had. I must say that the Highlander actually rides even better than the Avalon, and it has even more features on it.
    The Highlander is very quiet, smooth, and fits me much better. Being 6'2, I have more leg room.
    The Blizzard Pearl is a beautiful color for the Highlander, and I am so pleased with it. I guess I am somewhat spoiled, but I knew this was a better SUV for me than the RAV4.
    The dealership actually told me that this happens alot. People sometimes keep a car for only weeks, and realize they have made a mistake, and then correct it with something else.
    As far as gas mileage, I do not know how much differance it will be, but I was only getting about 17 -19 mixed driving with the Rav4. From other post, the Highlander is actually getting the same if not better.
    I am an extremely happen Toyota owner again!! I have had nine, so I am a big fan and prefer to drive nothing else!
    Have a great day in Highlander land!

  • carlupicarlupi Posts: 52
    I agree, the '09 Pilot concept looks ugly. Also, what's with the tiny looking front seats? The console looks almost as wide as the seats themselves. What's the use of all that interior space if you are going to be cramped into a tiny front seat surrounded by a huge dashboard and console?
  • I recently purchased a new 2008 Highlander Limited, pretty well loaded, and I love the car so far....just great!! I did get both the Nav system and the rear DVD, and have been slowly learning how to use the nav with all the commands. I have also been using the hands free phone quite a bit, and have heard from those I am speaking with that the quality of my transmission is just ok....sounds distant, a little scratchy, etc. I do have AT&T and in almost all cases the signal strength showed very high....not a bad cell zone. Talking to the same people on just the cell phone seems to be much better quality. My question is, is that just the price of using hands free....not real good call reception on the other end?? The sound I am getting in the car over the speakers is excellent.
  • Same situation as you. Owner's manual says "see dealer" for additional set-up. Can't imagine my local Toronto dealer is going to give me much help on my US-spec HL. Might log into the Toyota Techinfo site. There has to be a way! This whole Farenheit thing is driving me nuts!!!
  • Greetings:
    The Buick was also in the running during my vehicle search in October of 2007. It was a nice vehicle, but in my opinion, you could not see very well all around the vehicle like you can in the Highlander. New Highlander is great so far. Very peppy engine and reasonable gas miles for this size vehicle. I purchased the Limited with HD engine cooler and set up for towing, 4-wheel drive. This was my first SUV purchase and friendly mechanic in my area is as sad as Maytag repairman. He said "do not purchase Toyota, I will NEVER see you again". (ha-ha). Very disappointed in former GM purchases because dealership forgot who I was after I left with new GM product. Not so with Toyota guys. I test drove Enclave for one whole afternoon before making decision. So far, NOT sorry at all.
    Good luck.
  • Has anyone experienced a hard time stopping new 2008 HL? The vehicle seems to coast forever when taking your foot off the gas in preparation to stop at traffic light or stop sign. It seems like I need to depress the breaks pretty "firm" to get to a complete stop. MPG so far is running about 17.5 in city, and as high as 22 on expressway driving. Not too bad for Winter driving in Michigan with blended fuel. Dealer indicates better fuel economy will come with different blend of gas in Spring and Summer. Time will tell.
    Any thoughts on the stopping situation experience from fellow HL owners? I have Blizzard Pearl with tan interior - Limited. So far, so good. Vehicle is all that I expected it to be.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    I hear ya on the Pilot console. OTOH this seems to be a general trend....I sat in a new Tundra a couple of months ago, this enormously wide vehicle had a front console so huge you could put a refrigerator in it....and the front seats were no wider than those in a RAV4.
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    Your dealer is right about the MPG....winter fuel formula causes a significant drop. My 07 Avalon (same drivetrain as new HL) is getting about 3 mpg worse mileage right now than it did in the warmer months.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Can anyone tell me how you can keep the screen on at all times? I like to see the text and what's playing. I figured out how to show the text, such as the title of a song, but the screen does not stay on. It will go off on the NAV. Thanks for any help.
  • This might be taboo, since doing a search for kbb and kellys blue book didn't return any results, but I'll ask anyway! :blush:

    Does anyone know why the KBB invoice on a base 4x2 sport is almost $1,900 less than Edmunds? I trust Edmunds moreso than KBB, but was curious about this discrepancy. :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Kelley? Never heard of them. :shades:

    A quick scan of the Edmunds, KBB, NADA pros and cons discussion didn't flop up an answer.

    The TMV® vs. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) doesn't really answer the question either.

    It probably relates to whether certain charges are included like destination ($1,900 is a big difference though):

    What is the “invoice price?"

    Seems like I saw a better answer a couple of years ago; maybe it'll come to me.

    Are you searching for a Toyota in the Gulf States or Southeast distribution region? (link)
  • I live in the SE region, but am just over the border from TN, so I'm purchasing from the Cincinnati group in TN. ;)

    Another intersting fact, consumer reports gives the same invoice as KBB. I still trust the Edmunds number, but curiosity is killing the cat!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Perhaps the data people haven't verified their sources yet. You can go to the Help link and use the Contact Us form and someone in the home office could tell you.
  • I emailed Toyota and they said it can't be done. Somehow there has to be a way!
  • :blush: User error. I think I might have keyed the number into my spreadsheet incorrectly. I looked today and Edmund's invoice was the same. OOPS! :blush:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Or maybe our team of crack IT folks secretly logged into your computer last night and changed your spreadsheet. ;)

    Your user name reminds me of Pink Floyd btw.
  • Is there an over-ride that will allow the "recirculating" air features to stay engaged. It seems that on my'08 base model highlander (w/manual front and rear hvac) the recirculating button will stay lit for only 3 minutes and then revert to outside air. (regardless whether the heat is off or on---outside temp below 45 degrees). Depress the recirculating button again and it will stay on for only another 3 minutes and turn off. Despite the all knowing hvac computer knowing best, there are time when the recirculating feature is more desirable for periods beyond 3 minutes i.e. getting into a cold car, driving behind a smoke spewing vehicle, driving in cow country or the refinery corridor on the NJ Turnpike. Is there an over-ride? Is this SOP? Do I have a defective unit? Toyota customer servicer said that setting the heat to "defrost+heat to feet" with the temp knob extreme right would override it, but to no avail--it doesn't work!
  • Pink Floyd? :shades: How so?

    I actually came up with it while I was in grad school years ago. Oxymoron! ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "We don't need no edukation." :-)

    (it's nice having you around however)
  • :shades: I haven't thought of that song in years! Ok, sorry, back on topic!
  • I can only guess that maybe they are concerned with the recirc staying on too long and possibly fogging up the interior glass. I find that air gets stale pretty quickly when that is used, and in the winter I would imagine also get pretty humid quickly. I think Toyota has programmed in more to these systems than in the past.....I have a 2002 Sequoia and a 2000 Lexus, and neither seems as controlled as the new Highlander (I also have a 2008)
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Glad you chose Toyota over the Buick... GM cars have a big problem with electrical systems! Especially the Buicks, with all the stuff they have.

    Question.....I just bought a Highlander Limited, and I love it! Do you know how to keep the audio screen on with the Nav..... I like to see the Text of the music playing, and my screen doesn't stay on. Is there a way to continue showing the music station screen with the text?

    Thanks for any help?

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