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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • I spoke too soon. I still have a leak. Good Greif. This is ridiculous. Back to the dealership I go. :mad:
  • Here's an update after todays visit to the dealership. It seems the leak was caused by the wrong size O-Ring. I'm hopeful the problem is fixed, but cautious enough to keep a close watchful eye and keep the floor of the garage protected.
  • tarugstarugs Posts: 16
    I have a 2008 Limited and I have a creaking noise (like tapping sound) on the dashboard, seems coming from behind the radio or center A/C vents especially when driving on bumpy road. The noise becomes evident during winter. I tried emptying the glove compartment but it is still there. The noise comes on and off depending on how bumpy the road is.

    I read on a different forum (Tacoma) that they are plastic wiring clips that are hitting each other and the dashboard and the only solution is to bring it to the dealership and they will wrap the clips with rubber. I am not sure if Toyota dealership will do the same for Highlander for free and if other owners are experiencing this.
  • Tom,
    The same condition still exists. The two service departments I've contacted both responded the same way. They claim this is normal cold engine noise caused by the cylinder design. It does get better after the engine warms up after about 5 minutes of driving. It's still driving me crazy because it sounds like the engine is really laboring during these cold New England mornings. It does lessen in the warmer weather. The service advisors seem to want to brush off any complaints with any excuses they can come up with. I was supposed to be reached by the customer service rep at the dealership, however they never called and Toyota National has not followed up either. I now have less than 14,000 miles and am thinking about selling the car. Time will tell. Please keep us posted about your experience and outcome.
  • I have this noise but have not followed up on it. Definitely sounds like it is right behind the radio or in the defrost ducts. I am afraid of the dealer taking the dash apart... I read somewhere that they have to remove the front seats, etc., to get back there. I can't imagine how many more noises that will introduce.
  • I also have a noise, but I sounds like it's directly in front of the driver closer to where the dash touches the windshield. I took it to the dealer and since they couldn't hear it on their test drive, there was nothing they could do without a TSB (Techinical Services Bulletin) from Toyota. I
  • hlanderhlander Posts: 31
    Dear Highlander 2008 equipped with Third Row Seat Owner,

    I got the letter from TOYOTA MOTOR U.S.A.
    It's said I have to call dealer to make appointment to correct the problem of Third Row Seat Belt Buckle Brackets at no charge.

    Did anybody get that letter like me?
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    What do you use to clean/condition your seats? Mine aren't needing cleaning yet, but I'm thinking I should probably condition them.
  • I didn't get a letter, but when I had it in for service (the oil leak) they informed me of the recall and took care of it.
  • There are several leather cleaner/conditioners on the market, available at most auto parts stores. Most I have used are a thick liqued that you apply with a soft cloth and rub into the leather. 2-3 times a year should be fine; the main thing is to not let the leather dry out and crack...........otherwise I have found leather to be very durable and easy to care for.
  • jacxjacx Posts: 1
    I want to conceal a mechanical key on the outside of my 2008 Limited. I would keep a backup SmartKey hidden inside the car with the battery removed. That way, if I lose my SmartKey fob while I'm out, I can still get into the car, retrieve the concealed fob, insert the battery, and drive away.

    The problem here is that I haven't been able to find anyone who can duplicate the mechanical key. And I've tried some pretty large local lock/key companies. Even the guys who at first think they can help throw up their hands when they see the teeth cut into the center grooves and the triangular hole at the tip of the key.

    So, has anyone had any luck in duplicating the the mechanical key? I don't want an entire SmartKey with its embedded mechanical key, just the mechanical key so I can open the driver's door.

    Thanks, ya'll
  • Zanio Bros' z9 & z10. Google it :)
  • Doctor's Lexus Explodes in West Memphis (I fear similar fate with defected

    Toyota/Lexus has a known serious defect with their engine design resulting in oil sluged engines that could possibly cause engines to totally fail in major traffic or just explode. Many Toyota/Lexus owners have horrific stories to tell regarding their treatment by the manufacturer and dealers including Nalley Lexus (Ashbury Automotive Group, CEO Charles Olgesby) Additionally, their treatment of women and minorities is disgraceful. (The dealer and the Lexus corporate accused me of holding a loaner car hostage and threatened to call the police on me. This all happened while I was trying to attend to my dying aunt and subsequent two funeral - one on the west coast and one on the east coast.)

    I have been jerked around for two months trying to get Toyoto/Lexus and Nalley Automotive group to resolve this problem. Nalley gave me an estimate of $9,000 on a car that I still owe almost $5,000. I have been unable to look for work because of lack of funds and transportation. I try to do all that I can by phone and over the internet.

    +The oil gel problem in my car should have been suspected and diagnosed earlier in the history of the vehicle. I obtained a copy of the service history from the Lexus National Database. I was appalled to discover this car has been on a downhill spiral as early as 30,000 miles, and less than two years of the first use date of May 6, 2000 . I personally feel that a deliberate attempt (by both the Manufacturer and the Nalley Lexus Automotive group) was made to mask or hide the problem during the warranted period ownership and the settlement, or Toyota/Lexus and their dealers are poorly managed and staffed. Unfortunately, based on my research, many unsuspecting female Toyota/Lexus owners were duped by this technique.+
    When I purchased the automobile in 2002, I had a fulltime, good paying job and funds from the sell of two older model autos. I was laid off later that year, but chose to keep the car because I was given a good finance rate by my credit card company that significally lowered my monthly payments, and I had been lead to believe the hype about the reliability of Toyota/Lexus brand. I purchased a pre-owned certified vehicle at a significantly higher price in order to have a peace of mind about reliability and longevity.
    Until today, I had been more concerned about being stranded due to an unreliable automobile, but after reading about the exploding Lexus, I' m more concerned about my life.

    Link to Photos of my engine I was able to provide loads of documentation that my car was properly maintained.
    The media spotlight and brow beating are currently on the mismanagement and poor quality products of the big three American Automotive Manufacturers, but I sincerely believe that what Toyota/Lexus is doing to their customers right now is criminal. I suspect all of this is being overlooked or suppressed by mainstream media due to inflow of Toyota's huge advertising dollars and misleading spin by high priced Public Relations professionals.

    I don't need a bailout. I just need Toyotoa/Lexus and Nalley Automotive to do the right thing.

    If you are having a similar problem with Toyoto/Lexus, please respond, particularly if you live in the Atlanta Metro Area.
    Stranded in Atlanta
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    Been using Zaino for 9 yrs now, and their leather in a bottle for about the stuff.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to discuss that in the News and Views section.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I don't know what to make of your story...we have owned a Lexus GS300 for almost 10 years, and several different Toyota products since 1983.......and have never experienced or even heard of what has happened to you.....anywhere.......and it is hard to believe there is a conspiracy between all news outlets and Consumer's Reports to hush all this up. I have heard so many unusual stories over the years of things happening to people that I guess anything is possible, but it would be interesting to hear from other owners if they share your experience with these poorly made Toyota products and their vendetta against women buyers. I will say that a lot of women do get taken advantage of on cars, and not just Toyota, but also service centers.
  • Can someone explain further about cause/effect? Is the explosion being attributed to the well known oil sludge problem that occurred in Toyota V6 engines in both Toyota (Highlander) and Lexus (RX300) problems. I have owned a 1999 RX300 from inception and despite regular scheduled oil changes developed the oil sludge problem. I had received a letter from Lexus alerting me to the potential problem encouraging me to do regular oil services. At 80k miles, the engine got to the point that within 1000 miles of the oil change, that when braking, the dashboard oil light would flicker. Yet there was no smoke or other obvious adverse effects. I took the RX to the Lexus dealership with my service receipts, they confirmed the oil sludge problem, gave me a rental car for a week, and rebuilt the engine. I still have the RX with 135kmiles and have had no other issues with regard to the engine.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "An explosive device is to blame in this morning's explosion of a doctor's car"

    Update: Device Found in West Memphis Car Explosion (MSNBC)

    Explosive Device Found -- Lexus Hybrid SUV Explosion NOT Linked to Car (US News)

    I've heard some odd conspiracy theories in my day, but this one may just take the cake.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    Check the news, it was a bomb.

    As for the sludge issue, my 1999 (early May 1998 build) doesn't have the sludge issue and is now at 117K miles and past the warranty period. I've never had the oil light go on while driving it. One of my co-workers had the sludge issue on his 04 highlander. Not all vehicles with this engine have the problem.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Can someone explain further about cause/effect?

    The cause is the cable networks being too lazy/inept to broadcast news properly. Their on screen crawlers simply displayed the message "Doctor's Lexus Explodes" and it wasn't until hours later that they bothered to report any detail. The effect was people interpreting that as "Lexus BAAAD!"

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • jgantjgant Posts: 10
    I have a 2008 Highlander with Navigation. I'm considering the purchase of a new cell phone and am concerned about Bluetooth compatibility. I've read here in the past there have been some issues. I'm considering the purchase of one of the following; LG, Voyager; Samsung, SCH-u700; or the LG, 8360 (maybe new to the market); can anyone advise me whether they have had success with compatibility of these phones? I've checked the web site which lists compatible phones and I did not see them listed. Have heard that the list gets update about every 2 weeks or so. I’ll continue to check. Just thought I'd check with others. Thanks.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    I have a LG EnV and it's compatibility is just fine.
  • You should ask your dealer about compatibility.....they either have a list of all the compatible phones, or can refer you to an on-line site that does. You need to be sure, as it won't work if not compatible! I would also tell you that I was not real happy initially with my Blue Tooth...people I was calling complained about not understanding me real well. I called my dealer, and he told me how to go in and re-set the outgoing volume level, which helped a lot. That info is not in the owner's manual, but he walked me through it over the phone. I would also advise asking for the CD they have available to help learn the Navigation system........the manual isn't all that clear on it's various have to use it to really learn it, but I use my frequently and like both it and the Bluetooth and wouldn't buy again without either. Good luck!!
  • jgantjgant Posts: 10
    Thanks much for your assistance
  • jgantjgant Posts: 10
    Thanks much, very helpful
  • I test drove both the 4cyl and 6cyl in 2005 and did not like the 4cyl performance and noise, ended up buying 2005 6cyl. Very happy with it 4 years later.

    Now time to upgrade my 13mpg Trooper and am very interested to hear if any one has driven the 2009 4 cyl yet? I've seen a couple in the local internet inventories (DC Metro) but have not found any actual reviews yet online.
  • Mine has been leaking too. I go to my mechanic for all scheduled maintenance. He said there is a seal behind the housing that the oil filter attaches to that was broken. He could've sent it to the dealer to have them fix it but I told him to fix it himself. $90. I don't have the time nor the inclination to start dealing with car dealerships. :)
  • JAD76JAD76 Posts: 4
    Can somebody tell me if the 3.5" multi-function display (MFD) comes standard with the 2008 Sport Highlander? The Toyota website shows that it is standard on the 2009 Sport, but none of the 2008 used Sport Highlanders that I'm looking at have it. They just have the LED clock. I drove a "new" 2008 Sport last night, and it had the MFD, but it appears that most don't. :confuse:
  • I have a 2008 Ltd 2wd w/JBL & NAVI. I want to get Sirius installed. The dealer quoted me $670. I guess that breaks down to around $300 for the parts and $370 labor. I am in Northern California. Could anyone tell me what they paid to have this installed and any idea how to negotiate this down? Is it to offer them to pay cost on the parts? Just say how about $600? or????

  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    When new, the SIRIUS radio was a $449 option on the 08' HLs. This was always a dealer-installed option, so I would keep negotiating until you got them to $449.
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