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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • brian62brian62 Posts: 31
    I started by contacting my dealer through Costco. They quoted me $1,000 over invoice on HL Limited 2WD. She ended up selling it to me at invoice +$369 doc fee.
    I have done this with my last two car purchases and I think using Costco lets them know you are serious about price and you will give your business to the dealer with the lowest price.
  • brian62brian62 Posts: 31
    I would have to say that my HL Limited 2WD does have a very light touch on the steering wheel. I would compare it to a car that has a good 10-15k miles on it and is well broken in.
    I don't mind the light touch, I prefer it to the truck feel.
  • In the interest of preventing poor Sean from being innundated with calls ...I was finally able to research this. Here's how to access the menu and increase the bluetooth microphone volume on your '08 Highlander.

    Note that I've been successful doing this with my '08 HL Sport with nav; also note that there are plenty of other buttons in these setup screens, some of which can really screw things up, so resist the temptation to "play around."

    1) Foot off brake, all doors closed

    2) Set headlight switch to off/DRL

    3) Turn ignition to "on" position - do not start the car. Wait for the nav disclaimer screen to appear.

    4) Press and hold the "info" button, which is one of the nav buttons next to "disp."

    5) While holding the "info" button, click the headlight switch back and forth from AUTO to OFF/DRL three times, about one movement per second. The sequence starts with the switch in the OFF position (step 2), and goes AUTO, OFF, AUTO, OFF, AUTO, OFF.

    6) If you've been a very good boy or girl, your nav screen will change from the disclaimer screen to a "System Check Mode" screen. Press MENU in the upper right hand corner.

    7) From the Diagnosis Menu screen, press "Bluetooth TEL Check."

    8) From the Bluetooth Handsfree Check Menu, press "Handsfree Voice Quality Set."

    9) Now press the up arrows at "Send Voice Level" to adjust up from zero. I'm going to try a setting of 2 - I've heard that any higher settings than this and your voice will be louder but distorted.

    10) Press "Set."

    11) Back out of the menus as far as you can, then turn off the car.

    12) Try out your new volume setting for the microphone!
  • toyseekertoyseeker Posts: 81
    Wonder how to do this if you have BT but not Nav ?

  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Wow deverbrian.....thanks for the info. Who would have ever fiqured this one out without help. I noticed yesterday that my system was too loud, so this is a big help to me also.
    It is interesting that you would have to use the lights to get through to this screen.
    Have a great day!
  • Funny you should ask. Here are the steps:

    1) Hit yourself severely about the head and shoulders for making such a high dollar purchase as a Highlander without nav.

    2) Ask your dealer for help, as they have to plug in their "intelligent tester" to make the change for you.
  • Now if your system is simply too loud for YOU, you can actually adjust that without going into the special screens. That's an adjustment off the "settings" part of the Bluetooth. My instructions are specifically to change the volume of the MICROPHONE as heard by the person you're CALLING.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    Thanks for that ! I forgot that I can adjust the volume under settings, however, I will find out if the microphone needs to be adjusted.
    As to your reply to another post, I almost didn't get the Nav., but I sure am glad I did. I felt for future resale I would be better off. I really love this Highlander, and plan to keep it awhile !
  • toyseekertoyseeker Posts: 81
    Now that was uncalled for....

    In my state you can not buy a HL Ltd with Nav and without DVD Entertainment.

    Since I have absolutely zero use for a DVD entertainment system, shelling out over $4k for both just does not make sense. However, if you'd like to send me a check for the above amount, I'll gladly go ask them to make the switch for me.

    PS: I blasted Toyota on the last [non-dealer] survey for not offering NAV without DVD in my area. Before buying in NY, I had locates out for 3 weeks in Maryland and Virgina but to no avail...that would have meant a 600 mile round trip drive for delivery!

    PSS: In hindsight, my $400 Nuvi w/ traffic and TTS (Black Friday deal) is FAR more useful than the HL Nav system.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Hit yourself severely about the head and shoulders for making such a high dollar purchase as a Highlander without nav.

    Well...not exactly. If you're going to use it, fine. If the advantages of having the integrated unit (larger screen for the backup camera, touchscreen interface to the radio, integration with the steering wheel controls, voice recognition, etc.) outweigh the cost of a handheld unit, fine.

    Getting it just because the Highlander is a high dollar purchase? That's absurd.

    Besides, take a look at this article about navigation systems and resale value:
    "Navigation Systems Hurt Resale Values"

    All of this is moot for me; in my state (Hawaii), navigation is not an option. Our distributor just started bringing in navigation-equipped units in the Lexus lineup, but nothing on the Toyota side yet. I heard it had something to do with licensing fees.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I was lucky that I could get the Nav. in Virginia without the DVD. I actually wanted the Limited without NAv. to save money, but it was hard to come by in Virginia. They all had the Nav. Mine was actually on the lot. Wow, the DVD added another 1000 or so!
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    WOW, thanks for the info. and article. I thought the SUV with Nav would have a higher resale value! I really wasn't needing the nav, but it was hard to get without it. In fact, when I bought my Highlander, there were none in Virginia or surrounding areas that didn't have it! I felt it wuld help with resale.
    Tech stuff these days is nice, but it does change fast, and we sure can spend alot trying to keep up. Look at the DVD Blue Ray!
  • That was comments were meant to be funny/snarky and I added a grin after that comment...but I see in the post that it's gone, and I don't see a way to edit it! So please don't get too sensitive. It's just a bulletin board after all.

    :D :D :D
  • I looked at that article about in-car navs and resale value. The comments after the article are more interesting than the article itself:

    Actually, we have to clarify something: Cars with nav are not worth less than those without. They depreciate faster, which means the value of the option drops more than the car overall. As explained in the USA Today story, a $2,000 option may end up adding only $600 of value at resale. Navigation systems are not a scarlet letter that makes any model with them worth less than those without.

    Now this I can agree with, but it also applies to lots of options. HomeLink? Smart key? Auto-lifting tailgate? Woodgrain accents? All are likely options that depreciate faster than the car itself does.

    Yet people seem to have no problem loading their car up with these options and getting a Limited instead of a Sport.

    As with all purchases, whatever floats your particular boat is fine. For me, the large screen, convenience, theft protection, and integration of a built-in nav beats having to mess with a portable unit and its cords and clutter all the time. Just as some people place an unusually high value on "oooh, the door unlocks when I get near it and I don't even have to push a button!"
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Folks buying, shopping for, used cars cannot easily or readily "shop" for options so they are less of a consideration in the used market.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Now this I can agree with, but it also applies to lots of options. HomeLink? Smart key? Auto-lifting tailgate? Woodgrain accents? All are likely options that depreciate faster than the car itself does.

    True, but we were specifically talking about in-dash navigation systems.

    And, as I wrote, if the features of the in-dash nav option fit your needs, then great. I know your statement was actually made in jest, but to automatically purchase navigation without a need for it (and without first considering a standalone unit)? I think that's a mistake.
  • rich96rich96 Posts: 37
    Our dealer out here in Southeastern MA charges $24.99 and that includes a free car wash. No appointment necessary and the wait time is usually around 45 minutes.

    What dealer is this? I'm also in Mass.
  • I agree someone shouldn't just buy expensive options if they have no need for them, and it is a shame that sometimes the models are just "loaded" up with them, so can be hard to find your exact model without them. For myself, I did want a loaded Limited........I decided I finally wanted a built-in Nav system, and I also wanted the Blue Ray phone. My son also bought a new Highlander at the same time, but the base model. I got to drive it on a 200 mile roundtrip Sunday, and although it drove just great, I missed most of those niceties that I added........particularly the big screen for the rear view camera.............that is really handy backing out of parking lots, etc. I also do not buy options with re-sale in mind. Since I normally keep cars for 10 years, I am really interested in getting the car and equipment I want. And yes, technology will always change.........just like buying a new computer, but how long do you wait to buy...there will always be new stuff just over the horizon!!
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I wish Edmunds would hurry and review the 08 Highlander. It has 88 reviews, probably the highest numbers of any SUV I've seen by owners. I am anxious to see what Edmunds thinks?
    I will add that with mostly city driving and a few short trips, I am averaging 20 mpg at this time! I really and pleased with that after owning a little over a month!
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    According to this article in "USA Today" in dash navigation specifically hurts resale value.

    "Honda's own lender, American Honda Finance, shows navigation-equipped models are worth 1 percentage point less as used cars than non-navigation models, Watts says, though "five years ago, they were at the ALG level of 2 or 3 points difference."

    "Navigation could be like cellphones built into cars in the '70s and '80s; those big, blocky phones that nobody has now. Everybody has a small, personal cellphone," says John Krafcik, vice president for product development at Hyundai Motor America.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I guess I goofed getting the navigation...I do enjoy it though! I usually trade every 3 or 4 years.
  • As I wrote earlier, it appears the USA Today story was just written clunkily. The one-point "difference" is actually not an apples-to-apples comparison. What they were trying to say is that a $35K car without nav might be worth $30K two years later, but a $40K car with nav might be worth $34K two years later. In total dollars, the more expensive car is still worth more as it ages, but its depreciation curve is a bit steeper.

    Your own quote notes that this level of depreciation is actually better today than it was five years ago. (A one point difference today vs. 2-3 points difference five years ago.)

    So, to other posters: No one makes a "mistake" with in-car nav. The only "mistake" is if you never use the nav. My own opinion is that it would have been much more of a "mistake" for me to get an auto-lifting tailgate that I would have rarely used, or that hideous woodgrain trim in the Limiteds that I would have wrinkled my nose at every day.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Yes, buying a car with a "captive" Nav system is a mistuke, for two reasons.

    Currently the technology lead for non-captive navs is pretty substantial. The car manufacturers must commit to a specific design/technology months before a model goes into production. Whereas the aftermarket designs are free to make several technological advances in that same delay to market period.

    Then, like DVD players, there is the issue of portability.........
  • redcandyredcandy Posts: 1
    I just test drove an '08 Limited that did not have DVD or Nav (which we will want). Can someone tell me definitively where the DVD for the rear entertainment system is loaded? I believe it's up by the screen in the 2nd row, but that just seems so clunky.

  • I have both the DVD system and the nav, so can answer that for you. The DVD's are loaded in the same module that houses the screen, up on the ceiling behind the front seats. It seems pretty easy to access and use to me, and the wireless headsets work very well. You cannot load DVD for that system in the front nav area.
  • gymnbatgymnbat Posts: 9
    I bought a limited in ocotber and I am loving it. I went for both the nav which I love and the rear dvd which my daughter loves ( and so do I now that I have learned to play dvd on nav screen when parked.) I am old enough to remember being able to go to a dealer and order a car the EXACT way you wanted it. They filled out your order and it was built to your spec. Too bad that money has decided what options people want. It is cheaper for the manufacturers to decide what most people want so they can produce less variations in models and therefore ave money. I do miss being able to buy a dodge dart with a 318 and tell them what interior, what rear end what options leave the radio out please.....I bought what I wanted..fortunatly what I wanted was what Toyota feels most people want......
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Edmunds has this 2008 Highlander review up, but no word on a First Drive or Full Test yet.
  • I did the same thing - took it to the dealer. They said they couldn't find anything wrong and was told the same thing - that the sensitivity could not be adjusted. I thought that maybe it was becasue I bought a portable GPS and had been leaving it in the car, but I've been bringning that inside with me for about 2 weeks and the alarm went off again last night! Thinking of bringing it to an alarm shop to see what they can do. Has anyone tried that? Also, have been locking the car with the door handle mechanism for weeks including last night - that doesn't work in my case.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    You are so right !!! They get you with all these package deals that you have to take, to get what you want. I'm glad you love the Highlander. I really am enjoying mine!
    You brought back memories with the Dodge uncle had one which had push-buttons for the gears. I thought that was so cool as a kid then! Now we have push-button start....maybe someday push button gears will come back LOL !
    Have a good one.
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    Edmunds wrote in their write up:

    "Base and Sport buyers can also choose to delete the third-row seat (dropping passenger capacity to five) for a price credit."

    I live in NY and no dealership offers this as an option. Everyone says third row seating is standard and not a no option, even after I insist that sites such as edmunds lists it as an option. I'd rather get rid of the third row if it's going to save me several hundred dollars. If I wanted that much seating, I'd buy a Sienna and everyone could sit comfortably.
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